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[INT] Introduction                                                             

Dead Ops Arcade is an interesting easter egg included in Black Ops. In Dead
Ops Arcade, you play the part of a nameless soldier under attack by an endless
hoarde of zombies. Does that sound familiar? The mode contains many references
to Zombie Mode proper, but in actuallity the gameplay is completely different.
It's an endless-wave, arcade-style shoot 'em up with a lot of tie-in COD
references. It's also loads of fun. This guide will help you get to and kill
that Cosmic Silverback!

[TOC] Table of Cotents                                                         
| Introduction                         INT |
| Table of Contents                    TOC |
| Version History                      VER |
| Accessing Black Ops Arcade           ABO |
| Controls and Menu                    CAM |
| Gameplay                            1.00 |
|  - Points                           1.10 |
|  - Pickups                          1.20 |
|    - Weapons                         .21 |
|    - Power ups and special attacks   .22 |
|  - Maps and Hazards                 1.30 |
|    - Map Structure and Types         .31 |
|    - Hazards                         .32 |
|  - Enemies                          1.40 |
|    - List of Enemies                 .41 |
|    - Challenge Rounds                .42 |
|    - Cosmic Silverback               .43 |
|  - Special Rooms                    1.50 |
|    - Bonus Room and Armory           .51 |
|    - Room Of Fate                    .52 |
| Tips                                2.00 |
| In the end...                       3.00 |
| Contact info                         CNT |
| Thank yous                           THK |
| Legal                                LEG |

[VER] Version History                                               

| 1.00                 1/5/11             |
| Guide completed and uploaded. First     |
| complete version.                       |
| 1.01                 1/8/11             |
| Update correcting a few errors in the   |
| text.                                   |
| 1.10                1/11/11             |
| Intergrated major tip from              |
| Chaggrynn regarding the room of fate,   |
| added a Version history (you're         |
| looking at it).                         |
| 1.20                1/14/11             |
| Added confirmation of the above, in     |
| more detail.                            |

[ABO] Accessing Black Ops Arcade                                               

Black Ops Arcade can be acccessed by breaking free of the torture chamber in
the main menu, (spam the spacebar, or the shoulder buttons on the consoles) and
then walking over to the terminal in the back of the room and entering "DOA" as
the command line. As soon as you access BOA, you get the "Insert Coin"
achievement instantly.

After your first game, Black Ops arcade also appears in the Zombie Mode menu,
allowing you to play it in a collective group with other players. However, you
must finish Singleplayer first. If you have not completed the Campaign yet, you
can still access the game through a cheat: input 3ARC UNLOCK to unlock Dead Ops
multiplayer in the Zombie Mode menu, and also to unlock "Five", the
presedential zombie map.

Generally, getting into Black Ops on multiplayer is hard, as not many players
actually know about it, and even those that do usually go for the other two
maps. Thus it really shines as a fun little non-competitive thing to do in a
group party.

[CAM] Controls and Menu                                                        

Dead Ops Arcade is a top-down arcade shooter, so the controls are layed out
accordingly. You can change the default controls at any time by opening the
menu with ESC and going through the displayed options.
  /   ||   \   Mouse Wheel - Drops Tactical Nuke
 /    --    \  Left Mouse  - Shoot
|      |     | Right Mouse - None
|      |     | Cursor      - Direction
|            |
|            |
|            |
|\          /|
 \\        //

 -------------------------. Spacebar - Dash Attack
|[][][][][][][][][][] [][]| G - Nuke (alternate)
|[][][][][][][][][][] [][]|
|[][][][______][][][] [][]|

The Menu is prety simple. On the left are options for continuing and quiting.
On the right, in the main body, you can change control settings.

[1.00] The Basics                                                               

As soon as you spawn you are dropped on a seemingly empty island. But, pretty
soon zombies begin spawning out of the four sides of the map. The object of the
game is to kill all of the zombies on each level, and then advance to the next
one. Of course, in reality it's much more fun then that, with nukes, dash
attacks, special weapons, pickups, multipliers, armories, bonus rounds, bonus
rooms, zombie types, map changes, a final boss, a room of fate, and a cyclic
game structure. So that sounds like a lot, right? All are very intuitive, and
all shall be explained here!

[1.10] Points

First up, your score. When all is said and done, your score is the one thing
that counts in terms of leaderboards. The two primary ways to accumulate
points is to kill zombies and to collect treasure (in the words of the
charecter, "yay, treasure!"). As you accumulate treasure, you build up your
points, and also your points multiplier. After you fill the bar 9 times, your
points multiplier is capped. Of course, it isn't so easy to get to 9x; the bar
takes many, many rounds to fill up to such an amount. More importantly, if you
die, your multiplier is reset all the way back to 1x. The difference is huge;
each zombie on 9x is like 9 on 1x! Even on 2x multiplier, the improvement is

As mentioned before, there are three ways to collect points. The first is to
kill zombies. Each zombie you kill nets you 100 points. This is pretty
straightfoward, as it is the main objective of the game. In addition, given
the volume of zombies you kill, it's your primary points factory.

