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                                                     Resident Evil 4 Boss FAQ
By : Joey Duran
Well, Im just gonna skip to the FAQ.

                                 -[Del Lago]-
                            Diffifulty : Easy
               This boss is a huge sea monster like thing. Sounds hard doesnt it? 
Right when you get into the boat, continue down the path until you see a cut scene 
of Del Lago
giving Leon one hell of a welcome. This is where the boss fight begins. Del Lago 
will be dragging
you around the sea just going around in circles. What you have to do is take out a 
spear (Hold R)
and throw it at his back (R+A). 
                              After a while he will then dissapear under the sea, 
and you will see Leon hold 
his spear out. There should be a Arrow on the side of the screen that blinks red, 
that indicates where
Del Lago is going to be coming from. Follow the arrow until you see Del Lago pop 
out of the water.
Heres your chance to put some serious damage on him. Del Lago will be coming at you 
with its mouth
open, and you can see the parasite in his mouth. Well, you already know what to 
do..You have to throw spears
at the parasite in its mouth. Just keep repeating the process until it dies.
HINT : Watch out for those little patches of land in the sea. Hitting one of those 
and you'll fall out of the boat.

                                  -[El Gigante]-
                           Difficulty : Medium/Hard
               Alright, this guy is a pain in the ass if its your first time 
playing him. BUT theres a really easy way to kill him.
Just buy a Rocket Launcher and well, shoot him once. The Rocket Launcher (For El 
Gigante) is a one hitter quitter.
BUT if you want to kill him like a man OR your just to broke to afford a Rocket 
Launcher, heres how to beat him.
When you first start the fight, run under his legs and go get the stuff from the 
other side. When you get all the stuff,
then start shooting at him with a TMP, Rifle, or a Shotgun. (I recommend using a 
TMP). You can also weaken this guy
with a nade (if you have any). After a while of beating this guy up, If you saved 
that dog from the trap in the beginning 
(in the Village) He will help you out. The dog will distract El Gigante while you 
get some free bullets on him. But watch out,
when you start shooting him after a while, he'll turn around and try to attack you 
again. Sometimes he will try to hit you with tree's. When he
tries to do this, you have to dodge it by pressing L+R/A+B (Whatever it says on the 
screen). When you weaken him out,
He'll get on his knees and you will see a parasite pop out of his back. You can 
either A. Shoot the crap out of him or
B. Jump on his back and slash the parasite with your knife. I recommend using the 
knife, Its alot easier. When El Gigante
gets on his knees, get close to him and a Action Button Should appear. Press A and 
Leon should jump on his back.
Leon will then pull out his knife press A/B repeatetly. (What ever it says on the 
screen). Keep doing this and keep
getting him on his knees. After the third time you get on his back and slash him, 
He'll die. And he'll leave a little 
Christmas present behind (50,000 Pesetas).

             -[Second Meeting with El Gigante]-
                     Difficulty : Medium
                   After a certain point in the game, you can either open up the 
door on the left (Chainsaw Sisters and a shit load of zombies)
or the door on the left (Another El Gigante). I thought it was easier to go with 
the door on the right (El Gigante). When you first open up 
the door, keep moving forward. Thats when El Gigante will fall out of the sky. When 
the cinematic is over, you will see Ashley pointing
at the sky. What shes pointing at is a boulder. Heres what you gotta do : When El 
Gigante gets near the rock, shoot the rock and it should
fall down on him, stunning him for a few seconds. This is where you shoot the 
chains off the door and kick the door down. But make sure to 
check all the cabins, because the key to get out of there is one of the cabins. 
Keep knocking boulders on his head to keep stunning him while
you get the key. As soon as you get the key, Avoid El Gigante and run for the exit, 
and your home free.

                   -[Bitores Mendez "The Big Cheese"]-
                        Difficulty : Easy/Medium
               You would think this guy was hard, but hes not that hard. First, 
Take out your shotty and shoot his spine like thing in the middle.
Also, you can use the explosive barrel to weaken him out. And if you have nades, 
there a big help. It damages him quite a bit. After you
shoot the Big Cheeses spine for a while, He will split in two. His legs and the 
middle of his spine will fall off. He will then hang on the roof and will try
to attack you. Make sure to get far and use your sniper rifle. After a few shots he 
will fall down. This is when you get close and blast him
with your shotty. You can also climb up the ladder and get the nades/herbs/ammo or 
whatevers up there to help you. After enough shots,
He will finally fall down and die. You will see the cinematic where his eye ball 
falls out. Get the Eyeball and the Pesetas. and leave threw
the burnt down wall.

