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Easy Way To Unlock People

First go to Special Brawl Put stamia. Then, put your stamia up to 300 and the peson your against put it to 1 or 10 and always pick fox so when you brawl you just need to shot them but this will take a while before you unlock somebody.

Easier Zero Suit Samus

Instead of waiting for the Super Smash ball to come into play, simply press the - button at the same time you press the + button for the same effect right after you choose samus.

Permanent Giant Jigglypuff

Hey out there, all you Jigglypuff lovers. I have a hint for you. Do you like Jigglypuff's final smash? I can make it permanent. Ok, when you are at the bridge of Eldin, get the smash ball before fatso on the pig comes to blow up the part of the bridge. Then when he blows it up, wait for it to regenerate. This requires perfect timing, but when you have the smash ball, and the bridge is comng back,jump to the enpty space and activate it when the part is coming back to make jigglypuff grow, the she will get hurt and the effects will be permanent unless she is killed. But there are two little drawbacks. First off, she will hardly be able to move quickly, cutting her speed. And, don't use pound or the forward smash attack, otherwise, she will go beyond the boundry and die. well, hope you liked it!

Easy Way To Unlock All Characters

On the main menu click Group then click Rules and select stock of lives as one then go back and click Special Brawl and make it so that Stamina and Flower modes are on. Then choose your character and make its health any number over one. Then make the computer's health one. Then play the battle. After it starts the computer loses in a second or less and if you keep playing the battles like that over and over every so often you'll be challenged by a new opponent. Win and he or she or it is unlocked to play as, if you lose just play another easy battle and you'll be challenged again. Play for about 500 total battles and all bonus characters should challenge you by then.

How To Get Easy Bannana And Queodon Trophy

First go to training an select kirby the enemy can be random then choose the temple from melee stages pin the foe against the pillar it was near at the begining and use kirby multiple punch go to 10 or 400 (you can also get Queodon trophy).

How To Beat Muti-man Brawl

Choose DK as your charecter and when you get to the muti-man brawls press Down B and Dk should start slapping the ground and they will die easily.

Double Gunner

To attack with double guns, first go to the options and go to the Item Switch. Select only Ray Gun, Super Scope, Cracker Launcher, Crate, and put the Item rate to VERY HIGH. Then select Ice Climbers as your character. Choose a flat stage with no or small inclines, such as Pictochat. As soon as the battle starts, grab two guns. Press the A button rapidly. Nana and Popo will both have guns, and will start firing both of them.

Easier Way To Beat Any Multi-man Brawl Except Cruel Brawl

To defeat any multi-man brawl (except cruel brawl) choose lucario as your character and go to the right edge and hold up+A and he should start kicking. The thing is that when Lucario starts kicking he kicks foward and backward and above him so he will hit anybody who comes in contact. One more thing: be careful not to hit a bomb that comes out of nowhere. They sometimes appear right next to you.

Cool Battle Arena

Go to Vault on the Main Menu and then click on Stage Builder. When yo create the stage go down to the bottom to features and use the light blue block (It may be a different color depending on what background you choose but it is definitely not the brown with an arrow on it.) Place these blocks in square shape (make it as big as you want) but leave out a hole that is as big as two of the blocks that you have used (You can just make a full square and then delete the 2 middle ones.) That is how to build it but it is not any fun without doing Special Brawl and turning 300% on and increasing the damage ratio to 2.0 in the options. Doing that will make the Brawlers/Fighters bounce like crazy inside the box/square and the only way they can die is going through the hole that you made at the top!

Floating Hammer

When you get the golden hammer you will be able to float of the stage by repeatably pressing A. But if the hammer does not destroy anybody in your path then do not attempt it. Its best to try this at training mode first.

Character To Beat Tabbu With

An easy way to beat Tabbu is surprisingly with pokemon trainer. Any careful player will only get knocked off when Tabbu does his shockwave. With pokemon trainer make the pokemon trainer call the pokemon into the ball. You have to time it extremely carefully though. When the 3 shockwaves pass the pokemon that emerges will be unharmed. This can possibly work for some other of Tabbus attacks as well.

