Super Smash Bros. Melee

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All the Bonuses

Super Smash Bros. Melee Bonuses Guide 
Author- Nate Tackett
AIM Screen Name- Unsteady Dood

Basically this guide is a complete list all of the bonuses that you can 
receive at the end of a match in multi-player or single player in this 
game.  You will receive the Diskun trophy for getting all of these 

All descriptions are taken word for word from the game.  Your bonus 
listing can be found under Data / Melee Records / Bonus Records.


For any of the bonuses that say "Used <blank> items. (3 or more)" make 
sure that you ONLY use those items, but also make sure you DON'T pick up 
any crates, barrels or capsules.  This means you should break open the 
containers with your attacks instead.

Also a meteor attack is an attack that sends the enemy flying straight 
down.  After a character sparkles before doing one, examples are Young 
Link's down+A attack in the air, or Mario's forward+A attack in the air.


(These are listed in the same order that the game lists them.)

Bird of Prey (4000)
     - Used only aerial attacks.

Combo King (2500)
     - Used many combos. (Average # of combos is 2.5 or greater)

Juggler (1500)
     - Struck an enemy many times while keeping him airborne.

Backstabber (2000)
     - High % of attacks were from rear. (70% or more of total)

Sweeper (2500)
     - High % of attacks were low. (50% or more of total)

Clean Sweep (5000)
     - All attacks were low attacks.

Meteor Smash (800)
     - KO'd foe with a Meteor Attack.

Meteor Clear (3000)
     - Cleared the level with a Meteor Attack.

Meteor Master (8000)
     - Every Meteor Attack KO'd an opponent. (Minimum of 2)

Meteor Survivor (2000)
     - Succeeded in recovering from a Meteor Attack.

Flying Meteor (4000)
     - Hit a flying enemy with a Meteor Attack.  <This bonus has
       caused me, and many other people a lot of grief but here's a
       method that works.  Play a sudden death match with 2 human
       players (stock 1), one of them Young Link, and the other
       Kirby.  Play on the Brinstar level that has the yellow acid in
       it.  Move kirby to the edge of the left platform so that he is
       almost falling off.  Wait until the acid rises twice, now walk
       Kirby off the edge.  Then jump off after him and use Young
       Link's down+A attack.  Kirby should hit the acid, bounce
       straight up, then hit Young Link's sword and get sent flying
       off the screen.  Now you should have the bonus! >

Exceptional Aim (4000)
     - Hit with most attacks.

Perfect Aim (10000)
     - Hit with all attacks. (At least 8 attacks per minute)

All Ground (6000)
     - Used all standard ground attacks against enemies.

All Aerial (4000)
     - Used all standard aerial attacks against enemies.

All Variations (10000)
     - Used all attacks except finishing blows on enemies.  <*NOTE*
       See All on One below for how to do this just make sure you do
       those 24 attacks on more than one enemy, so try spreading them
       out over 2 non-moving human players. >

All on One (20000)
     - Used all attacks except finishing blows on one enemy.  <*NOTE*
       Here is how I did this:  I don't know WHAT the description
       thinks are finishing moves but I guess I didn't do them,
       that's very misleading though.  You need to do your 24
       different moves on one enemy.  This includes: your 4 special
       (B) moves, your 4 smash attacks, throw the enemy in all 4
       directions, hit him while running, hit A once from a
       standstill, do your short A combo from a standstill, do your
       forward/back/down/up-A attacks, do your forward/back/down/up-A
       attacks while jumping, and do an (neutral) A attack while
       jumping.  If you do all of these attacks and hit the enemy
       with them you should get this bonus.  When doing this it is
       easiest to do against a non moving human player at handicap 1,
       and 0.5 damage ratio.

