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 Dragon Ball Z
     Budokai 3

Hey, before you begin read this please. I took a lot of time in this so I would 
like if you would just love this helping F.A.Q. I put a lot of stuff in here. It is 
almost the every thing in here. This even gots extra stuff(check out Extraat the 
bottom!) I some times change this F.A.Q. Well, have fun and enjoy! Thank you!

Lets Begin!

 All of the following characters are unlocked by naturally playing through the 
Dragon Universe mode with various characters, on the first play through for each 
story. For the most part, they are considered standard characters. They are listed 
alphabetically.  Some are unlocked upon completing the DU mode for a character, 
others by winning specific matches.

Android 17: Defeat Android 17 in Piccolo's DU Storyline.

Android 18: Complete Krillin's DU Storyline.

Captain Ginyu: Defeat Captain Ginyu in Goku's DU Storyline.

Cell: Complete Teen Gohan's DU Storyline.

Dabura: Defeat Dabura in Gohan's (Adult) DU Storyline.

Dr. Gero:  Defeat Dr. Gero in Yamcha's DU Storyline.

Frieza: Defeat Frieza in Goku's DU Storyline.

Gohan (Adult): Complete Teen Gohan's DU Storyline.

Goten: Defeat Goten in Gohan's (Adult) DU Storyline.

Great Saiyaman: Complete Gohan's (Adult) DU Storyline.

Kid Buu: Defeat Kid Buu in Goku's DU Storyline.

Kid Trunks: Defeat Majin Buu in Vegeta's DU Storyline.

Majin Buu: Defeat Majin Buu in Goku's DU Storyline.

Recoome: Defeat Recoome in Goku's DU Storyline.

Super Buu: Defeat Super Buu in Goku's DU Storyline.

Teen Gohan: Complete Kid Gohan's DU Storyline.

Trunks: Complete Vegeta's DU Storyline.

Vegeta:  Defeat Vegeta in Goku's DU Storyline.

Secret Characters
I refer to these characters as secret characters, due to the fact that they are not 
unlocked by simply playing straight through the battles within the game. They also 
tend to be the harder characters to unlock, and some of them are among the 
strongest characters in the game.

- Android 16 -

This peace-loving android can be unlocked only by playing through Krillin’s DU mode 
a second time.  During the Namek Saga there will be a point where two red markers 
will be available on your map, and you must head to the easternmost marker to 
initiate a conversation with a frog containing Captain Ginyu's consciousness.  
After the scene, proceed through the DU as normal, and you will reach the Android 
Saga as a new feature to playing Krillin's DU a second time.  
During this Saga, if you search the chain of islands on the southern portion of the 
map, you will find a 'plains' area.  Here, Krillin and Trunks will find a damaged 
android 16.  After the scene, head to West City, where Bulma will repair Android 
16, and he will become playable.

- Bardok -

Goku's father can be unlocked one of two ways.  He will be automatically unlocked 
if you have a Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 save file on your memory card.  
Otherwise, as soon as you begin Goku's DU a second time, search the northern 
mountains for Raditz' Spaceship/pod.  When you find it, enter it, and you will 
receive Bardok.

- Broly -

The massive and powerful legendary super saiyan is one of the more elusive 
characters to unlock, but it is not difficult to do so.  In order to unlock Broly, 
you must play through Goku's DU Story a second time after having completed it once 
before.  The next step is to reach the Majin Saga, specifically the point where 
Goku is looking for someone to fuse with via the Potara earrings.  This segment 
occurs right after the scene where Gohan is absorbed by Super Buu.  First, look in 
the immediate area surrounding where Goku starts this stage. A “???” nearby should 
start a conversation with Hercule.  
Once that scene ends, head towards the red dot on your map, but do not begin the 
battle with Super Buu yet.  Near the battle with Buu, will be another “???” mark 
what will show a scene with Tien.  Once that is finished, search the surrounding 
area for a location that reads 'Mountains'.

If you have found the correct location, a dialogue with Kabitoshin will ensue, 
where he discusses a greater evil being on the earth, and how he is intimidated by 
the fact.  Once this dialogue has ended, feel free to fight Super Buu.  Once you 
defeat Super Buu within Buu's body, there will be a new dialogue where 
Vegeta will hold off Buu so that Goku can investigate the new force.  A new red 
marker will appear on the map, where Broly will be waiting.  Defeat him, and 
Broly will be unlocked for all modes, including DU.

Note: Broly can be fought by Vegeta on a second play through of Vegeta's DU mode.  
Head to the island covered in snow before fusing with Goku to battle Super Buu, and 
you will have an automatic dialogue with Kabitoshin about Broly. After the 
dialogue, battle Buu as normal, and you will eventually face Broly. Using Vegeta 
will not unlock Brolly, but it is necessary to fight him for some of Vegeta's rare 

Note2: Broly can also be fought by Gohan (Adult) as happens in the actual movie and 
in the Broly's DU modes, during a second play through of Gohan's (Adult) DU mode, 
but this will not unlock Broly.

