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bosses of…. 


                                      1-easy 5-HARD
Table Of Contents                    1-5 star rating
1. Pueblo (Chainsaw Guy)		*****
2. The Big Lake Salamander      	***
3. El Gigante 	 		 	****
4. Fortified House                      *****
5. (left path) Chainsaw Sisters     	*****
6. (right path) El Gigante             	***
7. Village Chief			****
8. Saber Claws (wolverine) 		*** 
9. Swarms of The Damned		        ***
10. Fire Room				**
11. Walking Talking Suits		****
12.  Two “wolverines” 			****
13. “Alien”				*****
14. El Gigante and El Gigante		** 
15. Mine Car				***
16. Salazar				*
17. Truck Chase			        *****
18. “IT”				*****
19. Krauser				*****
20. Krauser Pt. II			****
21. Saddler				**

0. Prices and Merchandise of That Weird Merchant 
(thx to zombiekiller122, resident evil fan)
|   Name            Price    |
| Attache Case M  | 30,000   | ummmmm be smart and buy it
| Attache Case L  | 40,000  | yeah dumbo its worth it
| Attache Case XL| 73,000 | needed, trust me…
| Blacktail  | 24,000  | the best 9mm pistol, get it
| Broken Butterfly | 38,000 | buy it when you can!!
|Chicago Typewriter|1,000,000| only accessible if you beat operation ada
| First Aid Spray | 10,000   | don’t wanna die do ya?
| Handgun  | 8000| you start out with this… why buy it?
| Killer7  | 77,700   | wow little gun for so much power
| Matilda  | 70,000  |a machine-gun pistol? Shoots 3 shots at one tap?
| Mine Thrower| 28,000| just don’t buy it
| Punisher| 20,000| you can get it for free if you shoot the medallions
| Red9 | 14,000 | Great 9mm pistol, get it
| Rifle | 12,000 | needed early
| Rifle (Semi-Auto) | 35,000| replace that rifle
| Riot Gun | 32,000 | buy it when you can
| Rocket Launcher   | 30,000| try and hold one at all times
| Rocket Launcher (Infinite)| 1,000,000| wow… now every1 dies in 1 hit
| Scope (Mine Thrower) | 8000| if you really want to
| Scope (Rifle) | 7000  | if you have the money
| Scope (Rifle Semi-Auto) | 10,000  | yes do it
| Shotgun  | 20,000 | great gun, needed to survive
| Stock (Red9) | 4000 | just buy it if you get the red9
| Stock (TMP) | 4000  | just buy it if you get the TMP
| Striker | 43,000  | best shotgun can be upgraded to have 12 firepower
| Tactical Vest  | 60,000| not needed, but if u have enough, do it
| TMP  | 15,000 | get it, useful early in the game
| Treasure Map (Castle | 10,000 | not needed but helpful for item loc.
| Treasure Map (Island) | 10,00 |not needed but helpful for item loc.
| Treasure Map (Village)| 10,000 |not needed but helpful for item loc.

or zombiekiller122’s which I featured at the beginning at this guide

To find stuff easy do “ctrl + F” and a find box will appear, put in the name or 
number of the boss you want 

First of all... I am not doing a whole walkthrough…. I don’t have that kind of time. 
But I will lead you through every boss fight in the game (and maybe some incredibly 
hard parts too). I have started my second time through the game, and its really easy 
with all the upgraded guns and stuff. If you want a full walkthrough go to__________ 
even I used it at times. 

Well here it begins…

1. Pueblo (Chainsaw Guy). recommended gun: shotgun
If you are scared shitless by the hordes of villagers coming at you from the first 
village, pueblo, than I’ve got a guide for that.

First of all, take a look like it suggests. Count the people you see. I believe 
there are 4 or 5… that will soon change. Since I was so scared of the villagers when 
I first did this, I threw a grenade at the villagers patrolling around and they 
screamed like always. Then I got my back to the door that you entered. And the 
villagers kept coming. Basically just keep aiming for their legs and heads. Once the 
music is done being all scary, you are safe. Go to the middle of the village and to 
your left is a house with a open door, on the second floor on the wall is a shotgun.

