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Final Fantasy X boss strategies

Sinspawn Ammes: 
    This boss gets to attack first and always casts a spell called Demi. This is a 
black magig spell that reduces the characters' HP by a certain percentage. Since it 
is the monsters lone attack it cant kill Tidus and Auron! So dont worry about 
healing, just attack!
Tidus and Auron start this battle with their overdrive guages nearly full. The 
sinspawns first attack is usually enough to send Aurons guage over the edge. When 
its Auron's turn to attack press left to access the overdrive menu. Select his 
Overdrive which is called Bushido and execute his Dragon Fang attack.When the 
countdown starts quickly enter the commands they show you. If you push all 8 
before the time runs out the attack will be used with maximum power. The Dragon 
should eliminate all the sinscales in from of the boss, allowing you to concentrate 
the rest of your attacks on the sinspawn.

Tidus's Overdrive is called Swordplay. When the countdown starts, a marker races 
across a thin meter on the screen. Press X when the marker is in the center of the 
meter to do the Overdrive. The strength is determined my the amount of time left on 
the clock.

After useing both characters' Overdrives, keep attacking the sinspawn, chopping off 
tentacles each time. Auron's Power Break ability is useless in this fight because 
the sinspawn only casts magic spells. After destroying all the tentacles the battle 

    When its Tidus's turn to attack use t he left analog stick to access the 
Subcommand menu, then select Escape each round. If you're unsuccessful, keep 
The other way to win this fight is tom attack each turn for 3 rounds. However, 
Geosgaeno will counterattack by cutting your HP in half.

    Shortly after Tidus dozes off, the campfire goes out. Going to search for more 
materials, Tidus sees he isnt alone.

It's best to just trade blows with this agile opponent. Keep a close eye one the 
window. When Tidus has two turns in a row use a potion or Hi-potion to restore any 
lost HP. Keep striking the Klikk untill a group of people blow down the door. A 
young person then joins Tidus in the battle. When its the girl's turn go to the 
special command and select Use to throw a gernade.

Have Tidus attack while the girl steals gernades. Use the gernades you steal to let 
the boss have it!

    After each character takes a turn to attack or steal, the beast swims to the 
other side of the room. A short tutorial on Trigger Commands will follow. On your 
next turn pust left to enter the triger command meny and choose Stand By. This 
restores 50 HP to each character. On Tidus's next turn use cheer if its avaliable. 
After the short rest, Tros uses its Nautilus Charge to attack both characters at 

Spend your next turns useing Potions to restore HP. When you get a chance use a 
gernade against the boss.

Tros then swims  to the other side of the room again. If its not Tidus's turn press 
triangle till hes ready to go. If you check Tidus's Trigger Commands this time 
around theres an option to perform a Pincer Attack. This attack lets the characters 
surround the boss and prevent its Nautilus Charge attack.

    Use the Cheer ability to recieve less damage from Kimahri's attacks. Keep 
attacking Kimahri and avoid useing potions unles you absolutely need it. After t he 
fight HP and MP are restored to full.

Hopefully Tidus's overdrive will trigger at the near start of the battle. After 
performing 4 physical attacks, Kimahri will alternate between physial attacks and 
the powerful jump attack.

HP:(Sin)2000 (Sinscales)200
AP:(Sin)10 (Sinscales)2
    This gigantic monster launches Sinscales in sets of 3 which are replaced with 3 
more for each group of 3 you kill.The real target is Sin's gigantic fin.

Although you start with Kimahri, Tidus and Yuna in your party you can replace Yuna 
with Lulu and cast any spell on the fin. Then useing Tidus and Kimahri kill only 2 
of the sinscales. Leaving only 1 alive greatly reduges the damage taken reach 
You can then switch out Kimahri for Wakka, and bring Yuna back in to heal 
that need it. Wakka, Lulu, and Kimahri ane the only characters who can damage Sin, 
in addition to Valefor if Yuna summons it.

Sinspawn Echuilles:
    As Wakka dives overboard to rescue Tidus an underwater sinspawn emerges from 
depths. A very difficult battle is about to begin.

Use Tidus's cheer ability to improve both men's strengths and defenses and use 
Wakka's Dark Attack to blind Echuilles. This eliminates its ability to drain HP 
either character. zyou should ignore the Sinscales, although they continually 
inflict damage. Keep striking the Sinspawn in an effort to end the battle as soon 
possible. After 2 Drain Touch attacks, Echuilles uses the Blender attack.

