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Table of contents:
6 ways to kill an Agent(including killing boss agent battles....2.
Useful moves for agent hunting..................................3.
Legal Mumbo Jumbo...............................................4.
                             Introduction to Agent Hunting
Okay, so here you are having friends you want to impress or you have beaten the 
game and you want a challenge. Look no further my friend than the art of agent 

            6 ways to Kill an Agent(Including Boss Agent Battles)
In examining a work such as this a few notes must be observed:
1.In the Answer the Phone level if you kill the agent  before you see the agent 
the building with the cops inside he will come back to life.
2.Inless you are an idiot or if you have set a personal goal you should get an 
agent's gun after you kill him.
That set aside I have a question. Are you ready to crank up the hacking system( 
will have to have some cheats inless you are a hopelessly incurable fool) and buy 
your agent hunting license cause agent hunting season is now open!
Okay by now you're thinking"what in the world is going on? And you have the phone 
ready to call the nuthouse on me. You're thinking"but you can't kill agents. 
impossible! Everyone says so." But nooooooooooo it isn't my fiendish little 
You will now expierince 5 ways to kill an agent.
1. Toss the unsuspecting agent off a building. This is an extremely easy thing to 
do, but you need unlimted health,focus,and ammo or else it's pretty hard.
2. Electrify him. This is only in the control tower 2 level. Shoot a machine than 
kick him into the sparks.
3.Kick him off the plane. This is only in the agent on board level. Press the 
button to lower the ramp than kick him off. Happy landings!
4.Grenade. throw an offensive grenade and time it so he walks on it when it goes 
5. Use the grenade launcher. Aim for his feet.
6. Use the gas launcher. Aim for his feet.

                     Useful moves for Agent Hunting
1.Wallkick: Use focus,back up to a wall, and press kick.
2.Wheeeeeee!Ahhhh!:In combat mode with niobe, press focus,then press kick and 
(remember to do kick then punch, not punch and kick at the same time. You have to 
press punch fast, before the kick hits).
3.Sword Stab: when you have the sword press Z(not throw) it knocks them back and 
they are on a rooftop,Bye Bye,Agent.
4 Throw. press punch and kick at the same time If you press focus the agent will 
try to kick you but you will grab his leg and throw him in the oppisite direction 
of where you usually throw. Great for rooftop death.

Thank you for reading this. Have a great time Agent Hunting(By the way don't copy 
any part of this in your own walkthrough. Cause this Walkthrough is mine. If you 
copy it, I'll send every agent I've killed to beat you up, so there):)

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