What Those Hammers Are For.

If you've ever been to the challenges page in the vault and you see something that looks like a hammer in some of the boxes, then you are looking the only thing in the game where you can get trophies or anything in the challenges area without having to do in order to get them. If you get a hammer, then you go to a box that looks impossible to open with your skills, then you scroll down until you highlight a hammer, press A and go to the impossible box and press A again. When the window comes up, make sure you picked the right one and hit OK. Congrats! You've just learned a secret that saves an enormous amount of time.

Giga Jigglypuff

Go to Bridge of Edin choose Jigglypuff and Yoshi. Then use Jigglypuff's FinalSmash when the bridge is coming back together and she will be HUGE. Then use Yoshi's B over and over she will get BIGGER and BIGGER til' she's to big for the stage and dies.

Snake,Fox,Falco,and Wolf Calling Tricks.

With the following characters in the tittle you can make them call other characters in the game. The player has to rapidly press Down Taunt on the correct stage for that character. But bevcarefull if they get hit during this sequence they can't do it again. I'm going to list what stage and character is required. (Easiest with Nunchuck, Classic, and Nintendo game cube controller)
Snake-Shadow Moses Island, the following characters he will call. Conel, Ottocon, Mei Ling, and you wont believe this! SLIPPY from Starfox. If snake dies during the sequence something intresting will happen.
Fox, Falco-Lylat Cruise, and Corneria Wolf-Lylat Cruise only!

Invisible Item

In training mode be captain falcon bring in a final smash break it and use it on your opponent before it ends rapidly bring in sand bags until the Special Attack ends you shouldn't see any items, (unless you had some out already) now start attacking with any ground close up attack you will now see the streamers but not the sand bag (and I think it works with box's and barrels too).

Block Links Final Smash

A simple way to block Links final smash is to get a bomb o bomb then keep it in your hand and then let him hit you this might not work but it worked for me 5 times!

Funny Picture Trick

First make a custom stage with the nature background. It needs a long platform. Then go to brawl and pick toon link and fox. On that stage make fox run across the platform and make toon link jump high above him. With Toon Link use his down and A. Pause the game as soon as toon link hits fox. If you timed it right then you should have gotten a photo of a sword going through foxes head and he looks surprised. And toon links face looks really angry.

Final Smash (Sonic)

This is so simple. All you have to do is get the smash ball, and Sonic turns right into the invincible Super Sonic!

How To Unlock Areas

The main way to unlock areas is to use a certain character or battle in a certain place a certain amount of times. for example to unlock the melee stage Big Blue you need to battle on port smith areo drive 15 to 25 times, or to unlock luigi's mansion you have to use luigi 3 times, or to unlock 75k. (kilometers) you use donkey kong 25 to 35 times. Most of the time you will have to use character/or area for quite a while. some areas you unlock just by by unlocking a character such as unlocking pirate ship, to do this you unlock toon link. you can check how to unlock areas on the challenges page in the vault (the ones you haven't unlocked are red).

How To Get Alot Of Trophies And Stickers

The easiest way to get a lot of trophies and stickers is to first get a lot of coins as in over 1000 of them. Then go to vault. Got to trophies and stickers. And in there is the coin launcher. When a set of little targets comes out you need to shoot all of set to get points, this is also how you get stickers. The points are used to give you the "BLAS AWAY". When this comes three trophies will come out. Trophies will come out on there own. To collect them you need to shoot them a couple times. When you are done you just press the + button. On that screen you press quit. Don't forget each shot uses a coin.

How To Get Extremely Rare Trophies.

While in the subspace emissary you will sometimes find a trophy stand, if you pick this up you can throw it at one of the regular monsters, this will instantly kill them and they will turn into trophies, you can then take the trophy. This is the only way to get certain rare trophies.