Now if you want a harder version of that, and if you are up to the challenge of a 
chainsaw, run into the middle of the village ignoring the villagers. Quickly go 
inside the open door house on your left. A short movie scene will happen. Notice the 
chainsaw. Go upstairs of the house as quickly as possible and grab the shotgun from 
its mount on the wall (and the ammo on the bed). If you havnt noticed there are 
villagers coming from all sides (expect them from the windows and the stairs). Kill 
them off with some well placed head shots, and knee shots. Knock down the ladder to 
stall them. Soon the chainsaw guy will be near, don’t worry you’ll hear the roar 
from the chainsaw. Quickly pull out your shotgun and shoot like crazy. After 
practically all of you ammo is gone he should die. Please note that this is NOT EASY 
especially for a beginner. The chainsaw is a 1 hit kill, he will cut off your head 
if he gets close, but he leaves a pretty penny (10000 Pestas).

2. Big Lake Salamander. recommended gun: harpoon 
Ok, this boss isn’t too hard…. If you are semi smart. Basically all you have to do 
is NOT RUN INTO ANYTHING (some people have problems with that) with the boat and 
when the time comes and you automatically pull out your harpoons, hit him square in 
the mouth. Don’t worry you will know which side he comes from because there will be 
arrows on the side of the screen, just hit him in the mouth when he gets close 
(DON’T MISS or you will be flipped and have to slam down on “A” over and over). 
Repeat this process until he dies. If you are unfortunate enough to fall off, don’t 
be slow about pressing “A”… You. Will. Die.

3. El Gigante. recommended gun: shotgun
wow. He’s fat. The easiest strategy is to use a flash grenade and unload a bunch of 
shotgun shells into his massive head. The flash should give you enough time to do 
what is needed. There will be a little movie scene where he will fall down and 
something will come out of his back. Quickly run over to him and press “A”, 
resulting n you climbing on his back. The game will make you either press “B” over 
and over or “A” over and over. You will cut up that thing up. He will recover and 
you will jump off him. Repeat that process again to get him back on his knees. Cut 
him up again. Now if you were kind in the beginning of the game and went over to 
that dog and saved him, then the dog will show up and distract El Gigante for long 
enough to get him on his knees for the 3rd (or 4th?!) time. You know what to do. He 
should leave behind 15000 Pestas.

4. Fortified House. recommended gun: shotgun
Not a boss, but it was hard for me… took 2 or 3 tries my first time through, but of 
course I didn’t ever think of this until my second time through the game…

first push all those bookshelves in front of the windows, keeping the zombies-like-
people away for 5 more seconds. Then once they break through, blast them with your 
handgun (avoid the head). Use the shotgun once the crowd gets thick. After a little 
bit that Spanish guy will tell you to head upstairs, follow his lead. Blast the 
remaining zombies coming up the stairs. Now run around the top going to every window 
and knocking down every ladder stalling the creeps longer.

Soon they will stop and go away. YAY you beat them!

5.(the left path) Chainsaw Sisters. recommended gun: shotgun
Jump down into the pit…. And don’t stand there you will die (trust me)…. Just go up 
the ladder and run all the way back to the beginning and blast them to bits where 
they cant surround you. Simple, eh? Oh and use shotgun, fool.

6. (the right path) El Gigante. recommended gun: shotgun
yes you have to fight him…. again… well its same-old same old. This was the one time 
Ashley got hurt during the whole game, so stay near her… she has a tendency to like… 
stand still. El Gigante will pick up Ashley…. And you can’t heal her if she’s 10 
feet up in the air. The way I suggest is just blast him like last time…. It seems to 
work pretty good. But I was watching CHEAT on G4TV and they had this weird hit and 
run strategy… but I still think just plain killing him is better. He will leave a 
pretty penny 30000 pestas (I think its that or 15000).

