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Just to let you all know, I haven't married Gustafa yet; but he has four hearts right
now, so I'm going to proopose to him with the Blue Feather the next time that I get
to play the game... This FAQ was submitted by Danielle, not Mikayla, because we each
have our own files, and my sister can submit a Marlin FAQ that's a lot less
complicated than this one if you want to marry him. However, I like Gustafa and she
likes Marlin, so get a Marlin FAQ out of her, NOT me! None of us want to marry Rock,
so if you're looking for him, make one up on your own or something.

Okay, now here's the two parts of the FAQ:

I-About Gustafa: Who and What He Likes
II-Winning His Heart

If you only want to read one of those parts, go on ahead, I really don't care. Just
don't kill me if it doesn't help you too much...

Anyways, on with the FAQ!


Name: Gustafa
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Lovelife: Nami (the red-haired girl)
Likes: Music, home-cooked meals, fall and winter flowers
Dislikes: Spring and summer flowers, messed up foods, tools, anything else that I did
not list above
House: Gustafa's Yurt
Time Spent In His House: Spring and Winter: 12:00 AM-3:00 AM. Summer and Fall: 11:00
PM-2:00 AM.
Favorite Hobby: Playing the guitar
Other Tips: One of the good things to do to help you win his heart more is being good
friends with Nami, his original crush. If he sees that you're friends with her, then
he'll like you more. Some other semi-helpful tips are saying that he plays the guitar
well (he'll often be playing it at around 9:00 PM), visiting him only one time a day
(he likes to be alone often), and (no duh!) talking to him a lot.


Basically by doing and following all of the things that I listed in the last part,
you'll win his heart by the end of Fall. An EXTREMELY helpful thing to do in the aid
of winning his heart is listed below, but you have to have a second controller in
order to do it. It's this: First, go to your barn. Next, get in a place that's in
between the feed boxes of two or more of your animals. Then, press the Z button ONLY
ONCE on the second controller after standing still after about ten seconds. Last,
press the start or X button on the first controller. You should have a LOT of items
that you didn't have before. If not, try doing the steps again; because you may have
done it wrong. Another thing: Don't do this trick any more than once in the entire
game. It will mess up the game entirely and you will not be able to marry anyone,
thus ending your game. I actually did it more than once and the game ruined itself
automatically. So only do it once if you're going to do it. NOTE: This trick does NOT
work on Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

That's the end of it! I know, I know, it was short; but I hope that it helped you at
least a little bit. Bye now!

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