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                      E  N  T  E  R     T  H  E
|\        /\    ______  ____________   ______    __
| \      /  |  | __   | \__     ____| |  _   |  |  |   \ \   / /
|  \_   /   |  | \_/  |    |   |      | |_|  |  |  |   _\_\_/_/
|    \_/ /| |  |  _   |    |   |      | |^|  \  |  |  /  _  \
|_|\    / | |  |_/ |_/     |___|      |_| \__\  |__| /_/  \__\
    \__/  |/
                          B O S S    F A Q
Last updated 5/17     By Daniel Markowitz (Dandude776)

T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T E N T S
1.	Version History
2.	Introduction
3.	Ghost FAQ
  3.1 SWAT Helicopter
  3.2 Agent Helicopter
  3.3 Cujo
  3.4 Cain and Abel
  3.5 Trinity
  3.6 Seraph
4.	Niobe FAQ
  4.1 Agent
5.	Outro, Thanks, and contributor info
6.	Legal Stuff

1. V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y
version 0.3: 5/16/03: SWAT Chopper, Agent Chopper, and Airport Agent done. 
Basic layout completed.
version 0.5:  5/17/03:  Cujo, Cain and Abel, and Trinity done.

2. I N T R O D U C T I O N
Hello! My name is Daniel Markowitz and this is my Enter the Matrix, Boss FAQ! 
As everyone OBVIOUSLY knows, bosses are the best part of any game, and Enter 
the Matrix has some awesome bosses. However, some of these bosses are very 
tough, and I had some free time on my hands, so I decided to make this guide 
and help all those in need. Yes, I do have too much free time. One cool thing 
about this game is that Niobe and Ghost each have three bosses that only they 
fight, although for some reason, Ghost's bosses seem cooler to me. Once note 
about the FAQ: add 1 to each difficulty if you're playing on hard mode, and 
subtract 1 from each difficulty if you're playing on easy mode. Any new user-
submitted strategy will be greatly appreciated, so please e-mail me. Check the 
contributor info section for details. Anyway, enjoy the FAQ! I hope it helps 
you beat this awesome game!

3. G H O S T   F A Q
I personally prefer Ghost over Niobe, but then again, there aren't many 
differences beside the driving segments. Ghost's bosses are cooler, because he 
gets to battle against helicopters. Just some basic tips for every boss: focus 
a lot, and don't be afraid to rest and regain health. That's about it! Now, on 
with the fights!

3.1  S W A T   H E L I C O P T E R
Level: Airport
Part: North Point 2
Recommended Weapons: MP5,
                     92FS Pistols,
                     Stun Grenades
Difficulty: 6/10

Here we go: the first boss. The SWAT team helicopter is actually pretty 
difficult for the games first boss enemy, but once you get used to the patters, 
this fight's a breeze. First of all, I hope you've been conserving your MP5 
ammo, as you'll need it badly. Also, it's very important to bring in some stun 
grenades. The helicopters pattern is to make one pass while firing the 
machinegun, turn around, fly back WITHOUT FIRING, and hover over the room while 
4 SWAT team guys rappel down. To win, you have to get out of the safe zone and 
fire at the helicopter while it has the gun facing away from you. Basically as 
soon as the fight begins, turn left and rush behind the curved part of the wall 
for cover from the helicopter's machinegun. When you're about halfway to the 
curve, focus, otherwise the bullets will hit you hard. Once you're behind the 
curve, stand at the edge, and load your MP5. As soon as the bullets stop, rush 
around the bend and towards the window. Now, quickly get into 1st person view, 
focus, aim at the chopper, and fire like there's no tomorrow. Keep firing until 
the chopper flies behind the fountain. You should be able to get in one or 2 
full clips. Now get out of 1st person view, and rush back to the curve while 
throwing a stun grenade towards the center of the room. If you time it right, 
the grenade will explode as soon as the SWAT guys fall, hopefully killed them. 
If some of them survive, switch to the 92FS pistols to conserve MP5 ammo, and 
wipe them out. I like to do focus-cartwheels (Focus+Fire+Strafe+Jump), but it's 
your choice. If you do cartwheel, spin over behind the fountain barricades, and 
wait to see if anyone is still left. If it's 2 or more, do another cartwheel, 
but if it's just one, come out and do some kung-fu. Luckily, the SWAT 
Helicopter does not attack during your fight with the sentries. Once they're 
gone, quickly pick up the ammo, switch back to the MP5 and duck behind the 
curve again. You'll have to repeat this process a few times before you destroy 
the helicopter. One thing to watch out for is accidentally using your MP5 on 
the guards. If you run out of ammo, your best bet is to not attack the 
helicopter for the next run, and then kill the guards for more ammo. The good 
thing about this battle is that you can always rest to regain health behind the 
curved wall. As soon as the helicopter goes down, be ready because a small SWAT 
team will break through the door near the curved wall, and they may catch you 
by surprise.