How To Beat Meta Ridley

The easiest way I found to beat Meta Ridley is to go right on the back end of captain falcons ship and hit him when he comes near, be careful this strategy can backfire since you are constantly pushed back by the wind. When mtea ridley flies up into the air suddenly the you must get as high off the ship as possible, trust me you don't want to be on there when he comes down. When meta ridley pules the ship down you hit him quick, if you don't you take a lot of damage. Characters skilled at ranged attacks will probably do well. I suggest having a friend to help you out.

Beating 100 Brawl Easier.

An easier way to defeat 100 Brawl is by using the following characters and moves:
1. Lucario: Up+A - Lucario starts to kick on top, in front, and behind him damaging his opponents.
2. Kirby: Jump+Down B - Jump in the air and turn Kirby into a rock. This will blast away your enemies.
3. Donkey Kong: Down+B - Donkey Kong starts to pound the ground hurting his enemies near him.
4. Mario: Up+B - Mario uses his recovery move the Super Jump Punch blasting any enemy he hits.
5. Pikachu: Down smash attack - Pikachu spins around while using an electric attack. He blasts away any enemy that comes in contact.

Final Smashes For The Best Characters

Mario: Maria Finalle, try to get to the center platform on the stage and face your enemies, and use your Beastly Fireworks.
Zelda: Light Arrow, just grab the target, throw them forward, and when they get up, SHOOT THE ARROW RIGHT AWAY so the target can't avoid it!
Lucario: Aura Blast, Throw a smart bomb at the targets so they can't dodge your blast and, like Zelda, USE THE BLAST RIGHT AWAY FOR MAX DAMAGE!

Awesome Place To Fight

To build this awesome place to fight, first you make a really, really big U shape with those blue squares in the bottom category features. Then you put a bunch of those falling red blocks along the where the top of the square is. If you make this right, you make all players inside the square and when the red things appear back up all the players are trapped inside the big square. If you ever want the match to end you might as well make it a timed match when you brawl on it. If you don't want everyone to continuously die make a floor of any kind a couple spaces under the trap.

Defeat Subspace Emissionary in Subspace

When you get into subspace look at you're map and there is flashing little dots on you're map when you kill enough of the shadow players and then there is bigger flashing dots when you see a unexplored door and once you kill all of the shadow players then you vs tabuu. He's not that hard if you're good with sonic if you have unlocked him already or sumer or people with fast jump up attacks.

Easy All Fighters

Instead of playing 500 brawls to get all the fighters. Just go to solo and choose sub-space and beat it. Every time you get a fighter to join your team that you haven't unlocked and you save and quit you will get that fighter without even fighting them but it takes a while so be calm.

Dodge Tabuu's Shock Wave

All you have to do is the side dodge. If you are careful, you can beat it.

Easy Meteor Smash

Use captain falcons side-b special in mid-air on some one.

Easy Home Run Contest

Go to the Home Run Contest. Choose the character Ike. when you start the contest move as close to the sandbag as possible without going through it or hit to the opposite side of the field. Then hold down A, until Ike automatically swings his sword and a ''explosion'' occurs and the sandbag will go flying.

Change Color Of Character

If you want to change the color of your character just press be on your Wii remote or press the character.

Ike's Sword In Mid Air

First play multilayer brawl. One person pick Ike the other picks anyone. set items to have only smart bombs. Use Ike's up special (Either) when ike's sword is in mid air when his about to jump up and grab it have the second player throw a smart bomb at Ike. If done correctly Ike's sword will stay in mid air for a few seconds while the smart bomb goes off.

Allies In Basic Brawl Wi-fi

In the beginning of the brawl, taunt a few times. If they taunt, go over to them and taunt with them.If they taunt, they will not hurt you and they will team up with you.

Throw Electrode

Once in a while if you open a pokeball and electrode comes out sometimes he sparks and give out. If and when he does, pick him up and throw him at your opponent.

