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    02 OVERVIEW          05 CO-OP TROPHIES             08 CONTACT

------< INTRODUCTION >-------------------------------------------- [Section 01]

This is a guide to the PSN trophies in the 2011 video-game Battlefield 3 ("BF3"
hereafter) and the Back To Karkand expansion. It can also be used with the Xbox
360 version of the game since the achievements there mirror the PS3's trophies.

My aim in writing this guide is to give detailed coverage of the BF3 trophies -
clarifying the specific requirements to achieve them and sharing any strategies
and tips that might help. Not only will this benefit anyone seeking to platinum
the game but hopefully it will also serve to reduce the repetition of questions
on the forums (so it should function as an actual "FAQ" in the original sense).

I've previously written trophy and/or minigame guides for most of the games in
Sega's excellent Yakuza (Ryuu ga Gotoku) series and I've also written complete
guides for a number of other PS2/PS3/DS titles, mostly Japanese mahjong games.
This is the twenty-sixth guide I've made for GameFAQs so hopefully I should know
what I'm doing by now... I'm an experienced player of Battlefield: Bad Company 2
("BFBC2" hereafter in this guide) and its Vietnam expansion. I've also played
both Battlefield 1943 and Bad Company 1 although I must confess that I only
played the demo for '43 and I spent less than four hours online in BFBC1 so I
can't help but feel I don't really deserve the Veteran 3 status* I now hold!

I've tried to avoid any significant SPOILERS in this guide. I've included the
titles of the six hidden trophies that are linked to key storyline events in the
single-player campaign but I've omitted the trophy descriptions. I have however
necessarily described the action in the specific sections of several single-
player missions where trophies can be earned and written mini-walkthroughs for
some of the co-op missions.

I welcome contributions of information and strategies to add to this guide. Your
submissions may be edited or reworded but will always be properly credited so be
sure to include the name you wish to be credited under - if I deem your efforts
worthy of inclusion! You can find my email address at the top of this page.

This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman.

*You qualify for Veteran status in Battlefield 3 if you've played at least one
other game from the Battlefield series (on any platform I think); it's basically
the number of other Battlefield games you've played (not counting expansions) in
addition to the one you're playing now (so in my case it's three).

The reward for having veteran status in BF3 is the M1911 handgun (also known as
the Colt 45) with powerful rounds but a small magazine. Since I already had my
veteran status in BFBC2, this unlocked for me automatically the first time I
quit out after playing the game (single-player). I'm not sure about now, but you
used to be able to register at - alternatively
you could just sign up for EA's Gun Club site which
will also unlock the M1911 for you.

Veteran status also unlocks unique dogtag designs for each of the previous BF
games you've played. These are also added automatically if you're a veteran.

------< OVERVIEW >------------------------------------------------ [Section 02]

This section gives a summary of the trophies in the various game modes and the
routes you can take to achieve them all.

If you got the game on rental or bought it pre-owned you'll need to purchase the
Online Pass to be able to play the online modes (co-op and multiplayer). If you
bought the game new there should be a flyer in the box with your unlock code.
You might like to play the SP campaign first to give you a feel for the game
before you jump into online play.

Single-Player Campaign
The minimum number of playthroughs required in BF3's single-player campaign is 
one. There are separate trophies for beating the game on any difficulty and for
beating the game on Hard and obviously these stack so completing the campaign on
Hard will get you both trophies. There's a mission select function so you can
use this to attempt any mission-specific trophies.

Of course you have freedom to choose how you want to play the game. If your aim
is to get maximum trophies in the minimum of time you should play the campaign
on Hard and try to get all the "challenge" trophies (see below) while doing so,
then use Easy replays on individual missions to pick up any you missed.

Alternatively you might prefer to do a playthrough on Normal diff to learn the
layout of each level and get used to the controls and weapons, without worrying
about chasing trophies. Then do another Normal run and try to get the challenges
and finally do a Hard run to get the other completion trophy. It's up to you.

In addition to the trophies for completion and the unmissable storyline event
trophies (see Section 04 below) there are several that require you to pass some
sort of challenge in a specific mission. I've listed these here in the order in
which you'll come to them when playing through the story. Check the listings in
Section 04 for details on when and how to get each one.

       Mission Number and Name     | Challenge Trophies
        2 | Operation Swordbreaker |  #2 Not on my watch
        3 | Uprising               | #12 Roadkill
          |                        |  #3 Involuntary Euthanasia
        4 | Going Hunting          | #13 You can be my wingman anytime
        6 | Comrades               |  #4 The Professional
        7 | Thunder Run            | #14 Scrap Metal
        9 | Night Shift            |  #9 Army of Darkness
          |                        | #17 Twofor
       10 | Rock And A Hard Place  | #11 What the hell *are* you?
          |                        | #16 Butterfly
       11 | Kaffarov               | #10 Practice makes perfect
       12 | The Great Destroyer    | #20 Between a rock and a hard place

Co-Op Campaign
There are six different online co-op missions. There's a trophy for completing
the co-op campaign and another for beating it on Hard but I assume these stack
again so technically if there's a mission you hate you only need to beat it one
time (on Hard). However another trophy requires you to earn enough points from
co-op mode to unlock all the unique weapons and I estimate that you'll need to
complete maybe 16-20 mission runs to achieve that so you might appreciate a
little variety! Alternatively if there's one mission you find more fun, easier
or a better source of points then you could just keep replaying that one.

Each of the six missions has one challenge-type trophy (see list in Section 03).

Most of the multiplayer trophies relate to earning ribbons for mini-achievements
within a single online match. You'll pick up many of these ribbons just from
playing multiplayer normally but to get some you might need to make a special
effort. There are 45 ribbons in total and you need to get one of each.

The majority of the ribbons can be earned in any of the five MP modes but some
relate to vehicles and should be done in Rush or Conquest. Also for each of the
five modes there's one ribbon for completing a match and another for winning.

There's a gold trophy available for getting to Level 45 so that will take a bit
of time, but how much time depends a lot on your skill level. If you have some
prior experience of Battlefield games or online first-person shooters in general
then you might be able to do it in under a hundred hours, otherwise it might
take something closer to 120 or 150 hours.

------< TROPHIES LIST >------------------------------------------- [Section 03]

Without further ado let's take a look at the trophies in the game. The trophies
are listed in the tables below in the order in which they appear in the Trophy
Collection menu of your PS3's XMB interface.

I've divided them into three separate sections so you can see clearly which ones
come from the offline single-player campaign, the online co-op campaign and the
various online multiplayer game modes. Future expansions will be added beneath
these. For the sake of neatness I've listed the platinum in the first category.

Single-Player Campaign
The SP campaign consists of twelve chapters/missions. Many of the trophies must
be achieved in a specific mission (but not every mission has a trophy).

There are six hidden trophies in BF3's initial trophy set and all of them are
in the single-player campaign, concealed to prevent storyline spoilers.

See Section 04 below for discussion of each individual trophy in single-player.

 # | Trophy Name                     |   Type   | Hidden | Mission
 1 | Platinum Trophy                 | Platinum |        |
 2 | Not on my watch                 |  Bronze  |        | Op. Swordbreaker
 3 | Involuntary Euthanasia          |  Bronze  |        | Uprising
 4 | The Professional                |  Bronze  |        | Comrades
 5 | This is the end                 |  Bronze  | Hidden | Comrades
 6 | Where are the other two?        |  Bronze  | Hidden | Op. Guillotine
 7 | Shock Troop                     |  Bronze  | Hidden | Uprising
 8 | Wanted: Dead or Alive           |  Bronze  | Hidden | Night Shift
 9 | Army of Darkness                |  Bronze  |        | Night Shift
10 | Practice makes perfect          |  Bronze  |        | Kaffarov
11 | What the hell *are* you?        |  Bronze  |        | Rock And A Hard Place
12 | Roadkill                        |  Bronze  |        | Uprising
13 | You can be my wingman anytime   |  Bronze  |        | Going Hunting
14 | Scrap Metal                     |  Bronze  |        | Thunder Run
15 | No Escape                       |  Bronze  | Hidden | Kaffarov
16 | Butterfly                       |  Bronze  |        | Rock And A Hard Place
17 | Twofor                          |  Bronze  |        | Night Shift
18 | FlashForward                    |  Bronze  | Hidden | Semper Fidelis
19 | Ooh-rah!                        |  Silver  |        | (all)
20 | Between a rock and a hard place |  Bronze  |        | The Great Destroyer
21 | Semper Fidelis                  |   Gold   |        | (all)

Co-Op Campaign
The Co-Op campaign consists of six missions designed to be played by two players
online. Many of the trophies must be achieved in a specific mission (each of the
six missions has its own trophy).

See Section 05 below for discussion of each individual trophy in co-op.

 # | Trophy Name                     |   Type   | Hidden | Mission
22 | Push On                         |  Bronze  |        | Hit and Run
23 | Two-rah!                        |  Silver  |        | (all)
24 | Lock 'n' Load                   |  Silver  |        | (any)
25 | Car Lover                       |  Bronze  |        | Op. Exodus
26 | In the nick of time             |  Bronze  |        | The Eleventh Hour
27 | Bullseye                        |  Bronze  |        | Drop 'em Like Liquid
28 | Untouchable                     |  Bronze  |        | Fire From The Sky
29 | Army of Two                     |   Gold   |        | (all)
30 | Ninjas                          |  Bronze  |        | Exfiltration

Multiplayer Modes
BF3 has five MP play modes: Rush, Conquest, Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush (the
same four as BFBC2) plus new addition Team Deathmatch. For most of the trophies
you're free to work towards them in any of those modes.

See Section 06 below for discussion of each individual trophy in multiplayer.

 # | Trophy Name                     |   Type   | Hidden
31 | Vehicle Warfare                 |  Bronze  |
32 | Infantry Efficiency             |  Bronze  |
33 | Decorated                       |   Gold   |
34 | It's better than nothing!       |  Silver  |
35 | Support Efficiency              |  Bronze  |
36 | Colonel                         |   Gold   |
37 | 1st Loser                       |  Silver  |
38 | Most Valuable Player            |  Silver  |
39 | M.I.A.                          |  Bronze  |

The trophy types are distributed as follows...

            Type: | Platinum |   Gold   |  Silver  |  Bronze  | Total
          Number: |     1    |     4    |     6    |    28    |  39

So there are just 39 trophies overall in the standard game at launch (prior to
the release of any expansion packs). That's a pretty small set considering it's
quite common for a full retail game to have as many as 50 trophies (or exactly
51 including the platinum). BFBC2 had 51 trophies prior to the DLC releases. But
hey, at least there's no stupid "hidden package" collectibles this time!

Back To Karkand
The following five trophies are available in the Back To Karkand expansion pack;
most of these relate to the new maps, vehicles and guns added by this DLC.

See Section 07 below for discussion of each individual trophy in this expansion.

 # | Trophy Name                     |   Type   | Hidden
40 | Complete Warrior                |  Silver  |
41 | Third Tour                      |  Bronze  |
42 | Gunslinger                      |  Bronze  |
43 | Like A Boss                     |  Silver  |
44 | Jaws                            |  Bronze  |

------< SINGLE-PLAYER TROPHIES >---------------------------------- [Section 04]

The Campaign option off BF3's main menu accesses the single-player story which
consists of twelve chapters or missions. After you've completed a mission you
can replay it on any difficulty.

The only trophy in single-player with a difficulty requirement is the one for
completing the campaign on Hard diff (trophy #21), all the others can be done on
any difficulty so if you have trouble getting a trophy on Normal or Hard try it
on Easy and that should help.

The twenty single-player trophies constitute 40% of the total available (prior
to the addition of expansion packs).

Before covering the trophies, here are a few random notes about single-player:

o There's a number of Quick-Time Events (QTE's) throughout the campaign missions
  and most seem to require rapid presses of either X, O or R1 so stay alert and
  keep your thumb and forefinger ready on the buttons during any scripted event
  (like when an enemy jumps you).

o There's no minimap so you need to watch carefully for enemies. If you have a
  surround sound set-up on your hi-fi or headset that should give some useful
  auditory cues to help localise the source of gunfire or voices. Even using a
  standard stereo system or headphones can make a difference. (That additional
  sound information will serve you well in multiplayer too.)

o Instead of carrying a primary weapon and a side-arm you have two primaries so
  don't rely on a quick switch to a back-up pistol.

o If you find an ammo crate you have a constant supply of grenades so make good
  use of them. If you want to "cook" a grenade (hold onto it before throwing)
  you need to press and hold R1 immediately after tapping L2 then release it to
  throw the grenade.

o Take care not to shoot your comrades. Too much friendly fire in a short period
  will force a restart from the last checkpoint, even if it was their own stupid
  fault for running into your firing line! Again.

o Unfortunately - as much as I keep pressing the Select button by reflex - you
  cannot spot (tag) enemies in single-player. (But you are actively encouraged
  to do it in multiplayer matches, please!)

o In multiplayer you can usually press R3 for an exterior view when you're in a
  vehicle but it seems you can't do that in single-player mode.

o Since there are no points scored in single-player, you don't get the display
  confirming Enemy Killed so take care when breaking cover if you're not sure.

o If they get close enough the computer-controlled bots will try to knife you!

o If you're ever not sure what to do next check the screen and HUD compass for
  blue waypoint markers and check the pause screen for your current objective.

The rest of this section covers each of the trophies in detail. The text given
in quotes is the official description from the trophy list. I've omitted this
for five hidden trophies (#5, #6, #7, #8 and #15) to avoid story spoilers.

 1 Platinum Trophy [Platinum]

   "Collect all other Battlefield 3 Trophies"

   You get this automatically after meeting the requirements of all thirty-eight
   other trophies in the standard set. As usual, trophies from expansions packs
   (marked with a plus symbol in your trophy collection) are not required.

 2 Not on my watch [Bronze]

   "Protected Chaffin from the soldiers in the street in Operation Swordbreaker"

   Operation Swordbreaker is the first proper mission in the campaign (after the
   short Semper Fidelis tutorial level). You might recognise the opening stages
   here from one of the first BF3 gameplay trailers to be released and it's a
   memorable event from that which is significant here.

   Just a couple of minutes after the initial briefing your team will cross a
   large road and enter a building to the right. They'll exit the garage into
   the car park and you'll notice Chaffin standing just outside, framed by the
   open doorway and looking pretty vulnerable to enemy fire...

   After he gets shot simply approach him and you'll start dragging his body
   back into the relative safety of the building. You'll already have noticed by
   now that there's a lot of quick-time events (QTEs) in the campaign and you're
   required to do an easy one here, just pressing X three or four times when
   prompted. Since you don't have the health packs or defibs from multiplayer,
   there's nothing more you can do for him right now.

   A couple of encounters later you'll find yourself on a high rooftop giving
   support to Chaffin's extraction. Even playing on Hard diff I passed this
   first time so it's not too demanding. Once Chaffin's casevac is complete you
   move onto the next phase of the mission and your trophy will pop.

   When I replayed on Easy diff this seemed to be pretty much unmissable.

 3 Involuntary Euthanasia [Bronze]

   "Killed the 2 soldiers before the building fell on them in Uprising"

   After clearing the parking lot you'll enter a garage with an ammo crate. A
   hostile will open the left garage door at the back so take out him and his
   two companions. Upon exiting the building you'll get a new objective "Retrace
   steps to the school" and you'll find yourself in a wide street with lots of
   earthquake damage including a ruined bus spanning the road. You'll need to
   enter the bus and this will trigger a scripted RPG impact.

   Once you've recovered you'll see three dudes in the street on the other side
   of the bus. They're easy to spot as they have flashlight attachments on their
   weapons. You'll need to take them out and then kill two more who are a little
   farther down the street. As the description says, you need to get those two
   before the building collapses onto them - and for reference the building in
   question is the one on the left side of the street just past the new waypoint
   marker that appears on a brightly lit gateway.

   You'll need to disembark from the other end of the bus but the scripted
   demolition isn't triggered until you do this so stay on the bus and take out
   the first three men from the safety of the vehicle.

   Now in general there's two ways to kill the other two guys - the hard way and
   the easy way. If you like a challenge then rush off the bus and charge them
   but you'll have to be really quick. I've seen people take down both targets
   with automatic gunfire* on Youtube videos but the timing is really tight.
   Personally I threw a grenade down the left side of the road and shot the guy
   on the right. If you miss it just use the Load Last Checkpoint option from
   the pause menu.
   There is however a guaranteed way to get this first time - full credit goes
   to TheGamerReviewVideos for this method. All you have to do is throw grenades
   through the open roof of the bus, it's really that simple. The best part is
   that you can back-track to the garage and resupply from the ammo crate so
   just keep doing that and don't exit the far end of the bus until the trophy
   pops. If you have trouble getting on/off the bus through the front door just
   try jumping/crouching.

   NB: This mission has another trophy (#12) earlier for kicking a car. :)

   *You can press down on the d-pad to switch between fire modes on your current
   weapon. Most seem to have two or three modes, displayed with the dot icons at
   the bottom-right corner of the HUD. Three dots indicates full automatic, two
   dots is burst fire (two or three rounds per trigger pull) and a single dot
   denotes semi-auto fire (single shots) for long-range accuracy.

   More importantly (in multiplayer modes) you can press d-pad up to turn your
   laser or flashlight attachment *off* and stop dazzling friendlies. Please.

 4 The Professional [Bronze]

   "Completed the street chase in Comrades in under 2m30s without dying"

   The chase scene in question occurs some way into the mission. I think it
   begins as you leave the building (after sweeping through the large office
   complex) and ends when you reach the target at the archway on the right. You
   need to move fairly swiftly because of the time limit but there are several
   small groups of people to eliminate along the way so take care. The trophy
   will pop after a cut-scene and an autosave.

   There's a checkpoint halfway down the street so you can't retry the sequence
   if you get killed, instead you'll need to restart the entire mission - so try
   not to die! This is easier said than done when rushing on Hard diff so you
   might want to come back to this one after completing the campaign and chew
   through it on the Easy setting. I did that and got it first time.

   A couple of practice runs will make it easier to predict enemy locations and
   once you can anticipate their movements you can proceed at a faster pace. I
   like to keep a grenade or two for the SWAT team that arrives in a van at the
   crossroads just after the bus. You might want to make a point of nabbing an
   unscoped assault rifle as you work through the indoor section and then save
   that for the chase - that should give you a good balance of damage, short/mid
   range accuracy, magazine capacity and ease of use.

 5 This is the end [Bronze hidden unmissable]

   This one pops automatically at the end of the sixth mission, Comrades.

 6 Where are the other two? [Bronze hidden unmissable]

   This one pops automatically at the end of the fifth mission, Op. Guillotine.

