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RE4 Boss Faq

I have played Resident Evil 4 for game cube through like 10 times so yeah, I know 
how to beat the bosses. I won’t tell you how to beat them with those cheap infinite 
ammo weapons or how to do it with a rocket launcher, those are easy to do. I will 
however tell you how I beat them.

Table of Contents
El Lago (1-3)
El Gigante (2-1)
El Gigante 2 (2-3 right route)
Bitores Mendez (2-3)
Verdugo (4-1)
Los Dos Gigantes (4-2)
Salazar (4-4)
U3 (5-3)
Krauser (5-3)
 Saddler (Final Chapter)

El Lago
Although your being pulled around, you can still steer the boat a little. Start by 
steering around the two piles of junk and then wait for it to go under the water. 
See which side it’s coming from and steer in the opposite direction. When you get 
control of the boat again, start firing spears at it and don’t stop till it goes 
under. Then repeat this strategy, being careful not to run into junk along the way. 
If you do get hit, press A (or B maybe, for me its always been A) rapidly because 
if you don’t get to the boat in time, Leon becomes a meal for El Lago.

El Gigante
Here you fight a pissed giant (this strategy assumes you saved the dog in the 
beginning). Start by going to the log pile to your left and get the red herb and 
the Handgun ammo. Go to your right and pick up the yellow herb on the cart. 
Hopefully you have a green herb then combine them all in case you get hurt too bad. 
Then start firing at “The Giant (El Gigante translated for all you none Spanish 
speakers) with the TMP or the handgun but don’t stay in one place too long or 
you’ll get punched, squished, or squeezed. If you are picked up and squeezed, put 
your palm on the control stick and rotate it rapidly. As it is grabbing its wrist 
in pain, either run away and heal or take a few shots at it. Don’t use the rifle!!! 
You will be sure to get hurt bad. Soon the dog comes in and will occasionally 
distract it giving you some free shots at it. Try and keep it away from the shacks 
to keep the items inside it. Don’t go inside the shacks during the fight or You’ll 
get crushed and greatly damaged. Just doing this and soon enough the growth will 
pop out of its back. Run up to it and press A to climb up and then rapidly press 
the button on the screen. If you press the wrong button, you’ll get grabbed and 
thrown down, big pain for Leon. After 3 (or 4 if you really stink at fast button 
pushing) it’ll go down. 

El Gigante 2
Now you have the stupid president’s daughter with you so you’re in more trouble 
than last time. Look at where Ashley is pointing to see a Boulder that you can 
shoot down. Wait for the monster to approach and then shoot down to boulder. It 
should hit El Gigante and damage it as well as make it stumble backwards a bit. In 
this period you should either shoot it or blast the chains on the door behind you 
and go to the next part of this battlefield. If you want to keep the items in the 
shacks then don’t go here and kill it in the corridor. If not, go into that area 
and lead El Gigante into smashing the second shack or just go in, grab the old key 
and run for your pathetic life, coward. Another boulder is in this area too so if 
you want you can use that too. If you’re a little chicken and you are running then 
go blast the chains on the next door and kick it down. Run to the door, use the Old 
Key and get outta there. Otherwise keep shooting it until it kneels down in pain. 
Command Ashley to wait or she will follow you under the giant and be in real 
danger. Keep this strategy up and soon it will go down. Be sure to dodge the 
falling giant or you will have to do this all over again.

Bitores Mendez
If you do have a rocket launcher, wait until you snap him in half to use it. 
Otherwise, you just split him in half and you have to fight the harder part without 
your launcher. If you don’t have one, back up and go to your right a bit and wait 
for him to get fairly close and then shoot the red barrel in front of you. If you 
are far enough away, you won’t get hurt but he sure will. Use this time to go to 
the other side of the room and prepare for a fight. Shoot his exposed spinal cord 
with your handgun or TMP, save the shotgun for later. When he finally splits in 
half, turn around and climb the ladder to the top level. Go to your left and 
collect the hand grenade and red herb. If he is close to you blast him with the 
shotgun and run around to the other side of the platform. On that side get the 
yellow herb and green herb and combine the 3 herbs. Keep shooting Mendez and 
running if he gets too close. Eventually he will go down.