Next is treasure. Treasure is worth 125 points universially. Despite
appearences, the Gold Stack is not worth more then the Silver Stack then the
Gold Brick then the Silver brick then the Gold Medalion then the Silver
Medalion then the Gold Coin then the Silver Coin. S that one coin is just as
good as that tack of bricks, despite the seemingly self apparent hierarchy.

Treasure is spawned at the beginning of the round, along with a weapon;
occassionally dropped by zombies; and spawns at the end of the round, during
the so-said "Treasure Collecting" phase. Honestly give preference to weapons
when rushing for something, as treasure provides no immediate boost, and having
a better weapon nets more (and allows you to survive!) in the long run.

The last category are Gems. They come in three colors: Blue, Red, White. As far
as I can tell, there is no difference between them. In addition, they come in
two sizes, big and small, with the formr obviously being worth more then the
latter. Large gems are basically instant upgrades to the next multiplier, while
small ones are point bearers, being worth a heck of a lot more then the
standard fare, but not as much as their larger siblings.

Golden Z                      125
Gold Bar                      125
Silver Bar                    125
Gold Bar Stack                125
Silver Bar Stack              125
Gold Medalion                 125
Silver Medalion               125

Blue Jewel                    +1x
Red Jewel                     +1x
White Jewel                   +1x

In addition, every 200,000 points you accumulate, you gain an extra life. This
is not altogethor too surprising, given that many games of its type have a
"moar points, moar lives" thing going on. However, it is something you're not
likely to notice. In the end, it's not as big a deal as you might think; the
Silverback takes all of your stuff anyway ;)

[1.20] Pickups                                                            

Pickups are the other thing zombies drop/appear during the round. They are one
of the biggest parts of the game, as what you start with isn't nearly
sufficent to survive the whole distance of the game. Plus, they're the most

[1.21] Weapons                                                            
Weapons are the best drop IMO. They give you a new weapon with increased power.
One usually spawns at the start of the round, and one or two appear during the
round itself. This section covers all weapons, including your primary.

Firerate: Actually redundant, they are all fully auto.
Damage Arc: Arc of damage. The larger the arc, the bigger the blast radius of
the weapon, which makes it better at killing big groups and worse at killing
single zombies. Generally, a larger damage arc is better, except when a single
zombie is right on top of you.
Explosion Arc: Size of explosion. Explosions are generally very effective
against zombies in their radius, killing in one hit.
Damage: Amount of damage done by the weapon. The higher the damage, the faster
the zombies drop.
Penetration: How far the gun's shots will go after they hit a mark. Guns
generally have or have not any penetration.

Primary - RPK
Firerate: Fully automatic
Damage Arc: Straight
Damage: Low
Penetration: None

Your primary is your steadfast weapon. Anyway, your primary is a straight-
firing fury with infinite damage. In the early levels it drops zombies easily,
but later on it struggles with them. You always have your primary, and it has
infinite ammo. The gun features a high fire rate and a perfectly accurate
vector shot. However, it is not at all good at clearing large groups, forcing
you to run and wear them down one by one. Because it has infinite ammo, there
is no point in not always firing.

Death Machine
Firerate: Fully automatic
Damage Arc: Straight
Damage: Very high
Penetration: Low

+ High damage
+ Focused fire
- Bleeds ammo

The Death Machine is a rare sight in Black Ops, only appearing in a single
campaign level, and very rarely from packages in Multiplayer. It's
comparitively common in DOA. Anyway, the Death Machine is aptly named - it
basically functions as a vastly improved version of your starting weapon,
with a blazing full-auto firerate, high damage, low penetration and no damage
arc. The bullets are much larger, so the damage arc and ease of hitting is
slightly easier. When put through full-auto, like a real chain gun, it burns
through zombies and ammo like butter and chainsaw. Aim carefully, and try to
fire in small bursts on lower levels, to conserve ammo. The key to using the
DM is to fire accuratly.

Firerate: Fully automatic
Damage Arc: Very wide (~90 degrees)
Damage: Fairly low
Penetration: Low

+ Collectively high damage
+ Large arc
- May not always kill what's directly in front of you.

The SPAs-12 is the best defense against a giant body of zombies. Get the gun,
turn around, and hose down a whole swarm is the methedology. The SPAs fires
many shots over a wide arc that is perfect for taking out large groups. Each
pellet does fairly low damage, but put togethor they dish out major damage.
With the SPAS you want to get as close to the targets as possible, to shorten
the cone of fire and thus increase accuracy. However, this involves getting
dangerously close to your targets, so it can be a difficult weapon to use
without wasting ammo. Try not to waste too much ammo. Zombies within an arm's
distance of the shot are generally wasted in a single shot, so the SPAS, though
not ideal, can take out single targets as well.

Ray Gun
Firerate: Fully automatic
Damage arc: Straight
Damage: Very high
Penetration: High, + it bounces.