- Cell Jr. -

Cell Jr. is unlocked in Dragon Arena mode.  You must be fighting with a level 20-40 
character, and should be battling opponents well above your level, 30+ or so.  If 
you continue to do this, eventually Piccolo will break in and challenge you.  When 
you defeat him, Cell Jr. will be unlocked.

- Cooler -

Frieza's Brother also tends to give gamers a bit of trouble to unlock.  The most 
important note in unlocking Cooler is to complete Vegeta's DU, as well as Goku's 
DU.  Play through Goku's DU a second time.  After your battle with 
Frieza, there will be three red dots on your map of Namek.  Proceed to the red dot 
directly below where you faced Frieza, and you will have to battle Super 
Saiyan Vegeta.  Once you defeat Vegeta, head towards the red dot near the middle of 
the screen.  This dot will initiate Cooler's appearance, and upon defeating him, 
Cooler will be unlocked.

Note: While Cooler can be battled in various ways with various characters in DU 
mode, he can only be unlocked through the process listed above.

- Hercule -

During Piccolo's DU, search the desert south of Kami's lookout near Baba's palace 
after the event at central city, but before fighting Buu. Once you find 
Hercule you will then want to talk to Videl in central city, which will unlock 

- Kid Goku -

Goku's Childhood self can be unlocked one of two ways.  The first is to complete 
Broly's DU.  Kid Goku can also be unlocked if you visit Grandpa Gohan's house 
during Goku's DU, if you visit it after fighting Raditz, but before fighting 
Nappa.  Grandpa Gohan's house is located on the right side of the map along the 
coast, near the middle of the west coast.  It is an old oriental style building 
located among many rock pillars, and is not hard to find.

- Omega Shenron -

To face off with Omega Shenron, you will need to be playing through Goku's DU mode 
on a second time or more.  In order to battle Omega Shenron, you need to have 
collected Goku's SSJ4 Capsule.  With this prerequisite set, fulfill the 
requirements for fighting Broly as listed above.  Once you have beaten Broly, 
ignore the red dot on your map and proceed to West City where Goku will have a 
dialogue with Bulma about the Dragon Radar.  Proceed to the red dot on your map 
now, and defeat Gotenks using the Gogeta fusion.  Once you have done so, a new red 
dot will light up on your map, where you will find Omega Shenron.  SSJ4 
Vegeta will arrive, and he will fuse with Goku to form SSJ4 Gogeta and you will 
battle Omega Shenron in this form.  Defeat Omega Shenron in an incredibly easy 
battle, thanks to the power of SSJ4 Gogeta, and you will unlock Omega Shenron, as 
well as Goku's SSJ4 Gogeta capsule.

Note: Some players claim that collecting the Dragon Balls is not required for this 
series of events.

- Saibaman -

You can unlock the Saibamen for various modes by competing in the Dragon Arena 
mode.  Your character should be level 10-20 and facing opponents at least twice 
your level.  Nappa will eventually break in, and when he is defeated, you will 
unlock the Saibamen.

- Supreme Kai -

Supreme Kai can be unlocked during Gohan's (Adult) DU mode on a second play 
through, by searching the map and viewing the two Videl events and beating 
Goten. After both of those are complete, head to Kami's lookout and beat Piccolo. 
When the Debura marker appears, head to the mountains on the northeast coast of the 
main continent to have a discussion with Vegeta. Afterwards proceed to defeat 
Debura. Gohan should now decide to pursue Vegeta instead of Buu. Defeat Vegeta, 
then head to the dot on your map, but before you face Buu, scan the immediate 
area.  There is a 'plains' location which is easier to find by using the Ki-search 
(R1) near central city, where you will find Supreme Kai and he will be unlocked for 
you after the scene with Gohan.

- Uub -

In order to unlock the reborn Kid Buu, Uub, you must defeat Kid Buu in a special 
way.  In Goku's DU, you must have Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and 
Spirit Bomb equipped in Goku's ability tray while fighting Kid Buu.  If you meet 
these requirements, you will be able to perform the Super Spirit Bomb ultimate.

You must defeat Kid Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb in order to continue the DU and 
obtain Uub.  There are a few requirements in this regard.

1. Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Spirit Bomb equipped in Goku's ability tray.
2. You cannot use the Super Spirit Bomb while transformed into a Super Saiyan.  
Goku's ultimate attack is different if you are Super Saiyan.  The attack must be 
performed while Goku is at his normal state or in Kaioken.
3. You must win the power struggle during the Super Spirit Bomb animation.  
This can be very difficult to achieve based on the computer's result.

If you fulfill all of these requirements, the DU will continue, and you will have a 
red dot on the map at the World Martial Arts Tournament.  Go there, and you will 
fight against Uub.  Defeat him, and he is unlocked in all modes, including DU.