 7 Shock Troop [Bronze hidden unmissable]

   This one pops automatically after the intro to the third mission, Uprising.

 8 Wanted: Dead or Alive {Bronze hidden unmissable]

   This one pops automatically after completing a mandatory objective towards
   the end of the ninth mission, Night Shift.

 9 Army of Darkness [Bronze]

   "Shoot out the 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night Shift"

   This is at the very beginning of the mission - from the rooftop        |
   you have to use your sniper rifle to take out the four lights          o
   illuminating the car park to the south-east. You'll need to allow      |
   for bullet-drop so aim slightly high, lining up each light with   --o--+--o--
   the first tick mark below the centre of the crosshairs (as shown       |
   in my excellent diagram). Press L3 to hold your breath and steady      o <--
   the shot, wait for the light to swing onto the sight and fire.         |

   I got this on my second attempt (after figuring the drop on my first) so you
   should find it fairly easy. If you mess up just reload the checkpoint.

   NB: This mission has a second trophy (#17) later for getting a double kill.

10 Practice makes perfect [Bronze]

   "Headshot each of the targets in the gun range in Kaffarov"

   As you reach the end of the compound you'll come to a small red armoury with
   a choice of weapons (I took the F2000 for accurate mid-range automatic fire
   without the hindrance of a scope) and an ammo-crate (don't forget to use it
   after picking up a new weapon). After heading downstairs and fighting through
   a dark basement, your team-mates will take up positions on a doorway leaving
   you to go down a red staircase into an indoor shooting range - the type with
   lots of connected rooms that's used for house-clearing drill.

   There are in total fourteen flat human-shaped targets in the rooms there and
   you need to shoot each of them in the head. The complication is that there
   are several hostiles in there too so you need to avoid any of the targets
   getting knocked down with body shots in the crossfire. I think it's best to
   avoid using shotguns, grenades or sustained automatic fire. Also probably
   best to not attempt it on Hard diff like I did! I got it in the end though,
   you just have to be really cautious.

   The first three rooms have two targets each. When you get to a room which has
   three targets in it look out for a fourth in one of the windows and watch out
   for an enemy rushing you as you approach the next room. That room has three
   more targets and then the final target is in the next room (there's also a
   moving target in there but luckily that's not required for the trophy).

11 What the hell *are* you?* [Bronze]

   "Took a Russian dogtag in the forest ambush in Rock And A Hard Place"

   This is right at the start of the mission. Basically you need to kill one of
   the Russians with a melee attack by getting behind them and pressing R2 (if
   you were in multiplayer you'd get the victim's dogtag).

   I did my first playthrough on Hard difficulty so I thought I'd need to flank
   the ambushers slowly but that didn't work. Either I'd get shot while crawling
   in the undergrowth or my squad-mates would shoot the Russians before I got to
   them. However, it turns out you can just rush them, even on Hard. There's a
   vehicle blocking the track and a couple of bad guys behind a tree to the
   right of this. Just charge up there on the right side, swing left behind the
   tree and get behind one for the knife kill.

   NB: This mission has a second trophy (#16) later for a perfect jet takedown.

   *Hopefully if you don't recognise the Predator movie reference from the name
   you'll at least spot the Predator text on the dogtag trophy icon.

12 Roadkill [Bronze]

   "Kicked the car and killed the soldiers in Uprising"

   Quite early in the level you'll drop down into an outdoor market and advance
   to a convenient ammo-crate where you'll receive an objective to "Clear the
   area of enemies". There are several hostiles in the low ground ahead but
   until they're alerted they won't cause any trouble.

   From the crate's position head towards the right, staying on the high ground,
   crouching behind the barriers and moving in the direction of the small fire.
   Just to the left of the fire you'll see a car (with a handsome two-tone paint
   job!) sitting near the ledge. Just go up to it and press O when prompted to
   kick it off and take down the two unsuspecting enemies below.

   NB: Doing this *will* alert the hostiles and they will start causing trouble!

13 You can be my wingman anytime* [Bronze]

   "Completed Going Hunting in a perfect run"

   In Going Hunting you play as the co-pilot / gunner in an F18 fighter jet.
   This is pretty cool but also a bit confusing until you figure out exactly
   what you need to be doing for the trophy.

   The mission consists of two parts - first the dogfight phase against a number
   of enemy jets then the ground-attack phase where you take out various targets
   on an airfield. The trophy is awarded for completing a "perfect run" on the
   dogfight section only. The definition of perfection seems to be that you take
   no damage from enemy missiles, use no more than one missile to kill each
   target and don't reload/restart from a checkpoint.

   When you hear a repeated low beeping sound this means one of the enemy planes
   is acquiring a missile lock on you. A solid tone indicates that the lock is
   complete and a repeated high beep means a missile has been fired. You can
   evade the missiles by pressing L1 to release your flares every time you hear
   the high beeps (then a quick double beep means your flares have reloaded).
   You seem to have an unlimited supply so you can keep on popping those flares
   as much as you want but don't spam them - wait until you hear the beeps -
   this is how you avoid taking damage. Don't worry about any incoming gunfire,
   it doesn't count as damage since it's all scripted and unavoidable.

   (You'll hear the same system of tones and beeps in aircraft in multiplayer.)

   You can press Triangle to toggle between your two weapon systems and press R1
   to fire whichever one you've chosen.

   When you have the Vulcan cannon selected you'll have a single large circle on
   your HUD with crosshairs in the centre and "GUN -1" text at the bottom.

   When you select the Sidewinder missiles you'll have two concentric circles.
   You can use the right stick and your full field of vision to track hostiles -
   they're usually indicated by an orange diamond. If you can hold the target
   inside the HUD circle for long enough you'll get a missile lock on them and
   you can press R1 to fire. However it's not that simple because the enemy
   fighters all have flares equipped too and if you use more than one missile to
   kill a target you won't get the trophy.

   Like the Involuntary Euthanasia trophy (#3 above) there's an easy way and a
   hard way to get this trophy. The hard way is to use the missiles - here your
   timing must be perfect since you need to get a lock, wait until the target
   has popped their flares and then fire quickly after the flares have faded but
   before their flares reload for a second use. If you want to do it this way
   you'll need to learn the scripted sequence of events. I used this handy video
   by TheGamerReviewVideos:

   The easy method was posted by old_school227 on the Xbox 360 forum. If your
   timing on any missile launch is slightly out you'll need to use a second one
   and that negates your trophy attempt but you're not required to use them -
   you can stick with the cannon. As soon as your helmet HUD is switched on (it
   happens twice during the dogfight) be sure to press Triangle to switch from
   missiles to the gun.

   Use the flares (L1) as usual whenever you hear the urgent high-pitched beeps;
   there might be a couple of occasions when it goes straight to the high beeps
   without the lower tones that usually precede them. Then use the gun to take
   out the targets. It's not easy to hit a moving target from a moving platform
   so the dogfight will take longer than using missiles but you should be able
   to earn the trophy in one or two attempts rather than a dozen or more using
   missiles and learning the timings.

   Don't worry if the trophy doesn't pop immediately after the seventh kill, it
   actually takes about a minute and you'll hear the ding just as the second
   phase of the mission begins.

   Since it needs to be a perfect run you can't restart from a checkpoint.
   Instead you need to restart the mission from the main menu which means you
   need to sit through the whole six minutes of the unskippable flight-check /
   take-off sequence with your mildly annoying pilot (although you can at least
   skip the interrogation scene that precedes it). Make sure you use the Replay
   Mission option instead of Resume Campaign.

   *Another movie reference, appropriately from Top Gun this time.

14 Scrap Metal [Bronze]

   "Destroyed 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder Run"

   This is right at the start of the mission so it's easy to restart if you need
   to. Shortly after you take control of the tank you'll have six enemy tanks
   appear ahead of you (at a bearing of about 330), marked with orange tags.
   Although they return fire, it seems you're pretty much invincible on this
   section so get into a good forward position quickly and focus on shooting at
   them rather than trying to evade incoming fire. After those six tanks are
   destroyed you'll have to switch to Thermal Optics (R3) and there will be two
   more pieces of hostile armour to eliminate.

   Tap R1 to toggle zoom and press L1 to fire the tank's main gun. The targets
   are so close you don't need to worry about your fire dropping with gravity
   but they are moving quite fast so you'll need to lead them, aiming not at
   the tanks themselves but just ahead of them. Watch where your rounds go to
   check your timing and adjust as necessary.   

   You need to kill six tanks out of the eight. You are not required to take out
   all of the initial six - you can get four or five of those and then make up
   your total with the other two.

   The only tricky thing here is that you're part of a large force and if you
   take too long the friendlies will steal your kills - so don't hang about!

15 No Escape [Bronze hidden unmissable]

   This one pops automatically at the end of the eleventh mission, Kaffarov.

16 Butterfly [Bronze]

   "Took down the jet in one attempt in Rock And A Hard Place"

   This is right at the end of the mission and the jet will make its presence
   felt so you'll know when you're at the right spot! Follow your team as you
   make your way to the vehicle and follow their example by taking cover each
   time the plane makes an attack run. It'll fly back and forth, alternately
   striking from the north and the south every 10-15 seconds. When it attacks
   from the north you should hide on the south side of something and vice versa.

   You'll find the Stinger missile launcher at the waypoint marker on the far
   side of the wrecked Growler (jeepy thing). Use L1 to aim at the plane and
   when you get a target lock just press R1 to fire. The missile takes a fair
   few seconds to home in on the plane so don't panic if it takes a while.

   Although it's not entirely clear from the description, this is another one
   where you're required to complete the goal without dying so take care to
   stick with your buddies each time they enter cover. If you get killed during
   the jet sequence you have to replay the whole mission from the start!

17 Twofor [Bronze]

   "Took down 2 enemies in 1 bullet in Night Shift"

   You'll need to use your M40 sniper rifle for this since its 7.62mm round will
   over-penetrate to give you a double kill if you have two targets lined up.

   There are at least a couple of opportunities to do this. The first one is
   just after rappelling off the first rooftop and crossing the street. Your
   partner will say "guys by the barrel - do not engage" (you're supposed to
   remain undetected) and you'll see a three-man patrol at ground level with two
   of them conveniently close together. It's short range so an easy shot - it
   will fail the mission so you have to restart from the checkpoint but that's
   only a few seconds back so it's no big deal.

   Your next chance is when you reach Rendezvous Bravo on the second rooftop. If
   you look straight ahead (south) you'll see two hostiles on the right (west)
   side of the street. It's a longer shot but still pretty easy and you're
   required to kill them anyway so you don't get failed.

18 FlashForward* [Bronze hidden unmissable]

   "Completed Semper Fidelis"

   The first chapter of the single-player campaign is a mini-mission called
   Semper Fidelis which is basically a quick tutorial to teach you the essential
   controls for moving and shooting. Complete it and you get this trophy. Even
   on Hard diff it should only take a few minutes.

   *Maybe the developers are fans of the TV show.

19 Ooh-Rah!* [Silver unmissable]

   "Completed the campaign story"

   You receive this trophy for completing single-player mode on any difficulty.

   The completion trophies stack so if you beat the game for the first time on
   Hard diff you get both trophy #21 and this one.

   *If you've watched any contemporary movie or TV show featuring US Marines I'm
   sure you'll have heard them saying this a lot. Check the link for more info:

20 Between a rock and a hard place [Bronze]

   "Beat Solomon, flawlessly, in The Great Destroyer"

   Your final encounter with Solomon is at the very end of the campaign. It
   consists of a sequence of QTE's and you need to successfully make every
   button-press to get the trophy. If you fluff one just reload the checkpoint.

   Without giving too much away, this takes place at street-level, not before.

21 Semper Fidelis* [Gold]

   "Completed the campaign story on Hard"

   You receive this trophy for completing single-player mode on Hard difficulty.

   The completion trophies stack so if you beat the game for the first time on
   Hard diff you get both this one and trophy #19.

   You can die very easily on Hard so some basic (and pretty obvious) advice is
   to stay low and take it slow. Not only is it sound advice but it rhymes too!
   Make maximum use of cover, using crouch or prone as necessary, and keep your
   head down. When you do take damage get into solid cover immediately (either
   retreating behind something bulky or dropping from crouch into prone) and
   wait for your health to regenerate fully before you continue. Peer around
   cover slowly, gradually expanding your field of view. Watch for movement or
   an odd outline that might indicate a hostile behind cover and of course look
   out for muzzle flashes that reveal a shooter's location.

   Even on Hard you can still benefit from a light aim-assist effect. Go to
   Options \ Gameplay on the pause menu and you can turn it on. Now if you're
   pointing your weapon close to an enemy and press L1 to aim you'll find that
   your sights will snap onto the target.

   Here are my thoughts on a couple of tricky sections:

   o Operation Swordbreaker

     You're told to man the LMG on the "wall" (personally I'd call it a "bridge"
     but that's just me!) but you're really exposed up there and you'll take a
     heap of fire including RPG's, so don't do it! I stayed prone at the top of
     the stairs at the left side of the bridge, retreating back down the stairs
     if I took damage. Eventually the current objective was marked as complete
     and the mission continued - you don't need to get the light machine gun.

   o Operation Guillotine

     The "Clear apartment block" objective was a pain for me, not least because
     of the white screen bug that gave me a completely blank screen whenever I
     looked towards the north or north-west! :\ Hopefully that will have been
     fixed by the time you read this. If not, I found a quick work-around is to
     stay in ADS (L1) view with a scoped weapon, although this severely limits
     your movement speed and it's far from ideal. It's best to quit the game and
     then start it again from the XMB - that cleared up the problem for me. Even
     without the bug though it's hard to see what's happening with the darkness,
     flares, foliage and constant smoke... Still, stick with it! Hug the wall on
     the right as you head south and stay prone in cover as you move west and
     then north towards the objective. I found it best to stay left along the
     wall while advancing north - as long as you're moving forward your buddies
     will take out all the bad guys for you, but you do need to advance to make
     this happen. After you get to the stone steps you should hopefully find
     friendlies ahead of you and you're free to continue with the next section.

   *Semper Fidelis (or Semper Fi for short) is the motto of the United States
   Marine Corps; it's Latin for "always faithful". It also happens to be the
   name of the first mission in BF3's single-player campaign.

------< CO-OP TROPHIES >------------------------------------------ [Section 05]

One great addition to BF3 is the online two-player co-op campaign. It consists
of six missions although initially only Operation Exodus and Fire From The Sky
can be selected. Completing those two unlocks the third, completing that unlocks
the fourth and fifth, then finally completing those two unlocks the sixth.

You have the choice of either playing with someone from your PSN friends list
(Play With A Friend) or request matchmaking with a random person (Public Game).
Good communication with your partner can make these missions a lot easier (and
more fun) so if you get matched with a random and either they have no mic or
(I'm thinking of the European servers here) they don't speak your language some
missions will be a lot tougher and some trophies will be literally impossible.

Just like with the trophies in the single-player campaign, you only need to play
on Hard difficulty to get the trophy for completing the co-op campaign on Hard.
All the others can be done on Easy so keep that option in mind if you have any
trouble getting these.

Although the weapon loadouts are novel, the core gameplay is quite similar to
the multiplayer modes. Most significantly the spotting function is available so
keep pressing Select to mark enemy troops and vehicles. Doing this is especially
important in the helicopter mission (Fire From The Sky).

Many thanks to TheGamerReviewVideos for posting some great co-op walkthroughs on
Youtube before the game had even been released here in the UK! This gave me a
handy preview of the missions and provided a lot of useful tips.

You will require an Online Pass to play co-op mode.

22 Push On [Bronze]

   "Reached the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and Run"

   This level involves a two-man assault through a large enemy-filled building
   but (unlike some of the others) it's not a stealth mission so you can "go
   loud" right from the start and take out the bad dudes by any means necessary.

   The "man-down state" thing refers to the function of co-op mode that lets you
   revive your co-op partner when they get killed. It's a nice gameplay feature
   but you can't use it here! If either player goes down during the run your
   trophy attempt will be invalid and you'll have to start over.

   Obviously proceed cautiously and watch your health. Each time you find an
   ammo-crate make good use of it, spamming grenades on enemy locations.

23 Two-rah! [Silver]

   "Completed all co-op missions"

   This silver trophy is awarded for completing all six co-op missions on any
   difficulty setting.

   The completion trophies stack so if you beat co-op mode for the first time on
   Hard diff you get both trophy #29 and this one.

24 Lock 'n' Load [Silver]

   "Unlocked all unique co-op weapons"

   There are seven weapons that can be unlocked by achieving a specified number
   of points, totalled over all your co-op games. Once you've unlocked a gun it
   becomes available to you in multiplayer.

   The points requirements for each gun were greatly reduced in the major patch
   released for PS3 on 30 November 2011. To illustrate how much easier it is now
   I've retained the original pre-patch targets in the table below.

         Name |   BF3 Category*   |    Kit    | Score Required |  (pre-patch)
    MP412 Rex |      Handgun      |    All    |     5,000 pts  |  (63,000 pts)
       KH2002 |   Assault Rifle   |  Assault  |    17,000 pts  | (126,000 pts)
          MP7 |        PDW        |    All    |    34,000 pts  | (189,000 pts)
      M39 EMR |    Sniper Rifle   |   Recon   |    58,000 pts  | (252,000 pts)
         M93R |      Handgun      |    All    |    86,000 pts  | (315,000 pts)
        SG553 |      Carbine      |  Engineer |   120,000 pts  | (378,000 pts)
         G3A3 |   Assault Rifle   |  Assault  |   160,000 pts  | (441,000 pts)

   Since you need to unlock all these for this trophy, the trophy requirement is
   essentially that you build a cumulative total score of 160k in co-op mode.
   You can make somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000 points per completed mission
   so you'd need to play around sixteen to twenty full games to get the G3 and
   this trophy.

   *Yes, technically the G3 is a battle rifle, the M39 is a marksman rifle
   (hence the EMR name) and the M93 Raffica is more of a machine-pistol but I'm
   using BF3's weapon categories here.

25 Car Lover [Bronze]

   "Completed the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus"

   In this mission you have to protect a fleet of five Humvees in the streets of
   Iraq from large waves of unfriendly enemies. In the first phase you have to
   set up on the footbridge over the road but first you'll want to lay AT mines
   in the alley immediately to the west. There's an ammo-crate at the western
   end of the bridge so you can use that to resupply during the mission and you
   also have the option to swap your gun (assault rifle, light machinegun or
   marksman rifle) and to pick up anti-personnel mines. If do you swap to a new
   gun make sure you also collect ammo for it!

