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                            (Version 1.0)
                             By Octoman888 (PJ)
 Table of contents
1) Intro
2) How to cream em'
3) Thanks
4) Email stuff
This is the FAQ on how to beat every single boss in Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland. 
If you get this stuff printed in your head, then you'll do just fine beating those 
1) Forest Greens boss
Okay, this is really simple. Just get the sword power and get right next to him. 
Press B really fast. The End.

2) Painter boss
At all times avoid him. Never fly, (too slow) jump. When the painter guy gets next 
to a painting  and starts scribbling on it, wait. When the picture appears suck it 
up, spit it out at him, and jump over him*.Repeat this again and again.
*Only jump over him if he's still stationary.

3) Mr.Sun and Mr.Moon boss
When the moon drops down* he'll do all this crazy stuff. So, you need to avoid him. 
Soon the sun will fry the ground with a beam. Suck up one of the stars on the side. 
Get close to the moon and hold down B. The sun will drop down. Get close to him and 
hold down B.
*The sun might drop down instead if he does do the same thing. But the moon does'nt 
shoot a beam, it shoots stars suck up the star. Oh yeah, this way you have to tap B 
instead of holding it down.

4)Kracko boss
Suck up a high-jump guy. Use that abilty to jump all the way to the top of the 
stage. Don't bother touching Kracko now. It'll inflict damage on you instead of 
him. When you get to the top, use the high-jump ability to keep on slamming into 

5) Digger Mole Boss
Just follow him, suck up his missles, and spit them back out at him. Be careful not 
to go off the back of the screen.

6) Meta Knight Boss
Grab the sword and duel him out. Just jump, no flying*.
*Unless you're scared...

7) King Dee-dee-dee
Get the laser abilty from door 4 in Rainbow Resort. When you face the guy, just 
shoot him a lot. Stay at a distance.

8 part1) Star Orb
Press B the whole time. As fast as you can too. Stay in the bottom left side about 
87% of the time. In about 2 tries you should know when to move.

8 part2) Lord of Nightmares
This one's pretty simple. Just shoot him when his tornado comes out. When he gets 
on the right side of the screen and points his finger out, get right next to him. 
He won't be able to shoot you.
Thanks for reading my FAQ. I hope it helps you in your future gaming!

You can Email me at [email protected]

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