+ Garenteed kill
+ Spamming shots causing mass death.
- Difficult to hit particular targets
- Will not always kill on the initial hit.

The Ray Gun is a wonder weapon in Zombies. Here, it's a zombie's worst
nightmare. The shots from the Ray Gun are green and narrow, so aiming can be
difficult. When you shoot it, one of four things happens: you impact a zombie
and they die, and a few seconds later you get a second explosion; you impact a
zombie, it sticks but they don't die (higher levels), and follow you until they
are KOd by the second explosion; you miss, the shot bounces off the walls (Ray
Gun special ability!) and impacts a zombie; or you miss, it bounces, and
explodes harmlessly.

The Ray Gun is difficult to use but extremely powerful. If you are trying to
down a single zombie or specifically target one, forget it; just hold down the
trigger and run. The resulting carnage should be enough; however, its inability
to reliably give you on-the-spot kills is dissapointing, so if you are stuck in
a corner, its "Second blast effect" is the last thing you need.

Firerate: Fully automatic
Damage arc: Straight
Explosion arc: Fairly large
Damage: Very high
Penetation: Very high

+ Goes straight through all the zombies you need.
+ Good explosive area.
+ Reliable against large targets.
+ Lots of ammo.
- Explosion does not happen on contact with zombies.
- Obstructive and somewhat difficult to aim.

The RPG is great for taking out single large targets. In fact, it is the best
and easiest way to kill the Golden Bulls on the Marketplace levels, as a single
hit will blow them to smitherines. That withstanding, the RPG is difficult to
use, because instead of exploding its shots pierce staight through hoards of
zombies, and explode somewhere else. Ideally you want to always have it pointed
at an entryway, firing a mass salvo, but given that you are being chased, that
almost never happens.

China Lake
Firerate: Automatic
Damage arc: N/A
Explosion arc: Fairly large
Damage: Hight
Penetration: N/A

+ Good damage and firerate.
+ Area-of-effect damage, easy to use.
- Somewhat obstructive.

The China Lake is a tube. It shoots grenades. The China Lake is amazing at
taking out groups. It shoots a grenade that travels "above" the action for a
distance, then lands and blows up whatever is around it. The distance, damage
radius, and high firing rate make it perfect for taking out groups in the
blast. Like the other power-ups, use it as a single-shot early on, then go
fully auto later on. Not much else to say: a fantastic weapon.

M2 Flamethrower
Firerate: Automatic
Damage arc: Wide (~45 degrees)
Damage: Moderenately hit, high burning. 
Penetration: Perfect

+ Can litterly hit everything on the map.
+ High damage over time.
- Highly obstructive.
- Zombies can still move and attack while on fire.

The Flamethrower does modernate damage at impact and very high damage while the
zombie is burning. This means that although it is not an instant kill, they die
very quickly once alight. Although it can be used automatically, to use ammo
effectively it should be used only in small bursts - they get burned the same
either way. Later on of course the situation reverses. The biggest backdraw to
the Flamethrower is that using it obscures your view severly, and that the
zombies can still move and attack while on fire, even if they are not
specifically long-lasting. A quick 360 flick, and you can set every zombie on
the map on fire - obviously hugely useful. By the way, this is Dead Ops only

[1.22] Power ups and special attacks

Tactical Grenade
The tactical grenade is exactly what it sounds like. It drops a nuclear bomb on
your position, and with a kaboom every zombie on the map dies. This is
incredibly powerful, and a true lifesaver. If you are surrounded completely by
zombies, with no hope of escape, drop a nuke and all of the sudden you have all
the room you need. The Tac is best used when you have no chance of escape and
are about to lose a life. Use them wisely, but give preference to dropping them
over lives!

Lightning Kick
Fast as lightnin', this attack allows you to surge through zombie ranks in a
jump attack, killing any in your way and getting to the other side of the map.
The attack isn't nearly as strong as the nuke, only killing those directly in
front of you, and also much harder to use effectively; however, if used right
it can pull you out of a very, very bad surrounded situation. But, if you miss,
your situation could end up only worse...

The Tank is just that, a tank. While you are in the tank, you are invincible.
You are outfitted with a strong, damaging cannon, and treads with which you can
run over any zombie in your way. When you get the tank, hold down the fire
button and kill as many zombies as you can; there is no firelimit, only a time
limit. I also recommend moving backwards and fowards; its not very creative,
but it's easy to do and kills masses of zombies. In addition moving sideways is
fairly difficult and slows your craft down.

Also note: any chickens following you will instantly get the China Lake
upgrade. The Tank is a godsend, as for its duration you are completely
unstoppable. In addition, once it disengages, you are left with an
if-temporary shield, allowing you to buttress yourself through zombies as they
fly into the air. However, it's recommended you use it to get some distance
between you and them, as the duration is extremely short.