   Once you get up on the bridge the first wave will start with a large body of
   infantry advancing from the north. Watch out for a tank that follows the
   troops from the north - lock on with your Javelin missiles and let rip. It
   takes three missiles and you each carry only two so you'll need to work
   together on that. Also watch for the RPG users that appear on the roof of the
   building to the north-west. Later another tank will arrive from that alley
   on the left but your mines should take care of that.

   Next you have to relocate to the east and again you'll want to get some mines
   down first, covering the full width of the road at the junction to the east.
   There's a small building just to the south of the Humvees where you can load
   up from another ammo-crate. Optionally one of you can take the ladder next
   to the door up to a higher position and pick up an M39 marksman rifle from
   the additional ammo-crate up there.

   The infantry will come at you from the east and again you'll have some RPG
   troops on the rooftops and balconies, also immediately to the east; they're
   probably easier to hit with the M39 from the roof. One final tank will come
   at you down the road and your mines should get it but if not you can use your
   Javelins again to finish it off.

   You'll get the trophy if all five friendly vehicles survive the enemy attacks
   thanks to your efforts. The tanks and RPG guys should be taken out as soon as
   possible to stop them destroying the Humvees. You might want to count the
   Humvees occasionally and if you see fewer than five restart the mission.

26 In the nick of time [Bronze]

   "Disarmed the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour"

   This mission is set inside the Parisian metro station and involves killing a
   large mobile body of hostiles to clear a path to the bomb which you need to
   disarm. The first phase happens around the turnstiles, then you'll need to
   head down the escalators and continue shooting dudes at platform level. I
   think you can take as long as you want here but later, as you proceed farther
   along the platform, you'll pass a point where an objective marker appears on
   the bomb (which is inside the train that's in front of you and to the left).

   That marker includes a countdown timer which starts at 60 seconds so you can
   see how much time you have. You'll need to take out a few hostiles first and
   then one partner can continue to do this while the other tackles the bomb's
   QTE sequence to disarm it. You'll need to start disarming before the timer
   reaches 40 seconds in order to (both) get the trophy.

27 Bullseye [Bronze]

   "Saved the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like Liquid"

   The mission entitled Drop 'em Like Liquid* is very reminiscent of an SAS
   stealth mission in one of the COD games. Most of the enemies come in pairs
   and they need to be killed pretty much simultaneously to prevent the alarm
   from being raised so coordinate your efforts with your partner - designate
   one target each (left/right), aim for headshots for one-hit kills and agree
   on a simple spoken countdown like "three, two, one, fire". Obviously only use
   your suppressed (silenced) weapons while attempting this, don't pick up any
   "loud" weapons you find. Use the Select button to spot and mark enemies,
   especially when sniping at long range. Press L3 to steady your sniper aim.

   The first kill is in the sewer tunnels at the start. Just after passing the
   waypoint marker you'll see a guard pass right to left at a tunnel junction up
   ahead then a couple of seconds later reappear from the left. Use your rifle
   with the thermal scope to score an easy headshot when he stops or spam the
   aim assist with the silenced pistol (aim in the rough direction and then tap
   and hold L1, tap R1 to fire, release L1 and keep doing that quickly). Take
   the ladder up to ground level and if you're in front of your partner press O
   when prompted to open the manhole cover. You'll find a pair of guards in the
   courtyard, illuminated nicely by the lamppost. Use your countdown to time
   your simultaneous headshots on both.

   Immediately after passing the lamppost you'll need to stop and look to the
   right (west) where you'll see a pair of hostiles in the archway ahead. Take
   them out, head through their arch then look left (south) and you'll see one
   more pair standing around the building entrance - one along the right-hand
   wall and another just inside the entrance.

   Once you get inside the apartment building you'll want to switch to your
   pistol. Head upstairs a couple of floors, take the door on the right and then
   storm the room, quickly killing the two guys inside - one in the main room
   and one in the second room on the right; since you're not in a position to
   take aimed shots you should just empty your gun into them.

   From the vantage point of the apartment's windows you now have some proper
   sniping to do so make sure you're crouching and positioned close enough to
   the window frame for your bipod to deploy automatically. You'll see a pair of
   hostiles to the south-east with an orange diamond marker - wait for them to
   walk up steps, stop and then walk across to the right side of the raised
   platform before stopping a second time when you can shoot them. Next there's
   another pair to take out in front of a white van and then Alpha Team will
   move up to the buses containing the first lot of hostages. Designate one bus
   each for you and your partner, press Select to spot, target the hostiles (two
   in each bus) and take the shots as soon as Alpha makes their move.

   Remember to resupply from the ammo-crate in the apartment before heading back
   down to ground level, exiting to the south. You'll see two more pairs of
   guards marked with orange diamonds on the other side of the river - make sure
   you and your co-op partner agree which pair to do first! Start with the pair
   on the right (south-west) and then do the pair on the higher ground to the
   left (south).

   Next one person should stay on the embankment for a single kill while the
   other drops down to the platform at river level and runs west to get into
   position for a double kill on the south bank. If you get there quickly there
   will be a moment when they're conveniently lined up for a double headshot.

   The lower player should now continue west along the platform then back up the
   stairs to take up position with the other player, overlooking the large hotel
   sign across the river to your south. After the friendly team moves right you
   will see a new group of three hostiles appear at the top of the staircase
   immediately to the right of that hotel. Obviously you won't be able to get
   simultaneous kills here but you'll still need to coordinate to take them all
   down quickly and in as short a period of time as possible. Since they're
   moving you'll probably have to use multiple body-shots.

   Next move swiftly a few metres to your right to get a clear shot at another
   trio on the riverside to the right (west) and a third group of three on the
   ramp at the back of the plaza in the centre (south-west). You need to get all
   of these guys pretty quickly to avoid an alert and remember to reload between
   groups so you always have a full mag. Then there will be a single sniper at a
   small balcony halfway up one of the buildings behind the plaza. If you're
   directly opposite you'll get a clear shot unobstructed by trees.

   Now you can move up to the Vantage Point objective overlooking the bridge and
   resupply from the ammo-crate you find there. Look for the orange diamonds as
   usual to acquire your targets quickly. The first pair will be down on the
   right side of the bridge inside the embassy compound (they stop at a gap in
   the wall), the second pair will be down in the garden in front of the embassy
   itself to the west (they stop in front of the stairs) and then a group of
   three will appear behind the statue with the fountains (they'll walk across
   and stop at the balustrade immediately above Alpha).

   Your next set of targets will be indoors. Ignore the enemy in the upstairs
   room and wait for the friendly team to move up to the building. You'll get a
   diamond marker on two hostiles inside the room right next to them so take
   them out through the window; if the window frame is in the way then go for
   body-shots. Finally Alpha Team will move inside and up to the balcony outside
   the room with the hostages. Press Select to spot the five enemies inside -
   two each in the left and right windows plus one guy roaming left and right.
   Designate one window per player just like with the buses before. When you're
   ready Alpha will storm the room and you can assist by sniping the marked
   hostiles. (There's one more target to hit after that but you should've got
   the trophy by then.)

   If you encounter enemies as you exit the apartment or in the street outside
   the apartment or on the way to Vantage Point that means the alert has been
   raised and you won't get the trophy.

   *The "drop them like liquid" principle is exemplified by the training regime
   of the Special Air Service (SAS) who are trained to instinctively and rapidly
   aim for headshots to ensure a quick take-down.

28 Untouchable [Bronze]

   "Completed mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From the Sky"

   This is an airborne mission - you're in an attack chopper, one player is the
   pilot and the other is their gunner. If the aircraft gets severely damaged
   the pilot can press the R1 button to use the built-in fire extinguisher to
   control the fire, but if you can complete the mission without using it you
   get this trophy. It's okay to take minor non-critical damage though and in
   those cases the chopper will auto-repair over time.

   The pilot will need to be able to fly the helicopter fairly competently but
   at least this co-op mission gives you a place to develop your piloting skills
   without wasting time and resources in multiplayer matches. Don't be put off
   if you keep crashing. I must confess on my first two attempts I crashed in
   the first five seconds both times!* (this seems to be pretty common - heh!)

   You might find that changing the controls for flight will make aircraft a
   little easier to use. If you switch the Heli Sticks controller option to
   "Legacy" it'll put Roll (left/right tilt) on the left stick and Yaw (rotation
   in the horizontal plane) on the right stick with Pitch (forwards/back tilt).
   I think OhGood was the first person I saw suggesting that on the forum. With
   some practice you should be able to get a feel for each of those movements
   and how to use them together.

   If you really can't get it then either 1) find a friend who can fly, 2) ask
   on a forum for a capable chopper pilot or 3) keep joining public games until
   you find someone who knows what they're doing. The game seems to decide at
   random each time which player will be the pilot and which the gunner. If it
   comes out the wrong way just use the Select Mission option on the pause menu
   and try again.

   The gunner will mainly be using the gun and (since the pilot will be using
   both their thumbs a lot) they should be spotting constantly (press Select).
   For any heavy vehicular targets (BMP's and Mobile Anti-Air units) they should
   switch to the missile system (press Triangle), lock onto them and fire
   immediately. They can also press L1 to toggle a zoomed/thermal view on/off.

   The pilot needs to balance offence and defence. Keeping the chopper moving
   and at a high altitude** will help keep you alive but if you're lower you'll
   be able to spot more effectively and keeping the vehicle steady will make it
   easier for both of you to shoot effectively. You'll probably need to repeat a
   sequence of attack runs on each target - fly slowly towards the hostiles so
   both of you can shoot, then turn around in a large circle to do it again. If
   you can get a little distance each time you'll be able to have a longer run
   whenever you attack (this is especially important when the gunner is trying
   to get a missile lock). Don't forget to reload your rockets (press Square)
   while you're manoeuvring before your next attack run.

   Your priority targets will be those that can damage your helicopter the most
   so go for the Mobile AA and RPG's first. It can be difficult to see where the
   enemy are so keep spotting and also look out for their gunfire. If you get
   stuck after the friendly ground troops reach the objective building then you
   should look out for small dark lightweight vehicles on the road - they don't
   get the same orange diamond markers as the larger targets.

   It's nice to take your time to give your bird time to repair and to line up
   tight attack runs but even on Easy diff it's possible to run out of time on
   some sections so try not to be too slow and use Yaw to rotate and bring both
   players' weapons back on the enemy as quickly as possible.

   *After my initial epic fails I'm now a confident user of attack and scout
   helicopters in multiplayer matches, strafing armour on the ground and even
   dogfighting with other choppers. :) I've even made some progress with jets!

   **The number and scale on the right of the HUD indicate your altitude.

29 Army of Two* [Bronze]

   "Completed all co-op missions on Hard"

   This gold trophy is awarded for completing all six co-op missions on Hard
   difficulty setting.

   The completion trophies stack so if you beat co-op mode for the first time on
   Hard diff you get both trophy #23 and this one.

   *An unsubtle reference to another shooter that also happens to be published
   by Electronic Arts!

30 Ninjas* [Bronze]

   "Reached the VIP without setting off the alarm in Exfiltration"

   The final co-op trophy comes from the Exfiltration** mission. It's awarded
   for completing the first phase of the mission in stealth mode so, as with
   trophy #27, you'll need to coordinate with your partner for simultaneous
   kills, but this time it's all indoors at short range and CCTV surveillance
   cameras are added to the mix.

   I'll give another basic walkthrough for this section. (I might not say it
   each time but take it for granted that you have to shoot all the baddies and
   cameras you encounter and that if there's more than one thing in the same
   place you must shoot them all at the same time.)

   Take the door on the right into the garage, then open the far door and sneak
   into the next room where you'll find two hostiles. Use a countdown again to
   time your simultaneous headshots and proceed out the open doorway, along the
   passage and down the stairs to the next pair of enemies to kill.

   Advance slowly into the laundry room and watch for the CCTV camera through
   the doorway on the right - take it out with your silenced pistol. Use that
   doorway to exit then open the door to the room with the storage cages. Enter
   the room but stop at the first corner and turn left to see the next camera
   high on the left at the far end, then advance to the next corner and turn
   right to find another cam high on your left.

   Continue through the room and exit out the door at the far end. You'll see
   a single hostile in the next doorway so take him out with another headshot.

   Now you'll enter the stairwell which has two flights of steps per floor. Go
   halfway to the next floor up and you'll see a hostile and a camera above you
   on the next landing so get into positions for simultaneous shots again. Keep
   going up the stairs until you can see the landing on the next floor up where
   there are two guards and one camera. Yup, there are three things to shoot so
   one of you will have to line up a shot to take both the front enemy and the
   camera at the same time while the other player gets the guy at the rear.

   Progress up to their landing, take the door there then around the bend you'll
   find two more guards in a corridor. Once you've got those two you've got
   access to the safe-room containing the VIP and you've passed the requirement
   for this trophy. You can then continue with the rest of the mission.

   *Much like the English word "sheep", Japanese nouns don't take a plural form
   so you could have one ninja or fifty ninja. I guess it's acceptable to use a
   standard English plural form when writing in English though.

   **Exfiltration ("exfil" for short) is the opposite of infiltration - gettin'
   out as opposed to gettin' in. :)

------< MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES >------------------------------------ [Section 06]

There are only nine trophies available in multiplayer. While that's good news if
you want easier completion, I must say I'm a little disappointed. I would like
to have seen a larger number of achievements and some more interesting ones,
especially since BFBC2 had plenty of novel ones like The Dentist (repair-tool
headshot), Demo Man (twenty demolition kills), Airkill (chopper roadkill), etc.

You can work towards pretty much all of these in any of the five multiplayer
game modes although there are some exceptions, for example the Team Deathmatch
and Squad Rush modes have no vehicles and several of the ribbons are specific
to certain MP modes.

If you're going for platinum you'll need to get the gold trophy for reaching
Level 45 and that could easily take you a hundred hours. Many of the other
trophies (or the ribbons required for them) will come to you naturally just from
playing the game that long so I think it's best to not worry about the trophies
so much at first - focus on learning (and enjoying!) the game. Do keep all the
ribbon requirements in mind as you play though so you can finish one you happen
to have started, for example if you randomly get three pistol kills in a match
then you could make a point of getting a fourth to meet the requirement of the
Hand Gun Ribbon, etc.

You will require an Online Pass to play any of the multiplayer modes.

The requirements for all the MP trophies are pretty straightforward but for the
sake of completeness I'll give details for each.

31 Vehicle Warfare [Bronze]

   "Received all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons"

   They might've added the option to play multiplayer without vehicles (yet
   another concession to the COD crowd?) but you can't avoid them if you want to
   get this trophy! Although there's an IFV that spawns in Squad Rush games you
   will probably want to play in either Rush or Conquest mode to get the full
   range of vehicles (and even then only on some maps).

   Ribbons are awarded for various accomplishments in multiplayer matches (they
   replace the similar system of pins in BFBC2). There are 45 different ribbons
   available and you can view them in the game under My Soldier \ Stats and then
   pressing R1 to access the Ribbons tab. This menu shows all 45 ribbons, which
   ones you've received and how many times you've got each. You can also check
   the ribbons you've just earned on the Awards tab immediately after a match.

   (Each ribbon gives a fixed bonus of generally either 200 or 500 points. These
   points are not included in your in-game score but are added after the match.)

   The three vehicle warfare ribbons are awarded for achieving a certain number
   of kills in a single match using specific categories of vehicles. You only
   need to get each ribbon once for this trophy and you don't need to get them
   all in the same match.

   o Transport Warfare Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 4 enemies with Transport Vehicles"

     Unfortunately DICE neglected to define exactly which vehicles you can use
     for each of these ribbons. The Amtrac is a transport vehicle but it's also
     an armoured vehicle, the Huey Venom is a transport vehicle but it could
     also be categorised as an air vehicle... Hmmm.

     For now I'm going to use a little guesswork in compiling these lists. I'll
     update this section once I have more definite info on which ribbons you get
     for making kills with the various vehicles.

     - Growler ITV (US jeep)
     - VDV Buggy (Russian jeep)
     - M1114 HMMWV* [Humvee] (US light transport)
     - GAZ3937 Vodnik (Russian light transport)
     - AAV7A1 Amtrac** (US amphibious assault)
     - UH1Y Venom*** (US transport helicopter)
     - KA60 Kasatka (Russian transport helicopter)
     - RHIB (US boat)

     I think it's best to go for ground vehicle ribbons while attacking in Rush
     mode. The relative positions of the two teams mean that it can be (fairly)
     safe to hang back and engage the defender's base from a distance. I like to
     use the mounted MG's and their L1 zoom. If you play as Engineer (or have an
     Engineer partner) you can keep your vehicle/s repaired. Maybe try to find a
     wall or some rocks that will provide cover. I earned my first Transport
     Warfare Ribbon like that in a Humvee on the penultimate base of Kharg
     Island shooting at hostiles in the open-sided construction site objective
     and in the open ground surrounding it.

     By definition the transport vehicles are more vulnerable than the armoured
     ones but at least you only need to get four kills for this ribbon.

     There's an interesting bug I first observed in Conquest mode which could be
     useful if you struggle to get this one. As usual I'd planted plenty of
     mines along major vehicle routes, then I respawned at our base and took a
     buggy. As I was driving back in towards the flags I got notification of a
     vehicle destruction and enemy kill. Nothing so odd about that so far - I
     get those a lot :) - but the kill was credited not to the mines but to the
     vehicle I was driving. So if you plant your mines sensibly (on a big map
     with lots of vehicles) and then just sit somewhere in a Humvee or something
     you should get this ribbon. Keep in mind though that this bug might get
     fixed at some point (and also, since a patch, you can now only have a
     maximum of six mines on the map at any one time).

     Thanks to Double991 and Flaco91PR for confirming that the Huey and Kasatka
     do indeed count as transport vehicles and not air vehicles.

     One easier/cheap place to get this is on the main passageway at the centre
     of the Grand Bazaar map on Conquest mode. If you can manoeuvre a Humvee or
     Vodnik to one end of the passage and man the machinegun you'll get a clear
     fire arc along the length of the passage. Tap L1 to toggle zoom and spam
     Select to spot enemies then pick them off quickly. If you can position the
     vehicle actually inside the passage it'll only be exposed to the front and
     rear but it won't be long before a couple of RPG's kill your ride and spoil
     your fun so get those four kills as fast as possible!

     The November 2011 patch buffed the miniguns on the transport/scout choppers
     so they are now more effective against infantry and the jeep-type vehicles.
     Also a helicopter can now take more damage before entering the "disabled"
     state where you lose stability and bleed health.

