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 Name: Cameron couch
  email:[email protected]
  version #1
  last updated: 9/20/04
  iast updated:10-8-04

  Brock is a rock type trainer. He uses a level 12 geodude and a level 14 onyx.
this fight is very easy if you have a level 15 or up squirtle/warturtle. You can
just use water type moves.Don't forget you can always use bulasaur. You'l have 
trouble if you chose charmander.

  Misty trains only water type pokemon. Misty uses a level 18 staryu and a level
21 starmie. Bug and grass type moves are super effective. You can also use sqirtle
if you have one. But I suggest using bulbasaur.

  LT.SURGE uses only electric type pokemon. He has a level 21 voltorb,a level 18
pikachu and a level 24 raichu. Before you fight him I suggest you go to digglets
cave and get either a digglet or a dugtrio. I say this because ground type moves
are super effective against electric types. Also because ground types are un-effected
by electric type moves. A lso you can use a normal or grass type pokemon that knows
a damage dealing ground type move. If you do this you will beat LT.SURGE with ease.

  Erica absolutely loves using grass type pokemon in battle. You should bring alot 
antidotes,parylize heals and awakenings. Trust me when I say this will be such an 
easy battle that you won't even break a sweat if you have a charizard already. If
not than do tons of training in digglets cave. Then after you have a fully evolved
charizard come back and kick some butt. She uses a level 29 victrreebel a level
24 tangela and a level 29 vileploom. Yuo canalso use flying and psycic type pokemon.
  Sabrina absolutelely adores psycic type pokemon. You should use psycic,fire and
flying types when batteling Sabrina. So use that charizard you should have by now.
Sabrina uses a level 38 kadabra, a level 37 mr.mime, a level 37 venemoth and a level 
43 alakazam. Do what I told you and your done.

   BEWARE  Koga will poison your pokemon right and left. You'll dominate if you
use psycic and ground types. Use psycic attacks on his 2 koffings which are both
level 37 and his level 43 weezing. Use either ground type attacks or psycic
type attacks. And don't forget to bring tons and tons of antidotes and potions.

   If you chose a squirtle from professor oak then your set to go because Blaine 
only uses fire type pokemon. If you chose bulbasaur then your dead meat. You can 
also use ground and rock type attacks. Don't forget to bring like 50000000 burn
heals. If you chose charmander then you're going to win sort of eisily.

   I'm not telling you the name of this boss because that you'll have to find out
all by tour self. All I'll tell you is that he uses hard to beat ground type pokemon.

   email me for any questions on the game either fire red or leaf green

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