All Upgrades (Includes Heart Containers) - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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1)Get this at the Temple of Gust
2)Score 2,500 points on Salvatore's boat game on Banaan Island
3)Buy from Beedle after beating Salvatore's game

1)Get this from Temple of Courage
2)Buy on any island store
3)Get 1,700 points or more on the arrow shooting game

1)Get from Goron Temple
2)Buy from any island store
3)Set a high score on the game on Dee Ess Island

1)Buy from any island shop for 80 rupees

1-3)Start with at game
4)Beat the boss in the Temple of Fire
5)Beat the boss in the Temple of Gust
6)Beat the boss in the Temple of Courage
7)Beat the boss on the Goast Ship
8)Beat the boss in the Goron Temple
9)Beat the boss in the Temple of Ice
10)Beat the boss in Mutoh's Pyramid
11)Hit the "hero" on the northwest Traveler's Ship 100 times
12)Buy from any store after buying quiver and bombchu bag
13)Buy one from Super Beedle (Masked Ship)
14)Catch the Neptoona
15)Score 2,000 points or more on the arrow game
16)Beat Level 3 of Maze Island

1)Talk to the Old Wayfayer. He is looking for a mermaid. Defeat all the 
enemies on the island and enter the cave. Now exit out. The mermaid is sitting 
in an area close to the island. Hit it with your boomerang. Talk to her to 
make her go to the Old Wayfayer. Now you go to the Old Wayfayer. The mermaid 
isn't there. Now go talk to Linebeck. The mermaid mistook him for the 
Wayfayer. Go back to the Wayfayer and the mermaid is there. Talk to him for 
the fishing rod.

1)Catch a Skippyjack, Toona, and a Loovar and show them to the Old Wayfayer 
for the Big Catch Lure.

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