Lethal Weapon (7000)
     - Hit with a wide variety of attacks.  <I was told a great
       method to do this, and it worked like a charm.  Set your
       damage ratio to 0.5, then pick a 2 min coin match (this is to
       avoid sudden death).  Pick 2 characters, easiest with 2 human
       players.  Use your 3 smash attacks, 5 air attacks, & 4 special
       moves on the other (non-moving) player without killing him. 
       When the time runs out you should have this bonus.  Make sure
       you don't use any moves other than the ones mentioned above. 
       Also I think you should only hit the enemy with each of the
       above attacks once, but I'm not so sure about this.>

Berserker (3500)
     - Attacked in a frenzy. (60 attacks or more in 1 minute)

Smash King (3000)
     - Used many Smash Attacks. (150% or more of all hits)

Smash Maniac (3500)
     - Only used Smash Attacks.

Smash less (1500)
     - Used no Smash Attacks.

Specialist (2200)
     - Hit with only special moves.

Dedicated Specialist (3100)
     - Used only one kind of special move.

One-Two Punch (1800)
     - Hit consecutively with all weak attacks.

First Strike (500)
     - Delivered first blow of match.

150% Damage (1000)
     - Took 150% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

200% Damage (3000)
     - Took 200% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

250% Damage (7000)
     - Took 250% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

300% Damage (10000)
     - Took 300% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

350% Damage (15000)
     - Took 350% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

Heavy Damage (20000)
     - Took 400% damage or more.  Not valid in team battles.

Sniper (2000)
     - Hit only with flying objects.

Brawler (2000)
     - Hit only with direct attacks.

Precise Aim (10000)
     - All attacks hit immediately after execution.

Pitcher (6000)
     - Fought only with grabs and throws.

Butterfingers (-500)
     - Had a high rate of grab and dash-grab failures.

All Thumbs (-1500)
     - All dash-grab attempts failed. (At least 4 attempted)

Cuddly Bear (2000)
     - Performed at least 3 grabs, but did not attack or throw enemy.

Compass Tosser (3500)
     - Used all four directional-throw moves.

Throw Down (2500)
     - Threw last foe to clear game.

Pummeler (1500)
     - Did a lot of damage by holding and punching foes.

Fists of Fury (2500)
     - After grabbing, always held and punched, never threw.

Close Call (2000)
     - Threw just before enemy broke your hold.

Opportunist (-1000)
     - Didn't attack for a very long period of time.

Spectator (-2500)
     - Spent a long time on sloped terrain.

Statue (500)
     - Little left-to-right movement.

Never Look Back (5000)
     - Never changed direction.

Stiff Knees (300)
     - Did not crouch.

Run, Don't Walk (6500)
     - Did not walk. (Extremely short distance doesn't count)

Ambler (2500)
     - Walked a lot.

No Hurry (1000)
     - Did not run.

Marathon Man (2000)
     - Ran a lot.

Eagle (1500)
     - Went airborne a lot.

Aerialist (2500)
     - Did not jump from the ground. (No overlap with Cement Shoes)

Acrobat (3000)
     - Always did a midair jump. (No overlap with Cement Shoes)

Cement Shoes (4000)
     - Never jumped, including midair jumps.

Head Banger (800)
     - Hit walls a lot. (3 or more times per minute)

Elbow Room (2000)
     - Bumped into or pushed foes a lot.

Power Shielder (5000)
     - Used the Power Shield often. (3 times or more in 1 minute) 
       <Pick a couple of human players and a 1-minute timed match. 
       Now attack with one controller and shield with the other as
       soon as the attack hits.  You should see a faint white
       explosion looking pattern, and a different noise.  When
       compared to simply putting up a shield first and then getting
       hit, you will know what I'm talking about.  Just do three of
       these "white-flash" blocks within the minute and you should
       get this.  I did a very basic method of using stand-alone
       punches on the character and blocking them. >

Shield Buster (x2500)
     - Broke enemy's shield.

Shattered Shield (x-1000)
     - Enemy broke shield.

Shield Stupidity (x-2000)
     - Broke own shield.

Shield Saver (500)
     - Dropped shield just before it was broken.

Skid Master (1000)
     - Had long stun-slide distance. (9 feet or more in 1 minute)

Rock Climber (800)
     - Hung from many edges. (4 times or more in one minute)

Edge Hog (x2500)
     - Hung from edge to prevent opponent from doing the same.

