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Need For Speed Most Wanted 
Nintendo Gamecube only

Last updated 12/19/2006

------------------| Table of Contents |---------------------
1) Controls-------------------------------------------------
2) The Cars-------------------------------------------------
3) Blacklist racers-----------------------------------------
4) Razors Intro---------------------------------------------
5) Winning a Blacklist Race---------------------------------
6) Cops and Heat Levels-------------------------------------
7) Pursiut Breakers-----------------------------------------
8) Most Wanted Answers--------------------------------------
9) Credits--------------------------------------------------
10) Contacting Me-------------------------------------------
11) Cheats*Updated as of 12/19/2006* -----------------------

1) Controls

L= Brake and Reverse
R= Gas 
D-Pad= Direction you wish to drive in/ Move selection cursor
C-Stick= Emergency Time Brake
A= Emergency Brake, Select option
B= Nos, Nitrous or No2 however you wish to say it.
X= Shift Down(Manual shifting or drag racing)
Y= Shift Up(Manual shifting or drag racing)
Z= Car Reset

2)The Cars
- The complete list of cars and there prices.

Car Name		   Price

IS 300			$27,000
Punto			$27,000
Cobalt SS		$28,000
Golf GTI		$35,000
TT 3.2			$35,000
A3 3.2			$32,000
Eclipse			$30,000
A4 3.2 F5I		$35,000
Supra			$40,000
Clio V6			$40,000
Rx-8			$32,000
CTS			$32,000
Mustang GT		$38,000
Lancer Evolution VIIII	$38,000
SL 500			$75,000
GTO			$35,000
Monarovxr		$35,000
Cayman S		$60,000
Wrx STI			$42,000
Rx-7			$31,000
CLK 500			$75,000
Elise			$48,000
DB9			$80,000
911 Carrera S		$75,000
Viper SRT 10		$88,000
Gallardo		$120,000
911 Turbo S		$105,000
Corvette C6		$80,000
Murcielago		$265,000
Ford GT			$270,000
SLR McLaren		$300,000
Carrera GT		$280,000
3) Blacklist Racers

In Need For Speed Most Wanted there are a a group of racers that are on the
cops most wanted list, otherly known as The Blacklist Racers. There are 15 
racers in all to get to the end of this game. Read Razors Intro to understand 
why we must face each and every one of these racers. These are all the 
blacklist racers.

   Blacklist 	  #	Driver			Car Driven
 _____________   ______________	         _______________________________
| --Blacklist | | 15   	Ronnie |	|	Golf GTI                |   
| --Blacklist | | 14   	Taz    | 	|  	IS 300                  |
| --Blacklist | | 13   	Vic    |	|	Supra                   |
| --Blacklist | | 12   	Izzy   |	|	Rx-8                    |
| --Blacklist | | 11   	Big Lou|	|	Eclipse                 |
| --Blacklist | | 10   	Barow  |	|	Cayman S                |
| --Blacklist | | 09   	Earl   |	|	Lancer Evolution VIIII  |
| --Blacklist | | 08   	Jewels |	|	Mustang GT              |
| --Blacklist | | 07   	Kaze   |	|	CLK 500                 |
| --Blacklist | | 06   	Ming   |	|	Gallardo                |
| --Blacklist | | 05   	Webster|	|	Corvette C6             |
| --Blacklist | | 04   	JV     |	|	Viper SRT 10            |
| --Blacklist | | 03   	Ronnie |	|	DBS                     |
| --Blacklist | | 02   	Bull   |	|	SLR McLaren             |
| --Blacklist | |01   	Razor  |	|	BMW M3 GTR              |
|_____________| |______________|	|_______________________________|
4) Razors intro - After a few races into the game we find ourselves racing a 
punk named Razor.This race is for the pink slip of the losers car. If we lose 
this race then we lose our BMW. On the other hand if we win 
we get a really nice Ford Mustang GT. During our race near the end we get a 
call from Mia. She says that out oil is leaking so we need to finish the 
race a.s.a.p.. Unfortunitly we never get to. When we come to a heavy right 
turn the car starts to lose its power. Now that we have lost the race and our 
BMW, Razor decides to head for the top of the blacklist racers. Razor 
eventually becomes Blacklist Racer #1 with OUR car. To start the game 
pick any of the 4 start-off cars and start the game.Note There is no one better
start off car 
5) Winning a Blacklist Race- At the end of each Blacklist Race you get a choice
of any token you wish out of the given six. The six tokens you can choose are
1)Bonus Token
2)Bonus Token
3)Bonus Token
3)Unique Visual Upgrade
4)Unique Performance Upgrade
5)Unique Part Upgrade 
6) Cops and Heat Levels- For every Street race there is definitly going to a 
cop waiting for you. In NFS MW the cops are orginized in Heat Levels. To see
your heat level look at the bottom left of your screen while in free roam.These
are the levels and what you can expect on each of them.

