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Name-Kingdom Hearts 2                           |
Made by-Cheatkeeper                             |
Realease date-Sep.14 2005/Nov.1 2005/Dec.5 2005 |

 As every one who has played KH knows,the story revalves around a 14 year old boy 
named Sora.Sora was chosen to weild the keyblade,a sword that has the power to 
destroy these monsters called the heartless.Sora is trying to find his freinds Riku 
and Kairi when he runs into disney characters Donald duck,and Goofey.These 2 
characters are trying to find King Mickey,who went off to also destroy the heartless 
before they destroy all the worlds.Sora meets up with riku,but riku is thinking that 
Sora is the enemy.After Riku finds out he is tricked,it is to late,he is traped in 
Kingdom Hearts.Sora also finds Kairi who wants to help Sora but cant.After KH Sora 
is sepperated from his freinds again,this time he has a new mission,find his 
freinds,find the king,and stop the heartless once and for all!

  If you played Kingdom Hearts CoM.You know that sora loses all his memories and at 
the end he is getting his memories back in pod.And wich he sleeps in it for 1 year.

                        Main characters and heartless

             Here are all the main characters on Kh2 are below.

Sora-the key blade weilder.Sora is the absolute main charater in KH and KH2.
Riku-He was supposed to be the keyblade weilder.But when his heart fell to darkness 
that privlige was taken away.

Kairi-a young girl that lives on destiney islands with Sora and Riku.After she is 
sepperated from Sora and Riku again,she awaits their return on the islands.
BHK-his name is not known to anyone yet.He can also weild a keyblade.Rumor has it 
that he is another part of Sora.
Axel-When Sora whiped ou the organazation in KH CoM,Axel was the last remaining,now 
he searches for Sora.
Diz-he is rumored to be KH's main villian Ansem.This character is wraped up in red 
Donald-A pesky duck with an attitude.He is one of Sora's sidekicks.
Goofey-A dog that is always happy.He is another one of Sora's sidekicks.
Pete-A bulldog that acts tough but is really a scardy-cat.He is one of Sora's enemys 
in KH2.

                All the heartless' that are are on  Kh2 that have been confirmed.

Normal heartless-these are the first heartless's you fight on Kh.Little shrimps.
Ghost heartless-These heartless fly high up in the air holding torches.
Pot heartless-These are different from the pot heartless on KH,they are heartless 
hiding in a pot,but on KH2 there pots can turn into a suit of armor!
Sword heartless-These are heartless weilding a cruved sword.
Bee heartless-Flying heartless with stinges.
Bat heartless-They are flying heartless that have hooks beneath them.
Dusk-flexable creatures that are not heartless,but hey will be stronger!
Bulldoze heartless-These heartless are found in Acient China.There attack is to run 
over you.
Neo-shadow-these heartless asre basiclly the same as the normal heartless,except 
these stand up and they are alot taller and alot stronger than normal heartless.
Door heartless-these heartless are basicly doors.They just have faces and things to 
hit you with.


The traing will be similer to the traing in KH.Except on this one you will be in 
Castle Oblivion and will be BHK.
                          New features
On KH2 there will be some coll new things.There will be a drive system.This is an 
extra bar you will have bellow your health.Once you get this bar to a certain place 
you can do differnt things such as,turn into to diffrent modes where sora costume 
changes and he will get alot stronger and alot faster.Plus it looks cool.You can do 
certain abilitys to such as sarcrafice Donald and Goofey for more health for 
Sora.And on here the option bar with attack,magic,items,and examine will change for 
each world.Sora's normal costume will be black on this one.It is said that this will 
play an important role on KH2.There will also be more abilitys and more keyblades on 
KH2.And instead of having to go to a save point to change your party,you can switch 
out charaters on the option screen.
                       Confirmed news
  This is just news for cloud and cid fans they will return in KH2 and cid will have 
a voice!
                     Worlds,most of these will be in order.Note all the worlds from 
KHwill be in KH2,but i will not name them all.

     Twighlight Town-This is where you will start.You will be BHK and will have to 
fight a giant white creature.This town is big complete with a train.So dont get lost 
when you play the game!

    Castle Oblivion-this is where you will start as Sora waking up in the pod.This 
world is only suppose to be a cutscene right now.You will come back later in the 
game though.
     Disney Castle-You will go here to find something that is suppose to be the 
heart of light.Here you will escourt Minnie Mouse to the heart.She can do a spell 
where it will bring your health and magic up since your bars will be extremly low 
here.You dont even have the drive system yet.But you cant let Minnie die here!Once 
you get to the heart of light sora will go into it and will come out with his dark 

     Acient China(Mulan)-On this world you partner up with Mulan and Mushu to deafet 
the villian Shan Yu.In this world Shan yu will summon heartless after you.Such as the
bee heartless,and the bulldoze heartless.The boss on this level will be Shan yu.

     Olympiss Colliseum/Underworld-this what will probably be what happens on this 
world.Hercules is fighting that big purple thong from the movie.(Sorry i cant 
remember his name)Sora ends up fighting it and then afterwords Hades comes in and 
destroys the place and takes something important.(This can be seen in screenshots)
And then Sora and the rest travel to the under world.There you will fight Final 
Fantasy's own Auron.After this you'll team up with Auron to find Hades.And then you 
will run into some door heartless.After this Sora and the gang finds hades.But you 
must destroy a certain number of heartless to get to him.

    Wild Jungle-Here you will partner up with Tarzan and fight heartless again.After 
all this you will find The characters from Jungle book and fight that evil tiger.
    England(PoTC)-On this world you will fight alongside Jack Sparrow to find 
Capt.Barbossa,and find Elizabeth Swan for Will Turner.

    Pride Rock-On this world you will find Simba and help him back to Pride Rock.But 
when you get back there you learn that Scar killed Simba's father.And then you will 
fight him.

    Hallow Bastion-On this level you will hunt down the order.The order is that 
group including The glowing eye unknown,the one with the blindfold,and Enigmatic.And
it has been confirmed that Diz is not the superior of the order.
At the end of the game Sora may get home he may not.Nomura said that he may make a 
KH3.BBut it depends how many peaple buy KH2.The game will also be 2 disc,so be 
looking forward to playing a long game.If you have any more questions about the game 
e-mail me at [email protected]


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