The Blender attack depletes alot of your character's HP. Continue to use Wakka's 
Drak Attack when you need it. If Wakka runs out of MP use an Ether to restore it. 
Keep a close eye on the CTB Window. Use a potion or Hi-potion when a character has 
turns in a row and i low on HP.

Lord Ochu: (optional battle)
    This battle should involve all your characters. Keep Lulu in the party and keep 
casting fire, make Tidus cast haste on her to increase the number of turns if you 
have it. Kimahri inflicts the most physical damage while Wakka can prevent Lord 
Ochu's spell casting by using his Silence Attack. Bring Yuna in to heal characters 
with low HP and to cast Esuna when characters are poisoned.

Make sure one character has a weapon with the sensor ability such as Lulu's Cacyuar 
Scope. When Ochu's HP gets below 2000 you can have Yuna summon Valefor and continue 
to cast fire spells. By summoning the aeon you can avoid Ochu's Earthquake attack. 
But, you dont have to summon Valefor to win this fight. Use Sonic Wings between 
Fire spell to delay Ochu's turn. Ochu will fall asleep once it loses 2500 HP. Since 
it regenerates HP while dozing, quickly use a physical attack to wake him up. This 
will cause Ochu to perform the high-powered Earthquake attack so watch out!

Sinspawn Geneaux:
HP:(body)3000 (tentacles)450
AP:(body)48 (tentacles)5
Weakness:(body)Fire-Absorbs Water (tentacles) None
    If Kimahri has a piercing weapon equipped his physical attacks can penetrate 
this boss's hard shell. Since its tentacles absorb magic attacks directed at the 
body, Haste Lulu and attack them with fire. Also use weapons to hack them off.

Once the tentacles are gone the body unwraps into its true form. All physical 
attacks will now hurt it but fire still works best. Use Wakka's Silence attack to 
prevent it from casting water and use Yuna to heal and cast Esuna on poisoned party 
members. You can also summon Valefor and use Sonic Wings to delay Geneaux's attacks.

    At this point in the game since Kimahri and Tidus must rely on physical attacks 
and Lulu is still mostly casting low level spells this is i tough fight. However 
crane parked on the right side of the platform is a lifesaver. First cast haste on 
Lulu. Then cast Thunder on the crane every round to jump-start it. Use Tidus's 
Trigger Command to move the crane. When you are successful the crane rips off the 
top half of the Oblitzerator. This greatly reduces its HP and immobileizes it.

Chocobo Eater:
    The Chocobo Eater is one tough coustomer! It will occasionally stretch out its 
arms and knock yuor party back torward a cliff. If  you get knocked over the battle 
end and you get no AP or gifts from Rin.
Start the fight with Lulu, Tidus, and Wakka. Use haste on Lulu so she can cast 
spells more rapidly. Use Wakka's Dark Attack to blind the Chocobo Eater. Eventually 
Substitute Kimahri and Auron for Wakka and Tidus and let Lulu keep casting spells. 
Use Auron's Power Break ability to reduce physical damage taken. Make sure everyone 
gets to be part of the battle so they all get part of the AP award.
If the chocobo Eater gets knocked onto its back it loses its armored status. You 
push the prone monster backwards my doing more than 500 damage. This gives them 
room away from the ledge. Also whenever the Chocobo Eater is down Aeon's overdrive 
attacks do much more damage. So if Yuna hits overdrive save her Grand Summon untill 
its on its back. If you push him off a cliff you get 2 lvl. 1 key spheres.

Sinspawn Gui:(part 1)
HP:(Head)4000 (body)12,000 (arm)800
AP:carried over
    One of the toughest battles so far can be much easier if you take the time to 
learn a few important abilities. Start off with Lulu, Wakka, and Yuna. Occasionally 
the head will begin to move. When it does, counter the impending attack with any 
long range attack or spell. If you choose not to be prepared to use Yuna's Esuna 
spell to reverse the effects of the bosses Venom attack.

After killing the head switch to heavy hitters like Auron and Kimahri. Get rid of 
the arms first since they will deflect any attacks to the body. If Lulu knows any 
second level spells she can kill an arm in a single casting. Be sure you switch in 
every character so everyone gets the massive AP award. The arms will regenerate 
every 3rd turn Gui takes but the battle ends once the body is defeated.

Sinspawn Gui:(part 2)
HP:(head)1000 (body)6000 (arm)800
AP:(head)48 (body)400 (arm)37
    Yuna awakens to find Seymour holding the revitalized sinspawn at bay. In 
adittion to the massive redugtion in HP, Seymour's powerful black magic and 
plentiful MP make this fight simple. One casting of Fira should destroy the 
head. Destroy the arms with magic and piercing attacks. Yuna should stay back and 
heal the two men. Also, use Seymour's Black Magic on the body.