Similar to the Tank, and just as good. In fact, the heli is much more
manuverable, and fires a minigun as well as a turret. Basically an improved
version of the tank, the helicopter has the same effects with a greater
firepower. Any chickens following you get a Ray Gun for sweet collatoral.

A rather strange power-up, it grants you a flying buddy who stays by your side
and shoots enemies alongside you. When you shoot your gun, the chicken shoots
as well. The bullets are not perfectly syncronized however, and the chicken
stream lands slightly to the left or right of yours. Whenever you get an
upgraded weapon, the chicken also get an upgraded weapon, effectively doubling
its effectiveness. Chickens stack: if you get several, your effectiveness
multiplies accordingly.

Chicken last a short amount of time. Once that time is up, they stop where they
are and do something strange: they spin around in a circle and continue
shooting befoe dissapearing. That means that, for a few seconds, your chicken
is (it was upgraded) a flying weapons station. The effect is particularly
benefitial when it is wielding a SPAS or something similar.

Electric Orbs
The electric orb "attachment" spawns four high-powered orbs that rotate around
you at a short distance. When one hits a zombie, it goes off, frying it and any
of its nearby buddies in a Wunderwaffle-like chain effect. The Electric Orbs
are very useful for buttressing against group attacks, however they are not
foolproof; especially when you only have one or two left, zombies can still get
through to you and kill you, so don't rely on them and be careful.

Similar to the orbs. Spawns two large...barrells that rotate around your
character and smush any zombie that comes too close. Less reliable then the
Electric Orbs in terms of how many of them it can hit, but the barrells do not
fade with use, providing consistant buttressed protection. When time is up, the
barrels are flung in either direction, impacting and killing and zombies they
hit along the way (however this is highly incidental).

Teddy Bear
The Teddy Bear is a recurring symbol in the COD series. It has been popping up
since CoD 1, really, and most frequently since COD4. Anyway, the Teddy Bear
forms a wide shield around your charecter, protecting you from zombies. It does
not specifically reflect them, it only does not let them pass a certain point.
Note that, as with the orbs, you are not invincible, and if you walk into a
zombie going for you or they stick around for too long, they can break through
and kill you. Thus it is a helpful item, but not something to go Rambo with.

Monkey Bomb
When used, the Monkey Bomb will spawn where you took it, and will stay on the
screen for about 10 seconds. During that time, zombies that are closer to it
then to you will swarm to it and stand there. At the end of the trigger, the
bomb blows up, killing all of the swarming zombies. This takes massive loads
off your back while it is active, but note that a) if they're closer to you
they will head for you anyway, so position yourself strategically and b) Once
it blows up, they will snap right back to focus; anyone not in the blast will
swarm at you! Note that you recieve no points for kills gotten in this manner
(I think).

Sentry Gun
The Sentry Gun, when picked up, will drop onto the map where you got it and act
as a statonary minigun. The Sentry works wonders for thinning zombie crowds,
dropping them to managable levels or even eliminating one major entryway for
you. Think of them as a preventative "safety." They thin the crowd to a
managable level. On the Prisoner Level for instance, they are a godsend.

The Boots of Swiftness allow you to hurtle past zombie hoards at high speeds,
leaving them in your dust as you spray them senseless. More seriously, the
boots increase your speed and greatly help in evading the hoards. The Boots are
a lovely way to keep the enemy to your behind. However, they are very short in
duration and do not follow you to the next level, so don't fret if you miss a
pair or two in your journey. Overall, dissapointing.

Soldier Statue
These very, very rarely spawn, and should be your top priority in getting, even
if you have to kick a nuke for one. That is because the statue gives you an
extra life. Thus it is an incredibly important object to pick up. This isn't a
power up or a special attack, but it doesn't fit anywhere else...

[1.30] Maps and Hazards

This section covers the maps in the game - their peculiarities, their
structures, and their hazards.

[1.31] Map Types and Structure

Most of the maps are slightly bigger then your screen, although they get larger
and more expansive near the end. On each side is a entrance/exit to the next
"room"; during a round, these are inaccessible to the player, and it is from
them that the zombies come swarming. That makes four areas to cover, which can
be, and is, difficult stuff. The following is a list of maps as you progress
through the game. Getting between these areas requires a teleporter.

Island (lv 1-4)
A drab island. Nothing much here, just an island with some trees and scenery on
it. The zombies at this stage are very weak, so if you get killed here, you
should restart. This is a basic map, so it has the four entrances on either
side and a "standard" size.

Courtyard (lv 5-8)
The courtyard of what appears to be a temple. Beyond the change in scenery, you
also get a fountain in the middle. It may be pretty, but you can't move through
it, so it serves to limit your space to manuveer. Electic posts are introduced
here, and the zombies gain in number and speed.

