All 99 Dalmation Locations - Guide for Kingdom Hearts

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1-3 Traverse Town District 3: Look behind the magic shop. You have to get Glide 
to get them.

4-6 Traverse Town District 2: Use the Trinity move behind the item shop.

7-9 Traverse Town District 1: You can find them in a chest. Use Item Forge.

10-12 Traverse Town Sewers: Look for stairs going up in the sewers. The box is 

13-15 Wonderland: Go to Queen's courtyard. Find a chest near the exit in the 

16-18 Wonderland: Go into the forest. There will be a blue chest in the trees.

19-21 Wonderland: Use the exit that is up and Glide to Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

22-24 Olympus Coliseum: Look for a Trinity mark at the entrance, then activate it.

25-27 Deep Jungle: When you jump over the hippos, look for a chest near a vine.

28-30 Deep Jungle: Go into the high jungle and look for the dogs in the tree 

31-33 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near the exit in the jungle nest.

34-36 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near exit of the camp.

37-39 Agrabah: Go into Aladdin's house and find a chest.

40-42 Halloween Town: The chest is in the pumpkin patch.

43-45 Neverland: Go to the Big Ben area. Fly and look for puppies behind the 
starting location.

46-48 Agrabah: Go into the fourth market square and use High Jump to get it.

49-51 Agrabah: Go into the magic cave and Glide to the pedestal.

52-54 Agrabah: Get Aladdin in your party and activate the crystal in the treasure 

55-57 Monstro: In the third area, you can see it near the upper exit to the sixth 

58-60 Wonderland: Return to the Queen's courtyard, then go to the pot in the 
dining room.

61-63 Hollow Bastion: Finish every challenge, then go to the lab to get the 

64-66 Halloween Town: Reach the doors next to the platform in the pumpkin patch 
to reach the crypt and chest.

67-69 Halloween Town: Look underneath of the stairs in one of the houses.

70-72 Halloween Town: Located in the big pumpkin statue. Jump and Glide to get it.

73-75 Monstro: Look for a red chest in the mouth.

76-78 Monstro: Go to the upper platforms in the third area and look around. Then, 
jump and Glide to the chest.

79-81 Monstro: In the second area, look for a chest on a barrel in the high area.

82-84 Neverland. Go into the ship and go to the middle of the room near the brig.

85-87 Neverland: Active the Trinity mark inside the ship.

88-90 Neverland: Located in the captains quarters, on the bed.

91-93 Hollow Bastion: Located near the falls.

94-96 Hollow Bastion: Located outside of the castle. Open the emblem door, then 
jump into the moving elevator.

97-99: Use Gravija, then get the floating chest outside the castle.

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