             Difficulty : Very Easy
                  Wowowowowowowo...This guy shouldnt even be counted as a boss. He 
is way to easy. Alright heres the deal. Hes blind...
Yeah thats right BLIND. So all you got to do is walk around and do not run. Or else 
he will hear you and he'll start swinging at you.
As you can notice, theres bells on the sides of the room. Slash one with your knife 
and he will go and attack it. His claws will get stuck and this is
where you can mess him up. Pull out your Riot Gun and blast the parasite on his 
back. After a while he will fall and die. You should get 5,000 Pesetas.

                  -[Garrador x2]-
    Difficulty : Medium - With Rocket Launcher : Very Easy
               Well this time its harder..Theres two Garradors and some zombies. If 
you have a rocket launcher, its 758374 times easier. Right when you 
enter the room, take out your rocket launcher and shoot one. The other will 
automatically die along with it (Because there right next to each other)
You can just ditch the zombies and go straight through the other doors and collect 
your 5,000 pesetas (each) from the Garradors. If you dont have a
rocket launcher, do the same as before.

                  -[Verdugo "Salazars Right Hand"]-
                         Difficulty : Medium
                This guy is one of the guys that follows Salazar around ina coat. 
FROM THE MERCHANT! and this fight is as easy as fighting a Garrador when you have a 
rocket launcher. On your way to the place to turn the power back on, Verdugo will
be right under trying to whip you with his tail. You have to dodge his attacks with 
the L+R/A+B. As soon as you turn the power on, and you go
for the exit, the door will close. Just go back to where the Nitrogen Tank is. This 
is when Verdugo appears. You have to knock over the
Nitrogen Tank and it should freeze him. Next take out your Rocket Launcher and 
blast him. One shot does it. IF YOU DIDNT BUY A ROCKET

              -[El Gigante X2]-
            Difficulty : Medium
                      Dun Dun Dun!!!! TWO EL GIGANTES???? INSANE? nah. Its not as 
hard as you think 8). When the Gigantes appear, make sure to
grab the first aid spray and shotty shells, (even though you might not need them) 
and then climb up the ladder and wait for a Gigante to get close.
When he starts to shake the ledge take off and you should fall near a leaver. Wait 
for a El Gigante to come in the middle (Where the circle is)
and pull the leaver. It will fall into the lava. But dont get close to the Gigante 
or it will grab you and take you down with it.. When that Gigante is gone
and the hole closes, repeat it again. BUT YOU CANT MESS UP AND NOT DO IT AT THE 
RIGHT TIME because you wont be able to use it
again. You can only use that leaver twice so dont mess up. If you do mess up, 
repeat the exact same thing as an ordinary Gigante
(Go up to see how to kill him again, if you need to) then its all done.

          Difficulty : Hard  - With Rocker Launcher : Easy
                    Finally, you can get rid of this bastard. This is an easy boss 
fight if you get a Rocket Launcher, so get one. Salazar has a new make
over in this fight. He merges with his "Left hand" (Other guy in the coat). and it 
turns into some huge monster with  tentacles and a long neck.
Right when you see him, you'll know what to do. Pull out your Killer7 or Broken 
Butterfly and shoot the his eye once. Salazars shield will go down
and he will be exposed. This is where you pull out your Rocket Launcher and blast 
him, and hes dead. Jump down and collect all the shit load of
ammo and herbs. When your done collecting all the stuff, climb up the ladder and 
collect the 50,000 Pesetas he leaves behind, and continue
through the door.
CONGRADULATIONS!!!! You made it to Disk2 (Finally)

                           -[U3 "IT" Part One]-
                           Difficulty : Medium
This guys pretty tough. You will start off in a crate like thing, and you will see 
the cinematic or U3 showing himself. He is one ugly son of a...
When the cinematic is over, pull out your Killer7 and blast him once. He will go on 
the top of the crate for a while, but watch out because he will
try to grab you from the top. Thats when you dodge his attacks with L+R/A+B. Make 
sure to get the Shotgun Shells (10) and the Herb. then shoot 
the green light and the door should open. Find the red switch and press it. Theres 
another one, so you will have to find the other and press
it. When the second one is pressed you have to make a run to that big red door (you 
only have 30 sec. but thats plenty of enough time). When
you make it to the next crate, the first crate will fall down. Keep repeating this 
until you make it to the third crate. When you press the switches
the door will open and a hook will apear. Jump on the hook and its over....Or is it?