     If I'm capturing a flag on foot in Conquest mode I like to jump in a Humvee
     or Vodnik jeep if one spawns there, just to give a little light cover, but
     I sometimes pick up a kill or two. I press X to switch to the gunner's seat
     and watch for enemies approaching to defend their flag. The L1 zoom gives a
     good aim and since I leave the vehicle in its original position it doesn't
     look too suspicious. :)

   o Armored Warfare Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 7 enemies with Land Vehicles"

     Again I'm guessing on these but here's a list of armoured vehicles:

     - M1 Abrams (US main battle tank)
     - T90A (Russian main battle tank)
     - LAV25 (US infantry fighting vehicle)
     - BMP2M (Russian infantry fighting vehicle)
     - LAV-AD (US mobile anti-air)
     - 9K22 Tunguska (Russian mobile anti-air)

     As I finish the initial version of this guide I've just unlocked the Zoom
     Optics gadget for the tanks (by earning 7600 pts with MBT's) and had fun
     using it in Rush mode attacking on the large open map of Caspian Border. I
     camped some distance down the long main road into the first base and
     toggled the optics on. I was getting great results with both the main gun
     to take out enemy tanks on the road and the coaxial LMG (press Triangle to
     switch to your secondary weapon) for infantry. The crucial thing with
     either weapon is that you must observe your fire and aim higher if it's
     falling short. When shooting at enemy vehicles look out for the hit markers
     on your crosshairs - once you get them you know you have the range correct.
     Oh and remember to always keep spotting with the Select button of course.

     Once you unlock the thermal vision spec for the tanks and infantry fighting
     vehicles that's very useful for spotting (and therefore killing) enemy
     soldiers on foot and it reveals the location of enemy anti-tank mines too
     (they glow white, just like people).

     I guess it's all a matter of personal preference but I like to run a tank
     with the following specs: Maintenance (to enhance the tank's auto-repair,
     this means I can run Engineer with AT mines instead of the repair tool),
     Thermal Optics (see above) and the Coaxial LMG for anti-infantry kills.

     Prior to the addition of the Back To Karkand expansion pack (see Section 07
     below) the LAV-AD - the Air Defence variant of the LAV25 - only appeared in
     the PC version of BF3 but it is now available for consoles too. 

     The IFV's definitely count as armoured vehicles - I've got this ribbon a
     few times with the LAV, BMP and the new BTR90 (from the B2K expansion).

   o Air Warfare Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 6 enemies with Air Vehicles"

     These are all the playable non-transport air vehicles in the game:

     - AH6J Little Bird (US scout helicopter)
     - Z11W (Russian scout helicopter)
     - AH1Z Viper*** (US attack helicopter)
     - MI28 Havoc (Russian attack helicopter)
     - F/A18E Super Hornet (US fighter jet)
     - SU35BM Flanker (Russian fighter jet)
     - A10 Thunderbolt (US attack jet)
     - SU25TM Frogfoot (Russian attack jet)

     The air vehicles are notoriously difficult to control so you should either
     take the time to learn (check for tutorials on Youtube) or find yourself a
     good pilot (and be their gunner). Both easier said than done! I got it as
     gunner in an attack helicopter. To get the gunner seat, wait until you see
     the chopper on your respawn list, highlight it and you'll be able to see
     the aircraft, then wait until the rotors start up so you know it's got a
     pilot. Once you're up and near the enemy base keep spamming the Select
     button constantly to spot hostiles - it's much easy to aim at them once
     they have the little orange spotted marker over their heads.

     Hopefully your pilot will have the skills (and flares) to keep you in the
     air for a decent amount of time. Ideally they'll keep fairly low and close
     to the targets and hopefully they'll keep your firing arc in mind (i.e. not
     hovering over the enemy base when you can't aim directly downwards). When
     you're the gunner in an attack chopper watch your ammo count in the bottom-
     right corner of the screen - either empty your mag to force a reload or
     press Square for a manual reload, just like with a rifle.

     An Engineer passenger riding on the outside of a scout helicopter (seats 2
     and 3 on the in-game list) can equip their repair tool and point it at part
     of the chopper to repair the aircraft during flight, so if you can find an
     Engineer partner they'll keep you airborne for longer. Prior to the patch
     released in November the Engineer would receive no experience points for
     doing this but this bug has since been fixed so hopefully your squad-mates
     will be lining up to help you and to earn themselves some easy points!

     The Stinger and Igla (the man-portable anti-air missiles) were both nerfed
     in the November 2011 patch so that should help with this ribbon. Also the
     cannons on the jet planes now do more damage against infantry and choppers
     take less damage from .50 cal machineguns.

   The vehicle warfare ribbons do not require streaks and you can use various
   vehicles in the same category so for example you could get four kills with an
   attack chopper, die, respawn and get another couple of kills with a plane and
   you'd get the Air Warfare Ribbon. You don't need to be the driver of the
   vehicle, you could be a co-pilot or gunner using a weapon mounted on it but
   if you are driving I suspect that any roadkills would count too. :D

   When using vehicle weapons like a tank's main gun or a mounted machinegun
   remember to allow for bullet-drop when engaging targets at medium/long range.
   Watch where your rounds land and aim slightly higher if necessary.

   (Noob FAQ - how do I switch seats in a vehicle? Press X. Your position will
   be shown in the list towards the bottom-right of your screen. The bottom row
   is always the driver/pilot, the one above is usually the gunner/copilot and
   any other seats are for passengers (or side gunners on IFV's).)

   *"High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle" in case you were wondering.

   **Whenever I see an Amtrac I expect someone to sell me an R5 droid with a
   faulty motivator. ;)

   ***The Viper and Venom are the two halves of the USMC's H-1 Upgrade Program
   to update its helicopter fleet. The Viper is based on the Super Cobra and the
   Venom is based on the Huey, both original designs dating back to the era of
   the Vietnam War and sharing a lot of components.

32 Infantry Efficiency [Bronze]

   "Received all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons"

   This works a lot like the previous trophy but this time you need to earn the
   ribbons by getting seven kills with a specified category of firearm within a
   single match. The four ribbons relate to the standard primary weapon type for
   each of the four kits/classes (so no unlocks are required for this trophy).

   You can use different weapons from the same category to earn your ribbon, so
   for example you could get five kills with your M16, pick up an enemy's AK74
   and get two more and you'd qualify for an Assault Rifle Ribbon. The important
   thing is the type of weapon and not the class, so playing as Support using a
   shotgun might get you a Shotgun Ribbon but it won't contribute towards the
   Light Machine Gun Ribbon you need for this trophy. Don't use any of the "all
   kit" weapons that are available to all four classes (PDW's and shotguns).

   The trophy will pop mid-game a few seconds after you earn the last of the
   four required ribbons.

   o Assault Rifle Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 7 enemies with Assault Rifles"

     The assault rifles are available to the Assault class, e.g. M16, AK74, etc.

   o Sniper Rifle Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 7 enemies with Sniper Rifles"

     The sniper rifles are available to the Recon class, e.g. Mk 11, SVD, etc.

     This is the toughest of the four if you're not used to operating in a
     sniper role. In BFBC2 you could equip a new sight on the automatic VSS and
     use it like a Recon assault rifle but sadly that's not available in BF3* so
     it's probably best to stick with the initial semi-auto Mk 11 or SVD rifle
     and either persevere with sniping at long-range or reconfigure your gun's
     accessories to remove the scope and use the iron sights at short/medium
     range targets. After just ten kills with either rifle you unlock a 4x scope
     which you might be happier with.

     If you're sniping at range remember to allow for bullet-drop - I like to
     assess the amount of drop at any given distance by firing a shot at a wall
     or post for reference (stay scoped-in and watch where the shot impacts -
     say it hits 8mm below your crosshairs on your TV screen you know to aim 8mm
     above your targets). DICE have added sway since BFBC2 so if you have a high
     mag scope you'll need to tap L3 to hold your breath and steady your aim.
     Use the bipod for stability if you have it unlocked.

     You might find it easier to get kills in hardcore mode where players have
     60 health instead of 100. You need to use the new server browser to join a
     hardcore match - from the main BF3 menu go to Multiplayer \ Server Browser
     and press R3 to set a filter for hardcore. You can also pick servers by
     region which could be generally useful if you suffer from lag.

   o Light Machine Gun Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 7 enemies with Light Machine Guns"

     The LMG's are available to the Support class, e.g. M27, RPK74, etc.

     These experience fairly heavy recoil so they should be used in short bursts
     and equipped with either the bipod (if you go prone) or the foregrip (if
     you plan on running with it). As with any weapon, once an enemy has been
     spotted you should align your aim horizontally on the orange marker, aim
     low on the target and then fire your bursts - the muzzle rise should give
     you several hits on their body and possibly one on their head too. There's
     an exception to the horizontal rule when you spot an enemy squad leader as
     they'll be marked with both an orange triangle and an orange star overhead
     so you need to aim horizontally mid-way between the two.

     Even though it's an "infantry automatic rifle" and fed from a relatively
     small magazine you can still use the M27 (the first primary available to
     you when playing Support on the US side) to get the LMG Ribbon and the same
     applies to the Russian RPK.

   o Carbine Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 7 enemies with Carbines"

     The carbines are available to the Engineer class, e.g. M4, AKS74u, etc.

     It's nice to have these properly labelled now after having all the Engineer
     primaries labelled as SMG's in BFBC2! A carbine is a shortened rifle that's
     more convenient in close-quarters or in a vehicle but less effective at
     range due to the shorter barrel. The M4 carbine is based on the M16/AR15
     design but remember that M4 kills will count towards a Carbine Ribbon, not
     an assault rifle one.

33 Decorated [Gold]

   "Received one of each ribbon in the game"

   As I said earlier, there's a total of 45 different ribbons available in the
   multiplayer game modes and you need to get one of each for this gold trophy.

   You can check your progress on the Ribbons tab under My Soldier \ Stats from
   the game's main menu or in the Awards section of your Battlelog profile.

   I've listed below all the available ribbons apart from the fourteen that are
   covered elsewhere in this section (see trophies #31-32, #34-35, #37-38).

   o Hand Gun Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 4 enemies with handguns"

     Usually you'd keep your sidearm as a back-up for when your primary runs dry
     and if you tend to do that a lot you'll probably get this ribbon during
     normal play. If not just make more of an effort to use the pistol, play in
     confined spaces, favour small maps, sneak up on people for easier kills,
     use a gun with a tactical light to blind opponents, etc.

     It's common for snipers using bolt-action rifles to get a hit with their
     primary and then finish off the target with their pistol. If you did that
     you'd pick up a lot of handgun kills too. Ditto if you use an automatic
     pistol like the G18 or M93R for short-range defence when you're running
     Recon with a sniper rifle.

     A major patch released for the PS3 on 30 November 2011 made changes to a
     number of weapon specs including a small increase in damage for .44 Magnum
     ammunition, increased range and minimum damage for .357 Magnum ammo and
     increased range for .45 ACP and 9mm. So in other words all the handguns
     were buffed in one way or another and that should make this ribbon a little
     easier to get now.

   o Disable Vehicle Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, disable 4 enemy vehicles"

     When you damage any enemy vehicle past a certain point (60% health?) it
     becomes effectively immobilized - it can only move very slowly, it catches
     fire and continues to lose health. Do that four times in one match and you
     get this ribbon.

     There's a wide range of weapon systems you can use to damage vehicles -
     RPG's, anti-tank missiles, surface-to-air missiles, weapons mounted on your
     own vehicle, anti-tank mines, emplaced weapons, mortars and - if you want
     to feel really manly - C4 explosives applied directly. :D You can also use
     the Engineer's repair tool to "unrepair" an enemy-occupied vehicle (this
     gives a reddish flame effect instead of the usual blue sparky one).

     Traditionally I tend to play Rush and love taking out vehicles there but I
     actually first got this ribbon in Squad Deathmatch mode where the IFV (the
     "light tank") is very tempting to other players but fairly easy to hunt due
     to the relatively small map. A couple of hits with a SMAW or RPG should
     disable it I think, just stay in hard cover while you reload! Wait for the
     tank to fire so you break cover while it's reloading and watch out for tank
     crew coming to get you on foot. You could also consider rigging the parked
     vehicle with C4 or planting AT mines right in front of it (hidden in shadow
     or debris if possible).

     It might be better though to play in Rush or Conquest where there will be
     more vehicles on the map. How many you get to destroy will usually depend
     on how many of your team-mates are attempting to do the same.

     A significant change since BFBC2 is that you can now equip both a portable
     missile / RPG launcher and AT mines at the same time which greatly boosts
     your anti-vehicle potential. Mines unlock once you've scored 7000 points
     using the Engineer kit. Place them in pairs at choke-points and on popular
     routes (and remember to replace any that get used/destroyed - you can check
     on the pause map). Try hiding them in shadow, among debris, in craters, in
     water, in roadside foliage, on scorched ground and behind a blind crest on
     a road - these can all make a difference, although they'll still be visible
     to tanks and IFV's running Thermal Optics.

     (For the first few weeks after release BF3 permitted every player to have
     an unlimited number of mines deployed (good times!) but they now seem to
     have implemented the rule from BFBC2 where each player can have no more
     than six mines active on the map at any one time. If they have six in place
     and drop a seventh then the first one will disappear, etc.)

     The EXPL spec unlocks at Level 11 and will double the amount of ammo you
     carry for your anti-vehicle weapons (10 RPG's and 6 mines - woohoo!).

     Just like in real life, tanks have stronger armour on the front and weaker
     armour on the rear. An RPG delivered to the back of a tank will cause about
     *three* times more damage than one fired at the front! This is demonstrated
     in this informative video from PianomanGaming - and it has a pretty funky
     soundtrack too. :)

     (Applying this knowledge can make a big difference to the effectiveness of
     your RPG use in an anti-tank role. Conversely, when you're the one driving
     a tank remember to watch your ass! Try to always turn to face the enemy and
     protect your vulnerable rear!)

     Also Symthic's game data shows that RPG's do maximum damage when fired at
     90 degrees (perpendicular) to the body of the vehicle. When you fire at an
     angle the damage will be reduced. Angles less that 45 degrees do minimum
     damage. You can view Symthic's data here:

     (Noob FAQ - why can't I fire the Stinger / Igla I just unlocked? They're
     both surface-to-air missiles, you can only fire them after getting a lock
     on a target vehicle and they can only lock onto an air vehicle. After you
     fire your homing missile it will miss if the pilot releases IR flares.)

   o Anti Vehicle Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, destroy 3 enemy vehicles"

     If you reduce a hostile vehicle to 0% health you get the credit for killing
     it. Do that three times to get this ribbon. This is a little easier than
     the equivalent pin awarded in BFBC2 which required four vehicle kills.

     See previous ribbon for notes on anti-vehicle ops. One thing I will add
     though is that in BF3 a disabled vehicle will continue to lose health
     automatically and (unless it gets repaired or another player kills it) the
     person who disabled it will eventually get the credit for the destroy. So
     you might get this ribbon at the same time as the Disable Vehicle one.

     I do like killing me some vehicles. I think my record is four Anti Vehicle
     Ribbons in a single Conquest match. :) (that was playing on the US side on
     the Noshahr Canals map and making major use of mines)

   o Melee Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 4 enemies with melee weapons"

     This is going to mostly involve knifing people (press R2 to use your knife)
     but I wonder if it also counts kills using the Engineer's repair tool?

     You might attempt this on the smaller deathmatch maps although I find they
     can be a bit chaotic. If you do it in Rush mode you can try flanking along
     the edge of the map and approaching the unsuspecting enemy side from behind
     (that works as either attacker or defender). Use the SPRNT spec (Level 2
     unlock) to get there faster and help you catch people. Think about how
     narrow your field of view is in the game - it's the same for everyone so
     you can approach people from behind or the side without them seeing you. If
     you notice a nearby enemy and they haven't seen you why not chase after
     them and relieve them of their tags when they stop to shoot? :) Also watch
     your minimap - each time an enemy fires an unsuppressed weapon their
     position (and orientation) will be indicated there and often you'll see
     that they don't relocate after a shot and you can get behind them.

     ShadowBalboa recommends playing Conquest and laying in wait for people on
     the hilltops on Caspian Border and in the building by the flag at the docks
     on Kharg Island. Carter_83 suggests checking all the upstairs building
     interiors for campers on the two Paris maps (Seine Crossing and Op. Metro).

     If you're going for the platinum trophy you'll need to play for at least
     several dozen hours to get to Level 45 (see trophy #36) and in that time
     you should get a few matches where you have sufficient opportunities for
     multiple knifings. I played for about 40 hours getting only 1-2 knife kills
     per match then suddenly I got my first three melee ribbons in the same day.

     Two of those ribbons were while playing Conquest on Seine Crossing. I think
     that's a good map to use as it's small enough to get around quickly but
     there's ample potential for flanking too. After you've played a few games
     on a map as both sides (USA/Russia) you'll come to learn the positions of
     both spawns and the routes players take into the map. When your team takes
     one of the flags near the enemy spawn you know that respawning members of
     the other team will be heading straight to that flag from their base. If
     you can hide somewhere along that route, ideally just on the enemy side of
     the flag, you can creep up behind them as they slow to approach the flag.

     Slamscape likes to farm knife kills in the hills overlooking the second
     base when defending in Rush on Tehran Highway as he demonstrates in this
     section of his gameplay video:

     Make sure you're close enough and lined up for each kill because if you
     miss you have to wait a couple of seconds for the knife to "reload". If
     your target's moving you might land a (weaker) normal knife attack instead
     of a knife takedown and your intended victim will notice.

     Although it wasn't shown on the screen, in BFBC2 a knife kill gave a bonus
     equal to the victim's rank (1-50 points) but there is no such bonus in BF3.
     (I started one match with a gun kill and two knife kills and had 300 pts.)

   o PDW Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 7 enemies with Personal Defence Weapons"

     The PDW's are unlocked as you advance through the ranks and all of them are
     "all-kit" weapons - you can use them as your primary weapon with any of the
     four classes. The first one you get is the PP2000 at Level 7, followed by
     the PDW-R* and the P90. The UMP45 (technically an SMG) and AS Val (silenced
     assault rifle) are both classed as PDW's for the sake of the game too. You
     can also unlock the H&K MP7 in co-op mode (see trophy #24). 

     As the name suggests, these guns are better suited to shorter ranges.

     In the November 2011 patch the PDW-R was given increased range but reduced
     minimum damage at long range and the P90 and MP7 also received a boost to
     their effective range. Additionally the increased range for .45 ACP and 9mm
     ammo benefitted the PP2000 and UMP45 as well as the handguns that also use
     those rounds.

     *It's actually called the PDR (Personal Defense Rifle) in real life. Unlike
     most PDW's it uses a conventional calibre (NATO standard 5.56mm).

   o Shotgun Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 7 enemies with shotguns"

     The Remington 870MCS pump-action shotgun is your first weapon unlock (when
     you're promoted from "Level 0" to Level 1). Later you'll also receive the
     semi-auto M1014, Saiga and DAO12 and finally the automatic (sigh) USAS.
     Like the PDW's, these are all-kit guns that can be used with any kit.

