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  • Action, Adventure
  • Atari Games
  • Infogrames
  • Teen
  • May 15, 2003


Niobe Vs Ghost

It is recommended that you start a new game using Niobe. She has a total of 58 levels to complete as opposed to Ghost who has 60. Hers are generally easier as well.

Detroying The PowerAde Machince

If you see a powerade machine climb on top of it and stand still on top of it for 1 second and when you get off look at it, it should be burnt. If that doesn't work run jump kick it.

Four Agents

In the Agent Escape level, defeat the two Agents that you meet into the elevator. When you get on, it will take you to the upper level. Two more Agents will jump through the glass when you run down the bridge. You are now fighting four Agents. The GP gun will kill them, but some may require two shots.

Keep Sword Out

Use the following glitch to keep the sword out in single player mode. Use the sword, but at the exact moment get hit with a blast. Try throwing a grenade or flashbang, then use the sword on an enemy. You will be thrown back, but the sword should still remain in your hand. Note: You may have to attempt this multiple times in the event you are killed by the grenade.

Attacking Civilians

When playing as Ghost, have a pistol equipped, approach a civilian, and punch him. When you are in fighting pose, press R1 and the civilian should punch you.

Stuck In Room

In the beginning of the Airport level with Ghost, after you are in the room with the metal detectors, you will fight the police in black. When you go to the end of this room, a pedestrian runs and a security guard in white locks himself into a room. If you hold Focus and run into the room without shooting the security guard, you will be locked inside and must reset the game to continue.

Weak Floors

In levels such as Vertigo and Sparks Training Construct, Niobe will sometimes get stuck with her legs in the floor. Jumping will get you out.

Stuck In Building

In the Get To The Hardline level, after the first left turn there is a building on the right side of the road, after an alley. Get on the right side of the road and drive straight into the side of the building. You will enter the building, and will not be able to get out.

Regain Health And Focus

Find an area with no enemies. Remain idle and your heath and Focus will rise.

Ending Sequence

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. The ending sequence includes what appears to be a trailer for The Matrix Revolution, the sequel to The Matrix Reloaded.

Visibly Holding The Sword

Once you have loaded the sword on to your character from the Hacking engine, you can actually get your character to keep the sword in their hands all the time. Start a level with offensive grenades and an Agent attacking you. Throw a grenade near you and the Agent. Before the grenade explodes, use your sword on the Agent. As you are chopping away at the Agent, the grenade will explode and knock you over. When you stand back up again, the sword remains in your hand.

Change Weapons

If two or more weapons are available, press Left or Right. This should cycle through your weapons.

Longer Wall Flips

When doing a wall flip in Matrix mode, press Jump to do a longer flip. Note: You will not be able to fire your weapons while doing this. Be careful, and try not to use it around a lot of enemies.

Perfect Accuracy

Get a gun (preferably a machine gun) and switch to first person view. Shoot and you will see that the bullets appear in a perfectly straight line, no matter what the weapon. This is extremely useful and works with any gun.

Dodging Bullets

When you are in a close area, Focus and do a wall run. Then, press Jump and move your character to the other wall. Next, do another wall run then press Jump. You should still be in Matrix mode. If done correctly, you will be able to dodge a lot of bullets. When playing as Ghost or Niobe, when you are under attack by someone you cannot see hold Focus (L1) and press Square. Ghost or Niobe will start doing cartwheels and somersaults to dodge the bullets until you find your enemy.

Running On Walls

Press L1 (Focus), while you are close to a wall. If done correctly, this should make your character run against the wall, then eventually do a cartwheel off it.

Jump Off Walls

To jump off a wall, put your guns away, enter Focus and jump toward the wall. When you are about to hit the wall, press Jump and you will flip off the wall in the air. If you want to do a bullet jump (the jump that you do in a battle with guns), draw your guns before you get to the wall and press Jump at it. Then, shoot away. You cannot shoot while flipping though.


You may have trouble grabbing the flashlightm which is actually a MP5 icon. To get it, take out your MP5 and waste its ammunition so that the gun is no longer in the inventory. The same goes for MP5 pistols. Once this is done, you can pick up the flashlight/MP5. Equip it to turn on the flashlight.

Game Trailer

Allow the game to idle at the main menu. It will eventually play the preview trailer that was used to promote the game through the website.

