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2.Energy Moves


You will get to be.....

Vegeta(My Favorite)

2.Energy Moves

Piccolo-Super Namek,Special Beam Cannon,Tri Blast,Ki blast

Gohan-Super Sayin,Masenke Ha,Kamehameha,Ki blast

Trunks-Super Sayin,Burning attack,Energy sword,Ki blast

Vegeta-Super Sayin,Energy Punch,Big Bang,Ki blast

Goku-Super Sayin,Kamehameha,Spirit Bomb,Ki Blast


Before you read this read the manual.I won't take time to explain all of these things
(I don't want to be mean)
You will start out as Trunks.You and (Teen) Gohan will talk.(Teen) Gohan 
says "destroy the boulder ahead".Walk up to the boulder and press A.A is how you 
punch.Then (Teen) Gohan says  "destroy the boulder ahead with you Ki blast (Energy 
attack).Press B to use your energy attack.You and (teen) Gohan will talk more then 
Trunks will try to become a Super Sayin.After the screen shakes a little (Teen) 
Gohan will say "It's those androids again."(Teen) Gohan will fly of.Walk foward a 
bit and then you should see (Teen) Gohan.Talk to him.After you talk to him He'll 
knock you out.There should be a flight circle.Use it.You should arrive "Outside 
Gingertown" or something like that.Walk around until you find the white road.Follow 
it.Eventually you should see (Teen) Gohan getting hit by energy blasts from the 
androids.He'll Die.Trunks will walk over to (Teen)Gohan.He'll get so angry he'll go 
Super Sayin.The screen should black out.You are now normal Gohan.Gohan should be 
talking to Chi-Chi.She will say get your mathbook.To get your mathbook walk out the 
door to the left.Once you get out of that door go up the stairs.Walk around until 
you see a blue book.Press A to pick it up.Go downstairs again and walk into your 
room.The screen should go black and the window should be open.Walk up to the open 
wimdow.The screen should go black again (it does that whenever you move into a 
different area.)You should now be outside.walk fowrard until you see a 
savepoint.Step on it and press A to save.Keep walking right until you reach a 
different area.Once you go into that area it will tell you how to sprint.Sprint/run 
to the edge of the forest and then walk up.Punch through that barrier.You can't 
punch through the 2 barrier so go right into a different area.You should see Frieza 
disguised as goku.After you talk you will have to fight him.Frieza's health is 
displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.Fighti8ng Frieza was a dream.Gohan 
will say the phone is ringing.Walk into the room on your right.By the stairs you 
should see the phone.Press A to pick it up.It's Krillin he says he senses 
Frieza.Gohan says he needs to get his sayin battle armor.Go down and walk out the 
front door.Go right and walk along the side of your house.After you get in back of 
your house you should see the save point.Save.Go to the spot where the 1 barrier was.
Walk up a little and you should see a 2 barrier.Punch it.Go inside the cave.You 
should see a blue chest.Open it.You found the sayin battle armor.There should be 
another exit out of the cave.Go through it.Keep walking forward until you see a 
world map.Fly to the Northern Wastlands(there is a map when you are flying so find 
your way.)Once you are there and you walk ahead a little there should be ladybugs(as 
refered to in the bestiery.)Don't shoot energy blasts.Punch them.You have to destroy 
them all to get through the electric gate.Once you go through it you should see 
tiger people.Blast them to kingdom kum!After you defeat 3 you advance to level 3.Go 
forward up the ramp and walk right.You should see a dinosaur bone on the ground and 
a tiger guy punch him.Then keep following the path.Eventualy you should see a 
combanation of tiger people and ladybugs.Aim for the ladybugs first because they 
are  a nuisince.Break rocks and get items under them for health and energy if you 
need to.After you destroy them all walk up the path some more until you see a save 
point.Save.Now use the flight circle and fly away.All Earth's hero's are there 
except Goku.You can talk to everyone but to get the story mode back talk to 
Piccolo.Now keep going up the path until you get ontop of the mountain keep going 
foward until the screen shakes.Everyone will come.The screen will go black and now 
you will see cyber Frieza and King Cold talking.Frieza will summon his 
soldiers.Trunks will appear!He will destroy the soldiers and cut frieza in half.Then 
King Cold offers Trunks a chance to become supreme ruler of the universe.Trunks says 
no.Then he kills King Cold.He powers down and flies over to you and everyone else.He 
tells you he's going to meet Goku and to follow him.Follow him.Once you get there 
you have to wait for everyone else to come.You can talk to them if you want but to 
keep going you have to walk ahead a little and talk to Trunks.You him and Vegeta 
will talk a little.Then Goku comes!Trunks will ask Goku for a word.He will tell Goku 
about the androids and who he and his family is and all that.After the talk Goku 
will tell everyone about the warning from the future.Then he says they have 3 years 
to train.After everyone talks some more the screen should black out.You will be 
Gohan.Talk to Goku.He says you can either come inside and surpris Chi-Chi or you can 
train.You can train after so you should go inside and surprise Chi-Chi.Now i propose 
you get gohan to level 5.then go to the world map and goku will say something(I 
forgot)then you must fly to west city.Goku says there is a parade today and he asks 
you to find piccolo.Talk to hercule he says he wants an opened face clubbed 
sandwich .

Guide Discontinued

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