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[Dual Vipers] Dual Vipers are the main weapon in this game, and pretty 
powerful ones, to boot, otherwise known as your machine guns. They'll send out
streams of punch-packing bullets at a Sonic the Hedgehog rate; very neat 

  You might think the Vipers will be one of the weapons you'll use most over 
time, but they turn out to be pretty weak against all the stronger enemies. 
I've still used them for a few quick shots at any enemy, or against Swarmers
and the like.

  Speed mods are the standard sort of mod for this weapon, but ammo mods and
knockbcack mods I deem useful as well. As for Omegas, many R&C veterans will
remember the Lancer or N60, and cite that they had the same 'shock' mechanisms
as the Shock Mod, but with the new age of customization, I've been using the
Freeze mod most towards the end of the game.  

  Base Ammo: 200
  Base Damage: Low
  Base Range: Medium/High
  Base Rate of Fire: Fast

  [Dual Raptors] Figures. Other than ricocheting bullets and a blue bullet 
stream, these aren't too different from the Vipers. However, the bouncing 
shots can be helpful as a semi-equivalent of the Shock mod, and the Vipers 
were at least good in the first place.

  [Magma Cannon] A shotgun of flaming fury!!one1! Basically the sequel to the
Shock Cannon, another great weapon. This gun sends out rapid vortexes of flame
towards your enemy. You'll love it.

  It's useful for a wide range of situations, from small groups to big 
enemies, so you may find you'll like a few ammo mods on it, and again some of
the XP or Jackpot mods.

  The knockback mods are nice and all on this weapon, but I rather like to
substitute that for other Alphas, and then put Freeze as its Omega.

  Base Ammo: 20
  Base Damage: Varies by distance from target
  Base Range: Medium/Low
  Base Rate of Fire: Medium/Fast

  [Vulcan Cannon] A shotgun with homing shots?! Blasphemy! Ooh... Blasphemy is
nice. The Vulcan turns the Magma into something not entirely different, but 
certaintly cooler and more effective.

  [B-6 Obliterator] Bombs, very explody. This is a weapon meant for groups,
what with the splash damage and limited ammo. However, it never becomes 
entirely too useful, though I still use it lots since I value variety. 

  The mods I use with it, are, of course, the Napalm Omega Mod, and then a few
knockbacks, an area expander mod or 3, and a few ammos which make it more 
useful to me.

  Be sure to remember how your aiming effects how far the bomb goes. Aim down
to the ground, and you'll clear away any enemies too close for comfort; but
aim a few degrees above straight ahead, and you'll send your bomb flying to 
where no bomb has gone before.

  Base Ammo: 6
  Base Damage: Medium
  Base Range: Medium/Low
  Base Rate of Fire: Medium/Slow  

  [B11 Vaporizer] Again, a very similar weapon with a few more perks. I still
don't use it all that much, though.

  [Fusion Rifle] The all-essential sniper, the most powerful weapon, which
sends a flash of concentrated energy at a specific target, damaging any others
close by. Getting to know how to use this weapon is very important, especially
for online play.

  Besides the obvious method of zooming in on an enemy in 'Look' mode and
taking him out, this weapon is extremely useful for outside L2, in a method
called "Hip-Sniping" by nearly all of the R&C community. For this, the Lock
Strafe mode is perhaps most useful.

  Because of the power this thing can deliever, its aiming capabilities are a
bit off, and the weapon will not go exactly to the spot you want it to every
time. Putting a few aiming mods on this can help make it into a killing
machine. I also recommend a few ammo mods and many speed mods, which can make
it something of a slow Vulcan Fury (Jak 2-3).

  There are a few sorts of Omega mods you can put on it, and some of the ones
I've favored over the past have been Acid, Shock, or Freeze. 

  Base Ammo: 8
  Base Damage: High
  Base Range: It'll go straight across to anywhere!
  Base Rate of Fire: Slow

  [Anti-Matter Rifle] This is a swirling ray of doom which will fly to your 
enemy and smoke him. While that would be nice, it's not what actually happens.
By the end of the game (and on into Challenge Mode) it becomes something of a
weak weapon. 

  It can still be useful whenever you want to get at something rather far 
away, and if you want to be selective about it (as in only hitting one thing).
So, at the end of the game, I have 2 ammo mods on it, and 8 Speed mods, useful
whenever I'm out of other heavy hitters like the Arbiter/Silencer. 

  [Arbiter] Ah, rockets. Evil little packages of amazing fury. They are much
like the Decimator in UYA, a fast, straight shooting monster, with less homing
capabilities than the Minirocket Tube, but great anyway.