                             -[U3 "IT Part 2]-
                            Difficulty : Hard
Well hes not dead, as you can see in the cinematic. Make sure you have a nade and 
throw it at him. It should do some damage to him. Also,
when U3 gets near the red explosive tanks, make sure to shoot the explosive barrel. 
This will do some damage.
Then collect the Shotgun Shells (10) and the Herb (Green). Shoot U3 with the Riot 
Gun and the Killer7. Soon enough he will bury himself
under ground. He will pop out of the ground and try to attack you with his claws, 
you have to dodge it with L+R/A+B. After a while, he will
come out of the ground and try to attack you once again. Keep shooting him with 
your Killer7 (takes about 6 rounds with the Killer7 to kill him
after he comes out of the ground). When hes dead, Collect the 50,000 Pesetas and 

                              -[Jack Krauser]-
                          Difficulty : Easy/Medium
                    Alright, Krauser is a simple boss. Not as simple as a Garrador, 
but simple. His arm will turn into a shield like thing, so you have
to shoot his feet with the Riot Gun. After 2 or 3 shots with the Riot Gun he will 
let his guard down and crouch on the ground. This is where you pull
out your Killer7 and shoot him in the head. Keep repeating this until Krausers 
dead. When he dies collect the last piece of the holy beast and get
out of there.
IMPORTANT : You only have 3 minutes to kill him before the places blows, so dont 
take your sweet time.

                       Difficulty : Medium/Hard
                 Here it is, the final boss, "Lord Saddler". He isnt hard, but hes 
not easy. Saddler will grow spider like legs and an eye ball will
grow in his mouth. Heres what you gotta do. His legs have eyeballs on them too, so 
you have to shoot whatever eyeball is open on one of his
4 legs with your Riot Gun. After enough shots, Saddler will get down on his knees 
and open his mouth. You have to take out your Killer7 and
shoot the eyeball as many times as you can. After a while of doing that, Ada will 
drop a Rocket Launcher (Special) for you. You have to get Saddler
down to his knees once again, and pull out the RL (Special) and blast him. Then its 
all over. 
Hint : When Saddler gets on his knees and opens his mouth, you can climb on him and 
stab the eyeball. Its easier than wasting Killer7 rounds.
Other Hint : When Saddler opens his mouth, one shot with a rocket launcher 
automatically almost ends it. After you blast him with the Rocket
Launcher, Ada will throw you a Rocket Launcher (Special). Thats when you have to 
get him on his knees and shoot him and its all over.
CONGRADULATIONS!!! You've just beat Resident Evil 4!

After Game Unlockables :
Assignment Ada Mini-Game
Mercanaries Mini-Game

After game Unlockable Weapons :
Matilda : A handgun that shoots a 3 round burst. You buy it from the merchant for 
70,000 Pesetas.
Infinite Rocket Launcher : A Rocket Launcher with well, Infinite rockets..So FIRE 
AWAY! Buy it from the merchant for 1,000,000 Pesetas.

NOTE : After you beat Assignment Ada you unlock the Chigaco Typewriter (Thompson) 
with infinite ammo for 1,000,000 Pesetas.
NOTE : If you beat the Mercanaries with all 4 characters on all 5 stages with a 5 
Star Ranking (60,000 points) you unlock the Handcannon.
Get it from the Merchant for 0 Pesetas. THATS RIGHT FREE! And its a very powerful 

Special Costumes??
You can get special costumes after beating the game. Just to let ya know.
Leon : S.T.A.R.S Costume from RE2 (Resident Evil 2)
Ashley : A white skirt with cowboy boats and a white shirt.

Thanks for reading, Joey Duran

Contact Me :
AIM SN - Misfit9123 

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