3.2  A G E N T   H E L I C O P T E R
Level: Airport
Part: Control Tower 2
Recommended Weapons: SG-552
Difficulty: 3/10 (with SG-552), 9/10 (without SG-552)

Hopefully you have the SG-552 right now! As you can tell from the difficulty, 
not having the SG-552 makes this boss insanely hard. During the sniper-section 
from before, the SWAT guard on the catwalk was carrying this great weapon. If 
you picked it up, congratulations! This boss is a piece of cake! When the 
battle begins, run backwards and hide behind the pillar on the left. Back up 
against the wall and peek out the left side. When the agent flies down to blast 
you, pop out and let the SG-552 rip. You'll blow up the Agent's chopper in a 
few seconds! Yay! Battle finished! Unfortunately, you may not have the SG-552. 
OK, the battle is much more difficult, but it is still beatable. The MP5 is 
your weapon of choice, and the Entry Shotgun is a good backup. You need to use 
the same strategy for the beginning: run backwards behind the pillar, and pop 
out with the MP5 to attack. Keep firing until the Agent flies away. Now the 
Agent will pop out on another side to attack. Here's the pattern:
     |    _    S    _    |
3    |   |_|C     B|_|   |   2
     |    A              |
     |    _         _    |
     |   |_|       |_|   |
The S is where you start, the 1, 2, and the 3 show the Agent's positions, and 
the A, B, and C show where you should stand during each attack. As I said, you 
should start out moving to spot A in order to avoid the Agent who hovers at 
point 1. Pop out and fire on the LEFT SIDE. That's important, because moving 
out on the right will put you right in the Agent's line of fire. Once the Agent 
flies off, rush over to point B, which will be on the right. You'll have to 
repeat the same attack, and then move to point C where the pattern repeats. 
After point C, move back to point A and start over. The tricky part of this 
battle, is that after one time through the pattern, a SWAT guard will come up 
the stairs. Continue to hide behind the pillar, and shoot at the guard. If the 
Agent moves, make sure you do too, as the guard might distract you until the 
Agent finishes you off. Once the guard is down, make for the Agent to move 
before running over to grab the extra ammo, which you will need. Eventually 
you'll win, and the Agent will blow up.

3.3  C U J O
Level: Chateau
Part: The Dungeon
Recommended Weapons: Crossbow
Difficulty: 4/10

Cujo is fairly easy to beat, as he's really just a souped up version of those 
undead freaks you've been facing up to here. Cujo is good with counterattacks 
so be ready. Also, it's good to come into this battle with a fully-loaded 
crossbow. Get up close to Cujo and do lots of focus-attacks. A good tactic is 
to use sweep kicks (Down+Kick), and then kick him while he's down. Try to get 
him close to the wall of the pit so you can do the great wall kicks (just 
focus+kick while near a wall). Continue beating him up, until he jumps out of 
the pit and releases three more dobermen to attack you. Use the crossbow to 
quickly kill two of the dobermen, and then move in the kill the last one. As 
usual, just keep punching him until he gets dizzy, and then stake him! If you 
used up the crossbow in an earlier fight, you'll have to fight all of the 
dobermen at once. The best way to win is move around so that all three are in 
front of you (don't get surrounded!). Then, so some big focus-kicks to knock 
them all down, and focus on killing one at a time. If the other dobermen 
interrupt you, just kick them out of the way, and keep working on one freak. 
Keep moving while attacking the three dobermen, because Cujo will take out a 
sub-machinegun that he's not afraid to use. If you stand still, Cujo will pump 
you full of lead, which is not good. Therefore, it's good to focus as much as 
possible so it's easier to dodge Cujo's bullets. Once all three dobermen are 
down, Cujo comes down again, but this time he's even faster. Try to rush him 
and get in a big combo. Once his health-meter is empty, you just have to stun 
him and then stab him through the heart to finish the job.

