Avoiding Final Smashes: Part Two - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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One more thing..... You can avoid Mario's Final Smash (FS) by getting behind 
him or getting under him. Also, Kirby's Final smash can be avoided if you do an 
air dodge at the right time.

Here are more ways to dodge final smashes:

Peach- Stay in the air during the entire dance. If you touch the ground, you 
fall asleep. You stay asleep longer if you're closer to Peach.

Donkey Kong- Just stay away. 

Diddy Kong- This is tricky. But you'll have to roll dodge to avoid his peanut 

Mr. Game and Watch- Don't Touch him! Stay away from him.

Jigglypuff- When Jigglypuff screams "Jiggly," Anyone touching him will be KO'ed.
It's difficult, but just try to stay afloat and away from him.

Lucario- This is EXTREMELY difficult to dodge. Your best luck is not to be his 

Pokemon Trainer- Whatever is in front of him will be blasted. Just don't be in 
front of him. 

King Dedede- Just run around, jump, and don't touch the Waddle Dees, Waddle 
Doos (one-eyed), and the Spikey Balls.

Meta Knight- Use the same strategy for Pokemon Trainer. 

Ganondorf- Go behind him, because it has a medium range. 

Fox, Falco, or Wolf- It's virtually impossible to dodge this in a small stage. 
In the MELEE level, "Hyrule Temple," then you can avoid it very easily.

Olimar- Two things:

1. The 1st part of his Final Smash increases everyone's damage, and it's 
impossible to avoid.

2. This is the part you can avoid. Olimar's Rocket crashes down the middle, so 
just stay on the far side of the stage, or for a small stage like Battlefield 
or Final Destination, stay afloat when he crashes to avoid being KO'ed. 

Pit- You're best tactic is to air dodge at the right time, just before one of 
the angels attack you.

R.O.B.- He can go fast with this attack, so just run away from him, or go fight 
the others and watch R.O.B. if you are on a large stage. 

Samus- This Final SMash goes across the entire stage, but in a Horizontal Line. 
Just avoid being in front of her when she uses her Final Smash.

Ice Climbers- In a small stage, this is virtually impossible to dodge. To avoid 
this one, Get away and run from the Iceberg. 

Captain Falcon- The only problem with this one is he has to be close to someone 
for the attack to work. So all you have to do is be far away from him. This one 
is impossible to dodge if he targets you. 

That should be all the characters. Now you know how to dodge every character's 
Final Smashes. Thank's for reading my 2nd FAQ! This is going to help you out 
big time!

P.S. I don't know if this works, but if you have the star when someone uses 
their FS, you won't get damaged by it. Send me an E-mail if this works. If I 
missed any characters, E-mail me also. 

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