My thanks goes out to all the nice folks who emailed me and confirmed that Buu does 
not have to be killed by the Super Spirit Bomb, he only needs to be hit with it, 
and lose the attack struggle.

Note: The Uub that is unlocked is Uub as he is presented in Dragon Ball Z, not 
Dragon ball GT, and he is therefore untrained and does not have the same moves he 
uses in GT, nor is he wearing a martial arts Gig.

- Videl -

Hercule's daughter can be unlocked only while in Gohan's DU.  Before your battle 
with Dabura, search fields east of Goku's house for one event with 
Videl, then search the island chain in the lower right portion of the map.  You 
should find a spot that will initiate a second conversation with Videl about how 
she's being trained, and afterwards, she will be unlocked.

3.) Rare Transformations.
Due to the number of requests, I've listed a few of the hard to find 

- Gotenks -

This must be bought from Launch's capsule shop.

(Alternate methods welcome.)

- Gogeta -

After fighting Broly (Instructions listed above) during Goku's DU or Vegeta's 
DU on a second play through, you will eventually battle against Gotenks at the 
tournament grounds, and upon defeating him you will unlock Gogeta for the 
respective character.

Note: Gogeta is SSJ2 naturally in this fusion. He cannot further transform to a 
higher or lower state.

- SSJ4 Goku -

To find the Capsule for this transformation, you must be playing in Goku's DU mode, 
and have defeated Kid Buu using the Super Spirit Bomb, (Same as you would in 
unlocking Uub. Detailed instructions above.) After the battle with Buu, search the 
islands east of the World Martial Arts Tournament. You should find a 
“???” mark on one of the islands, which will initiate an odd scene with Goku and 
give you Goku's SSJ4 Capsule.


The Capsule for SSJ4 Goku can also be collected on the same island as listed above, 
prior to the fight with Broly. Search the islands east of the World Martial Arts 
Tournament. You should find a “???” mark on one of the islands, which will initiate 
an odd scene with Goku and give you Goku's SSJ4 Capsule.

- SSJ4 Vegeta / SSJ4 Gogeta (Vegeta) -
To find the Capsule for SSJ4 Vegeta, you must be playing in Vegeta's DU mode a 
second time. You must fulfill the conditions to battle Broly (Instructions on how 
to find Broly listed above.) but after leaving Buu's body do not immediately go to 
the Broly fight. Instead, travel to the islands in the bottom right corner of the 
map and when you pass over the right one, Vegeta will automatically land and 
complain about Goku giving out orders. Now fight and defeat Broly, and after the 
fight ignore the red dot and instead, head to 
Baba's palace and search the vicinity for an even called 'plains' where you will 
meet Bulma. Head to West City and activate the event there. You should get SSJ4 for 
Vegeta. Now, head to the islands where the red dot is located and battle SSJ4 Goku. 
When you defeat him, you will get the SSJ4 Gogeta capsule for Vegeta.

- Kabitoshin -

To unlock this potara fusion, you must play though Gohan's (Adult) DU a second 
time. Follow the events to unlock Supreme Kai (Listed above in secret characters) 
and then fight and defeat Kid Buu with Gohan. Once you do, do not head to Broly's 
red dot right away. Instead, go to Central City, and then fly directly west to the 
coastline. You should find a small island covered in forest, where there is 
a 'forest' event. Activate the event, and you will get the Kabitoshin capsule.

- Metal Cooler -

To unlock Cooler's metallic self, you will need to be playing through Goku's DU a 
second time.  During the Namek Saka, right after you fight Frieza, three red dots 
will appear on the map. Go to the one on the center island and battle Cooler and 
defeat him.  Another event will appear in the same spot, and Cooler will now be 
metallic.  The capsule that enables his metallic form can be found just north of 
Cooler's ship, before fighting him as Metal Cooler and after talking to him as 
Metal Cooler.

To get 100% you will need to collect all 7 dragon balls at LEAST 22 times (twice in 
all 11 DU modes).  This is a list of all of their locations in each DU mode.  There 
is a radar (sometimes more than one) in each saga.  I will list those and their 
locations, and then the locations of the dragon balls under them.  Note that 
sometimes when
I say "Northeast of X" or the like, it may be quite a distance in that direction, 
but it’s always within sight range of the landmark I give
(Even though it may be faint).

*Saiyan Saga* 
Radar - Northeast of Central City
-Southwest of Piccolo's island
-Frozen island 
*Frieza Saga*
Radar - Small island off Southwest edge of Northeast Island
-Small island North of Northeast island 
-Island chain West of Northwest island 
*Android/Cell Saga* 
Radar - West City
-Where the compass on the map is

*Buu Saga* 
Radar - Mountain in the Northeast and West City after going to Lookout
-Small island East of World Martial Arts tournament arena.  
-Mountains East of North city. 