Cliffhanger (2000)
     - Grabbed a lot of edges after being knocked off the stage.

Life on the Edge (x800)
     - After being hit, grabbed edge without a midair jump.

Poser (2000)
     - Taunted often. (6 or more times in 1 minute)

Poser Poseur (x500)
     - Taunted right after someone else. (Within 1 second)

Poser Power (x700)
     - Attacked someone with a taunt.  <Use Luigi's taunt. >

Pose Breaker (x800)
     - Gave a quick weak attack to a taunting opponent. 

Instant Poser (x100)
     - Taunted right after knocking down a foe. (Within 1 second)

Control Freak (1000)
     - Tapped the control stick twice as fast as second fastest

Button Masher (700)
     - Pressed buttons twice as fast as second fastest presser.

Button Holder (4000)
     - Held down the A or B button. (For the entire match)  <So pick
       like a 1 minute match and when you pick your stage press and
       hold A, and don't let go of it until the results of the match
       come up, you should then have the bonus. >

Rock Steady (3000)
     - Did not fall down.

Pratfaller (1500)
     - Always landed face up.

Face Planter (1500)
     - Always fell face down.

Twinkle Toes (2500)
     - Succeeded on every attempt to absorb damage.  <*NOTE* get hit
       into the air by someone and press L or R right before you land
       (to get up quickly) to get this. >

Floor Diver (1500)
     - Dropped through floors often. (12 times in 1 minute)

No R 4 U (300)
     - Did not press the L & R Buttons.

Climactic Clash (x1200)
     - Hit same enemy with progressively stronger blows.  <My only
       advice is to try exactly what it says, I didn't even know I
       had got it, but saw it in my total list of bonuses when I got
       the floored bonus. >

Floored (300)
     - Took a lot of damage from floors. (Over 50% of damage)  <Go to
       brinstar with 0.5 damage ratio and jump in the lava/acid a lot
       when it rises to get this easily.>

Punching Bag (100)
     - Got stuck between two enemies and hit back and forth.

Stale Moves (-2000)
     - Persistently used the same attack.

Blind Eye (3000)
     - Always looking in opposite direction as oncoming attack.

Crowd Favorite (2500)
     - Audience cheered for player.

Master of Suspense (2500)
     - Surprised the crowd often. (3 or more times in 1 minute)

Lost in Space (2000)
     - Frequently magnified. (1/4 of time in a magnifying glass)

Lost Luggage (3000)
     - Was in magnifying glass on all 4 sides of the screen.

Half-Minute Man (2500)
     - Beat level within 30 seconds.

Pacifist (3000)
     - Never attacked even once including misses.

Peaceful Warrior (5000)
     - Never attacked, but didn't lose the match.

Moment of Silence (3000)
     - Took no damage for 1 minute. (No overlap with Impervious)

Impervious (7000)
     - Didn't suffer a single attack.

Immortal (5000)
     - Never got knocked down.

Switzerland (12000)
     - Never attacked anyone never took any damage.

Predator (-1500)
     - Attacked only opponents with high amounts of damage.

Down, But Not Out (2000)
     - Fell all the way down, but got back up the most in a match.

Solar Being (800)
     - Only left stage by flying off screen and becoming a star.

Stalker (-1000)
     - Always attacked a particular player.

Bully (-2000)
     - Always KO'd a particular player.

Coward (-500)
     - Spent a long time a great distance away from enemies.

In the Fray (2000)
     - Average distance between you and foes was very small.

Friendly Foe (3000)
     - Never pushed an enemy.

Center Stage (2000)
     - Spent a long time in the middle of the arena.

Merciful Master (3000)
     - Won without KO'ing anybody.

Star KO (x300)
     - KO'd an enemy and turned him or her into a star.

Rocket KO (5000)
     - Sent all team enemies flying off the top of the screen.

Wimpy KO (x4000)
     - KO'd a foe with a weak attack.

