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You cannot really get into conversations with 
Bao-Dur, so there is no influence: failure or 
influence: sucess in talking with him. He must 
be in your party to gain influence. When you 
talk to him, you may be able to get shields from 
him (if you do not have too many of the kind he 
makes already), or you can construct your 
lightsaber if you have not already done so. 
After this, the only option will be "Never 
mind". Occasionally he may say "You know, I'm 
really glad I found you again , General". This 
conversation means nothing. You cannot get any 
influence gains from it, and all the choice 
options are not very good. Try to make it out 
without any influence losses or Dark side 
points. You will have to ask him why he is still 
here, and he will ask you if you are tired of 
him already. Then something about wires in the 
universe will turn up. Just reply with "If you 
see any, let me know". This conversation occurs 
more than once. If you have enough influence 
with him, when you talk to him, you should 
automatically get into a new conversation. It 
will mention something about Malachor V. Try to 
convince him that he was not just fighting for 
revenge, and that he was fighting to protect 
others, even if he disagrees with you. 
Eventually you should reach some random option 
saying that you can teach him to use the Force. 
He will say something else. Tell him there is no 
time to waste. You do not have to go through 
that series of one option conversation. It just 
simply states he is now a Jedi Guardian. Bao-Dur 
cannot equip any robes or Jal Shey Armor. If you 
want him to use powers that are restricted by 
armor, you must equip him with regular clothing 
or nothing at all. As mentioned earlier, in 
order for Bao-Dur to gain influence he needs to 
be in your party for practically the entire 
time. Also, a lot of the times for Bao-Dur to 
gain influence, only you and him must be in your 
party. For Bao-Dur and all the others you can 
train to be Jedi, taking the Light side is 
recommended. The following are some possible 
influence gains with Bao-Dur.

On Dxun, take only Bao-dur with you when you 
search for the dead Mandalorian's body. The 
Mandalorian is actually alive. He tells you that 
he is trapped on a ridge because he was ambushed 
by Bomas. Agree to help him by killing the 
Bomas. Once done, talk to him and agree to keep 
his secret. You will then get into a 
conversation with Bao-Dur. Tell him something 
along the lines of if you can help, you will, 
then end with saying that perhaps one day he 
will return the favor. Bao-Dur will say you 
never know, and you should get an influence gain 
with him.

On Telos, after you talk with Atris, go back to 
pick up your allies. However, before you do so, 
talk with one of the Handmaiden sisters, (not 
Handmaiden herself). Talk to her about Atton for 
a future influence gain with him. When you talk 
to Bao-Dur, be nice and tell him the crash and 
his collapse was not his fault, and perhaps you 
should let him stay in your party instead of 
waiting at the ship. You should get an influence 
gain with him.

On Nar Shadaa, take only Bao-Dur with you to the 
refugee sector. Have a minimum Treat Injury of 
5. Talk to Geriel, be nice, and heal him. He 
will thank you, and say that he feels better. 
The conversation will end. Almost immediately 
after you start walking, Bao-Dur will stop you 
and say that was nice. Select the Light side 
options and you should get an influence gain 
with him.

At the Nar Shadaa Docks, explore the flop house 
to find a man name Lootra. Hear him out and 
agree to help him find his wife, Aaida. There 
are two guards that stop you in the refugee 
sector. Talk to the Gamorean, then tell him that 
if you are trying to threaten you, draw your 
weapons. If your intimidation works, you can 
only fight them earning Dark side points. 
Instead of talking to him with your main 
character, talk to him with someone else in your 
party. Even though it returns to your main 
character talking, the intimidation will fail 
and you can fight them without earning any Dark 
side points. Kill both of them, then go back and 
talk to Aaida. Tell her that Lootra is here 
looking for her. Then, say that you have taken 
out the guards and that she has a clear path out 
of the sector. This is when you need Bao-Dur in 
your party, and Kreia as well. Go back to 
flophouse and talk to the reunited couple. Kreia 
will get in an argument with you. Choose the 
answers that are correct and have to do with the 
Light side. She will get upset with you. Tell 
her that if it meant any of your allies' lives, 
you would do anything for them. This not the 
choice where you say that about Kreia, but the 
one after that. Bao-Dur will make a comment 
saying you remind him that back in the 
Mandalorian Wars, there was only one Jedi he saw 
valor in, which was you. End the conversation 
and you should get an influence gain with Bao-
Dur without losing influence with Kreia.

On Nar Shadaa there is an airspeeder at the 
Serreco territory in the refugee sector. You may 
need to take the Serreco out before using it 
though. The airspeeder is missing parts and you 
do not have access to its systems. First, to 
gain access to its systems, use your Security 
skill after examining it. If you have Atton in 
your party, he will ask you to let him take care 
of it. You may both need a high Security skill 
for this to occur. Accept his help bvy 
saying "All right, I'll let the expert handle 
this". Afterwards, thank him for his help and 
you should get an influence gain with Atton. 
Next, go to the refugee landing pad and search 
all the metal boxes and containers. The 
Navigation system may be in the Plasteel 
cylinder where you get your ID changed to have 
Vogga's transponder codes. Next, go to Nar 
Shadaa docks and go to Pylon 3 (the one at the 
very end). To the left, there is a Plasteel 
cylinder that has the maneuvering flaps. Now, go 
to the flophouse and you will find an Ithorian 
in one of the places. Hear him out and agree to 
help him. He tells you that he sells power 
cells. There is no harm in asking him for one. 
He says that he will give you one after you help 
him. Talk to Fassa at the pylons and ask him 
about the Ithorian. Pay his debt and go back to 
the Ithorian. Tell him he can go as long as he 
gives Fassa some of the power cells. He will say 
that it is no problem and thank you. After the 
conversation ends, you will receive the power 
cell. Go back to the airspeeder and install the 
three parts. After you are finished, you can ask 
either T3-M4 or Bao-Dur to examine it. Let Bao-
Dur examine it first. He will notice some things 
are wrong and offers his help. Accept it, then 
afterwards, thank him. The conversation will end 
and you should get an influence gain with Bao-
Dur. If you can, now ask T3-M4 to examine it and 
say the same things. You should get an influence 
gain with T3-M4.

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