AP is finaly awarded after this battle. Provided that all characters were used in 
the battle everyone should gain several sphere levels. You should also recieve 6 
lvl. 1 Key Spheres.

    Before the fight equip Tidus and Wakka with weapons that have Lightningstrike 
ability. By casting Haste, you can attack the Extractor multiple times for every 
of its attacks. If the machina launches depth charges, use Hi-Potions to replenish 
any lost HP.

    Before the battle begins equip your party with non-elemental weapons. Physical 
attacks cause minimal damage so magic is the key. Whenever you attack Spherimorph 
counter attacks with a spell. The spell used represents it current elemental 
property. Cast a spell of the opposite element to inflict damage or else it will 
reflect the spells back at you. Foe example if Spherimorph casts Fire, attack with 
Blizzard or Blizzara.
    Each time a spell is correctly cast on it the moster shifts its element to 
another type. Keep attacking with physical attacks untill it reveals its new 
by casting another spell. Yeep Yuna on hand to heal lost HP. If she hits her 
overdrive wait untill the boss casts water or blizzard spells then use Ixion or 

Crwaler, Negator:
HP:(crawler) 16,000 (negator) 1000
AP:(crawler) 4400 (negator) 220
Weakness:(crawler) lightning (negator) none
    First take out the small Negator floating in the air. You wont be able to cast 
spells or summon untill its gone. Focua Wakka's efforts on killing the Negator. Use 
Auron, Kimahri, ot Tidus to attack the crawler.
    After defeating the Negator you can finally use magic and summons. However the 
countdown to Mana Beam begins. This sweeping attack can cause monstrous damage to 
all party members. The best way to avoid it is to summon an Aeon and use its shield 
ability to deflect some of the damage. Aeons such as Ixion or Ifrit can heal 
by casting their own black magic on themselves.

Seymour, Guado Guardians x2, Anima:
HP:(seymour)6000 (guardian)2000 (anima)18,000
AP:(seymour)2000 (guardian)290 (anima)2500
    This is one of the more technical battles t\you will fight so be extremely 
careful. Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka can all use trigger commands to raise some stats. 
talking to Seymour you can raise Tidus's strength and Yuna's magic defense.
    The Guado Guardians eaxh have the auto potion ablility. The easiest way to 
eliminate them is to steal their potions and attack them with physical attacks. By 
taking a potion from a Guado, he wont be able to heal himself after every attack.
    Now unguarded, Seymour raises Anima to fight. After a few turns look in Yuna's 
summon menu for a new, unnamed aeon and summon it. The ice goddess Shiva will come 
to the young summoners aid. While Anima boosts and causes Pain, cast Shiva's 
Blizzara on herself to keep her HP high. When she hits overdrive, her Diamond Dust 
attack can do 9999 damage to Anima! Re[eat this tactic again to defeat Anima with a 
minimum effort.
    After disposing of Anima, quickly dismiss Shiva. Avoid useing aeons since 
Seymour will quickly destroy them. He begins to cast multi-spells at each party 
member, so keep Yuna handy to to cast Life. Keeping characters alive is somewhat 
difficult, so cast Haste on Yuna. Use Lulu's Bio spell to poison Seymour, and use 
Auron to attack with Magic Break.

Wendigo, Guado Guardian x2:
HP:(wendigo) 18,000 (guardian) 1200
AP:(wendigo) 2000 (guardian) 290
Weakness:(wendigo) Fire (guradian) none
    The guado Guardians provide most of the challenge in this battle so summon an 
aeon to kill them quickly with an overdrive. As a final act, they cast protectice 
spells and berserk on the Wendigo. You can rebove Berserk with Threaten. Use 
sleep attack to keep the Wendigo from rampaging, and then steal items and cast Fira 
spells on it. Also, cast Haste on Lulu. If the Wendigo wakes up use Auron's Power 
Break and Kimahri's Jinx.

	Start off with Rikku Tidus(both have trigger commands to move the air ship) 
and any other member in your party. Make sure Tidus and Rikku stay alive. The third 
member is always changing depending Evrae's position. First have tidus cast haste
(or hasta or hastaga if he has it) to increase your no. of attacks. When Evrae 
comes in close switch your third member to Auron or Kimari, and use all three 
members to slash away at Evrae. Then after all three attack use Tidus or Rikku to 
pull away. Then switch your third member to either Wakka or Lulu for long range 
attacks. Continue until Evrae dies and don't forget to use lots of potions(and or 

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