Cruel Brawl And 15 Minute Brawl In Multiman Brawl

An easy way to kill 10 enemies in Cruel Brawl is to use Pit and fly under the Platform. Do NOT touch the floor on top. Always cling to the edge and then let go. And fly to the other side. And as you do this for about 5 to 7 minutes, slowly, a man will fall off and A KO will be recorded. With The 15minute Brawl u have to fly under the platform for 15 minutes. Its really boring but thats the only way to do it.

Easy 5000 Coins

Build a stage with spikes at the bottom, then play with a friend and just sit on the spikes and collect coins. Set the time for about 20 minutes.

Homerun Contest

The way you get a far distance in the contest is to beat up the sandbag with any character. Once it starts to count down grab the bat. Move the analog stick on the nunchuck and press A. Make sure you're not to far away from the sandbag and not to close to it.

Easy Way To Get The Ouendan Trophy

Go to training and select Kirby (your opponent doesn't matter) select the temple under Melee stages pause the game and put opponent (should be on stop) on control then turn help on. then after you've done this pin your opponent against the pillar they started beside then hold A until the "consecutive hits" meter hits 400 then KO your opponent and quit training mode

Easy Characters

To get almost all of the characters very easy just play the subspace emissary and whenever you see a new playable character that character will be unlocked.

Alloy Similarities

The Alloys have move similarities. Red is Captain Falcon. Blue is Zelda. Yellow is Mario. And green is Kirby.

Final Smash Trophies

To get the Final Smash trophies, simply complete All-Star mode on any difficulty with the character you want the trophy for. And believe me, they're cool!

Subspace Emissary

It makes little to no difference who you beat the final battle of Subspace Emissary with. But that's not why I wrote this. If you beat Subspace Emissary, you will unlock almost every character. Only for a few characters do you have to unlock by completing special requirements.

Another Co-op Home-run Contest

Other than the one mentioned above, there is another way that I do Co-op Home-run Contest. Me and my friend got 2 Foxes and used the blaster on Sandbag for around seven or eight seconds. Trust me, it WORKS.

Beat Tabuu Easily!

On the last level of subspace, you will have to fight the almighty Tabuu. An easy way to beat him is to pick the characters Sonic and Samus. Also pick a few others like people with strong jump attacks.

Co-op Home-run Contest

Get two people and chose sonic and yoshi. Right when it starts sonic runs over there and does up A(on the game cube controller)(the up spin attack) while yoshi runs and gets the bat. Then before sonic finishes his move. Yoshi needs to use the bicycle kick down on it(which is down A on the game cube controller). Do this over and over and it will do massive damage. Me and my friend got 135% before we even hit it with the bat. Hope this helps and give me any feed back if you need help with it.

Pokemon Trainer Switch

Whenever you use the pokemon trainers pokemon, you will start off with Squirtle, Ivysaur, or Charzard. To alternate these pokemon, simply press down-B.


We have no cheats or codes for Super Smash Bros. Brawl yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Unlock Wolf Easy

To unlock wolf play 450 brawl matches or go to solo then go to stadium then go to boss battles and complete it with Fox and Falco.

Unlock Snake

To unlock Snake, you can play 15 brawls on Shadow Moses Island and beat him, or you can get him in the Subspace Emissary or play 130 brawls.

Unlock All Characters

This is very easy. If you beat Subspace Emissary you will unlock all the characters. Wait not all of them. After you complete SE go back to the Swamp and Ruins to unlock two more characters. Good luck!!!


To get the stage 75m play as Donkey Kong in brawls 25 times.

Character: Wolf

In the Level "The Ruins" go through the level until your going down a lift and there is crystals on the walls. when you see the first door DO NOT GO IN THE DOOR. continue down the lift and (even if it disappears) go to the very bottom. there will be a door and wolf will be waiting inside.

Virtual Console Super Mario World

Play on Yoshi's Inlands stage 3 times.


In the stage Iseki (Ruins) Skip the first door you pass when being lowered into the pit. Instead enter the second door at the bottom or 450 vs matches.

Unlock Luigi

On Easy difficulty setting complete Classic mode.


Beat story with Pikachu and get over 60,000 points.