Prison (lv 9-12)
Another standard open space, but this level introduces Levels. There is a clear
if dingy ground floor, and a catwalk running around either side, with ladders
at the front of the room, and a space to jump down at the back. Going up there
is not recommended, as it is easy to get swarmed from two sides on the catwalk.
Zombies spawn up there as well. Note you can only go down via the two stairs
and one break at the front, which is dissapointing as they could be more useful
if you could drop off easily. The prison introduces Prisoner Zombies, which
are tougher, faster, and longer-reaching then regular ones. Another boost in

Cave (lv 13-16)
Visually the most difficult level, as it is difficult to see here, and I have
walked right into an enemy more then once. It's dark, but otherwise the floor
plan is the same as the Courtyard, except with a statue in the middle in place
of a fountain. The cave marks the introduction of Crawlers, tough little
critters that are fast, strong, difficult to hit, but not overally aggressive.
Between any two cave levels you go into the room of fate - read more about
that in its own section.

Marketplace (lv 17-20)
The marketplace is the first "big" map. There's more room then in the levels
before it, and nothing blocking your way, except of course for the bulls
running across it. These, as explained before, cause more good then harm to
you. The openning up of space is to your exclusive benefit, allowing you to run
away from zombies easily. Personally I find this stage to be the easiest - the
zombies are stronger and there are more, true, but they are also tossed around
by the bulls just as often as by you, and you have more space to run around in.

Urban (lv 21-24)
A horrible, horrible space for fighting zombies. The map is bigger then the
standard size, however it is terribly cramped, and divided into two sections:
an elevated rooftop on the left, and a ground floor on the right. The only way
between the two are two ladders on the top and bottom, which serve as
chokepoints. Power ups that are dropped on the other part of the map are very
difficult to get; the zombies have reached a stage at which they are not
easily mowed down, forcing lateral movement; the stairs are choke points, and
getting stuck between two hoardes on them is suicide; there is no way to get
from one part of the map to the other easily, as you cannot drop off the roof
OR the stairs; and it's dark and fairly hard to see as well.

These levels introduce Rainmen, big slow-moving brutes that you should just
ignore for the most part. Rainmen drop down from the sky at random points, and
move slowly. They have a lot of health though, and once you damage them
significantly they start running towards you. So leave them for last.

Street (lv 25-28)
Another larger map, with an enclosure in the middle, with a fountain, and
stairs leading up to spawn points out of buildings on either side. The level
itself is nice, but at this point the amount of zombies, their strength, and
the length of the levels really reaches a peak. Generally, I end up using 3 or
so nukes / jumps each round at this point, at a minimum (when playing single).

These levels introduce the dropping barrels. A pain, but not much of a problem.

Bunker (lv 29-32)
A snowy outside facility. Landscaping is sparse, but there are enough
environmental objects - bunker, rocks, trees - to keep you company and make for
some interesting pathway choices. The map itself has reverted to being slightly
larger then the base package.

This map introduces...well, Black Ops Wiki called 'em Abominable Martyrs, thus
so will I. They're big red things that move fairly slowly, but explode when you
kill them. So, if you're stuck in the corner with, one, SUCK. It also
introduces Sasquatch, to fill the role of the Prisoner, who is at this point

Forest (lv 32-36)
A forest, with a line of trees at the top. The trees serve to make it harder
for you to catch zombies before they get onto the map. Otherwise the Forest is
fairly plain. Also, these levels introduce the Hellhounds: lightning fast dogs
that have a good bit of health, but take two bites to kill you. They're
extremely tough enemies. The Forest is likely the furthest you can go alone.

Jungle (lv 37-40)
Deep in the tropical jungle. Like the forest, the zombies are difficult to
catch through the trees. The jungle is very similar to the Forest, a change in
scenery and a bulky nuke in the center are the main changes. However, the map
is quite small, and the enemies are, at this point, unbearably strong.

Level 40 is the final boss fight, against the macho ape. Read more about him

[1.32] Hazards

Electric Post
The electric post is the first hazard you encounter, appearing from level 5
onward. When on, the posts will electrocute and kill anything that touches it.
This can be adverse, incinerating the player, or benefitial, killing a stream
of zombies trying to get at the player.

The posts are only on for a certain amount of time. When they are off they have
a green light, when about to turn on this light turns red as a warning.
Hopefully you will not incinerate yourself on a post running from zombies, but
they will; a smart tactic is to try to line up a group into a post. This is
difficult to do however, because you will have to move sooner or later anyway,
to avoid getting overun by...other zombies.

Much more useful. It's hard to get youself stuck on the horns of a charging
bull, unless you're a total klutz or trying a risky move, but zombies are
oblivous to this. The bulls come out of one of the entrances and charge
through. If you align the bulls between yourself and the zombie hoard, then you
get to deal with a vastly decreased number of opponents - the rest are thrown
high into the air on the bulls' horns.

Bulls only appear in the levels 17-20. Occasionally a golden cow may appear,
killing it will cause it to drop several jewels worth a ton. All bulls can be
killed, although only the golden ones are worth your time. However, they have a
ton of hp, and by far the easiest way to kill them (the only one I bother with
anyway) is with an RPG, which is OHKO on the buggers. Or you can waste a nuke.

