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3.Some Techs
4.Starting Team
7.Special Thanks

       Welcome to the amazing world of Spira!In this world you will find very 
celebrated sports but the one that is celebrated the most is Blitzball. You'll lead 
your team the Besaid Aurochs which consists of 5 or more'll have fun 
playing this exciting mini-game but treatrous competeters  await in the game of 

This Is strictly prohibited if you want to post this on your site email me at 
[email protected] and i'll get back to you in 24 hours

Techs are the one and only thing that'll help you in the game of Blitzball

1.Jecht Shot
2.Jecht Shot 2
3.Sphere Shot
4.Golden Arm
5.Invisible Shot
6.Invisible Shot 2
7.Invisble Shot 3
9.Grip Gloves 
10.Wither Shot
11.Wither Pass
12.Sleep Shot
13.Sleep Shot 2
14.Sleep Shot 3
15.Sleep Pass
16.Sleep Pass 2
17.Sleep Pass 3
18.Super Goalie
19.Aurochs Spirt

Ok you get your starting team in Luca unfourtnately you dont get to play the first 
game of the season but you get to play the second   game your team is Tidus Letty 
Keppa Jassu Botta and some one else that i call ????? but play blitzball until 
Tidus switches out with Wakka now try to win if you win all the other matches will 
be a breeze 

Ok these is a really good Formation i also give stratagies


Ok when you start off Tidus will almost always catch the ball now try to skim 
through the opponets and use Sphere Shot if it misses Botta and Jassu will show 
them a thing or 2.Now when Jassu or Botta get the ball throw to Tidus and shoot in 
and GOAL and repeat this cycle

Now for Tech Copy when you figure out how to use it play the Luca Goers and copy 
their techs you can repeat that and get every abilitiy now keep in mind to get 
Jecht Shot you have to get it on the ship if you figure it out email me

Id like to give thanks to Squaresoft for making this wonderful game and i also 
wanna give thanks to Kevin who reccomended this game thank you :)

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