Bosses and thier Week Points Part3 - Guide for Pikmin 2

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More info on defeating bosses (Wistful Wild):

Segmented Crawbster:This Beast only weekness is it's Red Belly.To Defeat this 
Creature,use teamwork.One leader has no pikmin and the other has ALL the 
pikmin.Highly recomend Flower pikmin.The leader with no pikmin will distract 
the beast.To flip the beast,wait for it to turn into a ball,make it roll into 
the wall to flip it(use the leader with no pikmin).Note:When the beast hits the 
wall, boulders will fall onto the battle field AVOID THESE BOULDERS.Once its 
flipped over, switch to your other leader and Supercharge them with Ultra-Spicy 
Spray.Keep throwing the pikmin at it's belly to defeat it.Repeat the same thing 
a few times to kill it.

Raging Long Legs:This creature is 3 times the size and weight of Beady Long 
legs.It also has 3 times more armor too.However, it is 3 times SLOWER then 
Beady Long Legs.It's Massive Belly is your main target.Ultra-Spicy Spray is 
effective,however,Ultra-Bitter Spray is weak.When it shakes your pikmin off 
call them away from it because it will squish them if you don't.Repeat this 
step a few times to Defeat it.

I've already Wrote about the Titan Dweevil and the Waterwraith and should be in 
the FAQ page.

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