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  • Action, Survival Horror
  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • November 9, 2004


Strongest Gun!

After unlocking the handcannon, buy it from the merchant (it will cost 0 pesetas). Save up your cash to upgrade it. When you can get the exclusive upgrade the handcannon gets 99. 9 firepower and unlimited ammo!

1 Shot 1 Kill

As you get farther in the game zombies will get harder to kill. To save ammo, if there are only 1 or 2 zombies, just use your pistol and shoot them in the head they will be dazed or dead if there dazed run to them and kick them then if there still alive hack them with your knife.

Invincible Merchant

This is a glitch I discovered in the game. This glitch makes the merchant invincible for a time. To do this, equip the Mine Thrower, and, at point blank range, aim and fire it at his face. The mine should explode instantly. You will be thrown back, but he will still be there. Once this happens take out any weapon, and shoot/throw it at him, he won't go down. I just have 2 warnings about this glitch. First of all, you will not be able to talk to him in this state. Secondly he will only be in this state until you go to a door that takes you to another section (a door that has a mini cut scene when it opens), and if you go back and shoot him, he will die, and you won't see him again. I also recommend that you have infinate health using Gameshark or Action Replay, this makes it so you don't have to worry about killing yourself when you use the Mine Thrower.

Easy Boss Kills

After you beat the game for the first time, each time you approach a boss in the game, you'll for some reason always have enough money to purchase a rocket launcher. Unless your saving for the infinate launcher, it would be best to buy the normal Launcher for the bosses.

Ambush Congregation In The Castle For $$

In the castle area, right after engaging the Bugs in the sewers, you will see a large group of Ganados Zealots in mid prayer. If you spook them they will run away, and you miss out on ALOT of money. Right before the sewer they give you a flash grenade. SAVE IT. When preparing the ambush on the congregation, go north then swing across the chandelier. When on the other side look down, and try to hit them all with a flash grenade to stun. Immediately jump down and run north to their exit point so you lock them in. If you have an incendiary or frag grenade you could use it here, other wise line them up for some shotgun carnage. They will each drop a spinel and their leader drops an Illuminados pendant, worth around 32000 altogether.

Chicago Typewriter

To get a machine gun called the Chicago Typewriter, succesfully get all 5 plagas samples in Assignment Ada.

Infinite Launcher

To get a Rocket Launcher with endless ammo, the Infinite Launcher, complete story mode once. It will be on sale for 1,000,000 pesetas.

Burn Them

If any zombie has a torch in their hand shoot their hand or arm and they will burn themselves.

Never Lose All Bullets

All of you ppl use those headshots to take care. Not me. Go shoot a zombies knee. He'll get stunned. Then go right to his face and press A. Leon will kick and the zombie and the zombie is dead. This saves a bunch of ammo, which is what you'll care about as the game goes on.

Max Out Your Health

About halfway through chapter 2-1, you can max out your health. When you get to El Gigante (the giant, ogre guy), you can find a yellow herb in the area. Look for a green herb in the houses if you don't have one. Mix the herbs together and use them. Let El Gigante kill you. You should be able to find the yellow herb again and your health will keep its extension. You can do this until your health maxes out. This is the only place it works, so do it there.

Lethal Weapon

At times you can open a door to get the attention of an enemy. Then step back till they are at the door trying to get through. When and if this happens double tap the A button to kick the door open. If you did it correctly it will knock the enemy down, then you press the A button when it shows to suplex them and somestimes it kills them.

Yellow Herbs?

That's right, combine these with a green herb and not only do you get your health back but your maximum health will upgrade, just like an RPG.

Kill The 2nd Head Easier

Save your flash bang grenades because if you blow their head off and the zombie grows another one throw the flash bang and its head explodes this can save a lot of ammo.

Another Way To Kill Krauser

If you encounter krauser with Leon the best way to kill him and save ammo is by pulling out your knife and simultaneously slash him. Be sure to have a green herb or a first aid spray because chances are he will fight back.

Get Eaten By The Alligator

Go to the pier near the lake and shoot up in the air with a pistol at least 7 times and the alligator should come up out of the lake and eat you right off the pier. Make sure your at the end of the pier.

Get Pimp Suit

Beat the game on Professional. This will also give you Ashley's armor suit. She cant die!

A Really Good Gun

When you are searching for the little blue stones everywhere when you find 10 you can get a gun for free. For an even better gun shoot all of the little blue stones (15 stones) you will get an even better gun.

One Hit Kill El Gigante

Other people are gonna tell you to use a shotgun or butterfly gun on el gigane, but really the easiest way to beat him is using a rocket launcher. It kills him in one shot, so don't mind spending 30,000 to get the gun, cause after you beat him your getting 15,000 back anyway. If you don't have the launcher though, a few grenades don't hurt.