Unlock Toon Link

All you have to do is do classic on hard with 3 lives or you can do normal mode with 2 lives.

Getting Ganondorf

Play 200 versus matches.

Unlock Jigglypuff

After beating Tabuu and clearing the Subspace Emissary, go back to "The Swamp". After beating the giant Diddy Kong, head right until you discover a door right after jumping into the barrel launcher to battle Jigglypuff. If you beat her then she becomes playable.

Unlock Wolf

After beating Tabuu and clearing the Subspace Emissary, go back to "The Ruins". During the part when you are on a elevator and crystals pop out of the walls, near the bottom you will discover a floating door. Enter it to battle Wolf. If you beat him, then he becomes playable.

Unlock Toon Link

After beating Tabuu and clearing the Subspace Emissary, go back to "The Forest" and enter the very first hovering door to battle Toon Link. If you beat him, then he becomes playable.

Unlock More Custom Stage Parts

Alright, hers how you unlock custom stage parts: To unlock the first set of stage parts, play on five custom made courses. Part two, make 5 more custom stages and play on them. Final part,create a total of 15 custom stages. Parts include a ferris wheel thingy, spikes, ladders, and even trampolines!

All Characters

To get all characters just beat the story mode. You will get most characters but about 4 will not be in the original story. When you beat the game go back to the marsh to get Toone link. The other you will have to find yourself.

Everyone From SSE

Beat Tabuu on any level, go back to The Swamp, The Forest, and The Ruins.

Three Ways To Get Snake Trophy

Beat classic mode with snake. Hit snake trophy in coin launcher. Get brawl coin and throw it at snake in SSE.

Crazy Hand Trophy

Beat classic on intense!

Master Hand Trophy

Beat classic with 20 characters.

Get The Red Alloy Trophy

To get this trophy defeat 5 alloys in cruel brawl.

Get The Blue Alloy Trophy

To get this trophy complete 100-man brawl with all characters.

Get The Yellow Alloy Throphy

To get this trophy defeat 100 alloys in endless brawl.

Get The Green Alloy Trophy

To get this trophy endure a 15-minute brawl.

Get The Phyllis Stickers

To get these stickers complete All-Star mode on normal.

Get The Running Chibi-Robo Stickers

To get these stickers complete classic mode on easy.

Get The Boo Stickers

To get these stickers hit 900ft. in home-run contests.

Get The Liquid Snake Stickers

To get these stickers defeat 10 alloys in Cruel Brawl.

Get The Ryuta Ippongi Stickers

To get these stickers Clear 100-man brawl in under 3 minutes, 30 seconds.

Get The Big Blue Melee Stage

To get this stage play as Captain Falcon 10 times in brawls.

Get The Clu Clu Land Song

To get this song hit 1,200ft. in home-run contests.

Get The Cardboard Box Trophy

To get this trophy complete target smash level 4 in 32 seconds.

Get The Palutena's Bow Trophy

To get this trophy complete target smash level 1 in 15 seconds.

Jigglypuff In Space Emissary Mode

To unlock Jigglypuff in Space Emissary Mode, play through the level " The Swamp." After the fight with the giant false Diddy Kong, continue moving forward until you see a door floating above a platform after you've been launched from a cannon. Swim back to it (jump so you don't drown) and enter the door. A cutscene will show Jigglypuff then you get to fight it. Beat Jigglypuff to have it in Space Emissary Mode.


To get the Mewtwo trophy beat all-star mode on intense.

Event #41

To get #41 just complete the other 40 events on any difficulty.

Luigi's Mansion

To get the stage Luigi's Mansion battle as Luigi 3 times in brawl mode.

Unlocking Wolf

Beat Boss mode with either Fox or Falco.

R.O.B. (Robot)

Get 250 trophies to play as R.O.B.

Assist Trophy: Isaac

Play a total of 200 matches in Brawl or related modes.

Assist Trophy: Custom Robo

Play a total of 100 matches in Brawl or related modes.

Assist Trophy: Gray Fox

Unlock Snake.