Alternate Ending Sequence

As Ghost, when you have to fight the man to see the oracle, you are supposed to lose. After you complete the game, go back and load that level. You can defeat him to get an alternate game ending.

Defeat SWAT Members

Take out any gun, go into Focus mode, then run and jump while shooting. When in Focus, your aim improves and the run and jump will help you dodge bullets.

Defeating Agents

In certain levels you have grenades or grenade launchers. Three launched at far range or one at close range will kill them. If they do not die, pull out a gun. When the auto aim is red, it indicates near death; you can easily take them in hand to hand combat. Sometimes sparking objects are nearby. Knock them into it and will die.

Defeating Sephere

Let him strike first, and stay defensive (Square). After this, lay it on him then back off and repeat.

Agent On Board Level: Defeating Agent

When in the tower, and the Agent is shooting at you, quickly run down the left pillar and stand behind it. The helicopter should be at your back. Use your peek and shoot move to your left side. If you use a fast enough gun, you can kill the Agent in about three seconds. If you fail to kill him the first time, keep in mind he moves in this order: left, right, back. Stay behind the pillar and the your peek and shoot and you will not be hit. As Niobie, immediately after Axle gives the Agent the finger, run to the Agent and turn opposite from the door to open the plane. Then use Focus mode and press Triangle + Circle (no guns needed). The Agent will fly back the other way after the move. Then, hit the button to open the back door of the airplane. Next, have him run to you. Repeat the Triangle + Circle move until you have got him off the plane.

Airport Level: Destroy Bulletproof Glass

When trapped in the room with the bulletproof glass, use one of your grenades. Throw the grenade then run behind the wall. It will destroy the glass.

Answer The Phone Level: Weak Agent

It is possible to beat the Agent who comes through the ceiling to death. Enable the "Unlimited health" and "Unlimited Focus" codes and it should work. Note: This takes a very long time.

The Bowels Level: Kill Agent

When playing as Niobe and are being chased by the Agent, get to one of the pillars with the gas tanks. Wait for the Agent, then shoot it as he runs by. If timed correctly, it will explode and he will die. You will even be able to see his body. You will, however, see him at the ladder at the end of the level. When you are running from the Agent, run past the flammable gas tank. Wait for the agent, then shoot the tank. This will kill the Agent. When you get to the ladder at the end of the level (if you are fast enough), you will see a police officer turning into an Agent. While he is shaking, shoot him in the head. This will kill him again for a very long time.

Chinatown Level: Evade Agents

Once the Agents get a hand on you, they will keep tossing you around without allowing a chance for escape. Press Square when they are lifting you to escape.

Concourse Level: Flash Bangs

At the beginning of the level as you go into the first terminal, go forward and two civilians will run out of a door and a policeman runs out of a gate. If you let the policeman get away, he will shut himself behind a gate. Kill him before he does this and a box of five flash bangs will appear. Walk over it to collect them.

Freeway Level: The Matrix Reloaded Reference

While playing the level as either Niobe or Ghost, you will pass under many bridges. A few minutes from the start of the level, you will pass under a particular bridge that appears to have a fire blazing on top of it. This is a reference to The Matrix Reloaded, when Morpheus sabotaged the vehicle the Twins were driving in, while on top of that very bridge. What you see in the game is the remaining aftermath.

Hard Line Pursuit Level: Kill Agent

At the point where you find a grenade launcher after the telephone gets destroyed, find a cliff where you will get killed if you fall off. Lead an Agent to the cliff. Stand with your back to the cliff. Once the agent is at arms length away, Matrix jump over his head and run a short distance away. Then, turn around and take out the grenade launcher. Aim at his feet and try to blow him off the cliff, which saves ammunition. You can also try kicking him off.

Jackson In Stream 2 Level: Kill Agent

As Niobe, the Agent will start to chase you. The big tank of "Dangerous Gas" you run past can be shot. When the Agent passes it, shoot it. It will explode, and kill the Agent. Note: You may want to enable the "Invisible to enemies" and "Unlimited health" codes. Information in this section was contributed by JMILLE67. Play as Niobie and you will start in a room where there is an Agent shooting at you. Ignore the "Don't fight, run'' message. Instead, take out your MPS gun (you can use a pistol). Shoot him and he will dodge the bullets. Get him to dodge all the way to the left or right. At that time, shoot the explosive barrel. It will kill him, and you may pick up his gun.

