Boss Battle - Evrae - Guide for Final Fantasy X

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Hopefully this guide will help you in defeating Evrae quite easily. It took me over 
10 tries before I formed a strategy using my available spells and character 
strengths. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy X, e-mail me at 
[email protected]. Enjoy!

Note: You don’t need to have all the recommended spells/abilities’! Just having 
Haste will make this fight slightly easier.

Recommended Spells/Abilities:

Tidus:    Haste/Hastaga, Slow/Slowga. 
Lulu:      2nd level elemental spells (e.g. Blizzara, Thundara).
Auron:   Auron best ability is high damage when hitting normally or with his 
specials. I’d try to make sure he can hit over 1,200+ damage per hit (not too 
difficult as long as you’ve used him in a fair number of battles to gain levels).
Wakka: The only ability Wakka needs is Dark Attack.
Rikku:   Haste/Hastaga, Slow/Slowga. Her best ability is the use of Al-Bhed potions.


Boss: Evrae
HP:    32,000
Weakness: None (Although Dark Attack works well, all other forms of crippling Evrae 
won’t work, he’s immune to all except Dark Attack)

Bonuses to help you win the battle: Missile Salvos’, Lulu’s Elemental magic, 
Trigger commands, Haste/Hastaga, Slow/Slowga and El-Bhed potions

Before the battle, buy a good number of Hi-Potions and Al-Bhed Potions from Rin at 
the bottom of the elevator. Start the fight with Tidus, Rikku and Auron.
When the battle begins, get Tidus to cast Haste on Rikku, then Auron, then on 
himself. Use Auron to attack Evrae a maximum of three times with his melee attack 
(If you have Auron’s Overdrive ready, use it now). After Auron has attacked two or 
three times, use Tidus or Rikku to move the ship away (Trigger command, only Tidus 
or Rikku can command Cid to move the ship away). Use Rikku to use one or two Al-
Bhed potions on the party (how many you need, I’d stay a bit under full health and 
save the potions if you want). Switch Auron for Wakka. If Wakka has his Overdrive, 
use it now. If he doesn’t, keep casting Dark Attack until Evrae is blinded. 
Switch Wakka for Lulu as soon as Evrae is blinded. If Lulu has her overdrive, use 
it now. Keep using the highest elemental spells Lulu has (The damage is similar for 
each elemental type, e.g. Fira, Blizzara and the other two 2nd level elemental 
spells generally do around 700-800 damage per hit). Make sure Tidus or Rikku have 
cast Haste or Hastaga on Lulu. Keep repeating Lulu’s spells and while Evrae is not 
next to the ship, use all your missile barrages now (they generally do around 2,000 
damage per salvo, but you only get three salvo’s). 
Make sure Tidus has cast Haste on everyone in the party. 
Eventually, Evrae will move forward again. Keep using Trigger commands to move the 
ship away and repeatedly use Lulu’s elemental spells on Evrae at long range. Try 
not to let Evrae stay beside the ship for long. His melee attacks can often kill 
characters within a few hits if their not healed, and his most annoying attack – 
Poison Breath will often be used (it can only be used at close range, which is why 
moving the ship away continuously when possible, is best). Once Evrae uses Poison 
Breath, he’ll often be able to hit a few times with his melee attack as well. This 
combination he used when I tried to defeat him in close range, defeated me more 
then 5 times in a row.
If you have Slow/Slowga, use it on Evrae. Chances are he’ll use Haste on himself, 
but while he’s preoccupied with doing that, you can often squeeze in a couple more 
elemental spells to drain his HP. Having Haste or Hastaga on the party is a 
lifesaver, because it means your characters will move up generally twice as fast. 
This makes moving the ship away easier when trying to avoid Evrae’s close attacks 
and Poison Breath. 
If Evrae does move next to the ship again and again, switch Tidus for Auron and rip 
into Evrae with his melee hits. I did this once I had taken down around 20,000HP of 
Evrae’s health. Auron is by far the strongest melee character you’ll have at this 
stage, so if Rikku can use Haste/Hastaga on Auron, use it, if not, then don’t 
although it does help.
In close quarters, keep using Rikku to use Al-Bhed potions and/or Antidotes if 
needed and Auron and Lulu to keep attacking Evrae. If you find that Evrae kills you 
round about now, then you’d be better off doing the whole battle in long-range 
mode. Keep repeating Auron and Lulu’s attacks in close range, or just Lulu’s spells 
in long range, and use Rikku as a healer. You should be able to beat Evrae for good 
by repeating this method. 
Note: At such an early stage in the game, Evrae is generally one of the hardest 
bosses to beat in the entire game. There are a few more difficult ones, but don’t 
be discouraged if you’re not able to beat Evrae in less then 5 tries!

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