Beating Krauser

Right before you fight him you'll come across a camp and you go underground and meet up with the merchant. By then you should be able to fully upgrade the Broken Butterfly. Do it because when fully upgraded it kills any boss in four to five shots. I killed Krauser in five shots without aiming at his head, even at his knees it counts. One shot to his knees and one to his chest 2x, then one final blow to his knees. Enjoy sending this bad boy commando back to training.

Sell Dat Gun For A Little More

When you want to sell one of your guns for another gun but you wont have enough, just reload the gun and it will be worth more.

Catching Ashley

In some levels you have to walk around with ashley behind you, and she cant do everything you can do by herself. Like when you jump down from a spot you will see "Catch" at the bottom of the screen. Push The "A" button and she will jump down and you will catch her. And There are some spots where you can make her hide in places. Do This With the "X" button.

Easy Money

Once your in the caslte always check behind pictures of Saddler, you will find 5,000 gold everytime.

Ashley's White Underwear!

When you enter the castle stage, go to places where you go down and catch Ashley from the top. Except don't catch her, instead you pull out your rifle (if you have one)and zoom in for look on a white underwear! To get a better look buy the better scope from the merchant.

Chainsaw House

When you first enter Pueblo, there is a house on the top right (if you look on your map, the one near the center spot) This place contains ammunition and the shotgun and a grenade. If you want the shotgun, do not go in there until you've cleared out the villagers, because a chainsaw villager will come! simply waste all the villagers till they leave, then enter the house, the shotgun will be right there, clear out the houses without having fear of being attacked for the chainsaw bagman can kill you in one slice of his chainsaw, and since your in a small building, this is very likely.

Dog Rescuer

In the beginning of the game after you pass the big house and small hut, you will encounter a dog trapped in a bear trap. If you save him, he will then help you defeat the first "El Gigante" later in the game.If you don'y save him, you will have to kill the "El Gigante" without his help.

Assignment Ada

To get a game where you play Ada, complete story mode once. Assignment Ada will be found at the main menu.

The Mercenaries

To get the mini-game, The Mercenaries, complete story mode once. The Mercenaries can be found at the main menu.


To get the rapid-fire handgun, Matilda, complete story mode once. You will get a message saying that you can now buy Matilda.

Hand Cannon

To get a powerful gun called the Handcannon, get a 5 star ranking on each level, with each character in The Mercenaries.

Shotgun At The Start Of The Game

At the very first of the game, at the very first town, after you kill all of the civilians, search all the buildings, in one of the buildings upstairs is a shotgun hanging on the wall. There should be some ammo for it on the table too.

Chainsaw Lady

After you defeat the zombie people from coming in the house where Luis helps you, you could go two ways. If you take the way near the sales man then you will have to fight a chainsaw lady. You should start off by making Ashely hide and kill all the zombie people in the area. You will see a pit but leave Ashely hiding in the trash can thing, dont bring her with you. You need a rocket launcher for this. Once you jump into the pit the chainsaw lady will come with those zombie people. All you have to do is aim your rocket launcher at her and fire. You will be hurt alot so be sure to have a first aid spray or some herbs cause the villagers will jump into the pit after you kill the chainsaw lady.

Kick That Door Open!

When opening a door, double-tap the A button instead of pressing it once. If you're not at a continue point, you will kick it open instead of just pushing it!!

Saving Bullets

There are lots of boxes and barrels that you can blast open with your gun, they will contain all sorts of items, however, you also wanna keep your bullets. Instead of shooting the boxes, hold down L and press A, you'll swipe at the boxes with your knife. This trick can be used to break windows, display cases, locks and bear traps. Also if you knock a villager down, try knifing them while they're on the ground as one bullet does keep them down for a little while.

Sell It For More!

You will obtain some items that aren't worth much initially as a trade, however, if you add certain jewels to them, they will be worth way more. The easiest example is the beer stein. As is it's not worth much, but it has room for 3 jewels to be added. Adding the jewels will up its value!

Death Of A Salesmen

If you're feeling kinda bored ... or hostile and you feel like screwing yourself over for the rest of the game, simply find the merchant and shoot him in the head. Now he's gone on you're on your own.

Animal Cruelty

Running low on health without an herb in sight? Simply find yourself a crow, a fish, a dog, a chicken or a cow. Shoot them till they moves-no-more and voila, you have a health item!

Man's Best Friend

Early on in the game you'll come across a wolf caught in a bear trap. You can choose to help this animal or leave it by pressing A. If you help the dog, you will be rewarded later when he helps you defeat a boss!

The Punisher

In the village and the cemetery you will notice blue necklaces haging in trees and other areas. Shoot these jewels with your gun. Destroying 10 of them will unlock a weapon from the stranger in the woods, a 9mm pistol called The Punisher.


We have no cheats or codes for Resident Evil 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Resident Evil 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Resident Evil 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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