3.4  C A I N   A N D   A B E L
Level: Chateau
Part: Cain and Abel
Recommended Weapon: None
Difficulty: 2/10

This isn't a real fight, because Cain and Abel are both invincible, but you 
still have to deal with them. These two guys will gang up on you and constantly 
surround you, so try to get your back up against a wall, so can get them both 
at once. Because these guys are indestructible, the goal of the fight is to try 
and incapacitate them so you'll have time to escape with Niobe. And lucky for 
you, the other prisoners in the jail are pissed off about Cain and Abel 
imprisoning them. Try to line it up so that Cain and Abel are in between you 
and one of the cells. Give them a tough, focused, kick, and if you were lined 
up right, the prisoner inside the cell will grab either Cain or Abel and hold 
them up against the bars! Once this happens, move over to another cell and kick 
the remaining guy into the door. Once both guys are restrained, pick up Niobe 
and rush for the exit. If you took to long to restrain the second guy, they may 
catch up to you and force you to repeat the process. Eventually, you and Niobe 
will escape.

3.5  T R I N I T Y
Level: Zen Garden
Part: Trinity and Ghost
Recommended Weapons: None
Difficulty: 4/10

This fight has no outcome on the game, so just have fun and do some cool focus 
moves! The only thing that changes depending on the outcome is the clip that 
plays after the battle. However, it's very hard to lose this fight anyway. 
Trinity isn't as powerful as she was in the movies, and she rarely attacks, so 
the fasted way to win is just to rush her and pound her with combos. Kicks are 
good, because Trinity can easily block your punches. Also, watch out for 
Trinity's counterattacks. Just keep focusing for better attacks, and rush 
Trinity a lot. If you have trouble connecting your strikes, roll around and 
attack from the backside. Also, try leading Trinity to other areas of the 
garden, because you can wreck just about everything! Take that garden down!

3.6  S E R A P H
Level: Tea House
Part: Seraph's Tea House
Recommended Weapons: None
Difficulty: 6/10

Oh yeah, like fighting someone will really help to see if they're worthy of 
meeting the Oracle. Eh. Well, you have to deal with this guy anyway, whether 
you want to or not. Seraph is a real kung-fu master, and he counters and blocks 
much better than Trinity. Also, the arena is much smaller, so you can't really 
run away to regain health. As soon as the battle begins, focus and run over to 
Seraph. He won't be prepared, so you can give him one or two good, focused 
kicks. Make sure that you kick him while he's down. Now, focusing is very 
important during this battle, because Seraph will counter many of your moves. 
Try to do lots of wall kicks, and always make sure to follow up each attack 
with a combo. Like with Trinity, punches are a little to slow, so kicks will be 
your main attack. And again, if you're having trouble, roll around to his 
backside (focus+action), and attack from the flank. Try not to push Seraph up 
against a wall, because there he will fall down and be able to get up and 
counter strike. You can get longer combos if Seraph is still standing. By the 
time Seraph's health gets low, he'll get really angry, so be ready. Eventually 
you'll beat him.

4.  N I O B E
I don't know why, but I don't like Niobe as much as Ghost. I just don't enjoy 
the driving segments as much as the shooting ones, and for some reason, Ghost's 
levels seem a little cooler. Oh well. Niobe fights three different bosses from 
Ghost, but hers aren't as cool (no helicopter fights!). Oh well, they're still 
good. Last note: the best way to beat every boss is to focus a lot, and rest 
when you need to regain health. Many boss fights have little rest areas 
somewhere, so look for them.

4.1  A G E N T
Level: Airport
Part: Agent on Board
Recommended Weapons: MP5
Difficulty: 4/10

This Agent isn't that difficult, but don't worry, as you'll get to deal with 
Agent Smith(s) later. Because Agents are pretty much indestructible, the goal 
of this fight is to kick the Agent of the plane. Lucky for you, this is a cargo 
plane whose back opens up! Now, when the battle begins you'll see that the back 
door is shut. However, there's a shiny green button on a pedestal nearby. Now 
what could that do? Let's find out! Unfortunately, the Agent begins right in 
front of the button. Run towards him while firing the MP5 to make him dodge it 
("Dodge this." "Okay!"), and then focus-kick him in the face! Ha! While he's 
down press the shiny green button to open up the hatch, and run over there. 
After a second, the Agent will come to get you. When he arrives, use the MP5 
again, and once again kick him. This time though, kick him while he's down to 
bounce him towards the edge of the hatch. Unfortunately, this plane has no 
pilot, so on normal and hard mode, turbulence will cause the Agent to bounce 
back into the plane. On easy, you can just shove him out. Continue repeating 
this until you eventually kick the Agent out of the plane, and then sit back 
and watch the movie. 

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