Exploding Barrels
Exploding red barrels that drop down from the roofs above, between levels 25
and 28. After they land they will sit around for a bit, and then explode. If
you or a zombie are close to it at the time, you or it will get blown apart. It
does have a "damage" radius as well, where you get a hitmarker and nothin else.

Honestly barrels are more annoying then useful. You're forced to avoid them as
they might explode on you, and they have too little of a blast radius to be
THAT useful when you blow them up on purpose. Still, they're another feature...

[1.40] Enemies
[1.41] Enemy list

Nazi Zombies
Nazi Zombies are the bread and butter opponent. They appear from round 1, and
are the most common zombie you fight right up to the last level. That being
said, at the beggining they are quite weak, only taking one or two shots from
your base gun to kill, but as the levels ramp up, they get stronger and more
numerous, to the point that it takes the equivalent of a whole clip just to
kill a single one.

They're not particularly fast or strong. Try not to walk into them, as when you
get in flailing range, generally you will get just that. If you come in range,
they will usually kill you, but occasionally they will hesitate. This saved me
a couple of times on higher levels - a single zombie that had me cornered
hesitated, and allowed me to mow down a whole group.

Nazi Zombies have two speeds, walking and running. The running ones are
obviously more dangerous. At the end of a level, when one or two are left,
hitting them will cause them to start running towards you.

Prisoner Zombies (lv 8-30)
Prisoner Zombies are stronger, faster, and longer-ranged versions of the basic
Nazis. They're modelled after Sergi, the "Giant of Volturra", in the campaign.

These guys only come in one speed, running. They take more hits to take down,
and have a longer and more lethal reach. Like the Nazis, however, they
occasionally hesitate-but don't count on it. However, prioritize them over
regular zombies in a swarm. 

Prisoner Zombies are unique in that they are replaced, at level 30. Their
replacer is the Sasquatch, an identical-stat, fuzzy version of the Russian

Crawlers (lv 14-)
Gas Zombies or Crawlers aren't actually all that bad. They are fast-moving
crawlers that hang low to the ground and have a ton of health as well. Although
they don't sprount gas clouds, like their Zombie Mode counterparts, Crawlers
are a pain to kill. They do have a weakness, though, in that they're actually
not good attackers. Round 14 is not that bad, actually, if you just circle
around and avoid directly walking into any you'll be fine.

They attack with a lunge. You move faster then the lunge, so you can move out
of the way in time. In the cave levels and even later, it's not hard to not
notice these slinkers behind you, and I've died more then once in a surprise
attack. Crawlers should no be prioritized over regular zombies in a horde.

Rainmen (lv 21-)
Rainmen are big brutes. They come down from the sky, like rain - hence the
name - and start walking towards you with their club. They're big and slow,
hence not much of a danger when they spawn. However, hit them with some fire
and they become big, menacing, running brutes, with a long range and a strong

Overall, do not prioritize Rainmen over regular zombies, as they are less of a
short-term threat. Shotguns are a bad idea when dealing with them. RPGS are the
best bet against them. Think of them as lone rangers.

Golems (lv 30-)
Big, red, explosive monsters. There's no particulary good name for them.
They're the biggest zombies - are they zombies? - and pack an explosive punch
when they die. Overall, do not get caught in a corner with them, as the
explosive damage will kill you. Note, however, that killing the Golems will
also blow up other zombies. Put them at top priority, as they are not too slow
and a real danger, and will do collatoral damage to its "friends".

Sasquatch (lv 30-)
Basically prisoner replacements. No other changes from them, so read their

Hellhounds (lv 34-)
The last introduced zombies. Hellhounds are extremely fast, but have low health
as well. If one hit from these guys would kill you, then you would be screwed,
so it takes two. The Hellhound challenge level is hellishly hard on Single. Put
them at top priority - if two get to you, or if one has some quality time with
you, you're dog meat :)

[1.42] Challenge Rounds

Challenge Rounds, as mentioned before, are rounds where there is only one
zombie type, but a lot of them. They act to introduce new zombies into the
horde, slowly. This sections is a list of challenge rounds and what to do on

8: Prison Break
The Prisoner Zombies here are not that different from regular zombies. Except
of course that they are faster, stronger, and with a longer reach. Treat this
as a regular level, but be very careful; you'll likely expend a nuke and/or
lightning jump here, or two.

14: Creepy Crawlers
Crawlers are fairly docile in attack; as long as you are headed in the opposite
direction to the hoarde, you should be fine. When you aren't and are surrounded
you should drop a nuke or jump, pronto. A good tactic is to ring around, not
too close to the entrances and not to close to the statue; when/if a new group
comes out ahead of you, hug the statue to pass them, but don't create two
fronts! Mostly it's the dim lighting that gets to you.

22: Down Pour
Rainmen start to appear on this level, which is not a hard one at all. They are
big and block the way, but they are slow, and as long as you concentrate on the
ones immediatly close to you, and no others, you should be fine. Splash damage
should be STRICTLY avoided; do not take shotty as it would cause several to
suddenly rush you. The Fate of Firepower - minigun - is extremely useful here.

