Best Weapons - Guide for Enter the Matrix

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The Best Guns In the Game are:
Machine gun:120b gun holds 120 bullets fastest gun in the game. you need the all 
weapons cheat to get it. go to Airport with ghost.

Shotgun:SS Shotgun same as Entry Shotgun but holds more bullets. Common gun in 
sewers and anywhere farther than that

Pistol:50AE Pistol most powerful pistol in game, used by agents. kill an agent to 
get it( or use all weapons cheat in the chateau).

Auto Pistol: Mac 11 holds 30 bullets. powerful. found in sewers.

Grenade: Offensive Grenade/ Demo charge Equally powerful the fifferance between 
them is that Offensive grenade goes farther for long range and bounces off walls, 
while demo charge will not go very far and will go through walls. offensive grenade 
common, demo charge in sewers.

Mics.:G102 launcher/grenade launcher only differnce is g102-launcher shoots a 
bullet that explodes into gas while grenade launcher shoots a bullet that does what 
all grenades do: make a gigantic explosion. Great for killing agents. g102 launcher 
in transformer field(power plant) g-launcher in balcony of a building in hard line 
persuit(china town).

Sniper:95 Sniper more powerful than the other sniper gun and takes less time to 
reload. kill a sniper to get one(some snipers have the other gun).

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