     Obviously shotguns are best used at close quarters in confined spaces so
     you'll want to pick your maps and tactics accordingly. The deathmatch modes
     have more compact maps with tight spaces, although you could also use them
     attacking/defending objectives in Rush and Conquest.

     I don't normally use the shotguns but I got this ribbon on my first attempt
     in a Team Deathmatch game (it was on Operation Metro although I don't think
     map choice is a major factor). Being very observant helps - watch for any
     signs of enemy movement, both in the game and on the minimap. Flank them
     if you can or at least try to get closer. Make every shot count - take an
     extra fraction of a second to line up your first shot and then keep firing
     until they're down. I used the M1014 with the default buckshot load on the
     Recon kit - I was planning on using the T-UGS motion sensor to help find
     targets although in the end it wasn't actually that useful. If the large
     circular aiming reticule disappears just double-tap Triangle to restore it.

   o Accuracy Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 5 headshots"

     You're not limited to sniper rifles for this, you can use any sort of gun
     or even the Engineer's repair tool. :) Just, er, aim at people's heads and
     shoot them! Or aim at their chest with automatic fire and let muzzle-rise
     do the rest...

     Bizarrely I seem to get this ribbon most often when using a belt-fed LMG
     like the M249 SAW! I guess that's partly because the heavy recoil pushes
     the point of aim upwards (even when firing in controlled bursts) and partly
     since I use the Support class most often on Operation Metro where I always
     get more action/kills so I'm more likely to rack up those five headshots.

   o Avenger Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 2 Avenger kills"

     You get the 10 pts Avenger bonus when you kill an enemy who just killed one
     of your team-mates. This will come naturally from playing multiplayer, you
     shouldn't need to make any special effort for it.

   o Savior Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 2 Savior kills"

     You get the 20 pts Savior bonus when you kill an enemy who was about to
     kill one of your team-mates. You should be able to pick up plenty of
     these without even trying too.

   o Nemesis Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 2 Nemesis kills"

     You'll receive this for getting two Nemesis Victim bonuses. You get this
     bonus by killing the same person five times in a single match without them
     killing you. It's okay to die during the "nemesis streak" as long as that
     one person doesn't kill you.

     You receive a 50 pts nemesis bonus on the fifth kill and then further kills
     on the same person give you an extra 10 points each time so you get 60 pts
     on the sixth kill, 70 pts on the seventh, etc.

     For the ribbon you need two nemesis bonuses so I think you can either get
     nemesis streaks of five kills each on two different people or one streak of
     six on one person (since you get a bonus on the fifth and sixth kill).

     You can view your highest nemesis steak (and compare with your Battlelog
     friends) on the Battlelog website under Multiplayer \ Leaderboards \ Team.

     Obviously the more kills you get the better your chances of this happening.
     You stand the best odds on one of the 12 x 12 game modes (Rush, Conquest or
     Team Deathmatch) on one of those odd occasions when the servers stop adding
     new players to fill gaps in the teams and you end up with a game of maybe
     6 x 6. With half as many players the game can last twice as long and - on
     average - each player will get twice as many kills.

     Quink suggests using the mortar (Support unlock) to take out compulsive
     mortar users on the opposing team on the Seine Crossing map. Whenever an
     enemy fires their mortar they will be marked temporarily on your team's
     minimaps and you can quickly target them and hit them with your own. Make
     sure you move to a different position after each kill and remember that you
     you will be visible on the enemy maps each time you fire too so don't spam
     the mortar - wait until you see your target on the map (mortar shell icon).

     (If you get killed five times by the same person - so that they become your
     "nemesis" - you can apparently get a Nemesis Payback bonus by killing them
     once (just like the Payback pin in BFBC2) but I don't think you can get
     this ribbon for getting that.)

   o Suppression Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 7 Suppression Assists"

     New to BF3 is the suppression mechanic which blurs an enemy's screen when
     you shoot next to him. If a team-mate kills someone you're suppressing then
     you get a Suppression Kill Assist* (always worth exactly 50 points) and you
     need to do that seven times in a single match to get this ribbon. Although
     it's possible with other types of weapon (and even vehicles), the LMG's of
     the Support class are ideal for this - plus you have an infinite supply of
     ammunition in your magic ammo boxes. For extra stability set up with a
     bipod where possible (in prone or on a wall) and when safe to do so.

     So I guess you'll want to focus on deliberately aiming *close* to targets
     without actually hitting them! Of course you'll need one or more team-mates
     nearby to take the kills so work with your squad or other members of your
     team. You might even consider forming a two-man unit to get this ribbon -
     move/camp together in a good position then you can suppress hostiles as
     they appear and your partner can get the kills.

     Once you have it unlocked (Level 17) you can equip the SUPR spec to boost
     the effect on opponents receiving your suppressive fire.

     Getting 30 kills with an LMG unlocks the Extended Magazine feature so you
     can spray bullets for twice as long without reloading. :D

     An in-game tip says that the 12-gauge Frag ammo for shotguns (unlocked by
     getting 60 kills with the weapon) is particularly effective for suppression
     although of course you'll have much smaller ammo capacities. The shotguns
     are all-kit weapons though so you can run them with the Support class and
     thus replenish your ammunition as required. Even their standard buckshot
     ammo seems to be pretty effective for suppression at short range.

     Don't be confused by the "suppressor" accessory for some guns - that's what
     is commonly referred to as a silencer and is not required for this ribbon.
     Although, having said that, a suppressor (or flash suppressor) would help
     to conceal your position and it would also reduce the power of your rounds
     which would make it less likely that you kill someone by accident. :) This
     might reduce the suppressive effect though?

     Speaking of spotting, remember to always press Select to spot (tag) the
     enemy you're suppressing so your team-mates can see who they need to kill!

     This is one of the harder ribbons in the game so you'll almost certainly
     need to make a focused effort to get it (equipping SUPR spec, aiming to
     miss, etc!) rather than relying on getting one by chance.

     By the time I reached Level 45 I hadn't got this ribbon once... I thought
     about trying to get it a few times when playing on Operation Metro but I
     found it very hard to force myself to suppress targets and instead kept
     killing them! Finally I decided to try again with a serious attempt. I went
     for Conquest mode on Operation Metro (which gives long games in a confined
     space with both teams bunched together) and used the M249 SAW with extended
     mags, holo scope, foregrip and SUPR. There were plenty of firefights and I
     kept spraying bursts around any enemies I saw until my 200-round box was
     empty. Not only did I get my first Suppression Ribbon but I also picked up
     a second one in the same match and still managed to get 12 kills. B)

     *By definition you can never get an assist bonus on your own kills.

   o Ace Squad Ribbon [500 pts]

     "In a round, be part of the best squad"

     This is awarded at the end of a match to all members of the squad that has
     the highest total combined score. If you have difficulty getting this one
     try playing Squad Rush mode - since there are only two squads in any given
     match you have a pretty good chance of being in the best one!

   o Combat Efficiency* Ribbon [500 pts]

     "In a round, get 3 Streak Bonuses" [?]

     I'm not sure about that description, you actually earn this by completing
     a single streak of eight consecutive kills without dying. You definitely
     don't need three streaks for the ribbon - I first got it at the start of a
     match, then got one more kill before dying and my K/D was 9/1.

     You should note that this is different to BFBC2 where you got a Combat
     Efficiency pin for a six streak and Combat Excellence for an eight streak.
     Now there's only one ribbon and although it's called Combat Efficiency you
     need to get eight kills without dying. You can get them by any combination
     of weapons so that might include kills made by vehicles or mines etc. One
     further difference to BFBC2 is that you can get additional ribbons more
     easily when you extend your streak - you get another Combat Efficiency
     Ribbon for each additional three kills in the same streak, i.e. you get one
     at 8 kills, one more at 11 kills, another at 14, etc (unless you die). You
     only need one ribbon for this trophy though.

     If you have trouble with this then you could try tgf's suggestion - play
     Conquest mode on a small map like Seine Crossing and use the 60mm mortar
     (unlocks at 40,000 points with the Support class) from the safety of your
     team's spawn area. This would be particularly effective if a Recon on your
     side is using the MAV to spot enemy troops who will then appear on the map
     you use for mortar targeting. You will be vulnerable to counterattack by
     enemy mortar users though - each time you fire you'll appear on their map.

     If you die then get revived by a team-mate you can resume your pre-death
     streak. I started one match with a 14 streak (getting ribbons at 8, 11 and
     14 kills), got killed, got revived, then got two more kills before I died
     again and the Battlelog showed my new record streak as 16.

     *Good to see that DICE fixed the "Effienty" typo from the beta build! ;)

   o Anti Explosives Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, destroy 2 enemy explosives"

     I think this is a great addition to the game. I was forever blowing up the
     enemy's anti-tank mines in BFBC2 but never got any points (or thanks!) for
     it. Now you get 20 points for each one you destroy and a 200 pts bonus from
     this ribbon every second time. This is best done using RPG's, grenades, C4
     or the main gun on a tank. Grenades have good splash damage and can be used
     to take out several mines at once if they're positioned close together.

     You can also get this for taking out enemy Claymore anti-personnel mines
     and probably planted C4 as well but it would be much easier to anticipate
     and spot a couple of AT mines - just play on a vehicle mode/map and try to
     imagine where you'd put them.

     There will often be a few enemy mines on and around the flags in Conquest
     mode, especially the one/s nearest their base. Also on any obvious vehicle
     routes into the defenders' bases in Rush mode. You should be able to get
     this ribbon quite quickly.

     Friendly anti-tank mines are permanently marked on your minimap with blue
     icons - don't blow up those! Since the November 2011 patch any enemy mines
     that have been "spotted" will be marked there temporarily in orange too.
     (Ditto enemy C4 planted on your vehicle!)

     Using the unlockable Thermal Optics spec on a tank makes it very easy to
     see mines (and enemy troops). Just remember to check the minimap first - if
     they're marked there in blue they're friendly ones.

     My current record is eighteen Anti Explosive Ribbons in a single game! That
     was on Seine Crossing in Conquest mode with some compulsive mine-layers on
     the other team. Some of the time I was using the tank with thermal sights
     but - since I was playing after the patch - I also got a load on foot. With
     20 points per mine and 200 for each ribbon that gave me 2160 points. :)

   o Squad Spawn Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 7 Squad Spawn bonuses"

     You get a little bonus of 10 pts every time a member of your squad respawns
     on you so this ribbon should be pretty easy if you're good at staying alive
     and being in useful places. :) If you struggle to get it try advancing
     stealthily and hiding in a safe spot near the front line or an objective.

     (If you're playing Rush or Conquest and you notice that all of your squad-
     mates have been killed then do them a favour and try to stay alive long
     enough for them to respawn off you.)

   o Squad Wipe Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 2 Squad Wipe bonuses"

     The requirement for this ribbon is pretty clear - you need to get the Enemy
     Squad Eliminated bonus twice in a single match. The requirement for that
     bonus however is somewhat less certain...

     All the wipe videos I've seen feature the player killing multiple enemies
     in the span of a few seconds. Since they can spawn off each other and get
     bonuses on squad actions there's a fair chance when you see several of the
     other team together that they're on the same squad (and of course it's a
     certainty if you're playing Squad Rush mode). I'm not sure though whether
     you need to kill all of them or just the "last man standing". Do you need
     to kill them all before they start respawning and does it work if there's
     less than four players in the squad?

     Power Turtle confirms that he got a wipe after his first two kills at the
     start of a match so either you have to get the last man standing or it's
     possible with a smaller squad. I've got it a few times killing a single
     enemy without any previous recent kills.

     If you're lucky you might start shooting at someone just as one or two of
     his squad-mates decide to respawn on him in which case you could continue
     firing on auto to get them all. Often a player's squad member/s will spawn
     on them if they're arming an M-Com in Rush in which case it's likely that
     all the enemies watching the objective will be on the same squad and taking
     them all out will give a wipe too.

     Double991 says it's easier to get these in Rush attacking games where all
     the defenders will (ahem) rush to disarm an M-Com. If your team has the
     M-Com covered effectively there will be a lot of enemies killed in a short
     space of time (and in Squad Rush mode they'll all be on the same squad).
     Gemini_Red suggests playing on Operation Metro and Grand Bazaar, both maps
     with tight spaces so the enemy are often bunched together.

     This will probably be easier now (since the November 2011 patch) as one-man
     squads are permitted.

   o Stationary Emplacement Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, kill 2 enemies with emplaced weapons"

     Since the LMG primaries of the Support class can be fitted with bipods,
     the fantastic emplaced machineguns of BFBC2 are sadly gone so you'll need
     to look out for fixed anti-tank missile launchers and anti-aircraft guns.
     These can be found in Rush and Conquest vehicle maps.

     These will be marked with a white icon on the map. The missile launchers
     look like a poster tube on a tripod, their projectiles fly slowly and can
     be steered during flight; for the sake of balance these are usually placed
     in quite exposed locations. In contrast the anti-air guns are much larger,
     located at the back of your base and harder to use now (since BFBC2) since
     the map airspace is wider and taller so aircraft will be more distant.

     [Also I've seen reports that the AA guns don't count for this ribbon?]

     Luckily you only need to get two kills for the ribbon! Taking out a vehicle
     with two occupants would do it and that's how I first got this ribbon.
     There's an AT missile launcher near the back of the tunnels when you're
     defending the final base on Damavand Peak in Rush mode. I think this must
     be the least exposed weapon emplacement in the game because you can't take
     fire from the sides or above. The flat ground of the tunnels means that
     it's hard to snipe advancing infantry (by hitting the ground near them and
     getting splash damage) but it is good for damaging any vehicles that roll
     into your tunnels. I had a little luck on my side as one of my team-mates
     was operating a tank near the tunnel entrance and by the time I'd got my
     sights on an approaching enemy tank he'd already done some damage to it but
     crucially the crew hadn't bailed. My missile shot took the credit for
     destroying the vehicle and for the two kills.

     TroubleMaker411 recommends using the stationary AT launcher covering the
     main road into the first base, defending on Caspian Border in Rush mode,
     and traveltheory suggests having a friend help you by playing Engineer and
     weakening enemy vehicles with RPG fire so you get a one-hit vehicle kill.

     The SOFLAM* laser designator device (unlocks at 26,000 pts with Recon) can
     be used in conjunction with several weapon systems and Vic8379 reports that
     this includes the emplaced anti-tank launchers. I think you'd need to work
     in conjunction with a squad-mate to make this work - have a friendly Recon
     deploy their SOFLAM in a good vantage point and start designating enemy
     vehicles for you. Start shooting once you have a lock; you might need to
     fire to one side if you don't have a direct line of fire to the target.

     SWAT_JaYbO suggests doing this on Caspian Border in Conquest mode on the
     launcher at C flag after laying some anti-tank mines. This works the same
     way as the bug exploit I mentioned for vehicle kills (see trophy #31). The
     game treats a weapon turret like a static vehicle so if you're manning a
     turret when you get a mine kill it logs it as a kill using the turret. I
     tested this immediately after hearing about it on my very next Conquest
     game which happened to be on Grand Bazaar. There aren't many vehicles on
     this map but equally there aren't many roads either so it's easy to get a
     few mine kills. My favourite spots to plant mines are on the tips of the
     rubble "chicanes" on the long straight road (on the east side) and on the
     exit/s of the enemy deployment. ;) After setting several pairs of mines I
     ran back to my base and mounted the missile launcher. Just a couple of
     minutes later I got the notification that I'd destroyed a vehicle and got
     two kills, then I got one of these ribbons.

     *It stands for "Special Operations Forces Laser Acquisition Marker" btw.

   o M-Com Attacker Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, blow up 3 M-Com stations"

     The M-Coms* are the objectives in Rush (and Squad Rush) mode. You need to
     arm three M-Coms and have them blow up - if one gets disarmed that doesn't
     count. This ribbon is slightly easier than the equivalent pin in BFBC2
     (which required you to destroy four M-Coms in a match) but it could still
     be quite tough. If you have a headset you might be able to convince your
     squad-mates to support you, advance together (or have them spawn on you)
     and ask them to let you arm each M-Com you attack. A squad of good players
     will also be a big help in defending an M-Com once it's armed.

     Since there are only two M-Coms in a Squad Rush match you cannot obtain
     this ribbon in that mode. Also remember that, unlike BFBC2, you now cannot
     destroy an M-Com by damaging it with C4 or tank shells, or by demolishing
     the building it's in (boo!) - you can only take them out by arming.

     Every map in full Rush mode consists of a series of bases, each with two
     M-Coms. The majority of maps seem to have four bases but I think Noshahr
     Canals has five bases (and therefore ten M-Coms) so mathematically it gives
     you a better chance of getting this ribbon I guess.

     zeze recommends a couple of my favourite tactics from BFBC2 - flanking the
     enemy base to enter from the side or rear and arming the second M-Com just
     after the first has been armed (hopefully the majority of the defending
     team will focus on disarming the first one). xricky93x suggests storming
     the enemy base in a tank, arming the M-Com and then returning to your tank
     to defend it (this is best done with a partner otherwise you'll probably
     just end up giving a tank to the other team (and getting killed by it)).

     The BattlefieldoTV channel on Youtube advocates use of smoke grenades with
     the Assault kit's M320 grenade launcher. These can be used to cover your
     approach (and arming) of the M-Com and generally to be annoying, which is
     always good. :) If you liaise with your squad you could get someone to play
     as Support and spam smoke grenades on the objective/s with the mortar.

     The Engineer kit's EOD bot can be used to arm M-Com's remotely; it even has
     basic offensive capabilities that could allow you to defend an armed M-Com
     if you can hide and then advance to catch disarmers from behind. In his
     EOD tutorial on Youtube jewbybrother579 recommends arming an M-Com and then
     hiding the bot nearby (you can even quit out of controlling the bot and
     then come back to it later) so if the M-Com gets disarmed you can use the
     EOD bot to arm it again pretty quickly.

     If you can find yourself a game with fewer players then you'll have less
     competition for arming. You can set the filter on the server browser to
     show only Rush games and then press up on the server list to jump to the
     bottom. There will usually be a few games with 0/24 players but sadly when
     you join such a match you get a message saying that another seven players
     are required before it'll start (and no-one else joins). You could also try
     picking a game with maybe 16/24 players but the chances are that either the
     match hasn't started yet (and by the time it's loaded you'll find it's now
     full at 24/24) or it's a match with a strong defending team and several of
     the attacking side have rage-quit (and you'll be put onto the short team).

