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This is my First FAQ ever. So here goes:

This was re-made a little.

Here's some extra on dodging final smashes (FS):

Mario- You can use different dodging techniques to dodge this final smash; air
dodge, roll dodge, side dodge (not recommended); jump real high; etc. 

Link/Toon Link- Two parts:

1. You might see like a little light arrow from Link or Toon Link. This is like
a motion-sensor bomb, except anyone touching it will be in Link's Double
Triforce thing. 

2. This little arrow can be air dodged, but won't work all the time. Just stay
away from Link or get behind him and trick him into using it. Same goes for Toon

Kirby- Kirby has a limited range with his Final smash. If you're near him
though, just do a rolling dodge, but at the RIGHT timing.

Pikachu- Just use a bunch of air dodges and rolling dodges, but be careful where
you roll dodge.

Zelda/Sheik- Watch where she is facing, be on the opposite side of her. The
arrow goes horizontal EXTREMELY fast, so don't get caught in it. Try to find a
safe place if you're in a large stage. You can air dodge it also, but be
EXTREMELY careful and time it just right. Use this technique in a small stage,
or if necessary.

Sonic- Use the same strategy for Pikachu, only you need to plan your dodges faster.

Luigi- Stay out of the bubble. It either confuses you or puts you to sleep. Also
starts increasing your damage, with the flower on your head, only if you go in
the bubble. You might also continuously taunt an can't control your character.
And Luigi is more powerful. This is NEGATIVE ZONE!

Wario- He's just a stronger Wario, really. But he's immune to any attack. Just
stay out of his way and don't let him attack you.

Marth and Ike- Use the strategy for Link and Toon Link. With Marth, you can fall
beside him and keep falling down. I did it, but it can fail, sometimes. 

Ness and Lucas- This is tricky. You need to roll dodge to avoid the PK meteors
from the sky. But you have to be very careful. With some stages, you can go to
the offscreen area, like Corneria or Bridge of Eldin. 

Yoshi- Just jump, air dodge, and avoid getting hit by the fireballs.

Bowser- This one is a little difficult to avoid. Just use the strategy for Wario.

P.S. This is Part One of my FAQ. I'll write Part two later. Also, E-mail me if
air dodging Zelda/Sheik's Final Smash would work.
Thank You for reading my FAQ! Good luck dodging those Final Smashes!

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