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Character Gathering

This mainly is an article explaining to you how to get any charecter on Dragonball 
Budokai 3.


Raditz: Beat Raditz in Goku's DU

Nappa: Beat nappa on Goku's DU

Vegeta: Beat Vegeta on Goku's Du

Recoome: Beat Recoome on Goku's DU and then fly to the next marker

Capt. Ginyu: Beat Capt. Ginyu on Goku's DU

Frieza: Defeat Frieza twice on goku's DU

Majin Buu: Defeat Majin Buu on Goku's 

Super Buu: Beat Majin Buu on Goku's DU

Kid Buu: Beat Kid Buu on Goku's DU

Teen Gohan: COnplete Kid Gohan's DU

Gohan: Complete Teen Gohan's DU

Great Saiyaman: Complete Gohan's DU

Cell: Defeat Cell on Teen Gohan's DU

Dabura: Beat Dabura on Gohan's DU

Kid Trunks: Defeat Majin Buu on Vegeta's DU

Trunks: Complete Vegeta's DU

Android 18: Complete Krilin's DU

Android 17: Beat 17 in Piccolo's DU

Goten: Beat goten in Gohan's DU

Dr. Gero (Android 20): Beat Dr. Gero (Android 20) in Yamcha's DU


Uub: In Goku's DU, beat Kid Buu using a spirit bomb and beat Uub in the world 

Android 16: In the second time you go into Krillin's DU at the Namek stage, go to 
the eastern marker after Goku beats Frieza the first time to talk to the former 
Capt. Ginyu (a frog).
            Then in the Android saga, search the southern islands near the World 
Martial Arts Tournament. You should come across Android 16. Take him to Bulma in 
West city and you will 
            get Android 16.

Cooler: The second time you go through Goku's DU and after you have defeated Frieza 
for the first time only, go to the southeastern marker and fight super saiyan 
        Then go to the central marker and battle Cooler. Once you have beaten him, 
you should have him.

Bardok: In Goku's DU, look for the saiyan spaceship in any saga on Earth (Saiyan, 
Android, and Babadi) and press X. You will then get the Bardok capsule.

Kid Goku: Beat broly's DU (info. on how to get Broly below)

Broly: On Goku's DU the second time or higher after Gohan has been asorbed, don't 
go to the marker and instead look at the same place that Gohan got absorbed and  
find a ??? mark.
       Go to it and talk to Hercule. Then go to a ??? mark near the marker on the 
map and find Tien. Then go to a mountain mark near the place that you saw Tien an 
talk to the Supreme Kai.
       He'll tell you about a wicked energy that he senses. After that, battle Buu 
as Vegito and again as Goku. Then as Vegeta takes care of Buu, fight Broly
       and win. Then you will get Broly, the legendary super saiyan.

Hercule: While in Piccolo's DU after the event in Central City, look around near 
Baba's Palace and talk to Hercule. Then go see Videl in Central City. You will then 
get Hercule.

Cell Jr: In the Dragen arena with a charator of a level between 20 and 40, fight 
people from level 40 and up. After a while, Piccolo will break in and fight you. 
Beat him and you will get Cell Jr.

Saibamen: You can unlock the Saibamen by competing in the Dragon Arena. Your 
character should be level 10-20 and facing opponents at least twice 
your level. Soon Nappa will break in and if you beat him, you will get saibamen.

Supreme Kai: The second time that your in Gohan's DU and you've done the Videl 
events (the part where you get Videl below) and beaten Goten. Then go to Kami's 
Lookout and fight Piccolo. Then before you fight Dabura, go to the Northeast part 
of the largest continent
             and talk to Vegeta. Then fight Dabura. After beating Dabura, Gohan 
will decide to track Vegeta. Beat Vegeta andGOnear the dot on your map but don't 
press X yet. Instead, look around for a Plains mark near Central City
             and watch a movie with Gohan. You will then get Supreme Kai.

Videl: On Gohan's DU the second time or higher, go to the area east of Goku's 
house, and then the islands near the World Tournament area and talk to Videl again. 
You will then get Videl.

Omega Shenron: This is probably the strongest charector in the game. You must have 
SSJ4 Goku (excluding Breakthrough). To obtain him, be in Goku's DU the second time 
or higher and do the whole Broly 
               part. Then right after that, go to West City and talk to Bulma about 
the Dragon Radar. Then fight Gotenks as Gogeta at the Word Martial Arts Tournament 
in the DU.
               Then go to central city and fight Omega Shenron as SSJ4 Gogeta. Beat 
him and get SSJ4 Gojeta Fusion capsule as well as Omega shenron.

This is all the info I have right now. I will get more later and as soon as I get 
it, I will put it on so don't e-mail me, ever!!

None at all other than myself and 10% belongs to my best friends but they don't 

 You can copy my article but you must give me credit. Don't E-mail me for 
permission. If you copy my article without my credit, I will find out. I have  my 
NuovaShenron, 2005, copyright

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