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O.k this I know is kinda hard for some people to do, but it is easier with these

1.Blastoise - Level 60+
- Surf
- Bite
- Hydro Cannon (not recommended, but useful)
- Earthquake (not recommended, but useful)

2.Zapdos - Level 58+
- Shock Wave
- Thunder Wave
- Thunder
- Drill Peck

3.Moltres - Level 58+
- Fire Spin
- Fly, or Agility
- Endure (very useful)
- Flamethrower, or Fire Blast

4.Articuno - Level 60+
- Mist (useful for no stat changes)
- Fly
- Blizzard, or Sheer Cold
- Ice Beam

5.Gyarados - Level 55+
- Hyper Beam
- Outrage
- Surf
- Anthing

6.Pidgeot - Level 55+
- Wing Attack
- Aerial Ace
- Fly
- Quick Attack

Note: You CAN obtain the legendary birds without beating the Elite Four.

Elite Four - Lorelei

1. lv. 52 Dewgong
2. lv. 51 Cloyster
3. lv. 52 Slowbro
4. lv. 54 Jynx
5. lv. 54 Lapras

Pokemon To Use.

Dewgong - Zapdos
Cloyster - Moltres
Slowbro - Zapdos
Jynx - Moltres
Labras - Zapdos

Not to difficult of a challenge. Dewgong shouldn't be a problem. Knock it out
with a Shock Wave. Cloyster is a little annoying, because of it's spikes attack
which damage all pokemon that are switched into the battle, so you might wanna
get Cloyster outta there fast. Slowbro is a pain, because it has a very high
Defense status, so have your Zapdos use Thunder instead of Shock Wave. Jynx is
not that difficult, but watch out for it's Sweet Kiss attack, which will put
your pokemon to sleep. Labras is a pain in the arse, because it has a ridiculous
defense status. Use thunder as well and move on to Bruno.

Elite Four - Bruno

1. lv. 51 Onix
2. lv. 53 Hitmonchan
3. lv. 53 Hitmonlee
4. lv. 54 Onix
5. lv. 56 Machamp

Pokemon To Use.

Onix - Gyarados
Hitmonchan - Pidgeot
Hitmonlee - Pidgeot
Onix - Gyarados
Machamp - Zapdos

Both Onix are weak in attack so clear them with Gyarados. Both Hitmonlee, and
Hitmonchan have very good attack status, but both have low accuracy, and defense
use Fly on them with Pidgeot. use Zapdos for Machamp because it is strong. After
that move on to Agatha.

Elite Four - Agatha
1. lv. 54 Gengar
2. lv. 54 Golbat
3. lv. 53 Haunter
4. lv. 56 Arbok
5. lv. 58 Gengar

Pokemon to use.

Gengar - Blastoise
Goldbat - Zapdos, or Articuno
Haunter - Blastoise
Arbok - Gyarados
Gengar - Blastoise 

Both Gengar, and Haunter shouldn't be a problem with Blastoise and it's Bit
attack so mop the floor with them. Golbat has good speed, but a good Electric,
or Ice attack will take it down in a heart beat. Same for Arbok, but Hyper Beam
is the way to go, and so is Surf. After her move to Lance.

Elite Four - Lance

1. lv. 56 Gyarados
2. lv. 54 Dragonair
3. lv. 54 Dragonair
4. lv. 58 Aerodactyl
5. lv. 60 Dragonite

Pokemon to use.

Zapdos and Articuno.

Just watch out for Hyper Beam. After him go to meat your maker.

Champion - Rival

1. lv. 61 Pidgeot
2. lv. 59 Alakazam
3. lv. 61 Rhydon
4. If you chose Bulbasaur, then he has a lv. 61 Exeggutor, lv. 63 Gyarados, and
a lv. 65 Charizard.
5. If you chose Charmander, then he has a lv. 63 Exeggutor, lv. 61 Arcanine, and
a lv. 65 Blastoise.
6. If you chose Squirtle, then he has a lv. 63 Arcanine, lv. 61 Gyarados, and a
lv. 65 Venusaur.

Good Luck that is all I can say.

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