30: Abominable Matyrs
Abominable Matyrs (Golems) and their Sasquatch lakeys begin the appear here.
The Maryrs are like Rainmen, except bigger and faster, always moving instead of
walking at a snail's pace, and exploding upon death. Use this to your advantage
to knock out a whole group of zombies near them. Otherwise, just circle around
and don't let them get too close.

34: Who Cried Wolf?
Hellhounds are very difficult to deal with. They're weak, taking not too many
bullets to take down and taking 2 hits to actually kill you, but they are very,
very fast, streaks of lightning coming down on you from all sides to eat on
your flesh. Best to just hold tight, kill as many as quickly as possible, and
hope for the best - moving won't really help you.

[1.43] Cosmic Silverback

The Cosmic Silverback is the final boss of this game. You get glimps of him,
however, as every 5 or so rounds he comes around to steal your treasure. The
Cosmic Silverback is a Silverback ape in a cosmonaut suit. When he comes onto
the levels, he only stays for a short while before running down to another
exit. I've heard it's possible to kill him before he leaves the level, however
I've never done it. The Silverback has a ton of health - infinite as far as I
know - so I can't recommend wasting ammo on the ape. Rather, just avoid him -
it's easy enough.

On the last level, level 40, you have to fight the Silverback and the regular
array of tough zombies. You'll really, really hope you have consistant choppers
here, because he is one tough cookie. If you have any nukes left, spend them
here, however they will only weaken him. No particular weapon reccomendations-
the Silverback sheds blood all over the place, but feels all weapons the same.
It's tough fighting him and the zombies at the same time, but hey, it's a boss
fight. Just stay out of range (you're still faster) and pretend it's a regular

[1.50] Bonus Rooms
[1.51] Bonus Room and Armory

The Bonus Room and the Armory are two seperate rooms that do not count as
levels (ae do not count towards the 40 levels to the boss fight). That being
said, there are no enemies in the bonus rooms, although there are hazards, so
you can still be impaled by a bull or electrocuted by a post. There is no set
way to come upon them: once in a while, one of the paths before you will lead
to it, and choosing the right path gets you there. Choosing the wrong one just
continues the game.

The Bonus Room contains 4 "treasure spawn points". At these points, a
combination of treasure and a few power-ups will spawn (mostly treasure) over
time. Be sure to collect them all, as the amount of treasure in the room is
generally enough for a 2x multiplier boost or so, and the upgrades are enough
to start you off strong next round. A good tactic is not to pick up the power
ups until the end, to save life time/ammo. I get this room every 7 or so
levels, so it's much less rare then the Armory. A good, benefitial thing to

The Armory is much more rare, and much more desirable. Honestly I only got it
for the first time on my 5th playthrough, when I got it twice. Usually you only
get it once or no times at all, or maybe I'm just severly unlucky. Anyway, the
Armory contains just that, an Armory. Again there are 4 spawn points, but they
spawn all power-ups, and good ones at that; I've walked out with in a chopper,
+ 5 nukes, + 4 lightning jump, with a Teddy Bear and 5 chickens. It makes the
next level absolute slaughter, and restocks your nuke/jump coffers for the next
10 (or more) rounds to come.

[1.52] The Room of Fate

The Room of Fate is a special room that you get into between any two levels of
the Cave. There are 4 exits. Choose one, and you will randomly be given a major
power-up. Like the regular bonus rooms, this does not count towards the 40, but
unlike them, getting into it is not determined by luck - you have to pass
through this room to advance. Which Fate you get heavily influences where you
want to run and how well you can survive it later into the game. The four power
ups that "Choose Your Fate" are:

Fate of Friendship
The Fate of Friendship grants the player a permanent chicken as a companion.
This compounds your base firepower and any weapons that you pick up. The effect
of double RPK is not nearly as good as the Death Machine Fate of Firepower
provides, but this Fate is better for pickups. Compared to the Fate of
Fortitude, Friendship doubles weapon effectiveness, whereas Fortitude doubles
their duration, and also affects non-weapon pickups like the Teddy Bear. To use
this Fate effectively you need to lampoon between power-ups. In addition it
stacks pick-up chickens with the one you already have. Just so you know.

Fate of Fleet Feet
This Fate gives you permanent Boots and 3 Lightning Jumps per round. Boots are
no help if you're cornered, and this is the only Fate that doesn't give you
extended firepower, so using it is most difficult - between running into a
zombie or Lightning Jumping into a bleaker situation, it's a disasterous thing
to get if you can't use it effectively. If you can however, and can avoid
corners, you can nimbly weave between zombies until overcome by their brute
numbers - and then use Lightnin to keep fightin'.

Fate of Firepower
Grants a permenant Death Machine. Definatly the most noob-friendly power-up,
it's very straightfoward: you get a souped-up version of your RPK that does
rougly 2.5 times as much damage. Picking up a new power-up switches to it and
then switches to the DM when you're done (interestingly, this applies to pickup
DMs as well). Nothing much else to say, except to keep firing, and that weapon
pickups are now optional.