Assist Trophy: Shadow The Hedge Hog

Unlock sonic.

Assist Trophy: Barbara

Acquire 25 hidden songs.

Assist Trophy: Infantry And Tanks (Advanced Wars)

Play a total of 300 matches in Brawl or related modes.

Pokemon Stadium (Melee)

Play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times.

Green Greens (Melee)

Play as Kirby in 20 Brawls.

Jungle Japes (Melee)

Play 10 brawls on Melee stages.

Character: Toon Link

On the 8th mission in the subspace emersarry "the forest", Go through the first door you see. There will be a opening for Toon Link on his Stage. Fight and beat toon link to unlock him.

Classic Stage Big Blue

Play as captain falcon 10 times

Flat Zone 2

Unlock Mr. Game and Watch.

3D Hot Rally Title

Complete target level 5.

Virtual Console Legend Of Zelda

Play as toon link 10 times.

Virtual Console F-zero

Complete subspace.

Virtual Console Donkey Kong

Play the game for ten hours.

Spear Pillar

Complete Event 25: The Aura Is With Me

Sky Pillar

Complete Event 25: The Aura Is With Me

Edit Parts A

Play ten times or more on stages you built in Stage Builder.

Edit Parts B

Build five or more stages in Stage Builder.

Edit Parts C

Build 15 or more stages in Stage Builder.

Green Hill Zone

Appears after you unlock Sonic.

Mario Bros. Stage

Complete Event 19: Wario Bros.

R.O.B. (Robot)

Play 160 vs. matches.


Beat classic mode with Ike or 10 vs matches.


Play 22 vs matches.


Defeat in SSE (Subspace emissary) with Metaknight or complete 5 target tests with any character or 100 vs. matches.


Complete classic mode with any character other than Ike or complete event 20 or 350 vs matches.


Clear classic on hard with link or Zelda or play 200 vs. matches.


Beat 100-man Brawl or play 50 vs. matches.


Play 10 matches on Shadow moses island or 130 vs matches.

Boss Battle Mode

Defeat Subspace emissary with any character.

All Star Mode

Unlock all the hidden characters.

Unlock Captain Falcon

In under 20 minutes beat Classic mode and then defeat Captain Falcon in the following match.

Unlock Snake

play 10 matches on Shadow Moses Island.

Toon Link

Finish classic mode with link or 400 vs. matches.


Complete the Subspace Emissary or 300 vs. matches.

Mr. Game & Watch

Beat classic mode with every character or 250 vs matches.


Play five matches in Brawl and reflect 10 projectiles. Get Ness to join your party in The Subspace Emissary.

Get The Kapp'n Trophy

Get a total of 300 feet or more swim distance as all the characters and go to the Challenges screen. Go to the open window and take out the trophy. It should be the Kapp'n trophy. If not, look for another open window with a trophy in it.

Unlock The Stafy Trophy

To get the Stafy Trophy, you just beat the Target Smash with 10 different characters on level 1 and go to the Challenges screen. Go to the open window and take out the trophy. The trophy is the Stafy Trophy.

Unlock Song Frozen Hillside

To unlock the song Frozen Hillside, battle on the Halberd stage 10 times and go to the Challenges screen. Take out the CD from the open window and you have Frozen Hillside.

Zero Suit Samus

To unlock zero suit samus, you must get the smash ball with regular samus and do her zero laser final smash.

Pokemon Trainer

Beat classic on easy to get Pokemon trainer.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Super Smash Bros. Brawl yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Giant Zelda/Sheik Glitch

I Have Found a Staying Giant Glitch for not only Jigglypuff But for Zelda/Sheik (funny because there both Girls) The Glitch Is when you are a different character than Zelda but 2play needed for Zelda/Sheik. You need a item called the Lightning Bolt Which Shrinks other players. Use it on Zelda But the one that haywires and makes Her Big (twice as effective than Super Mushroom) Then Play Zelda and Transform into Sheik then Back to Zelda and There is the Glitch. Honestly When I first did this, i thought it was HACKED!

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