Bull's-eye KO (x800)
     - KO'd a foe with a firing item.

Poser KO (x5000)
     - KO'd an enemy with a taunt.  <Use Luigi's taunt. >

Cheap KO (x500)
     - KO'd an enemy from behind.

Bank-Shot KO (x3000)
     - KO'd an enemy with a deflected item.  <*NOTE* use fox's down+B
       move to reflect a shell or something and KO someone with
       it. >

Timely KO (x3500)
     - KO'd a foe at the time limit.

Special KO (x800)
     - KO'd an enemy with a special attack.

Hangman's KO (x2000)
     - Attacked an enemy that was hanging from an edge for a KO.

KO 64(x640)
     - KO'd an enemy when the enemy was at 64% damage.

Bubble-Blast KO (x1200)
     - Attacked a magnified enemy and KO'd him or her.

Sacrificial KO (x1500)
     - The same attack KO'd both you and your enemy.  <Jump off the
       edge while carrying someone with DK.>

Avenger KO (x2500)
     - KO'd a foe right after foe KO'd you. (Within 5 seconds)

Double KO (x2000)
     - KO'd 2 enemies at once.

Triple KO (x4000)
     - KO'd 3 enemies at once.

Quadruple KO (x8000)
     - KO'd 4 enemies at once.

Quintuple KO (x15000)
     - KO'd five enemies at once.

Dead-Weight KO (x4000)
     - KO'd an enemy by throwing another enemy at him or her.

Kiss-the-Floor KO (x1000)
     - Threw an enemy onto a damaging floor for a KO.

Assisted KO (x1500)
     - KO'd a foe with an item.

Foresight (x500)
     - Hit the front of the screen.

First to Fall (-1000)
     - First one to be KO'd after match begins.

Cliff Diver (500)
     - Let go of the edge of a cliff and fell off stage.

Quitter (x-1000)
     - Fell off stage without even trying to recover.

Shameful Fall (x-1500)
     - At less than 50%, got KO'd by a foe with over 100% damage.

World Traveler (2000)
     - Got KO'd off all four sides of the screen.

Ground Pounded (500)
     - Got KO'd by a damaging floor.

Environmental Hazard (1000)
     - Got KO'd by a part of the stage environment.

Angelic (2000)
     - Was standing on revival platform when match ended.

Magnified Finish (1000)
     - Ended the match in a magnifying glass.

Fighter Stance (500)
     - Ended match while taunting.

Mystic (2000)
     - Ended match while off screen.

Shooting Star (1500)
     - Ended match as a star.

Lucky Number Seven (3000)
      - Finished with :07 left.

Last Second (5000)
     - Finished with :01 left.

Lucky Threes (3330)
     - Finished with 3:33 left.

Jackpot (1110)
     - Damage at end was the same number repeated three times.

Full Power (2000)
     - Damage at 0% at finish.

Item less (1800)
     - Did not use any items.

Item Specialist (2000)
     - Only hit with item attacks.

Item Chucker (3000)
     - Hit only by throwing items.

Item Smasher (3000)
     - Used only smash attacks with swinging weapons.

Capsule KO (x800)
     - KO'd an enemy with a capsule.

Carrier KO (x800)
     - KO'd a foe with a large item carrier.

Weight Lifter (1500)
     - Frequently held heavy items. (Over 5 seconds per minute) <Just
       Hold crates and barrels>

Item Catcher (x1000)
     - Caught an item thrown at you.

Reciprocator (x2000)
     - Threw an item thrown at you back at an enemy.

Item Self-Destruct (-1000)
     - Item caused player to Self-Destruct.

Triple Items (3000)
     - Got the same item 3 times in a row.

Materialist (100)
     - Spent the longest amount of time holding items.

Minimalist (1500)
     - Spent the least amount of time holding items.

Item Hog (4000)
     - Got 10 or more different kinds of items.

Item Collector (4000)
     - Got every kind of item that appeared.

Connoisseur (3000)
     - Got every kind of food that appeared.

