Castle Secret Stars - Guide for Super Mario 64 DS

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#1. In order to retrieve this star you must have atleast one power star. Go to the 
switching room and jump in the picture of the princess on the right side. Once 
there you'll have to get on the slide and complete. At the bottom of it you'll find 
your first secret star.

#2. Once again head towards the slide and finish it in 21 seconds or less and a 
star will pop out.

#3. Go to the switch room were you will find five doors. Go through the one in the 
middle with no lock. there you will find the picture of sunshine isles. Collect 
five silver stars to get a power star.   

#4. This time head to the aquatic level on the first floor (you need atleast 3 
stars). Once there turn perspective 180 degrees and jump into the square hole into 
the left side of the door. once you are in there you'll find your self under 
water . you will have to collect the 8 red coins fast before your power meter runs 
low. (collect coins on the way because they refill your health)

#5. This secret star is in the gomboss battle stage. collect 8 red coins and a 
secret star will appear.

#6. Once agin in the gomboss battle stage find the switch star but getting the star 
will be tricky. you will have to wall kick your self 4 stories high. (you need 
Mario for this star)

#7. Head through th wooden door (there are 2 it doesn't matter which one u go in)
then you will see a boo. Follow the boo and go through another door. once there 
ground pound all the 8 boos to get 8 red coins then a star will appear.

#8. Go to the place with the boos again. this time ignore them. just break the red 
bricks and go through the hole. Then you'll appear in battle fort were you have to 
collect 5 silver stars to get a power star.

#9. In Bowser In The Dark World  collect the 8 red coins to get a star.

#10. In Bowser In The Dark World get the switch star.

#11. In the ? switch (incase you dont know how to get there follow these 
directions: you need about 14 stars go where there is the picture of the sun in the 
entrance there will be sunlight covering it. Use the first perspective point of view
and look up. then you will automaticly get there. But first activate the switch so 
the red ? will become solid)collect all 8 red coins there are 2 between each two 

#12. In Hazy Maze Cave go to the underground lake. get a ride on the blue monster 
untill you reach a door which you cant reach by jumping. Go through the door then 
jump in the portal and get the red coins.

#13. Go to the portal again to the very last part were you break the ? box to get 
the power flower. (you need mario) then float all the way up to the power star.

#14. Talk to toad by the portal and he'll give you a power star (you have to go all 
the way down the stairs)

#15. In Big Boos Battle collect all 8 red coins.

#16. In Big Boos Battle (this time you'll need Luigi) go to the third room. Break 
the ? box and then go all the way to the end and jump in the Boos picture were 
you'll find a star.

#17. In Bowser In the fire Sea collect all 8 red coins.

#18. In Bowser In The Fire Sea take the switch star. (i highly recomend you to use 

#19. Talk to toad in front of the picture of tall tall mountain and hell give you a 

#20. This time use luigi go to the mirror room. Take a power flower and go through 
the mirror then through the reflection of the door in which you came in. You will 
appear in a white room with a power star in it.

#21. Catch all 8 glowing rabbits then go to the switch room then in the last door 
on the right and you'll get a star.

#22. In Chief Chilly Challenge get all red coins.

#23. In Chief Chilly Challenge get the wario cap then hop abord the metally thing 
then get the ? box so he will turn into metal. Then walk on the narrow path and  
break the black brick and a star will appear.

#24. Use Wario and go to the drained moat. Break the black brick and go in. collect 
the 8 red coins and get a star.

#25. Once again go to the drained moat and break the black brick. Take the Mario 
cap and float to th other side where you will find a switch star.

#26. Talk to toad by the Grandfather Clock and he'll give you a star.

#27. Go to the last floor. Triple jump to the hole on the left and go in the 
chimney thing to collect 8 red coins.

#28. Go to the same place. Drop off where there is the wario cap. Get it then use 
the cannon and aim slightly over the tree on your left. once there break the black 
brick and get the star.

#29. In Bowser In The Sky collect 8 red coins.

#30. In Bowser In The Sky get the switch star.

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