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                 Camon Valdez's Guide/ FAQ for event match 51

  Hey everyone. The purpose of this FAQ is to Guide people through Event Match 51.


     1. Introductuion
     2. Info on the level 
     3. Frequently asked questions
     4. The Showdown
     5. The best characters to use and their strategies
     6. Legal stuff


 Ok, Fist of all,to get to event match 51, you have to beat every other event match 
before it, which means that in order to get past event match 39 you have to unlock 
all characters in the game. So, Giga Bowser, Ganandorf and Mewtwo all have a problem 
with biggie. Just read this FAQ and you'll be smacking them around in no 

2.Info on this Level:

 Basically, this level is a huge brawlfest where you, and your three opponents have 
3 lives. The most important thing you need to know about this level is that you 
should always take out Giga Bowser FIRST. He is the easiest one to knock out and he 
is the most dangerous at the same time. Once He is out of the picture, You are home 
free if you follow my advice.The best person to use on this level is FOX by all 

3. Frequently Asked Questions..... 

Q: Why is this the only place you see Giga bowser on this game?
A: It isn't. Beat adventure on normal and beat bowser within a minute to fight Giga 

Q: How do I get by Giga Bowser to hit G-dorf or Mewtwo without getting creamed?
A: You don't. You either go through GIga bowser or he introduces you to oblivion.

Q: Why doesn't Jiggly Puff's "Rest" move work all the time?
A: Either you aren't close enough to them or the execution was to late. Press down+B 
when you are practically inside of them.

Q:Why doesn't Falco's laser fire as rapidly as Fox's ?
A:Because it packs more punch. When you hit them with fox's laser, they take damage 
but they don't move. When you hit them with Falco's laser, they take damage and get 
knocked around by it.

Q:Is it possible to beat this level?
A: Oh yes, very possible

Q:Why can't i beat this level?
A: Because you haven't read this document yet.

Q:What if I don't want to do it your way?
A:Why are you reading this again...?

4.The Showdown:

If you are just looking to clear this level and forget about it, then this is the 
only section you really need to read. If you want to get a special message that 
says "You've cleared event match 51 without losing a single life", then read the 
next section too. Anyway, the showdown begins. USING FOX, start the level and 
immediately jump away from Giga Bowser and use the up+B attack and hit bowser. Then 
as soon as you land, jump right back up and o it again. And again. After you hit him 
about four times you should be able to use the up+A shamsh attack to send him flying 
off the screen. Avoid all three characters as Giga Bowser comes back to the arena 
because he uses his few seconds of invincibility to his advantage. When he stops 
flashing, jump back into action with the same strategy in mind. When you are finally 
rid of the big guy, all you have to do is get to the other side of the arena and 
whip out the blaster with B and use rapid fire to break Ganandorf and Mewtwo's 
sheilds. When they break, if you think they're damage is high enough, give them an 
up+A attack to finish them. Continue doing this until you win the match. My best 
time is 3:15:07.

5.Best characters and their startegies:

Well, there are only 4 characters that even stand a chance at this level. Foxn 
Falco, Jigglypuff and Kirby. Yeah i know... "What!? Jigglypuff?". Yes Jigglypuff.
Ok, if you use fox, then i just told you in the last section what to do. Falco has 
stronger attacks than fox, but he jumps higher. His speed is nowhere close to Fox 
though. Just use the same strategy as Fox if using falco. If using Kirby, just fly 
above all three characters and use the down+B attack to hit all three at the same 
time. Repeat that process until you win. If you use jigglypuff, all you have to do 
is get near an edge and use the rest attack (down+B) about two times and bowser is 
gone. Just use that attack on Mewto and ganandorf to finish them. Note: You have to 
be right up against them for it to work.

6. Well, since nobody contributed to the making of this FAQ/guide except for me, 
then nobody is listed besides me at the top. can do whatever the heck 
they want to with this document as long as i am listed as the contributer for it.If 
you have any questions about this document, feel free to email me any time. Just 
make sure to put the subject as SSBM guide/ faq or something similar. If you're 
question is about something that is answered in this document, i won't be replying 
to it any time soon. Have a nice day.

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