Heat Level 1-Level One has the standard cops.
Heat Level 2-Level Two has Undercover cops.
Heat Level 3-Level Three has Faster cops and Rhino Unit or SMALL Suv's.
Heat Level 4-Level Four had Faster cops, LARGE Rhino units, SPIKE STRIPS and 
Heat Level 5-Level Five has all the above except all cops will be in Corvettes.
This is the heat level where you WILL be seeing our best buddie Cross.
Heat Level 6 (Happens only at the final pursuit of the game after you win 
7) Pursiut Breakers-Pursuit breakers are helpful ways to get rid of the cops 
in a pursuit. The pursuit breakers only work if you have the cops right behind 
you. These might be fun to do but dont waste them if you dont need them.

8)Most Wanted Answers- Here is the part where i have been asked questions 
and ive answered them.

Q: Which car should i use in the beggining?

A: There isnt really a perfect car to pick. I chose the Cobalt becuase it was 
interesting to me. All the cars stats are the same so i would just pick one 
you like.

Q: How do i raise my bounty? Its too hard because the cops keep catching me or 
I end up losing them before i get the wanted bounty.

A: I would suggest that you do all the Milestones and to damage as many 
cops cars as you can. Some times when you go to higher heat levels[you 
get helicopters to come after you] dodge all spike strips and helicopters.
This does raise your bounty if you escape. I also recommend that you try to get
all the upgrades you can. 

Q: What is the fastest car in the game?

A: I really would have to say the Ford GT is the fastest for me but i do say 
that the Porche Carrerra GT is also the tie against the Ford GT.

Q: Why is one section cut off of the game that isnt accessable? Ive unlocked 
everything but I havent beaten Razor yet.

A: That section is a bridge for a special event at the end of the game AFTER 
you beat Razor. Pretty neat i guess.

If I answer a question that seems to get answered a lot i may post it here.
You can send me a question and i will answer it. Go to "Contact me" to see my
email adress.

9) Credits- This is the section where i gice credit to people who submit 
Info that relates to this game but i dont have in my guide. Please feel 
free to submit any info you know of.

The --5 Million Bounty-- cheat was submitted by [email protected]
10) Contacting Me-If you would like to submit any info on this game of just 
plainly have a question just email me here:

[email protected] 

I check my email every hour so i will answer your message in some way.
11) Cheats. here i will list cheats that i have found out or have seen told of.

--5 million bounty--

First go to the 
Blacklist, then choose bounty and do the first one. When your are being 
chased go to the bus station.(directions: turn around and at the intersection 
right in front of you turn left then keep going straight till you are in the 
glass building which is the bus station.) Then turn around and you will 
see 2 ramps, you want to go up the right one then go out of the building 
onto the platform and keep going until there is about 5-10ft of ramp left 
then just stay there until the the chase has ended. In the mean time you 
could turn the T.V. off and keep your game on and do something you 
want to do while the chase is going on. 
This cheat was submitted by: [email protected]

--Better controling--
I have found that if you use size 18 Rimes then yopur handleing becomes 
slightly better. I have tried this for most cars and there handleing has 
slightly improved. This is useful for when you have shifty turns or any 
obstacle that sticks in your way.
This cheat was submitted by: Rapter_jp3 of Cheat


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