Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

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These are the birthdays of the citizens in Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral 
Town. Remember these birthdays and give them a wrapped gift on their birthdays, 
they'll like you more!
Saibara: Spring 11
Barley: Spring 17
Lillia: Spring 19
Sasha: Spring 30
Zack: Summer 29
Mayor Thomas: Summer 25
Kai: Summer 22
Ann: Summer 17
Basil: Summer 11
Cliff: Summer 6
Harris: Summer 4
Popuri: Summer 3

Gotz: Fall 2
Stu: Fall 5
Manna: Fall 11
Karen: Fall 15
Docter: Fall 17
Carter: Fall 20
Anna: Fall 23
Rick: Fall 27

Gray: Winter 6
Doug: Winter 11
Ellen: Winter 13
Duke: Winter 15
Won: Winter 19
Mary: Winter 20
May: Winter 26
Jeff: Winter 29

Harvest Sprites (Assorted)
Bold: Spring 19
Staid: Spring 15
Aqua: Spring 26
Timid: Summer 16
Hoggy: Fall 10
Chef: Fall 14
Nappy: Winter 22
Harvest Goddess: Spring 8
Thank you for your time people! And remember, potential husbands will like you even 
faster if you remember their birthdays!

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