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This is all about Dr. Mario and his attack and background.

Dr. Mario is a game releced for the Super Nintendo (I know because my brother still 
plays it) and it is like a Tetris game that is up-dated, you know, like Pokemon 
Puzzle Leauge!  Megavitamins fall from above and if you match the same color in a 
row, they will dissapear.  Dr. Mario spends his time in his research lab creating 
new medications for new deseases and even for the common cold!  He also has an 
assistant named Nerse Peach or something like that.  

Compared to Mario, Dr. Mario is basicly the same except for a few thing.  For 
example, Dr. Mario's Megavitamins are stronger than Mario's fire ball, but Dr. 
Mario is a tad bit slower.

You can get Dr. Mario by either playing 100 rounds of vs. mode or playing Classic 
or Adventure mode with Mario without a continue.


Megavitamins (B) Dr. Mario tosses some megavitamins at his victoms and has a 
distentive sound when it hits.  Like Mario's fire ball, the megavitamins are 
effected by gravity and is good for stopping someone from attacking you.

Sheet (forward+B) With this white sheet, you can reflect long-range attacks.  You 
can also make enemies face the other way if they are close by and can be used to 
stop attacks and to create some combos.

Tornado (down+B) Dr. Mario sets off spining and throwing some punches as he does.  
This attack can be used to pull nearby enemies and taking them for a spin.  At the 
end of this attack, your enemies will be thrown up and makes it great for combos.

Super Jump Punch (up+B) With a powerful punch, Dr. Mario will pull up nearby foes 
and take some cash along with him!  This can also be used as a emergancy escape 
move if you are falling to your doom.

Forward Smash (forward+A) Dr. Mario unleashes a powerful electrical surge at the 
pulm of his hand that can be used as a finishing blow.

Down Smash (down+A) With a spin with his legs, Dr. Mario can hit enemies that are 
in front and behind him.

Up Smash (up+A) Using his head like that you might think he would get a 
headahc. . . Anyways, using his head, Dr. Mario can send his foes flying up and 
mabey out of the arena.

Next up is Mewtwo! See Ya!

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