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Hay Monster : well when you first start out fighting him you are in the barn.use 
the pitch fork to stab him in his behind (watch out because he will turn around 
with out warning!)do that three times then the next phase of the battle will begin!
when you are fighting his fully
robotic body he will start launching missiles that will follow you so dont try out 
running them.just hop behind one of the massive pipes untill a missile hits it but 
make sure he is done launching them before you come out from behind it.Now that the 
missile has hit it will start pouring water out of it,stand in the water untill he 
come's over to it,dont move because once he touches it it will stun him.when he is 
stunned go over to him and jump and press the action button when behind the big red 
button on his back.when that is done with go to a different pipe and do the 
same.repeat untill he is destroyed!

Giant Poo Monster : this is a quick battle if you have good when you throw 
all of the sweet corn in the giant whirl pool of crap,The Monster Poo will arise 
and start singing to you.Ok now avoid the Poo he throws at you and stand on the 
action B button and throw toilet paper in his mouth when he does his solo.after 
doing that he will sing to you again and this time he blocks off the action B 
button so you have to go to use a different what you do is go all the way 
around to the next one and do the same thing as the first action B button but this 
time do it three times.after doing so he will get angry.he will block off that B 
button and so you have to go to the last one.Now on the last B button he goes 
faster so you have to have good aim to administer his defeat.throw 5 rolls of toilet
paper in his mouth (not at once) then he goes high pitched with his solo and he 
shatters the glass to the to it with out being crushed with falling poo 
and pull the he is flushed!

Big Balled Boiler : Getting to this boss was the hard part now here is the easy 
part!Well when Conker walks into the boiler room he runs into two little loud 
mouthed after the little skit go to the giant keg and activate the B 
button.after doing so Conker is now Wasted beyond pee on the red guys 
untill most of them vanish.the two that you met when you came into the boiler room 
will go into a giant the giant boiler will come alive and it's balls 
will drop.what you have to do in order to defeat him is run up to a corner of the 
room on a dump pad and wait untill he comes over to you.when he is in front of you 
wait untill he breathes fire at you,right as he does that power jump up and pull on 
the lever.that will dump crap on him and it will stun him for a brief moment.while 
he is stunned go over to his balls and press the Action B button.after doing so go 
to a different corner of the room and repeat.

Giant Cave Man : This is the quickest and easiest fight out of the whole game!Just 
wait untill he raises his club and head butt him in his balls.after that run around 
to his rear end and press the action button.repeat.(tip get real close to him so he 
raises his club)Do it 3 times.

Giant Robot bear and little girl : ok now this fight you can take as long as you 
like on it.when the robot is firing missiles or whatever.blow up the guns he is 
firing at you.after he will come after you when he is close enough shoot the little 
girl out of his hands.when that is done the robot will turn around ,shoot it in its 
back.Repeat untill he is defeated.(tip stay in the tank at all times,and use 
shelter,also attack when he is reloading!)

Alien : ok now here is the final boss.What you want to do is 

Jump , when is whips its tail
Block , when it bites you

ok when it bites you block it and it will stun his for a second,while it is stunned 
for that second attack with punches.(keep a steady pace when punching it)When it is 
stunned and down on the floor grab its tail by walking over to it and pressing the 
action B swing it around a few times and then release it out the hole.
Do that process over 2 more times!

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