Bosses and thier Week Points Part1 - Guide for Pikmin 2

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Here are a few tips on Defeating Bosses:

Empress Bulblax:The Empress Bulblax is very week handling ULTRA-SPICY SRAY 
attacks,using this stradegy could cause the Bulblax to lose up to half of it's 

Burrowing Snagret:The Burrowing snagret week point is on it's head.This Beast 
defence goes down a bit when you use ULTRA-BITTER SPRAY on the Snagret, making 
it faster for your pikmin to defeat it.

Beady Long Legs:This huge beast is extremly week to ULTRA-SPICY SPRAY 
attacks.Attack with ULTRA-SPICY SPRAY (MUST BE PERFECT) should make it lose 3/4 
of it's life!

Emperor Bulblax:This Creatures defence is very week on an exosive blast.If the 
battlefield has bombs, try to make the Bulblax swallow a bomb,when it swallows 
the bomb, it should blow up inside him.This will cause him to be paralyzed for 
a few moments.This should give you time to throw your pikmin at it with out you 
trying not to make it eat your pikmin.

See part2 for more info(coming soon)!

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