Gourmet (2000)
     - Used only food items. (3 or more)

Battering Ram (1500)
     - Used only battering items. (3 or more) <Use hammers>

Straight Shooter (1500)
     - Used only shooting items. (3 or more)

Wimp (1500)
     - Used only recovery items. (3 or more) <Use hearts>

Shape Shifter (1500)
     - Used only transformation items. (3 or more)

Chuck Wagon (1500)
     - Only grabbed throwing items. (3 or more)

Parasol Finish (1600)
     - Was parachuting with the Parasol at match's end.

Gardener Finish (2000)
     - Put a flower on an enemy's head at match's end.

Flower Finish (1700)
     - Had a flower on head when the match ended.

Super Scoper (2000)
     - Did 100% damage or more firing the Super Scope.

Screwed Up (2000)
     - Held Screw Attack for 30 seconds or more.

Screw Attack KO (x2500)
     - Used a Screw Attack to KO an enemy.  <*NOTE* Throw a screw
       Attack item at a player hanging from a ledge to get this bonus
       Easily. >

Warp Star KO (x1000)
     - KO'd a foe using a Warp Star.

Mycologist (2500)
     - Got 3 or more Mushrooms.

Mario Maniac (8000)
     - Used only Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen.

Metal KO (x800)
     - KO'd enemy while metal.

Freezie KO (x2000)
     - Froze enemy with Freezie then KO'd him or her.

Flipper KO (x2000)
     - KO'd enemy with a flipper.

Mr. Saturn Fan (3000)
     - Only item used was Mr. Saturn.

Mrs. Saturn (1500)
     - Held Mr. Saturn for 30 seconds or more.

Saturn Siblings (4000)
     - Got 3 or more Mr. Saturn?s.

Saturn Ringer (4000)
     - Caught a Mr. Saturn thrown at you.

Giant KO (x600)
     - KO'd a foe while giant.

Tiny KO (x2500)
     - KO'd a foe while tiny.

Invisible KO (x800)
     - KO'd a foe while invisible.

Bunny-Hood Blast (x1200)
     - KO'd someone while wearing a Bunny Hood.

Vegetarian (1800)
     - Got 2 or more Maxim Tomatoes.

Heartthrob (2800)
     - Got 2 or more Heart Containers.

Invincible Finish (x1200)
     - Player is invincible at the end of the match.

Invincible KO (x800)
     - KO'd a foe while invincible.

Beam Swordsman (x800)
     - KO'd a foe with a Beam Sword.

Home-Run King (x600)
     - KO'd a foe with the Home-Run Bat.

Laser Marksman (4000)
     - Hit with every blast from the Ray Gun until it ran out.

Flame Thrower (1600)
     - Got a 10 combo or higher with the Fire Flower.

Hammer Throw (1500)
     - Threw the hammer away.  <I was recently told a VERY EASY
       method of getting this bonus.  Pick a human character and a
       CPU with hammers as the only item, on very high.  Play in the
       Brinstar (yellow acid) stage.  Now grab a hammer and fall into
       the acid (when it's high enough to hurt you).  You will go
       flying into the air, as soon as you start to fall back down
       hit Z and you should drop the hammer.  Now you should get the
       bonus, this is MUCH easier than what I was doing before.  You
       can also try doing this on the Mute City stage. >

Headless Hammer (2500)
     - Grabbed a broken hammer.

Super Spy (x800)
     - KO'd someone with a Motion-Sensor Bomb.

Bob-omb's Away (-500)
     - KO'd by a wandering Bob-omb.

Bob-omb Squad (x2500)
     - Grabbed a Bob-omb just before it exploded, and wasn't hurt.
       <grab one when it stops walking and throw it at someone else
       without getting hurt yourself. >

Pokemon KO (1000)
     - KO'd a foe with a Pokemon.

Mew Catcher (10000)
     - Mew appeared.

