Beat Oppenets With Kirby in Flat Zone - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Move Set:
How To Beat Your Oppenets:

I am a new FAQ writer to and my first will be on SSBM.

Introduction: We all should now kirby he is a small pink puff ball. Many hate 
to play as him and many more hate to be in Flat Zone but have discovered how to 
beat you oppenet in this location.

Kirby Move Set:
A butons stadard attacks
Dashing+A Fireball Tackle
B suck up enemies (Press DOWN to absorb B power, Press A to shoot out opponent. 
Remove B power with taunt)
B+LEFT/RIGHT Hammer Smash
B+DOWN Transform (usefull in tight situations)
B+UP Sound Wave Sword/ Sword Slash
Z on ground grab
Z in air Arial kicks and punches

The key to fighting as Kirby in any place (except for Ice Cicle Mountain 
because thats just a race for your life) is waiting for the right time to 
attack. For example if you stand on the very edge wait until someone comes to 
attack you. Start you B move but if they jump just do a Sword Slash to knock 
them down and then do a fireball tackle. If done right it could give a damage 
rate of 38 or more. This technique works in a battle with 3 or more fighting 
solo. While two of them are fighting give one of them a transformation or a 
hammer wack. There are probily more combos but you will have to find them 

That wraps up this FAQ if you have a specfic topic send it to 
[email protected] and I'll see what I can do. And no hate mail please and 
esplicly no mail about my dislexia.  

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