**Kid Gohan**
*Saiyan Saga* 
Radar - North of West City  
-South of Central City
-Mountains East of North City  
-Forest in the Northeast, between Piccolo's Island and the Lookout 
-Ocean East of World Martial Arts Tournament arena  
*Frieza Saga* 
Radar - Southwest end of Southeast Island
-Island on the left center of the map 
-East side of Northeast Island 
-North side of Northeast Island 

**Teen Gohan**
Radar - Northeast of main continent, West of Frozen Island
-Ocean South of West City  
-Mountains Northeast of Baba's Palace 
-Island Southwest of Kame House 
-North of Central City 
-Small island Southeast of West City  
-Ocean South of South City.  
-Frozen Island.  

Radar - East of Central City
-West of Central City 
-Mountains East of North City
-Ocean South of Frozen Island 
-Beach Southwest of West City
-Forest South of Piccolo's Island 
-Northwest of Baba's Palace 
-Northeast of World Martial Arts Tournament arena.

*Saiyan Saga*
Radar - West City 
-Forest on Northwest corner of main continent 
-Ocean Southeast of tournament arena  
*Frieza Saga* 
Radar - Capsule house 
-North of Capsuel house
-Village on Southwest island 
*Android/Cell Saga*
Radar - North of West City 
-Ocean South of South City 
*Buu Saga* 
Radar - Same as Android/Cell Saga
-South of Kame House
-North of Lookout 

*Saiyan Saga* 
Radar - West City 
-North of West City 
-Small Island on Northwest edge of map  
-Ocean East of the tournament arena

*Frieza Saga* 
Radar - Southeast of Guru's  
-Island on the left center of the map 
-Small Island Southeast of Southwest Island
-Small Island Northeast of Central Island
-North of Capsule House

*Saiyan Saga* 
Radar - Southeast of Baba's Palace 
-East coast of Piccolo's Island 
-Northwest of Hercule City 
*Frieza Saga* 
Radar - Northeast end of Northwest Island 
-West of village on Southwest Island 
-North side of Northeast Island 
*Android/Cell Saga*
Radar - East of Baba's Palace 
-Ocean South of West City 
-Mountains Southwest of Goku's house 
*Buu Saga* 
You have to go to the first marker before these appear
Radar - Southeast of Baba's Palace 
-South of Kame House. 

*Saiyan Saga*
Radar - West city.
-Ocean South of Frozen Island
-Northwest of Lookout  
*Android/Cell Saga* 
Radar - Northeast of Central City
-North of Piccolo's Island 
-Northeast corner of main continent 
-Where on the map is

*Buu Saga*
Radar - Same as Android/Cell Saga 
-South of North City 
-Mountains Northeast of Baba's Palace 

*Saiyan Saga*
Radar - By Goku's house
-Mountains East of Baba's Palace 
-Frozen Island 
*Android/Cell Saga* 
Radar - East of West city
-Northeast of Piccolo's Island 
-Northeast part of the main continent  
*Buu Saga*
These don't appear until after you go to the first marker
Radar - Same as Android/Cell Saga 
-East of Hercule City.
-Northwest of Central City   
-Ocean Southeast of the tournament arena  

Radar - Mountains to the North, East side of the river
-Southeast of the Radars location
-Southwest of South City in the Ocean
-Southeast of West City in the Ocean
-North of Hercule City
-Southeast of Baba's Palace
-Southwest of Kame House
-South of Piccolo's island in the Ocean

Radar - South of Baba's Palace  
-Frozen Island 
-Small island Southeast of West City 
-Northwest of North City
-East of North City
-Mountains Northwest of Baba's Palace
-North by Northwest of Kami's Lookout
-Northeast of Hercule City

**Ability Capsules**
Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 3
Super Saiyan 4
Dragon fist
Warp Kamehameha
Spirit Bomb
Fusion (Gogeta)
Fusion (SSJ4 Gogeta)
Potara (Vegito)

*Kid Goku*
Rock Scissors Paper
Super Dragon Fist

*Kid Gohan*
Unlock Potential

*Teen Gohan*
Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Soaring Dragon Strike
Father/Son Kamehameha

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Elder Kai Unlock Ability
Soaring Dragon Strike
Super Kamehameha

*Gt. Saiyaman*
Justice Punch
Justice Kick
Justice Pose

Super Saiyan
Fusion (Gotenks)

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 4
Galick Gun
Final Impact
Final Flash
Big Bang Attack
Fusion (Gogeta)
Fusion (SSJ4 Gogeta)
Potara (Vegito)

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Buster Cannon
Finish Buster
Burning Slash

*Kid Trunks*
Super Saiyan
Double Buster
Final Cannon
Fusion (Gotenks)

Unlock Potential
Destructo Disk
Fierce Destructo Disk

Sync With Nail
Sync With Kami
Destructive Wave
Light Grenade
Special Beam Cannon
Hellzone Grenade