     Sometimes, though, you'll just end up in a game where several players have
     dropped out and not been replaced; a Rush match will continue with as few
     as eight players. If this happens to you, you're on the attacking side and
     the teams are fairly balanced then it's a great opportunity to push hard
     and pick up those three M-Com destructions you need with less competition
     from your team-mates.

     *I like to think the M stands for MacGuffin.

   o M-Com Defender Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, defend 4 M-Com stations"

     When playing Rush (or Squad Rush) as defender you get a 25 pts bonus each
     time you kill an enemy in defence of an M-Com. I'm pretty sure in BFBC2 I
     could get defender bonuses whenever I was near the M-Com, even if my victim
     was some distance away, but DDR Midian reports that in BF3 it's the enemy
     that must be near the M-Com (which makes sense) and that you can kill them
     from a distance. ThePhenomenaIHP confirms that they must actually be arming
     the M-Com for it to count as a defender kill which makes this much harder.

     Since M-Coms are now invulnerable to damage from explosives it's now safe
     for a defender to plant C4 on and around an M-Com, take cover in a position
     where they can observe the objective and detonate when an enemy approaches.
     If you're close enough you don't even need line of sight - you can listen
     for the beeping noises made when someone's arming.

     I got it using C4 defending on the first base on Tehran Highway in Squad
     Rush. I played as Support to get the C4, planted three on the M-Com and
     then hid in the plant cover behind the nearby wall, dropping an ammo box to
     replenish my C4 while I waited. With my headset I could easily hear the
     beeps from there so I got some very easy (multi) kills. After each time I
     planted fresh explosives and hid again; it might be best to use different
     hiding places each time otherwise they could recognise your location from
     the killer cam. We won on the first base and I got my M-Com Defender ribbon
     along with a Combat Efficiency streak and top MVP! :) This is pretty cheap
     though so I'd suggest that you only do it to get the ribbon.

     The Recon's T-UGS motion sensor is pretty handy for detecting approaching
     bad guys. Just plant it near the M-Com and keep an eye on your minimap. It
     might be best to avoid that though if it makes your squad-mates aware of
     enemy locations and they steal your kills!

   o Rush Winner Ribbon [500 pts]

     "Win a Rush round"

     There are five ribbons like this, one for each of the multiplayer modes

   o Conquest Winner Ribbon [500 pts]

     "Win a Conquest round"

   o TDM Winner Ribbon [500 pts]

     "Win a Team Deathmatch round"

   o Squad Rush Winner Ribbon [500 pts]

     "Win a Squad Rush round"

   o Squad Deathmatch Winner Ribbon [500 pts]

     "Win a Squad Deathmatch round"

     Compared to Rush, Conquest and Team Deathmatch where you play on a team of
     up to twelve people, it's not so easy for your team-mates to carry you in
     this 4x4x4x4 game mode so do your best to rack up kills for your squad and
     try not to die too much!

     If you get really stuck on this ribbon try joining and leaving matches
     until you find yourself in a squad with good players and a good lead.

     If you have the Back To Karkand expansion pack (see Section 07) you'll need
     to get five Squad Deathmatch wins for Assignment 2 of the Assault kit.

   o Rush Ribbon [200 pts]

     "Finish a Rush round"

     Yep, you get 200 points just for taking part! Again there are ribbons like
     this for all five MP modes. Just stay in the game until the end.

   o Conquest Ribbon [200 pts]

     "Finish a Conquest round"

   o Team Deathmatch Ribbon [200 pts]

     "Finish a Team Deathmatch round"

   o Squad Rush Ribbon [200 pts]

     "Finish a Squad Rush round"

   o Squad Deathmatch Ribbon [200 pts]

     "Finish a Squad Deathmatch round"

   o Flag Attacker Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 4 flag captures"

     The flags are the objectives in Conquest mode. A flag with a blue diamond
     icon is neutral and you can capture it just by being close to it (as long
     as your team is controlling the area); the icon then becomes a blue square.
     A flag held by the opposing team will have an orange diamond icon and when
     you seize the area it will first be neutralised (blue diamond) before then
     being captured (blue square).

     Flag caps in Conquest give a lot of points (up to 450 pts for neutralizing
     and capping each flag) so they're a good incentive for players to "PTFO"
     (play the objective)! ;)

     To get the credit for a flag capture you need to be the first person to get
     to the flag and begin capturing it. If you join a team-mate who's already
     started the capture then you'll just get an assist instead.

     In Conquest mode the icons above your minimap represent each of the flags
     in alphabetical order and they flash when the corresponding flag is being
     captured. For example if the third icon flashes you know that the "C" flag
     is under attack.

   o Flag Defender Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 5 flag defends"

     Since flags are involved this is obviously in Conquest mode too. You get a
     25 pts bonus each time you kill an enemy near a friendly flag.

     These two Conquest attacker/defender ribbons are a lot easier than the
     corresponding ones in Rush mode!

34 It's better than nothing! [Silver]

   "3rd MVP in a ranked match"

   The MVP 3 ribbon (for the third Most Valuable Player) is awarded for having
   the third highest point score at the conclusion of a multiplayer match. It's
   not the third highest on your team, but third *overall* across both teams
   (or over all squads in Squad Deathmatch mode, I guess).

   The MVP 3 ribbon gives a 300 pts bonus.

   See also trophies #37 and #38.

35 Support Efficiency [Bronze]

   "Received all 4 support efficiency ribbons"

   This reminds me of the Combat Service Support trophy in BFBC2. Like that one
   it rewards players for using the support functions (or "teamplay gadgets")
   for each of the four classes.

   These four ribbons are listed right at the bottom of the Ribbons menu in the
   game. Like the other ribbon trophies, you only need to get each one once.

   o Resupply Efficiency Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 7 Resupplies"

     When playing with the Support kit (class) you can press d-pad right to drop
     an ammo box which magically includes every type of ammunition possible. :)

     Not only can you replace your own expended ammo but you can also resupply
     your team-mates. Just drop a box next to them and they'll take what they
     need, one magazine (or rocket/grenade) at a time. Listen out for voices
     (both in-game characters and squad-mates with mics!) asking for ammo and
     watch for the ammo icons* on friendlies.

     You'll get 10 points for each resupply (or 20 if it's for a member of your
     squad) and every seventh resupply you also get one of these ribbons and a
     handy 200-point bonus.

     You can get seven resupplies very easily, especially playing on the smaller
     maps where your team will be closer together. For every fiftieth resupply
     ribbon you get a medal and 10,000 pts so this is a great way to be useful
     and earn a nice amount of points at the same time.

     (Noob FAQ - how do you use an ammo box or health pack? Just stand/crouch
     next to it and you'll automatically receive ammo or health until either
     you reach your limit or the box gets "used up".)

     *When playing as Support class the square ammo icons indicate a team-mate
     who needs ammo. Any circular ammo icons mark the position of ammo boxes
     that have already been deployed.

   o Maintenance Efficiency Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 7 Repairs"

     When playing with the Engineer kit you can use your repair tool (blowtorch)
     to repair any damaged vehicle. If you're riding in the vehicle you'll be
     able to see its percentage health in the bottom-right of the HUD above your
     own health and if you're outside you can see it on the new blue circular
     repair icon that appears when you equip your repair tool near a damaged
     vehicle. (if you're lucky!)

     To use the repair tool press d-pad right to equip it, stand/crouch right
     next to the vehicle (preferably on the opposite side to the enemy!), point
     towards it and press R1 to start repairing. The tool will "overheat" on
     extended use but it lasts a lot longer than it did in BFBC2. I like to
     strafe left/right while repairing just to make it slightly harder for
     someone to shoot me.

     If you have mines or the EOD bot equipped to your Gadget 2 slot you'll need
     to switch it to the repair tool for this (although you can actually use the
     bot to repair vehicles too I believe).

     You'll get 10 points each time you repair a certain small amount of damage
     (or 20 points if a member of your squad is on board) and every seventh time
     you also get one of these ribbons and a handy 200-point bonus. You can only
     get repair points when the vehicle you're repairing is occupied.

     You can get seven repairs very easily. Just sit behind a tank that's taking
     RPG fire or duelling with another tank. If you ride in the second seat you
     can jump out and repair when required.

     If a friendly tank is disabled and catches fire you need to keep repairing
     it until the fire stops in order to restore full mobility. You can repair
     a disabled tank up to 80 or 90% health and it'll still only crawl along.

     It's possible to repair an airborne helicopter if you're riding on either
     the external positions on a scout helicopter or in one of the non-gunner
     seats in a transport chopper - just point your repair tool at part of the
     vehicle. Prior to the November 2011 patch this gave no points but that has
     now been fixed.

   o Medical Efficiency Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 5 Revives"

     When playing with the Assault kit your first unlock (4000 pts as Assault)
     will be the defibrillator which can then be equipped to your Gadget 2 slot
     when setting your loadout for that class.

     A fallen comrade who can be revived will be indicated with either a little
     zigzag ECG icon or a skull & crossbones icon on their body but you have to
     get to them quickly otherwise it'll be too late. Press d-pad right to
     select the defib, aim at the body and press R1 to use it.

     You'll get 100 points each time you successfully revive a team-mate (or 110
     if they're in your squad) and every fifth time you also get one of these
     ribbons and a handy 200-point bonus.

     It'd be best to go for this in Rush or Conquest on a tight map like Grand
     Bazaar or Operation Metro where you'll often get groups of friendlies
     clustered together. You should be able to get this easily in one match -
     just stay with your team-mates.

   o Surveillance Efficiency Ribbon [200 pts]

     "In a round, get 5 Motion Sensor Assists"

     Prior to the November 2011 patch the only way to get Motion Sensor Assists
     was with the MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) - the small UAV that unlocks for the
     Recon kit after earning a whopping 45,000 pts with that class! That took a
     long hard grind, especially if you weren't comfortable playing as Recon.

     Since the fix you can now also use the T-UGS* (Tactical Unattended Ground
     Sensor). You still need to unlock this gadget by scoring points with the
     Recon kit but you only need 5000 rather than 45k! If you're not a fan of
     playing with the sniper rifles wait until you've unlocked a PDW (the first
     is the PP2000 at Level 7) and use that with the Recon kit to grind on the
     smaller maps in Squad Rush, Squad Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

     The T-UGS is equipped to your Gadget 1 slot so you select it with d-pad
     left then press R1 to deploy it (it must be on flat unobstructed ground). 
     It beeps every 1-2 seconds and each time it scans the local area for bad
     guys - any enemies moving sufficiently fast will be displayed briefly with
     an orange marker on your team's minimaps. Remember it's a *motion* sensor
     so it won't detect stationary enemies (or ones moving slowly).

     You'll get a 20 pts Motion Sensor Assist bonus (plus a further 10 points
     Spot Bonus) each time a member of your team kills someone that was detected
     by your T-UGS or MAV and every fifth time you also get one of these ribbons
     and a handy 200-point bonus.

     To make best use of the motion sensor and rack up those assists you should
     deploy it somewhere you expect hostiles to show up but remember you'll also
     need some friendlies nearby to kill them! It's ideal for defending an M-Com
     in Rush mode (or protecting one you've just armed), also for monitoring
     corridors and other access routes. It can detect enemy movements through
     walls and floors/ceilings and it has a reasonable range so feel free to
     plant it behind a wall or corner where it's less likely to be spotted and
     destroyed by your opponents. The beeping is quite loud and can reveal its
     position but this is less of a problem when deployed inside your own base.

     *Like everything else in BF3 (and in contrast to the magic "wookie balls"
     in BFBC2!) the T-UGS is based on an actual piece of military equipment. You
     can read more here:

   Once again no sort of streak is required on any of these ribbons and you're
   free to die/respawn and switch kits back and forth while working towards each
   one ribbon in a single match although when going for the medic one you'll
   want to stick with the Assault kit.

   The trophy will pop mid-game a few seconds after you earn the last of the
   four required ribbons.

36 Colonel [Gold]

   "Rank 45 achieved!"

   As you play through multiplayer you earn points for actions like kills and
   assists, repairs, resupplies, etc, plus bonus points when you earn ribbons
   and medals. As your overall points total increases you progress through a
   series of named and numbered ranks, for example you start out at Level 0
   (Recruit) but once you've earned 1000 points you're promoted to Level 1
   (Private First Class), then after a further 7000 pts you'll move up to Level
   2 (Private First Class 1 Star) and so on. I'm sure you get the idea! At
   various ranks you'll also unlock "all-kit" weapons (ones available to any of
   the four classes) and specialisations (specs) which are essentially perks.

   The highest named rank* and the one at which you receive the last of the all-
   kit weapon unlocks is Level 45 (Colonel). In order to achieve this rank (and
   this gold trophy) you need to earn a total of 1,830,000 points.

   (Luckily for us the levelling/points system has been revamped since BFBC2.
   There you required a total score of 4.09 million to reach Level 45 and even
   with a reasonable score per minute (SPM) of 250 it would take 273 hours of
   online play to achieve. The BF3 levelling was also adjusted following the
   beta testing phase so if you participated in the BF3 beta don't expect to be
   able to level-up so quickly in the retail game's final build.)

   At the time of writing this the game's only been out for a couple of days
   here in Europe (so players are still learning the maps etc) but already my
   PSN friends seem to be achieving average SPM figures of around 200-300. Even
   small differences in SPM can have a massive effect on how long it takes to
   reach each level as you can see from this table which shows the time it'll
   take to reach Level 45 in BF3 given various SPM.

        SPM | 100 | 150 | 200 | 250 | 300 | 350 | 400 | 450 | 500 | 550 | 600
      Hours | 305 | 203 | 153 | 122 | 102 |  87 |  76 |  68 |  61 |  55 |  51

   You can check your current rank (name and number) and your SPM in the in-game
   stats screens and on the Battlelog website. Remember that the game has a
   learning curve so your SPM should increase over time (and so the number of
   predicted hours to reach Level 45 will decrease). :)

   See my notes on trophy #38 below for tips on scoring more points in matches.
   Also consider the medals (the equivalent of BFBC2's insignias) that give you
   substantial point bonuses for things like receiving specific ribbons thirty
   or fifty times in total or spending a specified number of hours doing various
   things in the game. The first one I got was Ace Squad Medal (10,000 pts) for
   getting fifty Ace Squad ribbons. Even better, you can earn each medal more
   than once so you can keep getting those big points bonuses.

   Although it's good to try all the different weapons to find which ones suit
   you best, once you've found your favourites there are benefits to sticking
   with the same ones as you get an accessory unlock (and 200 pts bonus) at
   every 10 kills initially and a service star (and 2000 pts) at every 100. You
   can gain service stars for earning certain (large!) amounts of points with
   each class and each category of vehicle too.

   *In contrast to BFBC2 where the highest rank was Level 50, in BF3 you can go
   all the way up to Level 145! This was confirmed by Fredrik Thylander, Senior
   Designer at DICE, on Twitter a couple of days ahead of the US release. Level
   46 is Colonel 1 Star, 47 is Colonel 2 Star, etc...

37 1st Loser [Silver]

   "2nd MVP in a ranked match"

   The MVP 2 ribbon is awarded for having the second highest point score at the
   conclusion of a multiplayer match. It's not the second highest on your team,
   but second *overall* across both teams (or over all squads in Squad Death-
   match mode, I guess).

   The MVP 3 ribbon gives a 400 pts bonus.

   See also trophies #34 and #38.

38 Most Valuable Player [Silver]

   "MVP in a ranked match"

   The MVP (Most Valuable Player) ribbon is awarded for having the highest point
   score at the conclusion of a multiplayer match. It's not the highest on your
   team, but highest *overall* across both teams (or over all squads in Squad
   Deathmatch mode, I guess).

   The MVP 3 ribbon gives a 500 pts bonus.

   The most important thing to say about the MVP ribbons/trophies is that you
   can get them in Squad Rush mode. At most there will only be eight players in
   a match so you have a LOT less competition there compared to the other modes.

   The two biggest things you can do in Squad Rush mode to earn points are to
   get kills (100 pts + bonuses) and disarm the M-Com (200 pts) if defending or
   capture the M-Com (100 pts for arming + 500 pts for destroying) if attacking.
   You can supplement that by playing as Assault with the medic gear and getting
   squad heals (30 pts x N) and squad revives (110 pts) on your team-mates or
   use a different kit if the weapons will be more comfortable and useful.

   In my first day playing BF3 online I got the MVP 2 trophy in a small game of
   Squad Deathmatch so on the second day I decided to try Squad Rush to get the
   other two. I got matched with a pair of random but competent French players,
   we played together through the afternoon and won most of our games. Over the
   course of maybe four hours I picked up a total of three MVP 3 ribbons, four
   more MVP 2 ribbons and eight MVP ribbons! Also my SPM went up by literally
   about a hundred.* Squad Rush is definitely the best mode in which to get the
   three MVP trophies.

   (It's generally a good mode for farming points too. The maps are quite small
   so you can get kills more frequently. They're also over pretty quickly and
   you automatically get a 200-point ribbon for playing and have a good chance
   of getting ribbons for winning the match (500 pts), being in the best squad
   (500 pts) and being one of the MVP's (300, 400 or 500 pts).)

   So stick with Squad Rush to get MVP, but here are some further random notes I
   wrote about increasing your score in Battlefield multiplayer in general...

   If you're an experienced and capable player of first-person shooters you'll
   probably have "the skills to pay the bills and get the kills". Not only do
   you get 100 points per kill but you can get all sorts of bonuses for avenger,
   savior, headshot, double kills, streaks, nemesis ribbons, weapon ribbons,
   attack/defend orders and stopping an enemy streak! If you're going to play
   just for kills though you should stick to the deathmatch modes - in the other
   modes you should play for objectives, cooperate and support your team.

   The Battlefield franchise rewards actions other than kills though. BFBC2 was
   the first FPS game that I played properly online and I mostly played Rush
   games (with up to 24 players per match) and yet I still managed to get the
   Ace Pin (which was the equivalent of BF3's MVP ribbon) well over a hundred
   times. This usually involved one or more of the following activities:

   - Being the gunner in a tank or IFV and using the zoomed machinegun to get
     kills while being protected from small-arms fire. I usually played as
     Engineer and jumped out to repair the vehicle immediately when it took any
     damage from RPG's - this gave a lot of points and you could keep your tank
     running for ages (one time I actually got a kill-streak of 40 keeping the
     Bradley alive until the fifth base on the Valparaiso map). This worked
     best when operating with a cautious and sensible driver who would hold the
     vehicle at middle distance and reverse into cover when damaged.