Celebi Catcher (8000)
     - Celebi appeared.  <Of course I have no proof to back this
       claim up except for my personal experience but I have heard
       that Celebi will show up more often once you have 5000 KO's
       (Score Display).  It certainly seemed to be the case with me,
       as I got the score display and played an epic (99 min) battle
       with my friends and (apparently) saw Celebi somewhere during
       the match. >

Goomba KO (100)
     - KO'd a Goomba.

Koopa KO (200)
     - KO'd a Koopa.

Paratroopa KO (300)
     - KO'd a Paratroopa.  <Just eat one with Kirby, or grab one and
       throw him up off the screen. >

ReDead KO (300)
     - KO'd a ReDead.

Like-Like KO (500)
     - KO'd a Like-Like.

Octorok KO (150)
     - KO'd an Octarok

Topi KO (200)
     - KO'd a Topi.

Polar Bear KO (800)
     - KO'd a Polar Bear.

Shy Guy KO (20)
     - KO'd a Shy Guy.

First Place (1000)
     - Got 1st place in a timed match.

Last Place (-1000)
     - Got last place in a timed match.

Wire to Wire (2000)
     - Led in points from the start to the finish.

Whipping Boy (-1500)
     - Trailed in points from the start to the finish.

KO Artist (3000)
     - Had a lot of KOs. (More than 3 and double second place)

KO Master (1500)
     - Had the most KOs. (Not awarded if Artist is earned)

Offensive Artist (2000)
     - Caused a lot of damage.

Offensive Master (1000)
     - Caused the most damage.

Frequent Faller (-1000)
     - Had a lot of falls.

Fall Guy (-500)
     - Had the most falls.

Self-Destructor (-2000)
     - Had a lot of Self-Destructs.

Master of Disaster (-1000)
     - Had the most Self-Destructs.

KOs (x500)
     - Counts each KO.

Falls (x-500)
     - Counts each fall. (Self-destructs not counted)

SDs (x-500)
     - Counts each self-destruct.

Target Master (30000)
     - Smashed all targets in Target Test!

Hobbyist (1000)
     - Got at least one trophy before the stage ended.

Collector (30000)
     - Snagged all trophies that appeared! <This means getting all 3
       trophies in the trophy bonus stage (classic mode) and the 1
       trophy in the race to the finish bonus stage. >

No-Damage Clear (300000)
     - Cleared all levels without taking any damage.  <You can do
       this easiest by clearing classic mode or all-star mode.  I did
       it (eventually) on classic with DK.  His ground pound worked
       well and as long as you keep your distance from master hand
       and know how to spot his upcoming attacks you should do fine.>

No-Miss Clear(10000)
     - Cleared without losing a single life.

     - Cleared by continuing.

     - Cleared all levels quickly.

Speed Demon(20000)
     - Cleared all levels very quickly.

Melee Master(100000)
     - Cleared All-Star mode without recovering damage even once.

Classic Clear(50000)
     - Cleared the Classic mode.

Adventure Clear(50000)
     - Cleared the Adventure mode.

All-Star Clear(50000)
     - Cleared the All-Star mode.

Very-Hard Clear(200000)
     - Cleared the Very-Hard mode.  <I found this easiest to do on
       classic mode.>

Crazy Hand KO(80000)
     - Defeated Crazy Hand in Classic mode.  <I've found that he
       appears on normal mode (or higher) when you DON'T use any
       continues and get Master Hand down to half HP/health within
       the first minute.>

Luigi KO (20)
     - Defeated Luigi in Adventure mode.

Link Master (30000)
     - Defeated all five Links in Adventure mode.

Giant Kirby KO (10000)
     - Defeated Giant Kirby in Adventure mode.

Metal Bros. KO (8000)
     - KO'd Metal Bros. in Adventure mode.

Giga Bowser KO (100000)
     - Defeated Giga Bowser in Adventure mode.  <I've found that he
       appears on normal mode (or higher) when you DON'T use any
       continues and beat Bowser within the first minute.  Although I
       lost to him the first time, I continued and beat Bowser again
       within a minute, then Giga Bowser appeared again .>

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