Ki Blast Cannon
Neo Ki Blast Cannon

Wolf Fang Fist
Spirit Ball Attack

High Tension
Dynamite Kick
Rolling Hercule Punch
Hercule Special
Present For You

Eagle Kick
Hawk Arrow
Videl’s Close Call

*Supreme Kai*
Supernatural Abilities
Potara (Kabitoshin)

Ki Cannon
Fierce Flurry

Double Sunday
Saturday Crush

Bomber Dx
Break Cannon
Giant Storm

*Captain Ginyu*
Special Fighting Pose 1
Special Fighting Pose 2
Milky Cannon
Strong Jersey
Body Change

Special Fighting Pose 3
Special Fighting Pose 4
Recoome Eraser Gun
Recoome Kick
Recoome Bomber

Second Form
Third Form
Final Form
100% Full Power
Death Beam
Death Wave
Death Ball

Rocket Punch
Hell Flash

Power Blitz
Energy Field
Accel Dance

Power Blitz
Destructo Disk
Accel Dance

*Dr Gero*
Photon Wave
Ki Blast Absorption
Life Drain

#17 Absorption
Perfect From
Super Perfect Form
Energy Field
Spirit Bomb

*Majin Buu*
Innocence Cannon
Innocence Express
Angry Explosion

*Super Buu*
Ill Flash
Ill Ball Attack

*Kid Buu*
Vanishing Ball
Warp Kamehameha

Demonic Will
Hell Blitz
Evil Blast
Hell Blade Rush

Final Form
Destructive Ray
Sauzer Blade

Riot Javelin
Heat Phalanx
Spirit of Saiyans

Legendary Super Saiyan
Blaster Shell
Gigantic Press
Gigantic Meteor

*Omega Shenron*
Whirlwind Spin
Dragon Thunder
Minus Energy Power Ball

Self Destruct

*Cell Jr.*

**Equipment Capsules**
Z Sword
Dalmao’s Power
Fruits of Training
Videl’s Kiss
Kibito’s Backing
Battle Testament
Power Amplification System
Warrior Genetics 
Demon Realm Flames
Kakarots Crying
Ginyu Special Forces
Cooler’s Armored Squad
Power of Friends
Appetites of Man
Strength Serum
King’s Lineage
General Vest
Training Vest
Sturdy Vest
Mysterious Vest
Vest from Grandpa Gohan
Vest with hole for tail
Turtle School Vest
Kami’s Vest
Normal Tribe Uniform
Evil Training Uniform
Evil Sturdy Uniform
Evil Mystery Uniform
Normal Fiber Jacket
Quality Fiber Jacket
Sturdy Fiber Jacket
Mystery Fiber Jacket
Kami’s Outfit
King Kai’s Outfit
Grand Kai’s Outfit
Supreme Kai’s Outfit
Old Training Vest
Wedding Vest
World Champion Vest
High tech Vest
Champion Belt
Black Belt Vest
Sparing Outfit
Great Saiyaman’s Wardrobe
Old Style Armor
Rt. Armor
New Style Armor
Bulma’s Armor
Special Coating
Improved Special Coating
Improved Nanomachine
Life Extract for 10
Life Extract for 100
Life Extract for 1000
Life Extract for 10000
Demon Realm Guard
Mage Guard
Babidi’s Guard
Bibidi’s Guard
Normal Belt
Training Belt
Warrior Belt
Majin Belt
Lower-class Saiyan Guard
Kanassan-made Guard
Battle Jacket (Prototype)
Patched up Battle Jacket
Strongman’s Body Wrap
King’s Body Wrap
God of Destruction Body Wrap
Legendary Body Wrap
Shenron’s Hide
Porunga’s Hide
Shadow Dragons Hide
2x Enriched Serum
16x Enriched Serum
64x Enriched Serum
128x Enriched Serum
Mixed Blood Power
Moon Light
Full Moon Glow
Universal Power
Miracle Power
Ultimate Power 
King’s Confidence 
Mode Switching Systems
Saiyans Awakening
Warrior Races Awakening
Nature of Evil
Hatred of Kakarot
Black Dragon ball
Toxic Chocolate
Power Near the Limit
Desperate Resolution
Desperate Power
Pride of the Strongest
Last Ounce of Strength
Pressure on the Champ
Dabura Cookie 
Piccolos Regeneration
Majin Buu’s Regeneration
Dende’s Recovery
Kibito’s Revival Power
Medical Machine
Automatic Restoration
Saiyan Spirit
Going All-out!!
Ginyu Force Badge
Hercules False Courage
Frieza’s Space Ship
Collers Space Ship
Babidi’s Mind Control
Gero’s Deflection R&D
Gero’s Deflect Back R&D
Gero’s Energy R&D
Viral Heart Disease
Babidi’s Scope
Ki Control
Warrior’s Carrer
Power Save System
Breathing Room of the Strongest
Parags Admonishment
Evil Grin
Angel’s Halo
Human Candy
Marron’s Wish
Chiaotzus Wish
Puar’s Wish
Chi Chi’s Wish
Dende’s Wish
Bulma’s Wish
Worlds Expectations
Loyalty to Frieza
Universal Ambition
Pride of the Clan
Androids Goals
Essence of the Mighty
Loyalty to Babidi
Kibito’s Wish
King Kai’s Wish
Thirst for Earth’s Destruction
Thoughts of Friends
God of Destruction’s Arrogance
Grandpa Gohan’s Teachings
Goku’s Teachings
Turtle Shell

