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Zelda is a princess of Hyrule Kingdom.She has all of thess
crazy powers like transforming into her alter ego Sheik.
While Zelda is more defensive than offensive, your better of waiting for your
opponent to come after you rather than chasing them down or waiting for the best 
time to attack.the key object is to always change from Zelda to Sheik as much times 
as you can.

Sheik is a more speedy light weight character that can monuver out any situation
Althought shes not that powerful her speed can make up for that,just keep attacking 
your opponent with her quick attacks and you'll  eventually defeat your opponent.

(B)Zelda-Zelda spins and sends a magical barrier around her for a short time.It hits 
her opponents continuosly and also works as a reflecter to send her opponents 
projectile attacks right back at them!!!

(up B) Zelda-This move is a big help when there is little time left.Zelda will 
teleport in the directino that your pointing the control stick.It also hits nearby 
opponnets who try to hit you before you can teleport.

(forward B) Zelda-This move takes time and does a simple amount of damage.Hold
(B) when you launch this attack and let go when the little fireball is near an 

(down B) Zelda-This move alows you to turn into the super speedy Shiek!

(B)Sheik-The longer you hold the (B) botton down the mor eneedles she gathers in her 
hands you can only gather up to 6 needles so when you see Shiek flashing thats when 
you know let go.Using this move in the air allows you to shot the needles 
diagonally.The secrect to this attack is to prees forward (R) or (L) while she is 
glowing to save the needles and prees (B) again to shot them.This way you don't have 
to be in one spot while your opponents are knowing your going to shot your 
needles.But make sure you don't get hit or you will have to reload all over again.

(forward B) Sheik-Sheik will send out a whip likr chain to do small amonts of damage 
to her opponenets.The secret to this move is to hold (B) while doing this attack and 
you'll notice that Sheik is just standing there with her chain out,this is your 
chance to start moving your control stick around like crazy to hit your opponent 

(up B)Sheik-Sheik will vanish in the direction you choose with the control stick and 
reappear.Because this move doesn't go that far it's very go for hiting your 
opponents who are coming strait at you to give them a surprise.

(down B)Sheik-This move will transform you back into the beatiful Zelda.

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