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Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Items Locations


Morph Ball Bombs
Skills Needed: Missiles
Location: Agon Temple
Area: Agon Wastes
Description: Defeat the Bomb Guardian (Dark Alpha Sandigger), and it is yours.

Space Jump Boots
Skills Needed: Missiles
Location: Judgment Pit
Area: Dark Agon Wastes
Description: The Jump Guardian is not too bad, defeat him and it’s yours.

Gravity Boost
Skills Needed: Missiles 
Location: Hydrochamber Storage
Area: Torvus Bog
Description: After you get this, though, you have to fight the Alpha Blogg.

Super Missile
Skills Needed: Missiles, Dark Beam, Light Beam
Location: Torvus Temple
Area: Torvus Bog
Description: You have to fight some enemies here.  Clean them out, and the Super
Missle is yours.

Boost Ball
Skills Needed: Bombs, Super Missile
Location: Dark Torvus Arena
Area: Dark Torvus Bog
Description: Beat the Boost Guardian.

Seeker Launcher
Skills Needed: Boost Ball
Location: Hall of Honored Dead
Area: Temple Grounds
Description: Line up the ground-puzzle, and the shield will deactivate.  Take your
Seeker Launcher.

Grapple Beam
Skills Needed: Dark Beam, Super Missile
Location: Sacrificial Chamber
Area: dark Torvus Bog
Description: The Grapple Guardian is a giant Grenchler.  It’s a lot like the Adult
Sheegoth in Metroid Prime, except harder.  Much.

Spider Ball
Skills Needed: Bombs, Boost Ball
Location: Dynamo Works
Area: Sanctuary Fortress
Description: Beat the Spider Guardian.  For something that’s 1 foot large, it’s
pretty hard.  Defeat him and get
your Spider Ball.

Power Bomb
Skills Needed: Bombs, Boost Ball
Location: Undertemple
Area: Torvus Bog
Description: Defeat the Power Bomb Guardian.

Screw Attack
Skills Needed: Light Beam, Dark Beam, Space Jump
Location: Vault
Area: Ing Hive
Description: Just take the Screw Attack here.



Dark Suit
Skills Needed: Morph Ball Bombs
Area: Dark Torvus Bog
Description: Defeat the Amorbis.  The ball of Dark energy will collapse, and the Dark
Suit will appear.  Get it, and the effects of Dark Aether’s atmosphere will be less
harmful to you.

Light Suit
Skills Needed: All previous skills 
Location: Main Energy Controller
Area: Temple Grounds
Description: Take the suit here.  Now, Dark Aether's atmosphere have no effect on you.  


Dark Visor
Skills Needed: Light Beam, Dark Suit, Grapple Beam, Seeker Missile, Super Missile
Location: Dark Torvus Temple
Area: Dark Torvus Bog
Description: Kill the Dark Chykka.  Your reward?  The Dark Visor.

Echo Visor
Skills Needed:
Location: Aerie
Area: Ing Hive
Description: After defeating Dark Samus II, you walk into a room.  There is your Echo


Dark Beam
Skills Needed: none
Location: Storage D
Area: Temple Grounds
Description: Fight Dark Samus in the Main Reactor.  Once you deplete her health,
she'll explode into tiny Phazon particles.  A nearby lift will lower.  Hop on and
ride it up to a new door.  The floaty thing inside the room is the Dark Beam.

Light Beam
Skills Needed: none
Location: Ing Cache 1
Area: Dark Agon Wastes
Description: Head down to the left.  Take out all the Nightbarbs you feel like killing, 
 then cross over to the northwest side of the room and fire at both the Light Lift
Crystals to lower the platforms.  Hop across them to the door.  The Light Beam awaits
you inside.

Annihilator Beam
Skills Needed: Light Beam, Dark Beam, Boost Ball, Spider Ball, Bombs, Super Missile,
and Power Bombs.
Location: Hive Temple
Area: Ing Hive
Description: After that long, challenging fight with Quadraxis, you earn yourself the
Annihilator Beam.


Location: Mining Station B. 
Area: Agon Wastes
Description: Take the black door at the Agon Temple, then head to the very bottom of
the Morph Ball maze. Open the Seeker Missile door.

Requirements: Seeker Missile, Bombs

How to acquire: Once inside the main room, activate the Bomb Slot near the dead
Luminoth, then quickly head into the sub-room with a half-pipe. Scan the console and
step into the hologram to get shot out of a Kinetic Orb Cannon. Roll to the Bomb Slot
here and activate it. This will raise the driller-type machine while it is spinning,
destroying a wall unveiling a dark portal. Head back to the halfpipe, and keep
boosting until you reach the left side of it. Head into the nearby Morph Ball tunnel,
and follow it until you get dropped off on the driller. Enter the dark portal. 
On the dark side, find the place where Nightbarbs are flying out. Head in there and
jump up the platforms to the right. Turn around when you reach an Ingworm wall, and
you'll see yourself overlooking the main room. Jump past the ledges on the left wall
and enter the door. Use the Morph Ball and roll through the lengthy tunnel, until you
reach a light portal.
Once back on the light side, roll through the tunnel that you went through on the
dark side to find the Darkburst.


Location: Windchamber. 
Area: Temple Grounds
Description: Take the green door in the hallway near the Torvus transport in the
Temple Grounds. Once in the Windchamber Access, get shot across to the other side
using the Kinetic Orb Cannon, and blow open the yellow Power Bomb door.

Requirements: Power Bomb, Seeker Missiles, Boost Ball, Grapple Beam

How to acquire: Once in the Windchamber, head through the dark portal. Now, using the
Spinner here, turn the peg on the center tower until it glows gold. Plant a bomb to
exit the Spinner and head into the Kinetic Orb Cannon. Do the same thing as last time
with this Spinner. Keep lining up the pegs using their respectful Spinners until they
all glow gold. Now, head to the platform where the front of the pegs are facing.
Seeker Missile all four pegs.
Next, do the same thing, except align them until they are all blue. Once that's done,
find the pegs' points and Seeker Missile them all, like last time. Now, head back to
the light side, and use the Grappling hooks to reach the farthest platform (it's away
from walls) Once on the platform, use the Kinetic Orb Cannon to get shot up to the
top of the center tower, where the Sunburst awaits.


Location: Phazon Site
Area: Dark Agon Wastes
Description: Go to the Anihilator-door, and walk into the room to aquire the Sonic

Requirements: Anihilator Beam

How to acquire: Walk into the Phazon Site.  There will be an Anihilator-door there. 
Walk through the door, and you will find the Sonic Boom.

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