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#1Vally of Repose
#2Awakening Wood
#3Perplexing pool
#4Wistful Wild
#1Vally of Repose:Vally of Repose is the first place that you will explore.As 
ypu start off it will be easy,however,there is one Large Red Bulborb to 
fight.You will also find the First type of pikmin here (red).On the first day 
you must find and take the first treasure to the rocket.You should also find 
the red pikmn Onion.Once you find it,it will release 1 pikmin seed.Use this 
pikmin to get the nearby pellets.You should have a total of 20 pikmin.The First 
treasure must have 20 pikmin in order to lift it.In Day 2,you should enter your 
first cave.In the cave you should breed your first Purple pikmin and fing the 
treasure to unlock AWAKENING WOOD.Escape the hole to end the day and fly to 
Awakening Wood.But Futher in Vally of Repose has very dangerous holes to 
explore,plus more creatures.
#2Awakenig Wood:In Awakening Wood,are Blue pikmin however,You can't get to them 
without Yellow pikmin,so you will get Blue pikmin later on.Awakening wood has 
more holes to explore that are filled with treasures and new creatures.A hole 
in Awakening Wood is Called WHITE FLOWER GARDEN.Theres a reason on how it got 
it's name.White means that theres White pikmin in this hole.To go to Perplexing 
Pool,you will need a certain Treasure ABOVE GROUND.
#3Perplexing Pool:Most of Perplexing Pools Above Ground treasures and holes 
need blue pikmin to get to it,that's why you get Yellow Pikmin here.Once you 
land in Perplexing Pool, you can already see the yellow pikmin from the Landing 
Site.However,it's Entrance Gaurded by a Fiery Bulblax and a 'Poison Gate',witch 
only your White Pikmin can Destroy.You need Yellow Pikmin to get some of the 
treasures.Remember to go to Awakening Wood to get Blue pikmin.To unlock Wistful 
Wild,Collect 10,000 Pokos.
#4Wistful Wild:Wistful Wild has the Deepest and most dangerous holes you will 
ever explore.Hole of Heroes is the deepest,going to 15 sublevels deep!You will 
encounter alot of dangerous creatures above and under ground.One treasure 
(Above Ground)needs 1000 pikmin to lift,so you need 100 purple pikmin.Since you 
reached Wistful Wild, I am happy to call you Ultimate Pikmin Fihgters!!!
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