   - Playing as an anti-vehicle specialist gave good points for vehicle kills
     (and multi-kills on the occupants). In Rush defence on a map with vehicles
     I'd run with double explosives and plant paired mines on the routes into
     each base. Then I'd respawn with RPG's to take out any that miss the mines.
     And *then* switch back to lay mines on the routes out of the base. ;)

   - Focusing on the medic role was also an excellent source of points, the
     multiple bonuses from healing being especially useful. This worked best in
     Rush mode where either side (attack/defence) is more likely to be working
     in group/s so you'd have plenty of potential patients if you stuck with
     your team-mates. The squad and attack/defend bonuses (see below) on heals
     made a big difference too.

   - Switching kits was very useful and could get you some extra points too. If
     you weren't playing as a Medic but you killed an enemy Medic you could pick
     up their kit, drop a med pack (and maybe do a revive), then switch back to
     your original kit. The pack would stay on the map and you could collect
     points for healing even though you weren't running that class. Similarly if
     you killed an Assault you could switch, drop ammo and switch back. In BF3
     of course the Support players now have the ammo and Assault have health.

   Those tactics are all still valid in BF3 (especially anti-vehicle ops as you
   can now equip RPG's and mines together), although usually you should combine
   these with the normal FPS business of shooting people with guns. :)

   You'll have noticed that you get an extra 10 points for actions involving
   your squad (e.g. revives, heals, repairs, resupplies, etc) so it pays to stay
   with them and of course you can communicate with them too so you can function
   more effectively as a group.

   Although I don't play it much, I think Conquest can be good for racking up a
   few points especially since the extra air vehicles mean there could be fewer
   troops on the ground competing for flags. Using a buggy can get you between
   flags quickly but you should try to watch out for landmines. A tank is slower
   but gives you better protection and the firepower to take on other tanks. If
   you play as Engineer you have the choice of equipping either the repair tool
   to fix up your vehicle or (when unlocked) anti-tank mines which you can place
   on the main roads next to flags. Neutralizing and capturing flags and killing
   vehicles can earn you a lot of points (and bonus points from ribbons too).

   It's essential before I finish this guide that I mention the many wonderful
   properties of the Select button (or the Back button on the Xbox 360).

   - If you see an enemy and press Select they'll be "spotted". A small orange
     marker will appear above their head and this is visible to all your team so
     it's a great way to share intel with your team-mates. Also if an enemy you
     spotted gets killed you get a 10 pts bonus for the spot assist. This works
     on enemy vehicles too and spotting can also detect mobile spawn-points
     dropped by enemy Recons. However you should keep in mind that the spotting
     function "overheats" in order to prevent overuse - if you get a little
     clicking sound when you press Select you'll need to leave it a few seconds.

   - If you need health or ammo you can point at a member of the appropriate
     class and press Select to request it. Also if you're running Assault or
     Support yourself you can offer health/ammo by pressing Select. Remember to
     keep dropping those boxes to help your team (and earn some more points).

   - If you're the nominal Squad Leader (the player with a star next to their
     name in the HUD squad list) you can aim at an objective (i.e. an M-Com in
     Rush or flag in Conquest) and press Select to designate it as the current
     target for your squad. Every time a member of your squad gets a kill near
     the objective or captures it you get a 20 pts attack/defend order bonus and
     they receive a similar bonus too. This even works in Squad Rush mode where
     there's only ever one active objective anyways!

     If you stay on the same server long enough (without switching squads or
     teams) eventually all the original members of your squad will leave the
     match and you'll become the squad leader. Remember to keep setting orders
     so you all benefit from the extra points. Your squad may not follow your
     orders so you might have to follow them. Say you're playing Rush and you
     set an order on Alpha but there's more action happening around Bravo maybe
     then you should set a new order on B to capitalise on the situation. :)

   - You can hold Select to view the scoreboard. If it gets stuck just press it
     again and it should disappear.

   *Of course your SPM is quite fluid during your first few hours of play. You
   can't expect it to suddenly jump by a hundred after a few dozen hours.

39 M.I.A. [Bronze]

   "Took your first enemy Dog Tag"

   In multiplayer you can take someone's dogtags by killing them with your knife
   from behind - sneak up on them and press R2 to use the melee attack. You only
   need to do this once for the trophy. It's possible to do this to a prone
   enemy too but the same applies - you need to attack them from behind.

   The key to this is catching someone unawares so it's good to sneak around and
   flank your enemy then come at them from the rear. You'll often find someone
   camping in a bush or at a window especially if you're able to get deep into
   enemy territory where they expect to be pretty safe. Sometimes you will
   actually see (or hear) someone you'll be able to hunt down but other times
   you need to be opportunistic and keep browsing lots of likely spots.

   Keep checking your minimap - whenever someone fires an unsuppressed weapon
   they'll be displayed there temporarily.    

------< EXPANSION TROPHIES >-------------------------------------- [Section 07]

Trophies from expansion packs and other downloadable content (DLC) are never
required to achieve a game's platinum trophy although they do contribute to your
overall percentage trophy completion for the title. In other words you don't
need 100% completion to get the platinum, you just need to earn all the standard
trophies in the original game (in this case #2 thru' #39).

Back To Karkand
The Back To Karkand (B2K) expansion pack was released for the PS3 on 6 December
2011 (and one week later on other platforms) and is available to buy from the
PSN Store or free to owners of the BF3 Limited Edition.

The expansion adds the following features to the multiplayer game:

o "four popular maps from Battlefield 2 daringly reimagined in Frostbite 2"

o ten guns from Battlefield 2 (see trophy #42)

o new Assignment challenges to unlock those guns (see trophy #42 again)

o new Conquest Assault multiplayer mode

o four new playable vehicles (see trophies #41 and #43)

o extra unlockable dogtags

o the five new PSN trophies listed below...

Unlike the Vietnam expansion for BFBC2, the features of the B2K pack are fully
integrated into the normal multiplayer game - so the maps are added to the map
rotation for your server. (I guess people without B2K can either only play with
other people who don't have it or they drop out when a B2K map comes up.) Also
the stupid Conquest Assault mode will appear randomly on the new maps when you
have selected to play Conquest. :6

Once a gun has been unlocked (see trophy #42) you can use it in any multiplayer
game mode and on any map.

40 Complete Warrior [Silver]

   "Got a kill with the following in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank"

   There was a vaguely similar trophy in BFBC2 called "Mission... Accomplished"
   which required you to get kills with the knife, M60 and RPG in a single game
   but there are two major differences here. Firstly you have to do it all in a
   single *life* and secondly you need to get a kill with one of the jet planes
   which are kinda difficult to learn how to fly and use effectively.

   Let's start by looking at the essentials. Since you can't rely on finding one
   to pick up on the battlefield you'll need to play the Assault class to get an
   assault rifle. You need to pick one of the guns that is only available within
   the Assault kit, e.g. M16, AK74, M416, etc. You can pick whichever weapon and
   accessories you're most comfortable with, although it might be best to choose
   a set-up that favours long-range engagement (e.g. scope and bipod).

   Also you'll obviously need to play a game mode and map that features jets and
   tanks so you'll want to play Rush or Conquest on one of the larger maps, e.g.
   Caspian Border, Kharg Island or Operation Firestorm in Conquest.

   There's always fierce competition for the jet planes so you're unlikely to
   find one waiting for you on the runway and I would think it's probably best
   to lurk on the respawn screen until one appears there then take it quickly.
   By that logic, your first kill of the three would be with the jet plane.

   (See trophy #41 below for some general notes on using planes.)

   Although it's a shame to waste a jet, it's probably best to return to your
   team's deployment area by flying overhead and bailing (press O to exit then
   X to use your parachute). It should be fairly easy to collect a tank there
   (Operation Firestorm has three tank spawns on both sides in Conquest) so you
   can then head back into the fray to get your other two required kills. Easier
   said than done, I know!

   [If you have any top tips or strategies for this trophy please let me know.]

   Thanks to the aptly-named TrophyQuest for confirming that you don't need to
   be playing on one of the four new B2K maps to get this trophy.

41 Third Tour [Bronze]

   "Got a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35"

   These are the three new military vehicles added in the Back To Karkand pack -
   the BTR is the eight-wheeled Russian IFV, the DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle) is
   the off-road buggy and the F35 is the American STOVL fighter jet. These all
   previously appeared in Battlefield 2 back in 2005.

   Although the ten new guns can be used on any multiplayer map (once unlocked -
   see next trophy), these vehicles will only be found on some of the four new
   B2K maps and then only in certain modes. As usual your best bet is to go for
   Conquest mode or maybe Rush (I'll give specific info for each vehicle below);
   it seems that the Infantry Fighting Vehicle in Squad Deathmatch mode is
   always the BMP (the tracked Russian one) so you won't find the BTR there.

   You are not required to get the three kills in the same match.

   Although in real life it's American, the Desert Patrol Vehicle buggy seems to
   spawn for both the US and Russian sides on some maps/modes. Don't confuse it
   with the Russian VDV or American Growler - the DPV is more of a classic "dune
   buggy" vehicle with a big spare wheel strapped to the side (rather than the
   rear). If you want to confirm, just stand next to one with a vacant seat and
   check for the "press O to enter DPV" pop-up text. Also for reference it's
   pictured on the Gulf Of Oman map's loading screen!

   The DPV is pretty fast and manoeuvrable so when you're driving you might be
   able to get a roadkill on an exposed enemy (press R3 to toggle external view
   on, which should help). Alternatively you can take the second seat (press X
   to switch) which has a turret-mounted machinegun, although it is limited to a
   90-degree forward firing arc.

   I've seen the DPV in Conquest and Rush modes on both the Wake Island and Gulf
   Of Oman maps. It spawns at the two US deployment areas in Conquest Assault on
   Wake Island and at the Russian base and at flags in Conquest on Gulf Of Oman.

   The BTR90 8x8 looks quite similar to the American LAV25 so take care not to
   confuse them either. The BTR's turret is further forward (over the second
   axle from the front) and its main gun extends to the front of the vehicle.
   In contrast the LAV's turret is more central (above its third axle).

   As the BTR's driver you have the use of the main gun (which gives good splash
   damage on infantry) plus a secondary weapon and other equipment if you have
   any IFV unlocks available and equipped. The second seat has a turret-mounted
   machinegun and the remaining four seats give passengers a firing port with a
   small automatic gun (one on the left side, one on the right and two facing
   the rear). Kills from any of these should count towards the trophy.

   I think the best place to find the BTR is on Gulf Of Oman in Conquest mode.
   It spawns at the Russian deployment area and you can often find it there
   during the course of a match; it also spawns at the "D" flag (Construction
   Site), to the north-west of the objective marker, if Russian held.

   (At the time of writing this (December 2011) the Thermal Optics spec seems to
   be slightly bugged on the BTR. On the tanks and other IFV's the infra-red
   view is x1 (no zoom) but on the BTR, contrary to the HUD text, it's something
   like x2 which makes it very odd to use when driving. It's best to just flick
   it on and off quickly to check for mines while driving and then to turn it on
   when you stop to engage the enemy.)

   The F35 Lightning II is the third and final vehicle for this trophy. It's an
   American fighter jet with STOVL capabilities (short take-off and vertical
   landing). With a fan at the front and a steerable exhaust at the rear, it is
   actually capable of hovering. This makes it effective in a ground-attack role
   but it's widely recognised as being less capable when it comes to dogfighting
   against the Russian Flankers.

   As with any of the planes, you might find it easier to fly in the external
   view (press R3 as usual to toggle) but when engaging the enemy it's better to
   use the cockpit view; on the F35 it's the big circular crosshairs that show
   the gun's aim. You can press L3 for the afterburner (the aircrafts' "sprint")
   but you'll want to turn it off for tighter turns (in external view you can
   see clearly if it's on). You need to hold the "throttle back" button (L2 in
   the default control config) for several seconds to engage the F35's hover
   function - you can use this either to take-off vertically or to switch into a
   hover while in flight (in external view you'll see the plane "transform").

   You can find the F35 on the American side when playing the Gulf Of Oman map
   on normal Conquest mode (the one with four flags) or Wake Island on Conquest
   Assault. It spawns on the Amphibious Assault Carrier (the big ship!) moored
   off-shore. Competition for the jet planes is always fierce so you'll have to
   be quick / lucky to get one when it's briefly available on the spawn menu.

   The other problem with jets is that new pilots are at a massive disadvantage.
   Engineers get quite early access to the Stinger/Igla anti-air missiles and
   probably every enemy pilot will have more experience and more specs. Most
   significantly when you first start flying the planes you don't even have the
   IR Flares so you're hugely vulnerable to homing missiles. Plus the controls
   themselves have quite a learning curve...!

   Even with decent piloting skills you won't stay in the air long without those
   flares so it's hard to earn points for unlocks. At least the IR Flares are
   the first unlock for jets but you need to get 300 points. If you can spot
   targets (press Select) and they get killed by your team then you'll get a
   bonus but it's only 10 points each time. Forum poster Multitasking recommends
   playing as squad leader (i.e. stay in a squad until all the people who were
   members when you joined have left!) and setting orders on objectives (done by
   pressing Select again) and collecting the bonuses for attack/defend orders
   when your squad-mates get kills on the objectives (that's 20 points each). To
   stay alive longer just sit in the plane on the runway.

   Initially your only weapon is the cannon and it's probably best to go for
   larger ground targets so if you can fly high then nose-dive towards an enemy
   vehicle on the ground, line up the crosshairs and let rip you might at least
   get points for disabling it. A somewhat more drastic strategy was proposed by
   yewjhin who suggests you kamikaze the tank - just dive straight into it! This
   does actually work quite well and can give you the kill you need.

   (On his Youtube channel Swordsman75 shares a radical and cunning idea - you
   can drive a plane along the ground! Obviously this won't work with the F35's
   naval spawns but on Caspian Border on Conquest mode you can use the throttle
   lightly, drive to a flag and capture it. :) The combined bonuses for both
   neutralizing and capturing a flag would give enough points to unlock flares
   (then you can return to the B2K maps and use your F35 with the new spec). I
   haven't tried this yet though and I've only seen it done on the PC version of
   the game which has an extra flag near the big antenna on Caspian Border.)

   It's pretty cheap but if you're desparate for the F35 kill you could try
   playing normal Conquest mode on the Gulf Of Oman map on the American side.
   Once you've managed to beat your team-mates into the pilot's seat, take off,
   fly over to the Russian airfield on the other side of the map and use your
   L2 hover function to land near the north-eastern corner of the map where all
   sorts of land and air vehicles spawn. Since no-one can resist them, your best
   targets are the planes on the runway. Line up on them and keep pressing the
   Select button to spot - as soon as the vehicle is tagged with an orange mark
   you know there's someone on board. On a stationary target the F35's main gun
   will destroy the plane very quickly and give you the kill required (plus some
   handy points towards the Jet unlocks).

42 Gunslinger [Bronze]

   "Got 10 kills with each of the ten Back To Karkand weapons"

   The ten new guns in the B2K expansion are as follows:

       Name | BF3 Category     | Kit      | Calibre  | Magazine | Rate of Fire
      FAMAS | Assault Rifle    | Assault  | 5.56 mm  |    30    |    900 rpm
     L85A2* | Assault Rifle    | Assault  | 5.56 mm  |    30    |    650 rpm
     HK53** | Carbine          | Engineer | 5.56 mm  |    30    |    750 rpm
     QBZ95B | Carbine          | Engineer | 5.45 mm  |    30    |    650 rpm
      QBB95 | Light Machinegun | Support  | 5.45 mm  |   100    |    650 rpm
       MG36 | Light Machinegun | Support  | 5.56 mm  |   100    |    750 rpm
      QBU88 | Sniper Rifle     | Recon    | 7.62 mm  |    10    |  (semi-auto)
       L96* | Sniper Rifle     | Recon    | 7.62 mm  |    10    | (bolt action)
       PP19 | PDW              | (all)    |    9 mm  |    54    |    900 rpm
      MK3A1 | Shotgun          | (all)    | 12 gauge |     6    |    255 rpm

   So there's a very fair balance there - two new weapons for each of the four
   player classes and two all-kit guns that can be used by any class (one each
   in the Shotgun and PDW categories). To acquire this trophy you need to get
   ten kills with each of these new weapons. (You'll know when you've got your
   tenth kill with a gun because the weapon's first accessory will be unlocked
   and appear at the top of the screen.)

   This is all pretty straightforward except for one major complication - before
   you can use them you need to unlock each of the ten guns individually by
   completing the ten new "Assignment" challenges! These appear in pairs - one
   pair for each kit and another for the all-kit weapons. Initially only the
   first Assignment for each kit is available and you need to complete it to
   unlock the other in the pair.

   You can view the Assignments under the My Soldier option off the main menu.
   This shows your progress and which Assignments/guns you've unlocked so far.

   The five tables below summarize all ten Assignments. The class-based ones all
   encourage you to make use (and in the case of the repair torch, occasional
   misuse!) of the weapons and functions available to those classes.

   After installing the Back To Karkand expansion pack you'll start with a clean
   slate on all the requirements. For example if you'd already done a thousand
   revives you'd still need to do another ten for Best Friend Forever.

   Please note that this trophy doesn't pop instantly after getting your tenth
   kill with your tenth gun. The consensus on the forum is that
   it's bugged and you need to get the 10x10 kills and *then* get 10 kills with
   the FAMAS specifically in a single match to get the trophy to appear...

             | Category: Assault Rifles        | Kit: Assault       |
             |          Assignment 1 - BEST FRIEND FOREVER          |
             | Requirements: Perform 10 revives                     |
             |               Perform 10 heals                       |
             |      Unlocks: FAMAS Assault Rifle                    |
             |               Assignment 2                           |
             |          Assignment 2 - PROFESSIONAL RUSSIAN         |
             | Requirements: Get 100 kills with Assault Rifles      |
             |               Get 20 kills with the underslung M320  |
             |               Win 5 rounds of Squad Deathmatch       |
             |      Unlocks: L85A2 Assault Rifle (SA80)             |

   The requirements for the first Assignment both use the medic functions of the
   Assault class. You'll always carry the defibrillator (for revives) but you'll
   need to make sure you have the health packs equipped (for heals). If you want
   to get this quickly then playing on Operation Metro on Conquest works well.

   You can get your AR kills with any of the primary weapons that are limited to
   the Assault kit, for example the M16, AK74, M416, etc. You could farm these
   in the deathmatch modes (once you have Assignment 2 unlocked you'll need five
   Squad Deathmatch wins anyway) or on the Paris maps in Conquest or Rush.

   The M320 grenade launcher unlocks after earning 11,000 pts with the Assault
   class and can only be used within that kit; it replaces the health pack so it
   can be selected by pressing d-pad left. There are two ways of equipping the
   M320 - either as a separate weapon in its own right or fixed as an under-
   barrel attachment (if you've selected an assault rifle with the Underslung
   Rail accessory). The Assignment text suggests that you need to use the M320
   underslung on your rifle but actually you can use the M320 individually and
   the kills still count.

