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This FAQ is here to help you with all your berry needs. I'm going to explain 
all the different types of berries, their numbers, what they do , what type of 
poffins they will develop into, and the stat the pokemon will have raised.
I hope you find this interesting and helpful in your journey to become a 
pokemon master!


1. Cheri - Spicy  - Heals paralysis stat

2. Chesto - Dry  - Heals sleeping stat

3. Pecha - Sweet  - Heals poison stat

4. Rawst - Bitter  - Heals burn stat

5. Aspear - Sour  - Heals frozen stat         

6. Leppa - Spicy  - Restores *PP by 10

7. Oran - Dry  - Restores *HP by 10

8. Persim - Sweet  - Heals confusion stat

9. Lum - Bitter  - Restores *HP a little

10. Sitrus - Sour  - Restores *HP a little

11. Figy - Spicy  - Restores *HP a little (can cause confusion)

12. Wiki - Dry  - Restores *HP a little (can cause confusion)

13. Mago - Sweet  - Restores *HP a little (can cause confusion)

14. Aguav - Bitter  - Restores *HP a little (can cause confusion)

15. Iapapa - Sour  - Restores *HP a little (can cause confusion)

* Watch: HP and PP are two different things. HP refers to the amount of life 
your pokemon has. PP refers to the amount of times you can use a move before it 
is useless.

NOTE: The first fifteen berry types have the ability to help your pokemon. The 
next twenty-one have no special 'powers', and are only used to create poffins 
to help your pokemon in contests.


16. Razz - Spicy  - Poffin ingredient

17. Bluk - Dry  - Poffin ingredient

18. Nanab - Sweet  - Poffin ingredient

19. Wepear - Bitter  - Poffin ingredient

20. Pinap - Spicy  - Poffin ingredient

21. Pomeg - Spicy  - Poffin ingredient
22. Kelpsy - Dry  - Poffin ingredient

23. Qualot - Sweet  - Poffin ingredient

24. Hondew - Bitter  - Poffin ingredient

25. Grepa - Sour  - Poffin ingredient

26. Tamato - Spicy  - Poffin ingredient

27. Cornn - Dry  - Poffin ingredient

28. Magost - Sweet  - Poffin ingredient

29. Rabuta - Dry  - Poffin ingredient

30. Nomel - Sour  - Poffin ingredient

31. Spelon - Spicy  - Poffin ingredient

32. Pamtre - Dry  - Poffin ingredient

*33. Watmel - ? < 2 stats> - Poffin ingredient

34. Durin - Bitter  - Poffin ingredient

35. Belue - Sour  - Poffin ingredient

*36. Liechi - ? <2 stats> - Poffin ingredient

* GOLD BERRY TYPE: These two berries make a gold type berry. This means that 
the two berries that are combined both contribute to the final taste. So, the 
two types of berries raise the two stats they correspond with.
          EX: SPICY BERRY and SOUR BERRY: this combo would raise both the 
coolness and toughness of a pokemon.
^ I find these GOLD berries pretty useful if you like to enter two contests 
with one pokemon.

That's the complete list of all the berries in the entire game. 
Here are some tips to make the most of your berries...

TIP: Some of the listed berries do not appear often in the game. Acquire rare 
berries through trading with friends or between your own game systems.

TIP: Everyday, go to the berry man and ask him for a berry. This is the only 
way to obtain certain berries in this certain game.

TIP: Grow berries and use the PokeTech watch (berry tracker) to locate grown 
berries. This is how you can turn one rare berry into a hundred.

TIP: There are 2 things you can do to improve the quality and speed-of-growth 
of your berries;
           1. Buy mulch and use it in the dirt
           2. Use the watering can to prevent wilting

TIP: When making poffins make the best ones you can (LEVEL 10)s.
          This is because that when you feed your pokemon a certain amount of 
poffins, it won't eat any more (this is called a full sheen level). That is why 
you should only feed it high level poffins to see the greates increase in your 
pokemon's stats.

TIP: Watch your berry types. Only try to raise one type of stat per pokemon. 
You will be limited to poffins and you have to raise one stat and perfect the 
moves needed to win contests. 

This is my FAQ. Hope it helped you to make smart choices and keep all the 
berries you can. Good luck and reminder: berries and poffins don't hurt your 
pokemon, they only help to give you an edge on your opponent!

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