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Well here you are again. In my last boss battle guide I told you the best way to 
defeat Seymour in Macalania Temple. You seem to have made it past there and now your 
in Bevelle, awaiting another battle with Seymour. Be warned, this battle is a little 
more tricky. Luckily for you that this boss has only one form, unlike the previous 
Seymour battle.

Seymour Natus Mortibody
HP: 36000     HP: 4000
AP: 5800      AP: 0
Weaknesses: None
Steal: Tetra Elemental

The first thing you notice about Seymour is his new pet, Mortibody. This annoying 
little pest not only attacks you but will heal Seymour after he has recieved 
sufficiant damage. Begin the battle with Tidus, Yuna and Auron. As in the previous 
encounter with Seymour, these characters are able to use trigger commands to raise 
their stats. Now the first mistake I made in this battle was attacking Seymour 
straight away. DO NOT ATTACK SEYMOUR YET! If you do he will retaliate by casting his 
Multi-Spells and using Flare. The best way to harm Seymour at this point is to use 
his own pet against him.
After raising Tidus, Yuna and Auron's stats, switch to you best fighters (at this 
point for me they were Tidus, Auron and Kimahri so I only had to switch Yuna) and 
attack Mortibody. After you have depleted its HP it will drain 4000 from Seymour to 
prevent its own death. Next time you kill it it will drain 3000, then 2000 and 
finally 1000. At this point there is no reason to attack Mortibody anymore since 
your characters attacks should take off more than 1000. After already depleting 
Seymour's HP by 10000 without even attacking him, its time to take him on him head 
The best thing to do now is to bring in any Aeons which have Overdrives ready. After 
using their Overdrives Seymour will immediately kill your Aeons. (Note: I had 
already lost this battle about three times so before the battle I got all my Aeons 
to Overdrive ready mode.) If Seymour actually manages to survive your Aeons assult 
(it happened to me) then simply keep attacking him until he is gone. Be aware of 
the healing properties of Mortibody however. If Yuna has Reflect now would be a good 
time to cast it, causing Mortibody's healing spells to give you a quick heal. You 
should also use you Nul spells as in the previous Seymour encounter. I found his 
Multi-Spell order was the same as before.

Well thats another Seymour battle complete. You now continue on with your quest. So 
until our next encounter. I bid you all a very fond farewell.

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