Tempura Bowl
Tonkatsu (Fried Pork) Bowl
Chicken & Egg Bowl
Chilled Juice
Well Chilled Juice
Extremely Chilled Juice
1/3 Senzu Bean
½ Senzu Bean
Senzu Bean
King Kai’s Water
Supreme Kai’s Water
Grand Supreme Kai’s Water
Super Holy Water Drop
Super Holy Water Bottle
Super Holy Water
Hercule Drink
Hercule Drink DX
Hercule Drink SP
Super Kami Water Drop
Super Kami Water Bottle
Super Kami Water
Portable Shield (Prototype)
Portable Shield (Improved)
Portable Shield (Production)
Portable Barrier System
Gero Style Defense System
Gero Style Barrier System
Bibidi’s Pot
Senzu Root
Senzu Leaf
Senzu Seedling
Centipede Eel Soup
Chicken Fried 7-Seasoned Toad
Paosuznurus Tail

**System Capsules**
Kid Goku
Kid Gohan
Teen Gohan 
Gt. Saiyaman
Kid Trunks
Supreme Kai
Captain Ginyu
Android #16
Android #17
Android #18
Dr. Gero
Majin Buu
Super Buu
Kid Buu
Omega Shenron
Cell Jr.
Training 1 “Scouter”
Training 2 “Fighting Basics”
Training 3 “Ki Control”
Training 4 “Death-moves”
Training 5 “Ki Control 2”
Training 6 “Dodging”
Training 7 “Teleporting”
Training 8 “Hi-Level Fighting”
Training 9 “Ultimate Moves”
Training 10 “Dragon Rush”
Training 11 “Item Skills”
Training 12 “Final Secrets”
Green Membership Card
Silver Membership Card
Gold Membership Card
Black Membership Card
World Tournament Novice
World Tournament Adept
World Tournament Advanced
World Tournament Cell Games
Dragon Arena Ticket
World Tournament Stage
Hyperbolic Time Chamber
Urban Area
Grandpa Gohan’s House
Planet Namek
Cell Ring
Supreme Kai’s World
Inside Buu
Red Ribbon Base
Goku’s Wish
The Path to Power
Endless Path to Power
Strongest of Universe Trophy
Memories of Goku
Memories of Piccolo
Memories of Kid Gohan
Memories of Teen Gohan
Memories of Gohan
Memories of Vegeta
Memories of Goten
Memories of Trunks
Memories of Kid Trunks
Memories of Krillin
Memories of Tien
Memories of Yamcha
Memories of Hercule
Memories of Videl
Memories of Gt. Saiyaman
Memories of Android #16
Memories of Android #17
Memories of Android #18
Memories of Supreme Kai
Memories of Kid Goku
Memories of Bardock
Memories of Uub
Memories of Raditz
Memories of Nappa
Memories of Recoome
Memories of Captain Ginyu
Memories of Frieza
Memories of Dr. Gero
Memories of Cell
Memories of Dabura
Memories of Majin Buu
Memories of Super Buu
Memories of Kid Buu
Memories of Cooler
Memories of Broly
Memories of Omega Shenron
Memories of Saibamen
Memories of Cell Jr.
Memories of Heroes
Memories of Supporters
Baba’s Crystal Ball (000)
Baba’s Crystal Ball (001)

Finally, it’s not in there but I think you need all 21 Story reenactments.

These are the secret moves, fusions, and potara.

Super Saiyan 4 --- Can be found in Goku’s DU.  Either use a successful 
Spirit Bomb against Kid Buu, then check the islands east of the World 
Martial Arts Tournament for a ???, or follow the steps to fight Broly 
[see Fusion (Gogeta)] but before you fight him check the same island as 
Fusion (Gogeta) --- In Goku’s DU a second time, after seeing Gohan 
absorbed by Buu, check the desert by Baba’s for a “???” where you talk to 
Hercule.  Then find another “???” in the desert west of the marker to 
fight Super Buu.  You will see a knocked out Tien.  Then find a 
“Mountains” area near Tien where you will talk to Kabitoshin.  Now 
fight Super Buu, and after you fight Buu inside his own body you will 
fight Broly instead of Kid Buu.  After you fight him you will be 
invited to a tournament, go to the tournament to fight Gotenks and you 
will automatically get this capsule.