   Unlike BFBC2 where the Assault class could drop ammo boxes, you won't be able
   to replenish your own ammunition and you'll be dependent on Support players
   for resupplies. By default the *underslung* M320 comes with four rounds each
   time you spawn but when it's unattached you only get two. If you're using the
   AMMO spec or if anyone in your squad has the SQD AMMO spec equipped then you
   get six grenades when the M320 is underslung or four when it's separate. (The
   FRAG spec only affects the number of *hand* grenades you receive so make sure
   someone has an AMMO spec if possible to boost your supplies.)

   You needed to get one SQDM win for a Squad Deathmatch Winner Ribbon for the
   Decorated trophy (#33) and now you need to get some more! If you have some
   competent friends, preferably with mics, then play with them, otherwise just
   keep joining matches at random until you find yourself in a squad with a good
   lead or maybe in a match with an empty team which'll improve your odds of
   winning. Also keep checking the scoreboard (hold Select) to see if a vacancy
   appears in the top squad! (Then use the Squad & Team \ Switch Team function
   from the pause menu to defect to the other side.)

   The Infantry Fighting Vehicle can be quite effective in Squad Deathmatch,
   especially if you're up against traditional FPS players who are unused to
   dealing with vehicles; if you've used IFV's previously you'll have some
   useful unlocks for them too (if you have them, I'd suggest Thermal Optics to
   spot mines/infantry and Proximity Scan to detect potential C4 users) and if
   you or a squad-mate plays Engineer you can help keep it alive by repairing.

             | Category: Carbines              | Kit: Engineer      |
             |              Assignment 1 - FIXING IT                |
             | Requirements: Perform 10 repairs                     |
             |               Get 1 kill with the repair tool        |
             |      Unlocks: HK53 Carbine                           |
             |               Assignment 2                           |
             |            Assignment 2 - IT GOES BOOM!              |
             | Requirements: Get 50 anti-tank rocket kills          |
             |               Destroy 1 vehicle with the repair tool |
             |               Win 5 rounds of Conquest               |
             |      Unlocks: QBZ95B Carbine                         |

   You'll need the repair tool (blowtorch) for both requirements on Assignment 1
   so make sure you have it equipped. You get Repair bonuses by using it to fix
   damage on any vehicle occupied by one or more friendlies. You'll need to get
   ten bonuses for this Assignment but it doesn't need to be on ten different
   vehicles - you could even get all ten Repairs on the same one.

   To get a kill with the tool just select it and press R1 to "fire". You will
   need to be right next to your target (and probably behind them) so this works
   basically the same way as a melee kill with the knife except you'll need to
   keep R1 held down long enough to reduce them to zero health. It's easiest to
   do this from behind on a prone camping enemy who hasn't noticed you. :)

   You can also get a repair tool kill by using it to destroy an enemy-occupied
   vehicle. Just like using your blowtorch to repair a friendly vehicle, when
   you apply it to a enemy vehicle it will "unrepair" it - damaging the vehicle.
   The problem with this is it's quite a slow process so a) you're at risk of 
   getting shot (or run over) while you're doing it and b) the driver/crew will
   usually notice their vehicle's health slowly trickling away and realise that
   someone's unrepairing it - they get out of the vehicle to avoid being killed
   (when it reaches zero health) and to try to kill you. This makes it harder to
   get a kill this way but if the vehicle becomes "disabled" (catches fire and
   starts to automatically lose health) as a result of your tool-based efforts
   then when it finally becomes destroyed you'll get the credit for destroying
   it - which is one of the requirements for Assignment 2.

   It's important to note that you can only unrepair a vehicle carrying one or
   more enemy players. As soon as they bail, the empty vehicle becomes neutral -
   it will automatically appear in white on your minimap and when you use your
   repair tool you will *repair* it (repairing gives a sparkly white graphical
   effect compared to the burning red of unrepairing). So if you successfully
   manage to disable a enemy vehicle with the blowtorch take care not to start
   repairing it when the crew get out.

   Avoid standing directly in front of or behind an enemy vehicle when trying to
   unrepair it. If a driver notices his vehicle health being depleted his first
   reaction will often be to drive quickly forwards and backwards to roadkill
   you. Remember too that some tank/IFV drivers will be running the Proximity
   Scan spec which automatically detects any nearby enemies.

   I think the tunnels of Damavand Peak in Conquest mode could be a good spot to
   attempt this - the enclosed and dark space would make it easier to approach a
   vehicle without the driver's team-mates noticing you. It would probably help
   to pre-damage vehicles with mines and/or RPG's too.

   Luckily there's a simple trick that makes it a lot easier to get the vehicle
   kill with the repair tool! You might have noticed that the Amtrac (the big
   American tracked amphibious assault vehicle) isn't like the other vehicles -
   not only is it pretty tough but it remains active as a spawn point for your
   team even after it's deployed and everyone's exited. So even when it's empty
   it's not designated as neutral, it's still owned by your side. Consequently
   if you're on the other team and you use the repair tool on it you'll still
   cause damage to it even if the crew has disembarked. It takes a little while
   so it's best to find one that's been abandoned somewhere. I got this on my
   first try playing Conquest on the Russian side on the Noshahr Canals map.

   Warref says you can get the vehicle kill using the repair tool on an enemy
   mobile spawn point too if you find one. Remember to listen for the beeps.

   For the required anti-tank rocket kills you'll want to use the SMAW (US) and
   RPG (Russian). If you destroy a vehicle containing enemy then you get credit
   for the kill/s, ditto if you disable a vehicle and it subsequently drops to
   zero health before the crew bails. You can also use these weapons in an anti-
   infantry role - this is especially effective on the smaller maps like Grand
   Bazaar and Operation Metro. Remember to use the EXPL spec (Level 11 unlock)
   which doubles the number of rockets you carry.

   Winning five games of Conquest shouldn't take too long at all - keep capping
   those flags and you'll get the wins (and a good chunk of points too).

             | Category: Light Machineguns     | Kit: Support       |
             |              Assignment 1 - LET IT RAIN              |
             | Requirements: Get 20 kills with Light Machineguns    |
             |               Get 2 mortar kills                     |
             |      Unlocks: QBB95 Light Machinegun                 |
             |               Assignment 2                           |
             |         Assignment 2 - KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN           |
             | Requirements: Get 100 kills with Light Machineguns   |
             |               Get 50 Suppression Kill Assists        |
             |               Perform 50 ammo resupplies             |
             |      Unlocks: MG36 Light Machinegun                  |

   As usual the M27 and RPK are considered LMG's for the sake of the game (so
   you can get your LMG kills with any of the available Support-only primaries)
   and, as with the other four categories, you cannot start making progress on
   Assignment 2 until it is unlocked so your first 20 LMG kills won't count
   towards the 100 LMG kills required to unlock the MG36. Remember you need to
   get ten kills with each of the new weapons so you may as well get some of the
   hundred required for Assignment 2 with the QBB95 unlocked in Assignment 1.

   You only need two kills with the mortar so that's pretty simple provided you
   have it unlocked (if not you need 40,000 pts earned with the Support kit).
   The mortar is pretty useless where no enemies are spotted so focus on enemy-
   held areas where friendlies are attacking, ask your squad to spot or ideally
   get a Recon player to use the MAV drone. The easiest targets will be mortar
   users on the other team since they automatically appear on your targeting map
   and often neglect to relocate after firing.

   For my thoughts on getting Suppression Kill Assists see trophy #33 above
   (the bit about the Suppression Ribbon) but, in summary, you'll do well with
   an LMG plus extended mags, foregrip or bipod (to suit your play style), your
   choice of short-range sight, the SUPR spec, a small map and hopefully some
   competent team-mates! Just remember to shoot *near* enemies, not at them.

   If you play Operation Metro in Conquest mode to farm the LMG kills and the
   Suppression Assists then you should be able to get the fifty required ammo
   resupplies very easily too.

             | Category: Sniper Rifles         | Kit: Recon         |
             |                Assignment 1 - SPECOPS                |
             | Requirements: Get 20 kills with Sniper Rifles        |
             |               Perform 5 laser designations           |
             |      Unlocks: QBU88 Sniper Rifle                     |
             |               Assignment 2                           |
             |            Assignment 2 - CREEPING DEATH             |
             | Requirements: Get 50 headshots                       |
             |               Get 50 spot assists                    |
             |               Get 5 knife takedowns                  |
             |      Unlocks: L96 Sniper Rifle                       |

   See trophy #32 above for some random notes on using sniper rifles. You can
   use any of the Recon-only primaries including the M39 marksman rifle which
   unlocks in Co-Op mode and remember you can remove the default optical scope
   in your loadout if you'd be happier using them with iron sights.

   You can use the SOFLAM gadget (unlocks at 26,000 pts with the Recon kit) to
   designate vehicular targets for friendlies using compatible weapon systems
   like the portable Javelin missiles or vehicle-mounted launchers. Just play a
   mode/map with vehicles, deploy the SOFLAM near a major vehicle route and use
   it remotely to spot vehicles.

   To use the SOFLAM press d-pad left to select it then R1 to deploy it. It has
   a prominent red light (like the laser sight effect) to the front so try not
   to position it where enemies will see - put it to the side of a road or in an
   area where they'll drive past it and you can target them from behind. You can
   press O to quit out of the SOFLAM, relocate yourself to a safer spot and then
   press d-pad left and R1 again to go back into the device. Simply aim the big
   inverted T crosshairs at a vehicle to "lase" it - you should get a 10-point
   Target Designated bonus. You can also press L1 to toggle zoom and Select to
   spot enemy infantry as usual.

   If a team-mate fires a weapon that uses your target lock you'll get an extra
   assist bonus but fortunately you don't need that for this Assignment - you
   only need to designate five vehicles or even the same one five times.

   You can probably also use the Laser Painter on the attack/scout helicopters
   (unlocks at 40k pts with attack choppers and 30.5k pts with scouts) or the
   CITV Station on a main battle tank (final unlock for MBT's).

   Getting headshots is pretty self-explanatory. Despite the category, you can
   get these with any type of weapon, not just sniper rifles.

   You get a 10-point Spot Bonus if you "spot" an enemy soldier or vehicle (by
   looking or aiming in the right direction and pressing Select) and a friendly
   soldier then kills him or destroys it immediately afterwards. (Thank you DICE
   for adding this requirement and encouraging everyone to spot!) If you don't
   mind getting less points/kills you can use the Recon kit's MAV drone as a
   powerful spotting tool in Conquest and Rush, just make sure that friendly
   troops are in a position to kill the hostiles you're spotting.

   Finally for the five knife kills I think you specifically require the one-hit
   stealth kills so you'll need to get your targets from behind (see trophy #33
   - Melee Ribbon notes).

   (None of the requirements for Assignment 2 are limited to the Recon class.
   You can use any kit to get your headshots, spot assists and knife kills.)

             | Category: Shotgun / PDW         | Kit: (all kits)    |
             |          Assignment 1 - FAMILIAR TERRITORY           |
             | Requirements: Arm 10 M-Com's                         |
             |               Capture 10 flags                       |
             |               Play 2 hours on Strike At Karkand map  |
             |      Unlocks: PP19 Sub-Machinegun (PDW category)     |
             |               Assignment 2                           |
             |           Assignment 2 - SCARRED VETERAN             |
             | Requirements: Get 10 kill with the PP19              |
             |               Get 5 kills with the DPV buggy         |
             |               Get 10 kills with the BTR90 IFV        |
             |               Play 2 hours on Sharqi Peninsula map   |
             |               Play 2 hours on Gulf Of Oman map       |
             |      Unlocks: MK3A1 Jackhammer Shotgun               |

   The M-Coms are the objectives in Rush and Squad Rush mode. You might find it
   easier to arm them in Squad Rush mode since both sides have no more than four
   players so you can punch a big hole in their defence with just a couple of
   kills. I like to play Recon and use a PDW and the T-UGS motion sensor (that's
   handy in both attack and defence).

   Note the wording on this requirement - you only have to *arm* the M-Coms, not
   actually destroy them, so it's okay if they get disarmed by the defenders and
   (in theory) you could get ten arms in a single match, even in Squad Rush!

   The flags are the objectives in Conquest and the new Conquest Assault mode. A
   flag with a square blue icon is held by your team - any other flag can be
   re/captured by a superior occupying force within its capture radius.

   If you want to boost your map hours you can pick which map you want to play
   on, quit back to the menu after the round and then repeat the process. That's
   a good way to learn the new maps - or to get sick of the new content. ;) Rush
   mode is a good choice for this as evenly-matched teams should give a long
   game and there's an even chance that you'll join the first of two consecutive
   matches on the same map. Alternatively, if you're in no hurry, you could just
   play normally and allow the maps to rotate between matches and acrue those
   hours gradually but with thirteen different maps that could take a long time!

   (The in-game Assignments screen only tracks your progress on the map hours in
   whole hours, so it'll either say 0/2, 1/2 or, eventually, 2/2. This is a bit
   demoralising as it takes a while to get a whole hour but if you look on the
   Battlelog site it gives your progress in minutes and seconds.)

   The PP19 Bizon is the Russian sub-machinegun you unlock in Assignment 1 (it
   has a novel, high capacity, helical magazine fitted horizontally under the
   barrel). You need to get ten kills with it for Assignment 2 but you need
   those ten for the trophy anyways so it's all good. Take full advantage of the
   gun's large magazine (54 rounds) and use short-range hipfire if you don't
   like the iron sights on it. By the time you've unlocked a red dot sight for
   it you'll have got your ten kills already!

   The DPV (dune buggy) and BTR (eight-wheeled Russian IFV) are two of the three
   new military vehicles in the B2K pack (see trophy #41 for more info). Luckily
   the new plane is not included on the requirements for this Assignment!

   So, there's a lot of work required to get those ten kills with each of the
   ten new B2K guns and yet you only receive a Bronze trophy for your efforts!

   (If you have trouble completing an Assignment you might be lucky enough to
   find the gun/s you need dropped by fallen soldiers on the battlefield. Just
   hold Square (as prompted) to switch kits and get the ten kills you need; just
   try not to die or you'll have to find another one later!)

   *I'm especially pleased to see these two British service weapons added to the
   game. The L85 is better known as the SA80 and has been the standard rifle of
   the British Army since the late 80's. You might recognise the design because
   its precursor, the prototypical 4.85mm L64 rifle, was included in Call of
   Duty: Black Ops (and labelled there as the "Enfield").

   You'll probably be excited to use your new gun after unlocking the L85 but
   take a second to check the loadout - mine came with a x12 scope attached!

   **The HK53 resembles and is related to the legendary MP5 sub-machinegun but
   it is actually a shortened version of the HK33 assault rifle and therefore
   fires a rifle round rather than an SMG/pistol calibre (hence the wider mag).
   As a carbine, it's only available when using the Engineer kit.

   Although presented in the game as the "HK53", this is currently shown on the
   official Battlelog stats site as the G53.

43 Like a Boss [Silver]

   "Got a kill with the skid loader"

   The skid loader is the "fourth [added] vehicle bound to strike fear into the
   very hearts of the enemy"! (quoting the official Battlefield Youtube channel)
   It's basically a compact industrial vehicle that would be used to shovel and
   load various materials; it's like a little digger, painted yellow and black,
   with a "KKC" logo on the side.

   In the game it carries one driver and two passengers but it's fitted with no
   weapons so to get a kill with it you'll need to go for a roadkill - find an
   exposed enemy and drive right over them. :) You'll probably find it easier to
   use the exterior view (press R3 to toggle interior/exterior).

   So far I've only found this vehicle next to a hangar on "B" flag (Airfield)
   on Wake Island in Conquest mode (that's the middle flag). It spawns right
   next to the flag building, on the north side - it'll be marked on your map.

   This could be another situation where you can exploit the bug that assigns
   any kills to the vehicle you're in when you get them. You could set up some
   anti-tank mines and then sit in a skid loader until they kill someone!?

   (Incidentally, if you ever see someone trying to roadkill you with a loader
   you'll have to decide whether you want to assist or thwart their attempt...!)

44 Jaws [Bronze]

   "Took a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool"

   The hotel in question is on the Gulf Of Oman map although it's not accessible
   in all multiplayer modes. It's a tall building (nine storeys high) situated
   in fairly open ground with a vertical red H O T E L sign down the side of the
   lower floors. The swimming pool can be found immediately to the east of the
   hotel tower-block. There's a second pool to the north of this but I don't
   know if that counts for the trophy, probably not.

   (There's a hotel with a nice pool on the Sharqi Peninsula map too (it's at
   "C" flag in Conquest Assault mode) so make sure you have the right map!)

   In Conquest mode the hotel complex is the group of structures directly south
   of the Russian deployment area, inside the little "bump" on the long diagonal
   eastern edge of the map and just north of the main highway that cuts across
   the map. You should see two grey blocks next to each other - the square one
   on the left is the hotel building and the rectangular one to its right is the
   swimming pool. If your team has captured "C" flag (City) - the flag farthest
   to the east - you can spawn there, head directly south-east and you'll soon
   see the hotel building behind a gas station.

   (From the Russian base just grab a buggy and drive due south down the road
   and over the hill - the hotel will be right in front of you.)

   In Squad Rush it's immediately behind the attacker's deployment area at the
   start of the game (when attacking the first of the two bases). If you're on
   the attacking side you can simply spawn there and turn around (face south)
   and it's literally right in front of you. This is pretty simple as long as
   you don't join the match on the other team or after the first base has gone.

   In Rush mode the "B" M-Com objective on the final base is actually inside the
   hotel building at ground level. It would be very simple for someone spawning
   on the defending team to find the pool but the attacking team has to be good
   enough to take the other bases first! It might be possible for an attacker to
   get to the pool too but it would be more likely if the hotel M-Com was taken
   first, leaving the defenders to concentrate their efforts on the other one.

   In Conquest Assault mode it's about 250 metres due east of the attacker (US)
   deployment area but the hotel grounds are out of bounds (outside the area of
   play permitted for that mode). On the small maps of Team Deathmatch and Squad
   Deathmatch it's also inaccessible - you can see it behind the gas station
   from the south-east corner of the map but you can't get there.

   So in summary, it's best to do this in either Conquest or Squad Rush mode. In
   Squad Rush mode you'll want to join a game and hope you're on the attacking
   side and still on the first base; if not just join another match (or maybe
   stay on the same one, play to the end and hope the next game will be the
   second of the pair on the same map). Otherwise you can play Conquest and then
   either head straight to the hotel from your spawn or wait until your team has
   capped the nearby "C" flag, spawn there and wander over for a leisurely dip!
   If you find yourself in a Conqest Assault match instead you'll need to quit
   out and try again.

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