Monorail level: Playing with "Enemies Cannot See You" Code

Go to the gate where the two men are pinned down by SWATs. Enter first person mode and pick-off all the SWATs. The two men will say, "We owe you a lot Ghost/Niobe", and the other/your gate will open. You can now complete the mission successfully.

Tea House Level: Shortcut

When you are at the Tea House, lose the fight and you will go to the end. You will not have to put up with the Agents and will miss about four stages.

Unexpected Arrival Level: Layout

When you start the level, kill all the guards. Then, look at the picture on the easel. It shows you the layout of that section of the post office. The red X is you, the green arrow is the fork lift, the green Xs are enemies, and the red O with a line through it is the place with the smoke grenade.

Vertigo Level: Shortcut

Proceed through the level as usual until you reach the part where the Agents drop out of the buildings and put you through a wooden floor. Instead of walking or jumping it, do a long Matrix jump over the gap next to it. If you make it the leap, follow the outer boards and do a big jump at the end to the windows. Once in the building, exit at the far window and you will be near the end of the level. By doing this, you will eliminate about 75% of the level.

Vertigo Level: Kill Agents

There is only one way you can kill the Agents. Enable the "Maximum firepower" code and take out the grenade launcher. Shoot the Agents three or four times and they should die.

Spark's Training Construct

You start in a hallway full of doors. The doors never end. To find Spark's Training Construct go to the second red door you see on your right. Walk until you past the first red door, then you will see another red door Enter it. The other doors do not open.

Niobe Walks Off Building

Successfully complete the game as Ghost, then enable the "Unlimited health" and "Unlimited ammunition" codes. Play the chase levels where many Agent Smiths are chasing you. Get to the point where you get the grenade launcher. Use the grenade launcher to take out the Agent Smiths. This requires about two to three hits from the grenade launcher. Continue until the last part just before the final sequence in the Matrix before you get on the platform and kill the Agent duplicates. Look directly ahead at the top of the balcony. You can see Niobe walking into the mini pillars. If you kill her, you will die even with the "Unlimited health" code. Fire the grenade launcher at her, and she should climb up the fencing and walk off the building completely.

Skip Levels With Niobe

When on the first level with Niobe, walk into the men's restroom in the main lobby. You should go to a level called Behind The Scenes and skip you two or three levels.

Disarming Opponents

To disarm anyone except Agents (SWAT, Police, etc.), press Square.

Disarming Agents

Enable the sword in the Hacking Engine. Get in a fight with an Agent and press either Square (disarm) or Triangle + Circle (throw). This does not always work, but every once in awhile the Agent will drop his gun, which you can pick up. He will then either fight you kung-fu style, or just stand around fixing his tie.

Defeating Agent Smith

It is possible to take down Agent Smith without a wall kick, even if temporarily. First, scoot back so he does not throw you, then equip any gun and fire. At the same time, go into Focus and while he is dodging the bullets you just fired, run in then punch or kick him until he goes down. Kicks are recommended because they are more powerful. Then, get out of there while still using Focus. When you are out of harms way, let off the Focus. Note: Doing this in cramped spaces such as hallways is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. When fighting the Agent Smiths, there will be a level where you find a grenade launcher. Stay far back when shooting or you will be caught in the explosion. The Smiths will die with about three shots from the grenade launcher. Be careful -- even when you have unlimited health, you could be blown off the buildings and die. Also, do not get close to the Smiths or they will throw you. When a Smith dies, you will be able to pick up an actual Agent's gun (the .50AE), which can be used in dual handguns. These handguns are the most powerful in the game. Get a 40 mm grenade launcher. Go into Focus mode and shoot him three or four times. Look again and he will be dead on the floor. You can take his gun if desired. Kill another one to have a double weapons.

Opening Airplane Hatch (Saving Axel)

Here's an easy way to open the airplane hatch without the agent bothering you. Use your focus to bring the agent against the computers near the wall. The computers are next to the open button, you can see the agent running in place stuck behind the computers. You can then press the open button without any interruptions. The rear end of the airplane will open and now it's your job to throw the agent off.

Increase Aim

Hold focus will shooting. This will increase your aim.

Airport Level

Be sure not to use any cheat codes when playing on this level. It will freeze up the game at the catching a plane load up..

