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                              Boss Guide 
                                Part 1 

                           Table of Contents 

1. Boss 1:Egg Hawk 

1. Boss 1:Egg Hawk 

 The first boss battle is against Eggman's Egg Hawk,a flying machine that you 
encounter again later in the game. Tails is your man-er,fox-for most of the battle. 
But before Tails can do a thing,you've got to level up your characters if you want 
to do any serious damage. Switch to Knuckles,then run down the first 
straightaway,killing all the robots in your path using his punch attack (tap the 
attack buttonwhile on the ground) for level-up power-ups. Don't worry about the 
bullets from the Egg Hawk,they're super-easy to avoid. 

 Once you've reached the first island,switch to Tails and kill all the flying 
robots by throwing your friends at them (tap the attack button either on the ground 
or in the air) to get more level-up power-ups. Again,don't worry to much about the 
Egg Hawk or its attacks,they look worse than they are. Now switch back to Knuckles 
and run down the second straightaway,use Knuckles to kill the robots for level-up 
power-ups. By now,Tails should have all three levels,and the Egg Hawk should be a 
sinch to destroy. The game will advise that you switch to Sonic or Knuckles to take 
out the Egg Hawk,but you can ignore that advice-just stick to Tails and fire away 
at the Egg Hawk's "head". 

 If you've leveled up enough,you'll win in just a few hits. But-surprise!-Eggman 
isn't defeated just yet-he escapes from the Egg Hawk as it's exploding. C'mon what 
did you expect? That was only the first boss. 

                     Look out for Part 2, TEAM ROSE!

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