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FAQ Title: All About Captain Falcon    Author:Darkfire 47  Real Name: Frank 
Washington. Now for the FAQ. 5...4...3...2...1...Here we go!!

You see this is my very first FAQ so it may be a little bad.But I'm still going to 
try. Ok! Here it goes!!

Well you've made it this far so really must want to know about Captain 
Falcon.Good.Ok.Captain Falcon is not for AMETURES.The reason that is so is beacuse 
if you run with him he will dash and then when you stop he will skid for about 3 
feet.(In Super Smash Bros. Melee Prespective)Also if you don't time things just 
right with him things won't work out.

Some moves for C. Falcon are his Falcon Pounce with the B.His punch and kick with 
the A.His rapid fire kicks and punches with the A being pressed 3 times in a 
row.His body slam with a flaming uppercut if it hits.To do that move the control 
stick left or right and press B.To jump up and grab someone and then slam em' down 
into fire press up on the control stick and press B.For a Falcon Kick push down B 
to go STRAIGHT.Jump and push diagonally down to go diagonal.For Smash attacks use 
the C stick.To use your shield press R or L.Roll around with R or L pushing control 
stict left or right.To levitate yep LEAVITE jump and press R or L.NO OTHER 
BUTTONS.To taunt push up onthe D Pad.The taunt is to make your oppent mad and run 
after you.Put down a motion senser      and taunt........KABOOM!!!!Bang Bang Blast 

When doing team melee be C. Falcon and have your partner be Link. It makes a 
perfect team.Something funny is if you are fighting Kirby and he goes HII!! and you 
are C. Falcon press B and say BYE!! to Kirby.

If you want to use this FAQ on any other site I DON'T CARE.Don't even E Mail me 
about it.Just use this however you want.Ok.Are we clear?Crystal Clear?K that's good.

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