Fusion (SSJ4 Gogeta) --- Follow the steps to fight Broly, but before 
you go to the tournament go to West City, where Bulma will talk to you.  
Then go to the tournament and afterwards a new marker will appear and 
you will fight Omega Shenron and get this capsule.  I believe you must 
actually have the Super Saiyan 4 Capsule already to be able to do this.  
Note that you can get this and SSJ2 Gogeta in the same playthrough by 
doing these steps.  You do not need the Dragon Balls for this.

Potara (Vegito) --- Get automatically in his DU.

Super Saiyan 2 --- After his DU starts go back to Goku’s house to get 

Fusion (Gotenks) ----you got to buy this fusion.

Super Saiyan 4 --- After you fight Majin Buu and are resurrected, 
instead of going to the marker go to Muscle Tower in the frozen island 
to talk to Kibitoshin.  Then go to the marker.  Then go fight Super Buu 
and after you fight him inside himself Goku will tell you to go check 
out the new power.  Instead of going to the marker fly over the islands 
on the south and you should trigger a scene of Vegeta complaining.  
Then go fight Broly at the marker.  After that battle don’t go to the 
marker, but go near Baba’s Palace and look for a “Plains” area to talk 
to Bulma, then head to West City to get this capsule.  Then go to the 
marker to fight Goku, and you should get Fusion (SSJ4 Gogeta) as well.

Final Impact --- Find at the ??? location on the northwest island on 
Namek during his DU.

Final Flash --- Go to West City during the Android saga in his DU.

Fusion (Gogeta) --- Follow the steps to get Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 4, but 
instead of flying over the islands to the south go directly to fight 
Broly, then go to the tournament to fight Gotenks.

Fusion (SSJ4 Gogeta) --- see Vegeta’s Super Saiyan 4

Potara (Vegito) --- Get automatically in his DU.

**Kid Trunks**
Fusion (Gotenks) ----

Destructo Disk --- During his DU look in the mountains near Baba’s 
Palace during the Saiyan saga.

Dodompa --- During his DU during the Saiyan Saga, find at a “Plains” 
area on the north end of the strip of land on the west side of the map 
(south of Piccolo’s island and north of Kami’s Lookout, basically).

Wolf Fang Fist --- In his DU during the Saiyan Saga look for a “Plains” 
area around West City.

**Supreme Kai**
Potara (Kibitoshin) --- In Gohan’s DU a second time, go to fight Goten, 
then go to West City, then go to the south string of islands (like you 
would to unlock Videl) then the “Plains” area around Goku’s house, then 
to the area east of West City to fight Vegeta.  Now before you go to 
the next marker go to the mountains at the Northeast of the map to talk 
to Vegeta.  Now go to the mountains southwest of Goku’s house, then go 
to the marker to fight Dabura.  Now you will fight Majin Vegeta.  After 
that fight, go to an area west of Central City to talk to Kibitoshin 
and unlock Supreme Kai.  Now fight Kid Buu, then before you fight Broly 
go to a small island with a forest on it Northwest of Kami’s Lookout.

Gigantic Press --- In Broly’s DU, find on the island that South City is 

Frieza’s Space Ship --- 4 For Frieza, when health reaches zero Health 
and Ki fully refilled and you become Metal Frieza.  Can be found in 
Goku’s DU mode, may have to be second time through, on a lone small 
island south of the central continent on Namek.

Collers Space Ship --- 4 For Cooler, when health reaches zero Health 
and Ki fully refilled and you become Metal Cooler.  In Goku’s DU mode a 
second time, after defeating Frieza the first time, a marker appears on 
the middle island where you can fight Cooler.  Afterwards, check the 
island for a ???, where you will get this capsule.  Then you can fight 
Metal Cooler when you go back to the marker.

Babidi’s Mind Control --- 3 Get it automatically in Vegeta’s DU.  When 
knocked down with less than one health gauge, transform into Majin 

**You can find all of the Sparking and WE GOTTA POWER capsules by 
beating people who break in at the Dragon Arena, but I was able to buy 
mine with luck and patience.  Sparkings increase Tournament prise money
by the given percent, and WGP increase experience you get in DU and the
Dragon Arena.**

Sparking! -- 1 10%            
Sparking!! -- 2 20%           
Sparking!!! -- 3 40%          
Sparking!!!! -- 4 60%         
Sparking!!!!! -- 5 100%       
Sparking!!!!!! -- 6 200%      
Sparking!!!!!!! -- 7 400%     

WE GOTTA POWER! -- 1 10%      
WE GOTTA POWER!! -- 2 25%     
WE GOTTA POWER!!! -- 3 50%    
WE GOTTA POWER!!!! -- 4 100%  