  This is probably the second-best weapon to use on far away or big enemies
besides the Fusion, but pack on a few area mods, and it can be effective in a
B-6 Obliterator fashion. The allocation of some speed mods doesn't hurt 
either whenever you're faced with constantly spawning enemies.

  You can always use the Napalm mod for this weapon, but I've found after time
that I like to use Time Bomb, especially when this weapon V10s.

  Base Ammo: 8
  Base Damage: Medium/High
  Base Range: Medium/High
  Base Rate of Fire: Medium

  [Silencer] An Arbiter which fires 3 rockets! This turns the weapon into one
more useful against large groups, but more prominently into a close-range 
slayer of large foes (if you get close enough so that all 3 rockets fly 
directly into the enemy). 

  [Tesla Mine Launcher] I refuse to call it the Hunter Mine Launcher! Tesla is
a name that has been throughout all the R&C series, from the Tesla Claw to 
the Tesla Barrier! Hmmph. In any case, the TESLA! Mine Launcher launches 
mines, as you may guess. Once deployed, they will home in on any enemy who
dares come near. This is most useful if they are coming staight toward you.

  Area mods are a good addition to this weapon, but I've put lots of ammo on 
it, too. Once I got it, I found Time Bomb to be an excellent Omega mod for it.

  Soroush 123 mentioned in his Weapons List v3 thread something about Manual
Detonation, a technique in which you just run into an enemy with this weapon
equipped, and the mine waiting to be launched will blow up in the enemy's

  Base Ammo: 12
  Base Damage: Medium/High
  Base Range: Medium/Low, more when homing
  Base Rate of Fire: Medium/Fast

  [Stalker Mine Launcher] This is a pretty cool upgrade to an already awesome
gun. For one thing, it's pretty cool that it is twice the size of the 
original, but the main difference is in the fact that it'll split into 2 mines
once it explodes!

  [Holoshield Launcher] Like the Holoshield Glove in the last game, this gun
launches protective shields for you to hide behind. You can shoot through
them, but your enemy cannot. This gun will become more useful in later fights,
as you are barraged by constant rounds of fire. Be carfeful, though, it only
lasts about 10 seconds until you upgrade.

  Upgrading it isn't hard, but I don't think you'll be using it that much in
any case. I didn't fully upgrade mine till somewhere in Challenge Mode!

  Ammo mods are just about the only thing that's worth it to put on, but I 
usually give the ones this weapon gets to other weapons, since it doesn't 
REALLY hurt anyone till it's the Omni-Shield.

  Base Ammo: 8
  Base Time: 10
  Base Range: Low
  Base Rate of Fire: Slow

  [Omni-Shield Launcher] Pretty much the same thing, but it will shoot back at
the enemy once it's taken enough damage. This feature doesn't make it any 
better than the regular old Holos, though.

  [Scorpion Flail] In a sense, an upgraded wrench. This mace has many of the
mechanics of the wrench (as well as the Plasma Whip from UYA), except it only
slams down, which is sort of a good thing. Well, now that I've played thru the
entire adventure... It kicks the enemies' ass. HARD. Especially in Challenge

  2 Area mods make this weapon a heckuva lot more effective, as do 2 
Knockbacks, 2 Speeds, and 4 ammos. And the Shock mod is great for this weapon.

  Base Ammo: 20
  Base Damage: High
  Base Range: Low
  Base Rate of Fire: Medium/Fast

  [Leviathan Flail] Nothing different, but still hella cool. In Challenge 
Mode, this became my most prized weapon.

  [Miniturret Launcher] Meh. This is the weapon most people will use the 
least, because it's on the second page of your Quick-Select, and you really
just don't have much use for it.

  In any case though, it's a nice little upgrade of a previous glove-type
weapon in UYA, which fires... Miniturrets which fire at your enemy.

  Speed Mods and Ammo Mods are your primary need for this weapon. I would
allocate them to another weapon though, since you won't use this one. Acid or
Shock are good mods for this.

  Base Ammo: 8
  Base Damage: Low
  Base Range: Low, Medium/High for Miniturret's Shots
  Base Rate of Fire: Slow, Fast for Miniturret's Shots

  [Quasar Turret Launcher] A nice little upgrade, which gives the turret 
sniper-ish shots to charge and unleash on the enemy. Doesn't make it more
useful, though.

  [Harbringer] Eh... Not really any strategy to use with this weapon, now is 
there? Use it sparingly...

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