Boss Battles - Guide for Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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These are all the boss battle you will fight in the game.

Damitri-When you start the battle, immedeatly hide behind the pillar to the right of
you.Wait until Damitri shoots his purple laser thing enough times that he starts
to shake his hand because of the heat.Run(R1) up to him and press 
SQUARE,SQUARE,TRIANGLE.This should knock him away from you.If not, jump right after
you finish your combo or he will smack you.After you do this a few times,Damitri 
will only run at you unless you wait to long to attack.When he gets down to around
­one fourth, he will start shooting the laser again.Defeating Damitri is easy.

Rajan-In this battle you will fight as "The Murray".At the begining of the battle
Rajan will try a "swipe & slam" attack.Witch means he will attack horizontally,
then slam his cane down vertically.When helifts his cane, he will jab it down onto
the ground.When he does this, hop onto a lilypad.Sometimes, he will call upon his
minions to help him defeat you.They are more of a help then a hinder, since they
will almost always give you health when you need it.All of his minions will be
destroyed when he uses his electric attack(jabs the ground).

The Contessa-This is probabley the easiest boss battle in the game.Wait for The
Contessa to swipe her claws and dash at you.When she does this, attack her until 
she reers back, or gets knocked off the roof.After you wittle her health away to
almost nothing, it will seem like you have beaten her, but you haven't.The second
part of the battle is almost the exact same as the first, except now she can use 
some kinda wierd hypno-beam to make your screen spiral, and it will make you walk 
slowly.To avoid this, watch for when The Contessa will lift her head and perform
other various movements to signal the "attack".

Neyla's Aircraft-Neyla has many attacks she can perform at random.Attack 1-Neyla 
will shoot a circle of "energy balls". Attack 2-Neyla will sway from side to side
and shoot out streams of the same "energy balls".Attack 3-Neyla will deploy
a number of slow homing missiles.Attack 4-Neyla will shoot three different circles
of "energy balls".Attack 5-This attck will rarely be performed, but it can be 
somewhat of a problem.Neyla will send out 4-6 small attack choppers.

Clock-La-Jump(O) onto Clock-La's left wing.She will look back at you and her eye
will start to glow red.Jump at her face and smack it with your cane([]).Use your 
Ninja Spin move to reach her middle back,then her right wing.By this time, a laser
should have shot out of her left eye.It is now safe to attack Clock-La on the
left wing.Repeat this until Clock-La is defeated and you have beaten the game.

And to...all the...Boss

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