Bowser's Revenge - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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This FAQ is all about Bowser.

Bowser is the enemy of the Italian plumber, Mario, and is always planning to 
capture the Princess Peach and force his nimisis to go through dangerous stages to 
get Peach back.  Bowser wasn't the origonal bad guy for Mario.  It all started out 
with DK kidnapping the Princess!  When DK retired, Bowser took his place.  Bowser 
is always a threat to Mario and also can be a threat to anyone battling agaist you 
if the opponent is a master with Bowser.

Bowser is a heavy charater, so it's hard to knock him off, but he doesn't have a 
great deal of speed or the greatest jumping ability.  He also has a very strong 
throwing ability and the attacks he has are powerful.


Flame Breath (B) This attacks works like the Fire Flower, but the longer Bowser 
holds this attack, the weaker it gets.  This attack is great for combos and is also 
great for stopping an enemy from attacking with a strong smash attack or finishing 

Koopa Klaw (foward+B)  Bowser reaches out at his enemies with his mighty claws and 
scraches you and causes you to fly upward.  If you get close enough to an enemy, 
you can pick him or her up and knaw on them with the B button.  If you are done 
knawing, you can press forward and B and Bowser will throw them up.  This attack is 
good for starting a juggling attack.

Bowser Bomb (down+B)  With a mighty leap, Bowser jumps into the air and comes back 
down to land on his enemy.  This attack is also good for starting juggling attack 
because the enemies that get too close to you will go flying up into the air.

Whirling Fortress (up+B)  Bowser hides in his shell and spins around and hit his 
opponents as he does.  This attack can be used to get back onto a ledge if you are 
thrown off.  This attack has a longer lateral range than it does vertically, so use 
it quickly.

Smash Forward (forward+A)  Bowser flings back his head and with a powerful launch, 
Bowser smacks his head hard against any opponent that is in front of him.  This 
attack can be used to finish off an enemy.

Down Smash (down+A)  Bowser spins around and is able to hit close by enemies.

Up Smash (up+A)  Again, Bowser hids in his shell and whirls around causing his 
enemies to go flying up.  This attack can be used to juggle opponents.

Next up is Princess Peach!  See Ya!

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