Running From Agent (Roof Top)

This level may seem intimidating from the agent, but its actually one of the easier levels. Whatever you do don't fight the agent, he will block all of your moves and eventually kill you. Don't try to shoot him either, he will dodge the bullets. Just run from him, and if you gets in front of you dodge him. You can kill the other people, but don't linger around them or they will turn into agents. In the part where you jump from on building into the run down building, stay on the platform you land on, and jump (using focus) to the second level instead of dropping to the first floor, that is a confusing maze with police men. The second floor will take you straight to the ladder. One more tip for this level, make sure that you use focus on all of your jumps, even if your sure you can make it, use focus just in case. Becareful, and don't fight, and this level should be a breeze.

Airplane Level ( Saving Axel )

When you first start follow the radar and kill the guards, make sure you dont shoot them though, because the bullets that you let off might hit Axel instead. Go to the end of the place where you encounter the swat and grab the parachutes of the shelf. After that run back to Axel, it will go into a movie. Don't panic about fighting the Agent its quite easy. Just use the running jump kick, and throwing to get him out of the plane.

First Helicopter Encounter (Ghost)

What you want to do for this "boss" is hide behind the wall, instead of the mini pillars. When the swat team comes down just mow them down, and take their weapons, if their are any survivors than just disarm them and finish them off. When the helicopter is shooting than make sure your behind the wall on either side. After its done shooting than you should run up to the window and pump it full of lead, follow these directions and this level will be a breeze.

Something Freaky

Here is something weird i found while playing. If you have focus going when you go into a video, then you get the people talking echoing.

Agent Helicoter Control Tower 2

When you start on the level shoot the front tire on the airplane out. Then when you see the door close above the stairs hide behind one of the pillars and when the helicopter starts shooting use focus and jump and shoot the helicopter with any automatic gun you have. If you are lucky than that should be the only time you have to shoot at teh helicoter. If you miss than the helicopter will keep moving around the Control Tower.


When playing, approach the powerade machine and press action.

Morpheus Message

In the Hacking engine, instead of using "GUEST", you can LOGIN as FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS to hear a message from Morpheus.

Phone Numbers


Finding Cheat Codes

Every highway sign you see in The Matrix: Reloaded is a cheat for the game, Enter The Matrix. Look on the billboards in the game on the freeway.

Airport Level: Take Out Helicopter

During your battle with the helicopter as Ghost, use the following strategy. Focus Run across the room to where the wall starts to curve. Back up against the wall facing the away from the large glass window. Hold Auto Aim and when the SWAT starts to jump down through the window, use your Focus and dispatch them with the least amount of ammunition possible. Go back to where you were against the wall earlier and wait for the helicopter to pass over. When it does, it will shoot the wall. If you are in the correct location, it will not hit you. After you hear the bullets stop, run around the wall and the helicopter will be exposed without any protection. Use your Focus and dump at least a clip into it. Then, return to the wall and repeat the process. It only takes three to four times to take down the helicopter.


Play As Neo

Enter the code: F2222546

Play As Morpheous

Enter the code: 02568974

Unlock Everything

With any game save file on your memory card, select "Hacking" from the main menu and choose your save file. Press any key and hold L2+R2, L1+R1-- you should see the this message: A:> all files unlocked. Remember to remove this feature from the final version.

Play As Trinity

Enter the code: 00F58256

All Levels

Go to hacking and enter t4y55lkp. Then go to load game and you will have all levels.

Infinite Health

Go to the hacking area. Select a saved game. If you haven't already, type in Cheat and push enter. Then select Cheat on the left side and then type in 7F4DF451.

Low Gravity


Double Your Speed


All Weapons

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "0034afff" as a code.

Unlock All Commands And Files In Hacking Engine

There is a simple (and ironic) method of acquiring all commands and files even if you have only just entered the Hacking system. In order to do this, first select "Hacking" from the main menu and load any saved game. It does not have to be a completed game save. You will be presented with the Hacking system interface. You can login as GUEST or FREEMIND if desired. Press the L1 + R1. This may require more than one attempt as it must be done exactly simultaneously. If done correctly, the command list will automatically update itself, and all files will be available. A message will read "All files unlocked", and also ironically states "Remember to remove this feature from the final version". Alternately, enter the Hacking engine, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the command list to unlock everything in the list.

Morpheus Message

In the Hacking engine, instead of using "GUEST", you can LOGIN as FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS. The system asks if you would like to hear a message from Morpheus. If you accept, it will tell you to press a number from 1 to 5. There are five messages to hear.