Tempura Bowl --- 1 Recover 1 health gauge
Tonkatsu (Fried Pork) Bowl --- 2 Two health gauges
Chicken & Egg Bowl --- 3 Three health gauges
Chilled Juice --- 1 Recover three ki gauges
Well Chilled Juice --- 2 Five ki gauges
Extremely Chilled Juice --- 3 All ki gauges
1/3 Senzu Bean --- 2 Recover 1/3 health and three ki gauges
½ Senze Bean --- 3 Half health and five ki gauges
Senzu Bean --- 4 All health and ki
King Kai’s Water --- 1 Suppress Ki consumption for 10 seconds
Supreme Kai’s Water --- 2 20 seconds
Grand Supreme Kai’s Water --- 3 30 seconds
Super Holy Water Drop --- 1 Attack power up for 10 seconds
Super Holy Water Bottle --- 2 20 seconds
Super Holy Water --- 3 30 seconds
Hercule Drink --- 1 Defense power up for 10 seconds
Hercule Drink DX --- 2 20 seconds
Hercule Drink SP --- 3 30 seconds
Super Kami Water Drop --- 1 Attack power up, but loss of control for 10 
Super Kami Water Bottle --- 2 20 seconds
Super Kami Water --- 3 30 seconds
Portable Shield (Prototype) --- 1 Ki based attacks do less damage for 
10 seconds
Portable Shield (Improved) --- 2 20 seconds
Portable Shield (Production) --- 3 30 seconds
Portable Barrier System --- 2 Ki based attacks don’t do damage for 10 
Gero Style Defense System --- 3 20 seconds
Gero Style Barrier System --- 4 30 seconds
Bibidi’s Pot --- 3 Random affect from all item skills.  You can get if 
you have a Budokai 2 save or complete all training levels.
Vaccine --- 1 Nullifies Viral Heart Disease, can get in Vegetas DU by 
visiting Goku’s house during the Android Saga.
Senzu Root --- 4 Ki gauge fully recovers and is not consumed for 5 
Senzu Leaf --- 5 10 seconds
Senzu Seedling --- 6 15 seconds
Centipede Eel Soup --- 1 Fatigue removed.
Chicken Fried 7-Seasoned Toad --- 1 Attack up, defense down.
Paosuznurus Tail --- 2 Attack terribly raised, defense terribly 

Baba’s Crystal Ball (000) --- Buy it after unlocking everyone and 
getting their ultimate moves.

Baba’s Crystal Ball (001) --- Buy it after buying the 000 ball.

*Story Reenactments: Do these in DU mode.*
000 - Use Kamehameha vs. Raditz as Goku
001 - Use Special Beam Cannon vs. Raditz as Piccolo
002 - Use Ki Blast Cannon vs. Nappa as Tien
003 - Use Masenko vs. Nappa as Kid Gohan Frieza
004 - Use Destructo Disk vs. Frezia Form 2 as Krillin
005 - Go Super Sayian vs. Frieza as Goku
006 - Use a Senzu Bean when life is red vs. Dr. Gero as Yamcha
007 - Fuse with Kami vs. Cell Form as Piccolo
008 - Have 2500 health remaining vs. Semi-Perfect Cell as Vegeta
009 - Use Final Flash vs. Perfect Cell as Vegeta
010 - Go SS vs. Goku as Teen Gohan
011 - Use Father/Son Kamehameha vs. Super Perfect Cell as Teen Gohan
012 - Use Final Explosion vs. Majin Buu as Vegeta
013 - Go SS3 vs. Majin Buu as Goku 
014 – Take longer than 60 seconds to beat Super Buu as Piccolo
015 - Go Mystic vs. Super Buu as Gohan
016 - Use Super Spirit Bomb vs. Kid Buu as Goku
017 - Go SS4 vs. SS4 Goku as Vegeta 
018 - Use 100X Big Bang Kamehameha vs. Omega Shenron as SS4 Gogeta
019 - Use the Gigantic Meteor vs. Gohan (1st time) as Broly
020 - Use Ki Cannon vs. Goku in the tournament as Uub

Extra Stuff!
You know at the beginning of a battle, some people say different things, right? 
Well I got some special notes for you.

**Kid Goku vs. Piccolo**

Kid Goku ”Uh, King Piccolo!”
Piccolo ”Shall we get started?”
             “Come on!”

**Goku vs. Raditz**

Goku “You know you cant beat me!”
      “Ha! Ha! I’m so excited!”  
Raditz “As you remember Kakarot.”

--note—I couldn’t really hear what Raditz really said.

**Vegeta vs. Goku**

Vegeta ”Except my challenge Kakarot!”
Goku “Right, Lets do it!”

**Broly vs. Goku**

Broly “Kakarot!!”
Goku “ My name is Goku.”

**Goten vs. Omega Shenron**

Goten “Shenron I want candy!”
Omega Shenron “I don’t grant wishes for candy!”

**Teen Gohan vs. Cell**

Teen Gohan “Here it goes!”
Cell “Don’t get ahead of your self boy!”

**Cooler vs. Freiza**

Cooler “You were always to atomistic.”
Freiza “Well, shall we begin?”
        “Any time you like!”

  Last up date:10/29/2005         
 That’s it…Thank you for looking, have fun. If you have any questions about this 
you may email me at [email protected] or [email protected] ! 
 Thank you! Have fun! 

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