7. Village Chief. recommended gun: shotgun, TMP
damn is he freaky……. Ok, before you fight him… make sure you have a nicely upgraded 
shotgun (I recommend 6 fire power). Blast him not in head you dummy, but in the gut 
where his freakin weird spine is…. Be ready for insanely fast dodges. Soon he will 
split in half and start climbing round the walls… pull out your TMP (assuming you 
have it) and gun him down. He will hurt you during this point, so have herbs ready 
and stuff. Soon enough he will die… 

8. Saber Claws (wolverine). recommended gun: broken butterfly
wow, he jumped out of the wall, YOU SAW THAT COMING, right? Quickly put Ashley into 
a corner and whip out you magnum, and you better have one or this guy is tough… 
simply hit him with it, he then will spin around in pain… now, do you see that weird 
thing on his back, yes that. Shoot it, after like 5 in the right spot he should go 
down… (if you get him near a wall he will get his claws stuck, shoot him in the back 

9. Swarms Of The Damned. recommended gun: riot gun
well… now your all the way inside the castle, and if you checked your map you knew 
this room would be trouble…… First things first, put Ashley in a corner and start 
shooting them like crazy, after you wipe out them, more will come (wow don’t you 
hate shields?!) just blast your way through, no worries! Soon you will get into a 
room with 2 platforms sticking up out of the ground, do the sensible thing and place 
Ashley on one and stand on the other…. After this simple puzzle more people will 
come, again. If you stay in that room, watch the ceiling, there is a hole. Yes, they 
fall down the hole too… just work your way out…

10. Fire Room. recommended gun: Sniper Rifle
the second you get into this room, you will understand what I mean by “fire”. 
Quickly snipe out the first guy in the fire breathing thingy move along and you will 
see another, snipe him… after making your way across to the end, a third will appear 
in your way, quickly run back to the nearest safe spot. Evil cult men will be 
spawning out of a door, if you find it, just stand in front of it and blow them to 
bits. Soon they will stop. Get a good position and snipe the 3rd and final fire 
breathing thing.

11. Walking Talking Suits. recommended gun: rocket launcher
You’ve encountered these guys before, just didn’t have to kill them. There are 4… 
and if you don’t have a rocket launcher, don’t fret. First you should have 4 or 5 
first aids, you’ll need them. So put Ashley out of the way in a corner (if you can 
find one) and lead the armor away. If you can, get them into a group and use the 
rocket launcher when the time is right. Hit them all if possible. (if you don’t have 
a rocket launcher, use your riot gun and shoot them till their heads pop off and 
then shoot the mutation) after they are all dead, 2-3 more will arrive… joy…. Use 
your riot gun and show them who’s boss. 

12. Two “wolverines”. recommended gun: rocket launcher
Quickly take out the few goons and then run up the stairs and shoot your rocket 
launcher and them both, killing them… or if you have no rocket launcher, do the same 
thing as last time with your magnum (assuming you have the ammo) 

I did this and didn’t have a rocket launcher and I ran out of magnum and it was hard 
as hell, they spaz WAY too much.

13. “The Alien”. recommended gun: Striker
this is the guy Salazar sent after you… yeah he took off his robe...and he does the 
matrix… ALL OF THE TIME. And if your dumb like me you died trying to fill him with 
bullets. Basically you have to survive for 4 min. and did you notice those gas 
canisters along the halls? Well basically when the fight starts, run past him/her 
and get to the canister. Hit “A” when the prompt appears. You will knock it down, 
freezing the alien NOW is the time to fill him with bullets. That is the only 
canister in this room and you have to wait for the door to open, go to the door and 
press the button. Stop him in his tracks by shooting a few shells at him. When the 
door opens go out and find the other canisters and do the same strategy. FINALLY the 
elevator will be ready.

My second time through the game I killed him… my first time I just used all of the 
canisters and then ran into the elevator.