Multi-player Mode

To access multi-player mode, follow the steps used to get the sword. However, instead go to the SPARKS folder and have a chat with him. Activate "HANDSHAKE.EXE". When he asks what program you sent him, say "HANDSHAKE". Then, wait until he is done talking. He will then upload Multi-player to you. Access it by going to "Load" and choosing the level just before the first one.

Chat With Spark

If you activated the "TRINITY" folder, type HANDSHAKE.EXE and press Enter. You will see a message from Spark. Type anything and press Enter. He will say that you sent him a file to download with a trojan virus. He will then say that he was playing. He will tell you something about you having access to his computer. Access the "DIR: folder and go to "LOGOS:". Go to your command list and select "EMP: in what he gave you. He will say that he was just kidding and will give you a gift in the loading screen. When he is done, you will hear a message from Neo. He will then say goodbye and shutdown the computer for you.

Play Mary Had A Little Lamb

Go to the hackers computer go on the beep tool and put in 65456665556886545666655654. Push enter it will play mary had a little lamb.

Gameshark V 2 Codes

These codes have been tested by myself and work.

(M) 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EEA26BD2 BCE52662
INF FOCUS: DE950526 BCA99B83
INF AMMO: DE968266 BCA99B83

Red Solution/Blue Solution

Enter the Hacking program and do the following: Go to virtual, change the password to: Frozenfish. The code will stay the same forever, so when you get to the chinese symbol there are two solutions Red and Blue if you get the blue Neo will say "This system is being monitered get off" after he says that you have 900 seconds to Tracekill the program. But if you get Red solution Neo will say "Welcome" and you will be able to acess the "v" folder. You can now enter the following programs, E-Mail, Root, Rootsearch and the 8Ram.

Wireless Message

Enter the following commands:

Passcode 8ram 
3 digit code 942 

Hacking Engine Tools

In Hacking engine (which is accessed from the title screen), there are a number of directories and tools that can be useful (such as spawning a weapon within The Matrix.):

Command		Directory 	Result 

CLS 		A:\SYSTEM 	Clear the screen of text 
DIR [location] 	A:\SYSTEM 	List files and folders 
ECHO [text] 	A:\SYSTEM 	Display indicated text 
EXIT 		A:\SYSTEM 	Exit Hacking engine 
HELP [command] 	A:\SYSTEM 	Extended help for a command 
LOGIN 		A:\SYSTEM 	Change drives 
READ 		A:\SYSTEM 	Read *.txt files 
REBOOT 		A:\SYSTEM 	Reboot system, remove  unlocked 	
CHEAT [code] 	A:\TOOLS 	Cheat code entry command 
VIBRATION [1-100] 	A:\TOOLS 	Test vibration feature 
BEEP [1-8] 		A:\TOOLS 	Test beeps 
DECODE [code] 	B:\TOOLS 	Decode hint 
DROP JXTRR10 	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at Drainage Canal 
DROP PNSRZ10 	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at North Concourse 
DROP RKHMS10 	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at Airport Tunneld 
DROP JDZMT10 	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at 2nd Floor West (Chateau) 
DROP ZKHBD10  	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at Courtyard (Chateau) 
DROP RHFTQ10 	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at Skyscraper 
DROP ZSZQH10 	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at Warehouse (Chinatown) 
DROP JDHQL10 	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at Transformer Field (power 
DROP B1AXXF2 	B:\TOOLS 	Weapon drop at 2nd Floor PO Boxes 
PLAY 		B:\TOOLS 	Play *.fmv files 
TRACEKILL 	B:\TOOLS 	Kills traces 
VIEW 		B:\TOOLS 	View *.img files 
VIRTUAL 		B:\TOOLS 	Access virtual drive 

Sparks Training Construct

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "13D2C77F" as a code. Load a game and then press to the Right when the level select screen appears. You will then have access to Sparks Training Construct.

Faster Logos Flight Speed

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "7867F443" as a code.

Silent Mode

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "FFF0020A" as a code.

Turbo Mode

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "7F4DF451" as a code.

Enemies Do Not Hear You

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "FFFFFFF1" as a code.

Bonus Test Level

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "13D2C77F" as a code.

Infinite Ammunition

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "1DDF2556" as a code.

Infinite Focus

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter "69E5D9E4" as a code.


We have no unlockables for Enter the Matrix yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Enter the Matrix yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Enter the Matrix yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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