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Ok here is a list of ALL the characters and how to get them :

New Characters:

Mewtwo=Play 700 vs. matches or get 20 hours of gameplay
Heres a easier way to get Mewtwo:Set the damage ratio to 2.0 and have a stock match 
with just 1 stock. Play a easy vs. mode on Special melee.For example "Super sudden 
death" that is a very easy way.It will take a few hours, around 4-5 hours.Or you can 
do 350 matches and then save the rest for the next day.After defeating 700 vs. 
matches you'll fight him.

Luigi=Play the first stage of adventure mode with a time that has a two in the 
seconds column.For example 4:32.Or play 800 vs. matches.After done you'll fight him.

Dr.Mario=Defeat classic mode with Mario without dying once.Then he will appear at 
the end and you'll need to fight him.

Pichu=Defeat event 37 or play 200 vs. matches.Then you'll need to fight him.

Mr Game and watch=Defeat break the targets with all 24(you don't need to use shiek) 
characters.Then he will appear and you will need to fight.

Falco=Defeat 100 man melee and he'll appear for battle.

Young Link=Defeat classic mode with 10 characters then he'll appear for battle.NOTE: 
of the 10 needs to be link!

Ganondorf=Defeat event 29 and  you'll verse him.

Jiggly Puff=Defeat classic mode without loosing all stock.Then you'll verse him at 
the end of the classic.

Marth=Defeat classic mode with all Default characters and then he'll appear for 

Roy=Defeat classic mode with Marth and he will appear for a battle.

*******NOTE:Once you defeat the new commer they will be a playable character***

         ***************DEFAULT COMMERS**************
They will already be there when you start

Donkey Kong
Ice climbers

Well those are all the characters.Other characters like Dark link the giant bowser 
thing and Master hand and the wire frame people can't be used.

Not everything will be easy to get i admit it.But since i cleared the hole game i 
will let you use those facts that i've learned.I'm sure with facts like that you'll 
breeze through the game.My faqs are real i'm sure because i've did all of that.
Hope those faqs will help you.BYE

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