Salazar is mad at you and sent his right hand to kill you. You will notice L2 tanks 
around, they will help you a lot. Go to the farthest room while dodging Verdugo’s 
attacks with the dodge buttons and turn on the power switch. You can wait for 
Verdugo to come down by running around and dodging the attacks or go to the closed 
shutter and try to open it. Verdugo drops down on the path to the L2 tank. Run past 
it and doge its attack and knock over the L2 tank. Now damage down to it is 
tripled. Either kick it and shoot it or just shoot it, a magnum or shotgun works 
best. I personally prefer the striker shotgun. Once a certain amount of damage is 
done to it, it breaks out of the ice and will attack you again run out the time for 
the  the shutter to open then run out of there. Go to the next tank in the Hallway 
and repeat. Another tank lies in a room a little beyond that point ( I think it is 
to your right) and wait for Verdugo to come into the room. When it is close enough 
knock over the tank and blast it. Run some more to the room where the arrows are 
pointing and again wait for it to break into the room then knock over the final 
tank. Blast it again. If it still won’t die either run away until the elevator 
arrives or just shoot it and throw grenades. Eventually it will die and you will 
get the Crown Jewel.

Los Dos Gigantes
First, collect the items around the room and then walk towards the big gated door 
to make two El Gigantes appear. Run towards the ladder and climb it. Wait till one 
monster shakes the platform to slide down. Operate the control at the drop off 
point and have fall in. You can get its money later, don’t worry. Stay away from 
the lava pit until it closes up or you will get dragged to your fiery death, but 
also make sure you steer clear of the living Gigante. Once it does close up, run 
towards the ladder and climb it. Wait until the Gigante shakes it and slide down. 
Either shoot it with your rifle, handgun, or TMP, the shotgun will do little 
damage. When it gets too close for comfort run away and repeat this strategy. Press 
the dodge buttons when it charges and you and you should get out alive. Collect its 
money and exit the way you came. Return to that area to see the dead monster’s 15 
grand. Continue on.

Thanks to a friend of mine for telling me this little secret. When the battle 
starts, run over to the ladder on your right and collect the shotgun shells return 
to the ladder area, Salazar cannot hurt you hear with his chomp attack but the 
tentacle can. Now shoot the tentacle nearest you until it withdraws. Now shoot the 
eye on the monster’s face until it reveals Salazar. Now either snipe him or shoot 
him with your TMP or handgun. If you have a magnum, use that for sure, but make 
sure you are in no danger and have a clear shot. Once the cocoon closes up, the 
tentacle you shot should reappear and just repeat this strategy. If you run low on 
ammo, run around and collect the items on the ground but beware of the plaga on the 
ground. Sooner or later Salazar will go down. Now collect your 50 grand and move on 
towards the island.

If you have a magnum, this battle is cake and pie. Run to the nearest gate and open 
then close it with you inside and it outside. Now shoot in between the pincers and 
it should die soon enough. If you have no magnum ammo or don’t have one, shoot it 
with the shotgun until it breaks through. Run back a bit and shoot the red barrel 
to damage it greatly. Now run back and gate it in and you out. Shoot it again and 
again. If that fails, just repeat the strategy again excluding the barrel cause 
it’s long gone.

This guy isn’t hard if you know the secret. Shoot his knees until he drops down and 
then hit him with our knife. Run away and repeat, he should go down easily. If you 
want to go with just guns, shoot him with a TMP, magnum, or shotgun when he is on 
his knees. Make sure you have enough time to escape and you’re done with your old 

This is a fun little battle but don’t play too long. When you see one of his leg 
eyeballs exposed, shoot it with your shotgun until he cringes over and his head 
eyeball is exposed. Shoot it with your shotgun or go up to it and climb on top and 
watch Leon stab the eyeball with his knife. Repeat this strategy until Ada tosses 
you the special rocket launcher. Go get it and hit Saddler with some bars until the 
eyeball is exposed again. Now equip the launcher and shoot him, he will die (that 

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