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Strategy Guide 1
Copyright Joey Prendergast 2004
[email protected]
version 1.0
How to create "Profile", Basics, stunt control, general strategy, unlocking items 
and cheat codes.
version 1.1
fixed the title i had it saved in a non text file and so when i saved in a text 
only file I didnt check it again.

1.How to create a "Profile".
3.Stunt control buttons.
4.General strategy.
5.Unlocking items.
6.Cheat Codes.

1.When the main menu pops up scroll down until "Profile Editor" is highlighted. 
Then click on it. A new menu appears click on "Create New Profile". Go down 
to "Name" and change it to what ever you want. Then you can click on number and 
change that. After you have edited your profile you click on "Save Profile". Now 
you have just created a profile.

2.In Atv Off Road Fury 2 you use all off the buttons except the right analog stick. 
Here is every button to start off with that you need.
Steer==================Left analog stick
Brake =================square
Reverse================square + X
Lean Forward ===========left analog up 
Lean Back==============left analog down
Wheelie ===============left analog down + X

3.In the game doing stunts during freestyle and racing gets you more profile 
points. O=circle Tri=triangle 
Nac nac=============================O+up
No footed can can======================O+down
Suicide no hander======================O+left
Bar hop=============================O+right
Heel clicker==========================Tri+up
Cliff hanger==========================Tri+down
Point back===========================Tri+right
Cat nac=============================O+Tri+up
Double heart attack=====================O+Tri+right
Indian air============================L1+ O+up
Disco can============================L1+ O+down
Tsunami=============================L1+ O+left
Shaolin =============================L1+ O+right
One handed indian air=================== L1+ Tri+up
Tweak air============================ L1+ Tri+down
Lazy boy============================ L1+ Tri+left
Boogie nights ======================== L1+ Tri+right
Heart attack indian air=================== L1+O+Tri+up
One footed cordova==================== L1+ O+Tri+down
Holy man=========================== L1+ O+Tri+left
Sidewinder========================== L1+ O+Tri+right

4.Right before jumping off a ramp push down on the left stick then right when you 
take off from the ramp push the left stick up then when air borne let go. That is 
called a preload. When you are air borne try and have all wheels on the atv level 
with the ground. To get ahead in a race try to stay to the inside of the track and 
maintain your speed. Always preload before a jump you will get further. When you 
become real good you can do tricks during a race to get more profile points. That 
is all for general strategy if you wanted more there really isn't more.
5.To unlock items you have to have profile points from racing, championships, and 
freestyle. To unlock items click on "Profile Editor". Scroll down and click 
on "Unlock Items". When unlocking items you can see how many profile points you 
have. Don't buy tracks because if you can beat them in championship mode and unlock 
them for free. To buy an item you just click on it.

6.Cheat Codes. I have tried each cheat code here and they all work.
All atvs ===================SHOWROOM
All tracks==================TRLBLAZER
All equipment===============THREADS
All championships============GOLDCUPS
Never wreck================FLYPAPER
1000 profile points============GIMMEPTS

Copyright Joey Prendergast 2004
[email protected]

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