Fate of Fortitude
Grants the player double length on all pickups, and also sets the base
multiplier upon death to 2x instead of 1x. The Fate of Fortitude doubles your
usage capacity on weapons AND defensive pickups, making them a lot more useful.
Thus, using it involves lampooning between pickups, and if you can't get to
them * cough cough Street levels cough * it's next to useless. The 2x base
reset is just icing on the cake. This makes Choppers and Tanks insanely fun :P.

Credit goes to Chaggrynn and Fazeli for the following find:
Apparently, the doors which contain the fates are not randomly selected, and
follow a pattern. There are arrows on top of the doors, and they follow a
certain pattern of lighting up. This happens quickly so you need to pay
attention. Here it is:
1st Arrow - Fate of Fortitude
2nd Arrow - Fate of Firepower
3rd Arrow - Fate of Friendship
4th Arrow - Fate of Furious Feet

[2.00] Tips

This is actually not an easy game to strategies to. It's an arcade classic:
pick up for fun, easy to learn, not too stressfull, no specific tactics beyond
you own. But, some general tips nonetheless:

+ Singeplayer is all about moving. Similar to stradegies for Singleplayer in
the regular mode, you need to keep moving and keep firing - so being good at
gauging distance, and playing a lot of Geometry Wars, will definetly help.

+ Use your gun as a pathfinder tool. You want to create a mass of zombies
following you, and to do that you need to keep the road ahead of you clear.
When not shooting zombies emerging from gates, hit up the ones following you to
lessen the crowd.

+ Avoid making a stand as much as possible. Sometimes when you get a good
power-up or two, it's an ok idea, and even tempting, but you can get
overwealmed if they start coming from behind, and get easily surrounded.

+ When a drop spawns, head for it. If it's a life, if you need to even drop a
nuke for it. If it's a nuke or lightning jump, be more docile, but if it's in
danger of expiring just use one of yours and grab that one as a replacement.
Anything else, if it's covered in zombies or inaccessible, it may be a good
idea to skip it-yes, even a diamond.

+ Don't go upstairs. unfortunatly you can't drop off wherever you want to there
so you need to stay down. Going upstairs creates natural chokepoints that can
get you overun if they come from behind.

+ Watch your back. A random crawler you walk into, or a spawning swarm coming
from a gate you're passing, can easily turn into a killer.

+ In multiplayer, if one of more people are downed, they will enter respawn
mode. So as long as one person survives, you'll be alright. If you're the last
person left, spamming nukes and jumps is reccommended, as the respawned get a
boost to those numbers once they revive (I think).

+ There is no reason not to always keep your RPK firing. So, always keep it
firing. In the early levels you can drop a whole group before they even make on
the map by prefiring into the correct enterance, although this doesn't work
nearly as well later on.

+ The map is auto-generated, so there's no set way to go. Just go for the
nearest exit, as this will save some ammo.

+ Don't waste ammo on the ape...he may well be impossible to kill, at least I
know I've never succeeded. And yes, I did blast him with all I had fresh out of
the armory.

[3.00] In the end...

So, you've rampaged over the Cosmic Silverback's body, and have finished off
the few minions he has left to throw at you. What now? Well, first a short
arcade cutscene plays, of you cheering as you collect your treasure. (Then
again, before that you get an omninous 'Ohrly' style message). Then another (!)
silverback lands and smacks you clean to...your starting island. Yes, you are
thrown back all the way back to level one, but this time the zombises are much
tougher. Apparently, Mr. Silverback has an infinite supply of brothers who
want your blood. All in all, it always ends with your death:

Once you die, you stand on a pedastal and are busy being giddy over treasure.
Then a certain gorilla (*cough*) jets down, announces his presence, and flings
you off your ledge, claiming the treasure before flying off again.

So the end result is always "rawr, mah money now!" Treat that as you will :).

[CNT] Contact info

If you have any comments or concerns, send me a message at:

- Ask for clarifications on parts I am not clear about.
- Confirm or deny rumors on things, WITH proof.
- Send thank you notes.
- Send information corrections, additions, tips, tactics, etc.

- Spam. Please :-(.
- Send abuse, you will be promply ignored.
- Ask me something that's already covered here.
- Ask me something that is not related to Dead Ops Arcade

After mulling around about it, I decided I might as well give you my nick. I
go under Axel' in Black Ops, and it's on the PC. I may question the decision
later, but there it is :).

[THK] Thank yous

- Treyarch, for making such a good, easter egg-packed game.
- Not Treyarch, for being lousy and ruining my sniper.
- For actually reading the guide all the way down to the thank yous, Readers
  like you: thank you! (what, your scroll bar broke? shhh.)
- Not Infinity Ward: I want my next game, don't break up yet :-(

[LEG] Legal

This guide is (C) 2011 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission.

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