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H     H   M       M       FAQ By Aubrey Riggs (Doodle33433)
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                        -About Me-
Hello!I`m Doodle33433 and I love Harvest Moon!It is a great 
game....anyway.....If you want to E-mail me you can 
at:[email protected] I do not take any ruse or mean E-mails.Also, I 
do not take any suggestions for my Guide.But if you have any questions, then 
you can E-mail me.Enjoy Reading!

Ok you`re probly wondering what i mean by, "Become Friends with Your 
Neighbors".Well what I`m Saying is it`s a VERY good idea to become friends with 
everyone in Forget-Me-not Valley.Why, you ask?Because if you do become friends 
with them, they give you presents you can`t get anywhere else.Now I know wha 
you`re thinking, "Oh, I`ll just use that cheat codes that gives me all tose 
rare items."You could us ethe cheat code...But that`s not such a good idea.If 
you use the cheat codes, things will happen that ruin the game.Your animals 
will die sooner,You won`t get the alarm clock,You won`t be able to unlock the 
Chihauhau, and you can`t get the ducks.Now that doesn`t sound fun?Let me tell 
you what will happen when you become friends with certain people.
Becoming Friends with Flora

She will give you a rare Neckelace and a pet racoon.
What she likes:Flora Likes Flowers and Cooked Meals.Don`t give her anything 
from the digging site.

Becoming Friends with Carter

He will give you the Chihauhau!!!!!:D
What he likes:He likes cooked meals and he likes it when you with him at the 
digging site.(Try finding some stone tablets and giving it to him)

Becoming Friends with Patrick and Kassey

They will give you a Firework they made themselves.(I`m not sure how to get it 
to work)
What they like:Odd enough they like flowers.They`ll take crops like grapes and 
bananas.They`ll also take a few things from the Digging site.

Becoming Friends with Romona

She will first give you a rare wateringcan and then she`ll give you a black cat.
What she likes:She loves flowers.She`ll also take diary items like 
eggs,milk,cheese,and butter.

Becoming Friends with Lumina

she will give you a pet lizard.
What she likes:Lumina is simple and will take about anything.She realy likes 
flowers though.

Becoming friends with Rock

He`ll give you a pet turtle and he`ll also marry you if you ask him.
What he likes:He only likes certain kinds of flowers.Like toyflowers.He also 
likes cheese and butter.But don`t churn it from goat`s milk!

Becoming friends with Galen

He`ll give you a rare fishing pole.
What he likes:Hel ikes fish and Plants you find on te ground like royal ferns 
and mugwort.

Becoming friends with Gustafa

He`ll sing you specail songs and if you ask him he`ll marry you.
What he likes:He like flowers and Cooked doshes.He hates fish though.

Becoming friends with Ruby

She`ll give you Ruby`s specail spice.You can make curry with that!
What she likes:She likes any flower and any kind of food

Becoming friends with Sebastian

He won`t give you anything, but he will tell you about Romona`s past.
What he likes:Flowers

Becoming friends with Marlin

He`ll give you a milkshake and he`ll marry you if you ask him.
What he likes:He likes milk and eggs.He also likes soups and curries.

Becoming friends with Cody

He`ll first give you a rare sickle.then in chapter 2 - chapter 4 he`ll give you 
a piece of artwork for your house.
What he likes:He likes flowers and cooked dishes

Becoming friends with Grant

He`ll give you an alarm clock
What he likes:He likes dairy items like milk eggs and cheese

Becoming friends with Samantha

If you become close friends with her, when you walk into her house sometimes 
she`ll ask you to stay for dinner.You probly need to become friends with her if 
you want Kate to like your son.
What she likes:Flowers is what she the most.She also likes any kind of food.

Becoming friends with Kate

You NEED to become friends with Kate if you want her to marry your son!!!
What she likes:She likes flowers but she LOVES anything from the digging site.

Becoming friends with Nina

If you becomed friends with nina, in the second chapter she`ll visit you at her 
What she likes:Flowers

You may of noticed that I left out some people.I`m still working on the other 
town people.


Those are the ones i left out.I`ll try to figure it out as soon as I can.Keep 
checking my FAQ to see if I`ve updated

Thanx for Reading!
FAQ by Aubrey Riggs (Doodle33433)
Made on September 18, 2008

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