14. El Gigante and El Gigante. recommended gun: Striker
start the fight by running to that ladder you saw and climbing up it, at the top 
there is a  zip line . Wait for one of the El Gigante’s to come over and then zip 
over to the other side. You will land next to a switch hit “A” and then wait for one 
of the beasts to get over the pit and then hit “A” again. Well, there goes one of 
them… kill the other the old fashion way. Run, shoot, run, shoot, run, shoot, FLASH 
GRENADE, shoot, shoot, shoot. You get the idea. 

Now you can kill both for 30,000 pestas. But its tough because they just surround 

15. Mine car. recommended gun: Striker
hmmmm basically just shoot all of the men jumping down on the mine car, don’t let 
them get up… be ready for a few chainsaws. There will be a few button dodges too (at 
the end you come to a break off in the car and it gives you latterly .000001 seconds 
to react… I did it on accident). Striker is the best but you might want to use 
magnum against the 2 chainsaws.

16. Salazar. recommended gun: rocket launcher
Wow, is he CREEPY. Well he is really extremely easy if you buy a rocket launcher 
right before the fight. When you get in the room, he will mutate and be all big and… 
stuck on the wall. Go to the side of the arena, next to one of his tentacles and 
shoot it till it goes away, then pull out your rocket launcher. Salazar (weird and 
mutated) will appear behind the big head (he’s in a shell, it will open), just aim 
and shoot your rocket. If you hit home then you’ve won the fight…. Wow that was easy

17. Truck Chase. recommended gun: grenades and Striker
just shoot all of the guys comin at you. You don’t have to kill them all but its 
recommended. When the truck gets goin and the guys are a little behind, throw a 
grenade to take care of 5 or 6 of them. Soon another truck will try and smash you 
(from behind) take your sniper and shoot its engine. It should burst in flames. You 
will start to continue and soon will hear Ashley screaming…. There is another truck… 
this time its coming from the front. This might take 2 or 3 trys to do

18. “IT”. recommended gun: Striker
shoot this thing and run. You have to find 2 green lights and shoot them to open the 
door to the next area. If you shoot him enough he will go away until you get to the 
next area. Basically find the 2 green lights each time to get to the next area. Once 
you get off the platforms he will come back. This time you have to kill him. 
Basically run and shoot. Run and shoot. Avoid his attacks they are slow.


19. Krauser. recommended gun: Striker
ahhh he has a TMP!!!! Shoot him with your sniper (if you get a chance) till he 
leaves you alone. Take a look at your map… you will need it. This is a big maze he 
will intercept you from time to time to stab you or shoot at you. Just give him a 
couple striker shots to make him flash away. Most of his attacks you can dodge. So 
be quick

20. Krauser PT. 2. recommended gun: Killer 7
hmmm weird arm….  All of his attacks (except one) are dodgeable. Be ready for combo 
dodges too… like (A,B) then .01 sec later (L,R)  but basically the only reason to 
push this fight is the timer… you have 3 min to kill this guy. Ok hopefully you have 
magnum ammo because you need it, badly. Aim well and aim for his exposed leg. He 
will fall down in pain. Then shoot at his bowed head. Keep dodging the attacks he 
gets out on you and keep aiming well (try not to waste shots). Soon he will die. 
Quickly grab the last piece of the puzzle and get out off that tower. (Don’t let him 
back you in a corner…. You will have nowhere to dodge and he won’t stop attacking 
till you miss a dodge)

21. Saddler. recommended gun: Striker
saddler, spider saddler… well is that F*cked up. Well this boss was really easy for 
me… I only got hurt once. I was shocked how easy he was. Well all you have to do is 
shoot those eyes on his legs and body. When you do he will fall over in pain 
(sucker) and then you run over to him and hit “A” to jump on his back… and that’s 
all… just keep doing that and eventully, Ada will throw a rocket launcher on the 
other side of the arena, across a collapsible bridge (will have to jump across, it 
collapses). Get over to that rocket and aim it at saddler and bang, he dies. 

Yay you beat The Boss of the game, feel accomplished? 

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